By Tooth And Claw Dragons


Hello and welcome to By Tooth And Claw Dragons! This is the Newbie Guide, a quick introduction to what BTACD is for potential members, new members and those who are just curious enough to have a look. (: Below, you will find an overview of what the forum is about, what to do if you're planning on joining and after you've joined, a little on our Mentoring Program, and where to go from there.

The Forum

By Tooth And Claw Dragons (often shortened to BTACD or BTAC) is described as an engaging original high fantasy role-play site. We are a strictly player-account only site with no word count, a freeform character application, and a very simple and easy joining process for newbies. We also have a wonderful mentoring system to help new members get started - read on below!

The setting is located in a series of different in-depth worlds, called Realms, each populated by traditional and custom species alike. Each Realm has its own history and lore, as well as a set of species who call it their homeland. Most often these species migrate between Realms as well, and nearly every character may open portals to access a parallel dimension. Creativity here is highly encouraged, and nearly anything is possible; so long that it both follows the rules and fits the established lore. Have fun!

Role-Play Overview

Here, we role-play a bit differently than the norm - we have both a canon site-wide plot and a fantasy sandbox, along with an area where role-plays in the past may happen and other genres may be explored. BTACD's role-play is split into four different sections; Plot-Based, Lore-Based, Historical, and Unrelated. Each section is detailed below!


Plot-Based role-play is our primary role-playing area; this is the canonical site-wide plot area, split by world, and represented under the 'Primary // In-Character' section. Role-play that happens in this area is governed by our Plot-Based Rules and can be affected by the main plot. Plot events are common, as well as random events dropped directly into your threads by staff. Keep watch on the Plot-based Announcements Forum and the sidebar to see the story's progress!

Remember that everything in the Plot-Based area becomes canon to the site's IC history, and cannot be retconned. If your character dies in this area, they really die! :'D


Lore-Based role-play is our secondary role-playing area; this is a subforum for non-canon threads using BTACD lore, in a big fantasy sandbox. There is no main plot here, and Plot-Based events will not interrupt your threads! You may make as many threads in this area as you wish, regardless of the Plot-Based time and continuity rules. However, Lore-Based is entirely non-canon, and cannot be attributed to your character's history, or the site's.

What you can do in a Lore-Based thread is entirely freeform. As you're unrestricted by a sitewide plot, you can do whatever you wish! Make a post-apocalyptic BTACD where the gods and worlds are dying; create new kings and queens, obliterate Realms, create an alternate universe, it's all up to you!


The Historical section is a canon area of role-play set in the past. Each thread that happens here is canonical to the site history; but it is unrestricted by continuity rules, and can be used to flesh out character histories and events that happen before current time. Members are free to use the official timeline for inspiration!


Unrelated role-play is as limitless as the stars, and includes everything except for role-plays utilizing BTACD lore as a whole. You're free to use any characters in any genre here - post apoc, modern fantasy, Warrior cats, slice of life, other fandoms - whatever you want! Just keep it within our 3/1/3 rating!

Where to go from here

Potential Members & Newbies

Once you've finished reading over this page, please go to the main page (rules) and review it; creating an account on the forum is an automatic acceptance of our TOS listed on that page. Follow the steps below to join:

  • Create an account; your account will automatically be put into the Validating member group, until a staff member moves you into the Lurkers group until you create your first character. As a Lurker, you may DM staff members and post in both the Introductions subforum and the Character Creation subforum as well as any guest areas, but cannot post in other areas until after the first character is approved.

  • Once you have your first character approved, your account will be moved to Newbies and you'll have full access to the rest of the forum and Discord server!

  • Feel free to bug a mentor to get answers to all of your BTACD questions, ask character advice, or get pointed in the right direction on anything. If a mentor isn't online, ask around in the Discord server - someone will help you.

Understanding the Lore

BTACD has been around for a very, very long time. As such, we've accumulated a lot of lore! Here are some places you should begin with:

For anything else not covered by this guide, feel free to do any extra reading as needed; our mentors are always happy to answer questions relating to anything BTACD. If you need anything at all, drop them a line or ask in the Discord server! Most of our OOC chatting happens on Discord, so please use this invite link to join right away!


We're happy to have you in BTACD! Welcome aboard, and we hope you have an amazing role-play experience for years to come. (;