Realms and Realm Information

Hello and welcome to our world directory; BTACD's information page on the Realms, our different, and separate, dimensions. Each Realm is an entire world, fitted with countries and continents, cities, landmarks, native species, legends connected to them, militaries, religions, and so much more. This is an extensive list of info on the various cities and countries within each dimension, split by Realm, and further into each country's information page.

Below, you may find information on side Realms, those Realms that have been discovered in the role-play but are not a part of our primary Void hydra; information on Realm creation, growth, and development; and technology in the Realms.

The Realms listed below - not including the side-Realms beneath - are part of the Fivi'ian Void Hydra, known only as the Void in our lore. However, these may be called the Fivi'ian Realms or Fivi'ian group of Realms, though this name is not widely known. More information on the Void hydras and the connections between them can be found on our connections page.

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Balances:: Xaeri.

Realm of magical intensity and wild power. Though the portion that has been explored and civilized is beautiful to behold, and home of the esteemed high elves, the land around is much less than habitable. These regions are filled with monsters and creatures, including the rage-maddened bloodwolf.


Balances:: Kurai.

A beautiful world filled with wild, lush forests, towering mountains, and incredible beauty. The capitol country of Vystriana is led by the dragon monarchy, the royal bloodline of the Skystrikers. Includes the countries of Vystriana, Alubria, Stroen'na, Yorije, Khankirae and the Myrlands. Felnova is often considered a melting-pot of all the Realms' species; nearly every creature can be found within its borders.


Balances:: Felnova.

A dark world often called the Realm of Demons. Sister-Realm to Felnova; its continents and landmarks are nearly identical. It is a harsh, sunless world filled with scarlet rivers, black earth and white trees. Demons, hellwolves and many others reside within four Kingdoms here: War, Death, Famine and Pestilence.


Balances:: Millirand.

A massive, sprawling land filled with swamplands and thick forests. Populated by the race of reptilian lyzards, who revere dragons, as well as the rare and elusive unicorn. Called the Undying Realm for the fact that plantlife doesn't seem to die.


Balances:: Lizzarkyth.

Original home of dragonkind; one of the first Realms created after the great catastrophe that destroyed the One's single creation. Sister-Realm to Lizzarkyth. Similar to Felnova in many ways, save one; dragonkind is rare, and hidden away in the northern mountains, hunted and despised by their former humanoid subjects.


Balances:: Ristell.

Called the Land of Sea and Sky, Noctis is a beautiful Realm with sky-continents and underwater cities, populated by roc'a, dragons, avians, and merfolk. There are few true islands, and three bright moons, in a world wreathed in magic.


Balances:: Noctis.

A unique Realm split into two distinct segments; Aboveground, and Underground. Ristell is as harsh as it is beautiful, and home to several races native to its intense lands, such as the sphinx, sol'tera, liniah, and more.


Balances:: Evylon.

The wild Realm; the untamed wilderness of Xaeri is a refuge for many trying to escape the wars of Felnova and other worlds. Filled with many unexplored leagues, its landscape was formed by the destroyed soul-essences of Spirit-Weapons long past. Xaeri is primarily populated by the animalistic xeriin, residing in hidden-away villages and hamlets scattered throughout.

Light Realm

Balances:: Dark.

Home to the lightbeasts of old, is a world infused with otherworldly light - every flower glistens, every rock blazes, every animal glows. Completely essential to the balance of the Void, and play a key part in the creation of a new Realm.

Dark Realm

Balances:: Light.

Home to the shadowbeasts of yore, is a shadowy place filled with fear and blackness and death. Completely essential to the balance of the Void, and play a key part in the creation of a new Realm.


Balances:: None.

The worlds of departed souls and godly spirits. These Realms include Hell, the Soulplane, the Ghost Realm, the Highrealm and the Realm of Ethers. Also found are the various fragmented Spirit Realms, small worlds split from the main and lost in the Void's dark grasp.

Side Realms

Existing apart from our Void are other Void hydras with similar worlds connected together; very rarely, these Realms may be explored. They are listed below:

Charyzydes: The Realm of Chaos. Change is the only constant in this Realm. Comprised of pure elemental energy orbiting an erratic 'sun' comprised of pure reiatsu, its landscape shifts constantly. Seasons shift in an erratic, unpredictable pattern, as does the day-night cycle. Magic, whether elemental or aural, is unreliable here due to the nature of the realm. A single, nameless city, as erratically formed as the realm itself, can be found here, and many Elementals of all kinds, including hybrids, regularly spawn here.

Echoing Sands: The Echoing Sands is a desert-bound Realm with a chaotic, abnormal atmosphere, one that can flare out and capture memories leaking from other Realms nearby. As such, the Sands are filled with copies of various items, trinkets and weapons, both powerful and not. Images of happenings in other worlds can shimmer in mirages, past or present, from the same Void hydra or hydras many planes away. Adventurers can often be found wandering the sands, looking for these artifacts, but few return to other Realms alive.

Kamillik: Referred to by many as the 'Perfect Realm', it was created by the late Lord Kairn to be a place where only those he saw fit to live could coexist. It was destroyed in the culmination of the Hell War, along with its creator and many Felnovians who died fighting to stop him. Some say it still exists in a sort of half-life, surrounded by a raging storm of silver reiatsu, and will do so until it tears itself apart.

