By Tooth And Claw Dragons


Hello, and welcome to the timeline of the Realms. Here you will find events listed from the earliest days of Evylon to the present day. Everything from Fang's hatching to the Snakekind Wars to Drakaras and the Demon War, you will find it here. Every Realm is covered in detail, and both the current year, as well as a depiction of an important event, may be found. More history in greater detail may be found in our library, as well as in species history.

The Library

For the curious, the first BTACD plot was started in Felnovian year 13007. Nearly a decade and a half has passed in-character!


Current Year: 27263

Creation: First creation and start of inhabitation of Evylon. Beginning of the First Age. The Old Gods are created, an antlered elf and a phoenix, though their names are lost to time.


Inhabitation: Elves created, based on and modified off the high elves of the First Realm.


Inhabitation: Dragons first introduced, coming from Millirand. Aurochs are also seen at this time.


Inhabitation: The phoenix and kitsune are created.


Species Event: Evylonian calendar created by the first peoples.


Inhabitation: Humans, dwarves, centaurs and gryphons are created, copied from the First Realm.


Inhabitation: The gods rest as inhabitation is considered complete.


God Event: The Realm's aura is stronger than other Realms by far, and begins to sap the strength of the gods. They withdraw from the Realms and disappear from the lives of the people.


Inhabitation: Evylonian deer are created and refined from aurochs by the Old Gods of Evylon as a gift to their people to remind them that they have not forgotten.


Species Event: Aurochs disappear from the land, thought to have been driven to extinction in Evylon.


Politics: The Country of Shi'vrann'aeli is formed. At this time, the country is filled with only elves. Others are shunned and turned away.


Politics: Other, smaller kingdoms begin to fill the land, their names forgotten by time. Most are organized by race - very few are mixed. At this point, most of Evylon's early continents are filled.


God Event: The gods begin to lose control. Birth of the first magestorm, that struck what is now upper Anquil.


Species Event: In an old human kingdom on the southern portion of modern Shi'vrann'aeli, certain groups of humans had dedicated themselves to the upholding of Light, and were the first to be welcomed by the elves in their cities. The gods witnessed this and touched one of them, a woman named Halgiana, with their essence.


Species Event: Halgiana learned in the first year of her blessing that this essence could be granted to others deemed worthy at will. This energy was the closest incarnate of divine, pure Light in the Realms (though this is never understood by both pre-Halgians or modern-day Halgians, as the divine purpose behind it was never made known, as the gods were not strong enough to make themselves and their touch realized in full) and physically changed all it touched - they became fair of skin and of hair, gifted with the element of light, and gained a sense of darkness that few other races possessed even at an individual level. Through the first year, almost two hundred humans were granted with this light.


God Event: The gods cannot hold their physical bodies any longer. Magestorms become a common occurrence in what is modern-day Anquil, breaking through the control of the gods. Magical energy begins to 'bleed' from the ground in several places throughout the Realm.

1012 to 1030

War: Halgiana leads her people on a great crusade against the creatures spawned and twisted by the magestorms. The conflict is brutal and bloody, but the Halgians continue to gain ground until their homeland is overtaken by magestorms, forcing them to call off their crusade. They found their first city, placeholder, and raise a protective barrier to shield it from the storms.


Inhabitation: Faeries and halflings created.

1053 to 1102

War: Faced with diminishing resources due to the magestorms, the elven city-states in Shi’vrann’aeli war upon each other. After several decades of fighting, Heartwood emerges victorious, and unites the elves into a strong, prosperous country. Other races are no longer shunned.


Inhabitation: Avians and fauns introduced.


Species Event: The first angel, a hybrid of Halgian and Avian, born in Halgia. This was to be the first of many.


Realm Event: Halgia and Shi’vrann’aeli continue to grow and prosper, then face a sudden invasion from Anquil. The two countries form a military alliance, and drive the invading beasts back.


God Event The gods give up the last of their essence and fade away, infusing themselves with Shi’vrann’aeli and forming an eternal shroud of protection from the Realm’s magestorms.


War: Halgiana leads her people on a second great crusade to Anquil, joined initially by elves of Shi’vrann’aeli. The elves return to their homes after a few years, and Halgiana, faced with a lack of supplies, does the same several years later. The military alliance between elves and Halgians officially ends.


Politics: Halgiana crowned the first Halgian Empress, and Halgia is officially established as an empire.


Realm Event: The Driakkion supervolcano erupts, causing widespread devastation as massive tsunamis slam into coastlines, and ash rains down upon the entirety of Evylon. A volcanic winter sets in, and in the resulting famine, many thousands die.


