Faction of Hope?

Looking for info on the Faction of Hope? Look no further! As this is a plot Faction and not a Player Group, it will be located in this thread!

All information on the Faction of Hope will be there. Keep watch on the main plot for updates and details!

Player Group: Factions of the Ruby and Onyx

There are two groups in Felnova - and even Evylon - that are known throughout the underground; that of the assassins and that of the thieves. They are simply known as the 'factions', and have been at war for years long enough that the original cause for such is long forgotten, save for very few.

The factions are led in much the same way, each with a single head governing several lower leaders, each in charge of their own small group. These lesser groups are called anything from squadrons to gangs, and can consist of two or three people to well over a hundred. The Council, a group of five, answers to one Lord - and all of the lesser-ranked leaders who are not on Council answer to this elite group. The Lord of either Onyx or Ruby factions holds sway over most doings, but with a unanimous vote from the Council, can be overruled.

Each faction has a common goal within their groups, though both are unaware of their leaders' intentions. Most goals within each of the smaller units comprise simply of completing a job to gain enough jaden to live by, or gaining possessions from those stolen from or killed with monetary value. They will usually take jobs from anyone, though each leader - unless directly ordered by the head of their faction - has say over what their group will and will not do.

Occasionally, very high ranked individuals of each faction will leave to work on their own; these members are known simply as 'loners', and must be very skilled to retain their status as such. These loners are branded each with a tattoo spelled against copy and removal. This is a mark combining the runes for 'l' and 'v', vagabond and leader in black ink, placed on the body at the loner's discretion. Their word can be taken as highly as a leader of a group, as if they were indeed one of these, just with no group to lead. However, after this mark is placed, they may not join another group for as long as they live; if found with this tattoo in a group, they will be branded a target and hunted by the Council until capture or death. Permission may be granted for the mark to be removed, however - because the spells are binding, and the Council's mages spend much strength in the placing-of in the first place, permission being granted is rare.

Faction Members

rank: leader. group: Council.

Armageddon, or Megiddo as he's known, is a Death demon and the Lord of Hell; a Spirit King under the rule of Linath. With a smooth voice and persuasive enough to turn aside a deathcat's rampaging charge, he leads the Ruby faction with - quite literal - steel claws.

rank: member. group: Council.

Hiding in plain sight, keeping his Myth-Kin heritage even from his fellow Faction members, Teal is naturally secretive, mistrusting, keeping all his cards to his chest. Yet still honourable and a better friend than one would expect.

rank: leader. group: Zunin's Gang.

Red's former apprentice and now a leader of his own gang. Zunin is a skilled young thief and fighter trained in the ways of the ninja. Schooled in most weapons, though excelling in the use of kunai knives and thin swords, Zunin is best at stealth and covert operations. He's most recently discovered that he has an affinity for fire, and has begun practicing thus; though most of what he does is based around his kunai, marked in kv'naer runes.

He's accompanied by a stallion named Jackal and a wolfhound named Raptor.

rank: honorary member. group: Loner.

Mercurius, known in the underworld as "Baston", is a skilled sneak thief that brings consistently mixed results. While he is typically loyal enough to commit himself to the job, he will not hesitate to screw over a client if he personally wants to. In some cases, he zigzags between being helpful and deceitful for the sake of amusement, or any other reason that pops into his head. Despite his reputation as a wild card, his talents in infiltration and larceny make him a justified, albeit risky, choice for the kind of work that other thieves could only daydream about.

Onyx Faction

This faction is a group of skilled assassins founded in the same year. They are a bit stricter than the thief faction in that they will test a member mercilessly upon entry, both physically and mentally. Those in the Onyx believe that a member should have no fear; the weak are usually driven out or killed. The group leaders of this faction wear a pendant of black onyx carved with the rune for 'order', and if found without, are reduced to slaves and then later slain. The Council wears rare white onyx pendants with the same mark, as their counterparts in the Ruby. Though many think that killing without reward is a waste, and some have their honor intact, the Council of this faction is corrupt and riddled with greed.

Faction Members

rank: leader. group: Council.

Stong minded, unbending, cold-blooded yet moral and honourable (in his own way) Relius is a force of nature with the patience of a rock. Willing to sit and wait for any he can't remove to die of old age he is unswerving from his goal to change the Onyx Faction into something more than just a slightly organized bunch of murderers.

rank: leader. group: Council.

An aspiring young assassin who has won a place on the Onyx Faction. Danae specializes in quick and away tactics, throwing knives, and hidden daggers. She speaks very little of her past to anyone, but it has been hinted that 'Danae' is not her true name - and that she is running from something she can't escape from.

rank: leader. group: Rhodynn's Gang.

Rhodynn is an unlikely assassin, with his abilities alike to a banshee or a siren. Despite this, he is lethally efficient, and rules his small band within the faction with an iron fist. This demonic leader, though outwardly kinda a jerk, has a soft spot for his pets: Muka, a deaf and fairly skittish Faminehorse, and Skree, a Hokaku spider from the famine kingdom.

rank: member. group: Faction.

As one from the Death Kingdom, he doesn't truly view his curse as something to get around. Often, his fellow squad members remark on his tendency to use it as an excuse to kill even innocent bystanders. He prefers tooth and talon over poisons and weapons in a fight or assignment. Since he gets easily bored, though, he'll regularly go out on bounty missions with a price for someone's head. Don't get on his bad side; watching you squirm is one of life's small joys.

rank: member. group: Faction.

A loyal and skilled member of the Onyx faction, Silguil is a good ally that is fun to hang out with. As long as you ignore the beard that can reach up to twice his height and is possessed by Tim: A greater ghost who used to be a part of the faction himself... Besides that, he's great! Just ignore Tim!

rank: honorary member. group: Faction.

Elwin is a naturally cautious and curious creature who would like to experiment with various suspicious plants, though only on other people. He doesn't really care who it is, he'll happily poison anyone and record the results for future reference. He's not physically fit for much, but he'll provide poison to anyone willing to help him with his experiments. For the right price, he'll even make a reliable poison to use.