Kotoria: The Inverted World. Kota's intense atmosphere, filled with a unique aura, affects the sight of any who enter. Everything, every color, seems to be inverted - black is white, red is blue, pink is green, etc. Relatively uninhabitable, it is a source of precious stones and magic-infused metal, ore thick in the rock. Beasts are strange and unworldly, and plants grow lush and tall. The vision of those who enter may stay inverted upon leaving the Realm for so long as a few days afterwards.

Lay'nuidaon: A Realm of light and life, where time passes nearly a year to the Felnovian day. The sun is Lay's most unusual aspect; very bright, when the skies are clear, one can see tendrils of light stretching from the orb out across the sky. Populated primarily by animals unafraid of humans. Discovered by Ram'r, during a desperate escape from hellcats.

the 'Human Realm': Sometimes referred to as 'Earth'. This technologically-based Realm remained undiscovered for many centuries, and was one of the oldest known worlds to exist, predating even Millirand. It, most of its people and all of its technology was destroyed by Kairn in the Hell War.

Mythos: The Realm of silver trees. Discovered by Megiddo, this place of refuge became his home for quite some years. Because of the destruction of one of its Markers, however, it remains inaccessible to most. All animals found in this Realm have hides and pelts of silvers and greys; it can only be assumed that the folk inhabiting this mysterious Realm share many of the same qualities.

Realm Creation

To create a new Realm, many events must take place, and many things taken into consideration. First and foremost is power - you cannot make do without the help of an Ether Spirit, and great magical abilities otherwise. Depending on the size and element of a Realm, a number of older spirits must willingly sacrifice themselves to form the new Ether Soul; at least twenty are needed. The strength of a Realm is decided on how strong the spirits aiding creation, what power the creator put into it, and the strength of the Ether Soul helping. Now, there have been some cases of an existing Realm having been created without the help of another Ether - most often the 'secondary' Realm that is spawned from the first's creation, a parallel world sharing few of the same qualities [examples include Felnova and the Demon Realm with the same physical lay of the land, Xaeri and Evylon sharing exceptional beauty and lush, green forests], or by existing Gods sometimes birthing a separate dimension from their home world, eager to rule on their own.

In Realm creation, the pattern remains the same: the creator gathers souls to help, along with the Ether Spirit, therefore beginning the process. First, the souls must give up the core of their being - if done quickly and with a willing spirit, it is painless and undamaging. If not, consequences to both soul and Realm can be dire, and extremely agonizing, until said soul is destroyed. Once the energy and reiatsu are released, it is concentrated into a small orb - the heart of an Ether Soul. Power fed to that heart by the existing Ether [or, in some cases, Gods] causes it to grow and take physical form. Note on Ethers: power can be genetically passed down from Ether to the offspring of an Ether, changing the child when its parent deems necessary, fortunately almost never. [And if you ask, no, there have never been Ether offspring before - this is for future reference, perhaps for a possible plot. Hehe, read on!]

After the Soul is born, they join in Realm creation. Around the Ether's body is formed the heart of the world itself, composed of whatever element(s) it has been centered around, as well as the remaining power from the existing, elder Ether Soul, the creator, and the spirits who sacrificed themselves for its birth. Slowly, it forms a sphere around said Soul, encasing him/her inside of it, while the creator adds the crust and outer covering to the Realm. After the crust and reiatsu atmosphere are completed, the Ether emerges to oversee the new world's growth and the creation or adding of animals, plantlife and other aspects of living. Taking life from another, existing planet and adding those species to the new Realm is common practice - as is the travelling between Realms once they are completed.

Realm Growth and Development

During a Realm's growth, or in most cases, just before, the planet-to-be must pass through both Light and Dark Realms to gain night and day, and at least one sun and moon. It is true, there are worlds with no sun and no moon - those have been destroyed, or they failed in the making. [the suns and moons, not the Realm itself.]

By this time, the 'soul' of the realm and its Ether are nearing full growth and the crust and outer qualities of a living world begin to harden and complete their forming. It exits the Light and Dark Realms by creating its own aura, then spreading it to form a universe around it. The Realm it is in then expels it into itself.

Technology in the Realms

In this section, you will find information on how technology is treated in our role-play; make sure to read both parts!

Primary Realms

In the current Void hydra that BTACD's role-play is set within, each Realm is surrounded by a thick atmosphere of pure reiatsu. As such, most modern technology will react to the strong energy currents and not be able to function. Things from the destroyed Realm of Humans, Earthrealm, such as cell phones, automatic weapons, computers, etc, will be destroyed. As such, modern technology does not exist in the Realms we write in.

Older pistols, fantasy guns that use magical means to fire, gunblades and the like are accepted and encouraged; machine guns, compound bows, technical bombs, and other such things are banned. Characters from the Human Realm are also greatly dissuaded against, as refugees from when Earthrealm was destroyed were all but eradicated in our written lore.


When writing flashbacks to the destruction of Earthrealm, or legends/tales of such, writing about modern technology is okay. If, for whatever case, your character is able to go back in time and write in the destroyed Earthrealm (using our Side-Realms forum), these can be explored in full.

However! Remember that such technology, if brought into the primary Realms, will be destroyed!