Species Event: Dragons in Heartwood are noted to be splitting into distinctive breeds. It is soon confirmed that dragons all across Evylon are developing in the same way.


Politics: Fyrendrang leads the Reds to Driakkion. Over the following decades, the rest of the Heartwoodian breeds begin to settle in Driakkion, and develop a stable government.


War: Rising tensions lead to violence between Driakkion and the Halgian Empire, and war breaks out. The fighting spreads to Shi’vrann’aeli, drawing the elves and their allies into the fight. A number of Golds and Silvers join the Halgians, forming the core of their dragonrider military.


Politics: Five years after the fighting stopped, an official truce is negotiated between Driakkion, the Halgian Empire, and Shi’vrann’aeli.


Species Event: Packs of Bloodwolves first sighted. Despite the best efforts of Halgians and elves, packs continue to survive in and near Heartwood, and within the borders of the Empire.


Realm Event: Halgiana dies of old age, despite the best efforts of her healers to keep her alive. Her successor is voted in as the new Empress.


Politics: An official alliance between the Halgian Empire and Shi’vrann’aeli is negotiated and publicly announced.


Species Event: The first dawnling, conceived from a union between a Halgian and and an elf, born in Heartwood.


Species Event: The first of the mighty Divine Dragons forged in the Halgian Empire. In the decades to follow, dozens more were crafted.


Politics: Dark elves officially split from high elves, and declare themselves to be independent.

5078 to 5115

War: The high elves denounce the dark elves, and declare war. Despite some early successes for the dark elves, the high elves rallied their forces, and, joined by their Halgian allies, drive the drow back. The drow, realizing that defeat is inevitable, depart Evylon, and scatter across the Realms.


Inhabitation: Chimera discovered via hybrid breeding gone wrong; affected by the magics of the magestorms in Anquil, these creatures became quite numerous quite quickly.


Battle: Undead are found in a small city known for a shrine dedicated to one of the Old Gods. A battle against them commences, but it is lost, and the city is burned to the ground for protection.


Inhabitation: Orcs first migrate to Evylon, and found Bloodsworn shortly after.

7930 to 7942

War: Anquil invades the Halgian Empire, and Shi’vrann’aeli answers the call to arms. Once the invaders are driven back, the Halgian Emperor announces the beginning of another great crusade to cleanse Anquil.

7939 to 7942

War: Taking advantage of the elves’ distraction, the orcs of Bloodsworn invade Heartwood, driving deep into elven territory and assaulting Heartwood itself. The elven army is forced quickly depart Anquil and return home to defend themselves. An unofficial truce is arranged when the orcs, having been driven back, learn that the Halgians have left Anquil and are making their way to Shi’vrann’aeli.


Realm Event: A magestorm breaks through the barriers of a smaller Halgian settlement; the town is destroyed by Halgian dragonriders, and anyone thought tainted is killed.


Species Event: A group of elves scouting Anquil is exposed to the magestorms for too long, and become the first recorded rekklin.

8680 to Present

War: The King of Heartwood and the Halgian Emperor begin the first of many excursions to Anquil to purge the land of the violent beasts constantly invading Shi’vrann’aeli and the Empire. In response, the beasts of Anquil grow ever more aggressive and cunning, and frequently mount invasions of their own. The fighting has intermittently continued for thousands of years.


Realm Event: After a number of minor earthquakes rock Driakkion, the dragons allow the supervolcano to undergo a few minor, controlled eruptions, resulting in a large ash cloud that drifts over the Halgian Empire, causing a brief panic.


War A large horde of imps enter Evylon and infest Heartwood, wreaking havoc. It takes the elves and their allies three years to drive the imps out.


Species Event: Sarka migrate to Evylon and settle in Anquil.

10123 to 10124

War: The newly-crowned Empress of the Halgian Empire is killed while leading her troops in Anquil. The surviving Halgians return home, and deliver the news.

10124 to 10153

Politics: A succession grips the Halgian Empire, as the reigning empress died too soon into her reign to have designated an heir. The reigning kings and queens of the various cities form a regency Council, headed by the Oracle, while the succession is figured out.

10687 to 10701

War: Anquil invades Driakkion. Believing themselves to be secure behind the walls of the great caldera, the dragons are caught by surprise, and many are slain before they drive the invaders from their domain. The dragons in turn invade Anquil and leave wide-spread destruction in their wake.


Species Event: Ansar first spotted on Anquil.

10386 to 10450

War: The sarka try to wipe out the Ansar. But, after a long, brutal war, it is the sarka who are driven from Anquil.


