By Tooth And Claw Dragons


The zodiac is a collection of signs tied to each month, said to influence the way certain individuals are. Though there is no way of knowing how true this holds, many still believe in it, and it's treated as fact by many scholars.

While the Allied Realms share a zodiac between them, initially discovered by the elves, Kurai and Ristell have their own variations.

Allied Zodiac

Zodiac Sign: Water

The element of water is associated with gentleness and placidness, paired with intense justice. Those born in the sign of water will often tread the path of mediator, of magecraft, or summoner. Often, animalistic species with this sign will stray away from the path of war, whereas humanoid will be drawn towards it if only to break two parties apart and serve due justice to the side found guilty.

The month of Coiasira is Water.

Zodiac Sign: Wind

The element of wind is associated with determination and compassion. Those born in the time of wind are often natural leaders; self-sacrificing and courageous, many will stand up where others wouldn't. Be that as it may, some become arrogant and too self-assured in their righteousness, and suffer from insanity because of it. Fewer still will become enraptured and controlled by their compassion, forced to see only darkness, until guilt over the worlds' sins drive them to suicide.

The month of Ilmen is Wind.

Zodiac Sign: Earth

The element of earth is associated with strength and solidity; the desire to protect. Often will those born in the sign of earth will become guards or sentinels, guarding what they hold most precious. However, some are struck with a violent strain of greed, and become possessive over what they own and what they know.

The month of Kelvar is Earth.

Zodiac Sign: Fire

The element of fire is associated with temper and curiosity; the desire to discover and create, paired with a strain holding the incessant need to destroy. Animalistic individuals born in the sign of Fire are usually arrogant and headstrong, contradictory in nature. Humanoid less so, with greater control over their emotions and abilities. Many hold places of power, striving towards leadership and pushing on in times of great strife. The will to survive is stronger than most.

The month of Meiva is Fire.

Zodiac Sign: Lightning

The element of lightning is associated with wildness, instability and impatience. Dark or light, good or evil, those born in the sign of lightning will be driven towards greater power and unpredictability. Some hold a strain of losing control of their power, or having multiple personalities, where others appear to hide their powers and emotions exceptionally well as to appear nearly lifeless until times of great need. It is said that many of the Ancients, those not of dragonkin, were born in the time of lightning, and electricity fuels their long lives.

The month of Elen is Lightning.

Kuraian Zodiac

Zodiac Sign: Death

Deadly silent and cloaked in shadows, those born in the month of Death are often renowned for their ability to lie, cheat, and plan - they are tacticians through and through, always calculating their next move. Thus, many are sought after to become assassins and spies, oftentimes treading the path of a necromancer or psion. Vindictive, but protective of those they care for, an individual born beneath the sign of Death is not one to be trifled with.

The month of Kensh no Tsuki is Death. Death demons born during this time may find they are more powerful than their fellows.

Zodiac Sign: War

Those born beneath the sign of War are often associated with combat and rage. Under this sign, individuals are prone to ill tempers and most often pursue careers in fighting. Many become ones at the head of the battlefield, leading the charge against their foes, for with all this rage they need an outlet with which to release it. Others may be charming, some egotistical, and their passionate natures tend to attract many followers like moths to a blazing flame.

The month of Doragon no Tsuki is War. War demons born during this time may find they are more powerful than their fellows.

Zodiac Sign: Famine

Those born under the sign of Famine are marked by unusual compassion, kindness, and altruism both to those they know and those they do not. They are also prone to being extremely miserly and tight-fisted, and showcase extreme self-restraint and control. Many born in Famine's month make exceptions, however, when it comes to helping others, and may make great sacrifices of self to further the greater good.

The month of Raion no Tsuki is Famine. Famine demons born during this time may find they are more powerful than their fellows.

Zodiac Sign: Pestilence

Extremely studious and often introverted to a fault, those born under the sign of pestilence are sometimes eccentric and obsessed with a certain pursuit. This obsession may not be limited to the the chasing of traditional knowledge, and may include things like the usage of certain weapons or certain crafts - to the point where the other aspects of their life suffer. In spite of this, they are fiercely loyal, even if they have an odd way of showing it.

The month of Hoku no Tsuki is Pestilence. Pestilence demons born during this time may find they are more powerful than their fellows.

Zodiac Sign: Chaos

Unpredictable and boisterous are those born in the month of Chaos. A jack of all trades, they gravitate toward new skills and opportunities, oftentimes leaving behind projects in the midst of assiduously working on them. Thus, those born at this time are typically unreliable; they are thrill-seekers, taking every chance to shrug off responsibility or dump it on another. Others may be prone to a certain madness, and still others may gain traits of other zodiacs in addition to the sign of Chaos in which they were born.

The month of Kamigami no Tsuki is Chaos.

Ristellan Zodiac

Zodiac Sign: Ram

Individuals that embody the sign of the Ram are great inventors, as they are knowledgeable and steadfast, as well as unyielding in their pursuits of more information. However, the flip side of this is that they are often prone to anger due to their inflexible attitudes. Stubborn yet loyal, Rams are well respected but avoided when it comes to arguments of any kind. Many associate the sign of the Ram with earth and knowledge.

The month of Mu-Sothet is the Ram.

Zodiac Sign: Whale

Large and in charge, the sign of the Whale represents assuredness in whatever they choose to pursue - often carrying great confidence and all the charisma that comes with it. They are also known to be charmingly transparent; known for making crass jokes and pointing out things which no one else wants to speak of. However, those found in company with Whales may find them unbearably arrogant and boisterous. Many associate the sign of the Whale with wind and the sky.

The month of Shu-Sothet is the Whale.

Zodiac Sign: Lion

In Ristellan culture, individuals born under the noble sign of Lions are leaders. They hold justice and honor above all else, and enjoy great prosperity in war and politics. However, the lion's temper is to be feared - when one born under the Lion roars, one should take heed. Many associate the sign of the Lion with fire and truth.

The month of Ta-Sothet is the Lion.

Zodiac Sign: Serpent

The Serpent is cunning, intelligent, with a keen wit and a matching sharp tongue. Masters of both sleight of hand and sleight of tongue, their friends often fall into two categories: those that are ignorant of the Serpent's true nature and those that want to stay on their good side. They often have no qualms about underhanded, dishonorable tactics, and have little sense of fair play; if they can utilize a tactic, they abuse it without a further thought. Many associate the sign of the Serpent with water and thieves.

The month of Ket-Sothet is the Serpent.

Zodiac Sign: Hare

Those born under the Ristellan sign of the Hare often are demure, sweet, and kind - often making great healers, physicians, and medicine men/women. A great number rise to be seers and wisepeople due to their great empathy towards others, and are able to read the hidden messages hidden within body language and speech. Many associate the sign of the Hare with stars and far-seeing.

The month of Heru-Sothet is the Hare.