- bloodreign

"...for in the beginning was a void, and so it shall end..."

A Realm of demons, one of dragons, of the elvenkin and the stars. Another lifeless, filled with shadows, and still more engulfed in light. An endless void, to where all are trapped and bound. A place of rest, of peace, of prosperity. A world of white and gold.

The Faction has taken everything. The dragons have fled. Felnova has fallen to chaos, and the other Realms struggle to hold the refugees. Disease and darkness runs rampant. The gods turn a blind eye to our plight. Orochi, the Godslayer, rises in amidst these shadows, and all hope is lost...

Will you help us?

- about us

By Tooth And Claw Dragons is a very well established role-play site located on Jcink, founded on Neopets on March 24th 2003. We've traveled off of Neo to Aimoo, Gaia, Subeta, Invisionfree and now have settled with Jcink! We focus on suspenseful role-play set in original fantasy, gripping plots and much, much more. Click on the Information button to the top, and begin exploring the Realms today~