Politics The King of Shi’vrann’aeli makes a journey to the Halgian Empire to make an official renewal of the old alliance. A large number of Ansar show up at the same time, briefly causing the Halgian army to prepare for a fight. But before blood can be shed, the Ansar fill the air with their song, celebrating the long alliance between the two nations in their own, unique way, before departing.


Realm Event: A massive magestorm covers the entirety of Evylon, including Shi’vrann’aeli, for several weeks, forcing the Realm’s inhabitants to seek what shelter they could.

12998 to 13067

Realm Event: A magestorm erupts from the surface, and floats among the stars for several decades before fading. The magestorm was visible even during the day time.


Realm Event: A deadly plague devastates Shi’vrann’aeli and the Halgian Empire. The plague is believed to have originated from Anquil.

13705 to 13767

War: A horde of beasts from Anquil invades the Halgian Empire, which is still recovering from the plague. Despite assistance from the elves, it isn’t until Driakkion decides to aid the empire that the invasion is halted, and driven back.


War: Taking advantage of the recent hardships suffered by the elves, a band of orcs raids Heartwood City, intending to slaughter the royal family. They breach the walls before the elves have time to mount an effective defense, but are thwarted when a lone elven swordmaster halts their advance, personally killing over thirty orcs before reinforcements arrived and drove the raiders back.


Realm Event: A mutated blight strikes Shi’vrann’aeli, wiping out most crops. The halflings are able to keep their potatoes alive, and for several months, the elves and their allies survive off of mainly potatoes until shipments of food arrive from the Halgian Empire.


Politics: The Halgian Empire sees a series of five sovereigns in the space of a single year. The empire is shocked when a conspiracy is uncovered, and proof that four of the sovereigns were murdered.


Politics: The Halgian Inquisition is formed, and tasked with investigating potentially suspicious occurrences. Later that same year, the Inquisition was given the authority to investigate specific individuals.


Politics: A series of raids and counter-raids between several dragons fro Driakkion and a Halgian Border Patrol end violently when Fyrendrang ends up destroying the guard tower and the small island it stood on. Outright war was avoided when Driakkion agreed to refuse to seek retribution for the deaths of any draconic raiders, while the Halgians would respect Driakkion’s borders.


Politics: The Halgian Emperor disappears during an expedition to Anquil, and is believed to have been killed. His successor is just barely approved by the Imperial Electors, due to her young age.


Politics: After a number of orc raids, the king of Shi’vrann’aeli forges an alliance with the leader of a gryphon flight. The gryphon leader, who was as colorful as the peacock he closely resembled, gifted a number of his own molted feathers to the elven king, who had the feathers sewed into a cape. The two leaders maintained a lifelong friendship.


Politics: A crisis rocks the Halgian Empire when the reigning emperor suffers a heavy blow to the head during a campaign to Anquil. He never regains awareness, leaving the Empire briefly leaderless. The emperor dies a few days later, and, amidst quiet rumors that the previous emperor had been poisoned, a new emperor is elected.


Politics: A halgian arrives in Illus-Adamar, claiming to be the emperor who disappeared nearly three thousand years ago. He is promptly imprisoned, and later discovered to have been turned into a vampire. His fate is uncertain, but he is believed to have been executed by the Inquisition.


Some Halgians begin to question the hard stance against dark creatures the empire has increasingly taken. A number of philosophers debate the issue, and the Inquisition begins to take a keen interest in the debate.


Politics: A sizable number of Halgians are arrested by the Inquisition, and interrogated about their beliefs concerning dark creatures. Most are released shortly, but the issue is no longer discussed in public.

20614 to 20617

War: Numerous flights of sarka, led by a number of Marked Ones, invade Evylon. A short but brutal war breaks out, with the Realm’s four nations fighting together against a common enemy for the first and only time in the history of the Realm.


Politics: Silent dissension grows in secret as many Halgians begin to grow resentful of the Inquisition’s pervasive influence, and fierce opposition to any topics that go against Halgian tradition and teachings.


Politics: The dissidents make themselves publicly known, demanding reforms and insisting that the Inquisition be stripped of much of its power. The Inquisition, in turn, declares the dissenters to be a danger to the Empire’s stability.


Politics: Without imperial authorization, the Inquisition moves against the dissidents, intending to arrest them all in one sudden strike. However, the dissidents receive advance warning, and thousands manage to flee the Inquisition’s grasp, and head out into the wilds..

23019 to 23025

War: By imperial decree, those Halgians that fled the empire are to be rounded up and brought back to face trial for deserting the Empire. Numerous skirmishes occur before the refugee Halgians manage to evade their pursuers, thanks in large part to the involvement of a number of Heartwoodian Blacks. After a few years, the Empire is forced to concede that further attempts to capture the dissidents is pointless.


Politics: The city of Umbra is founded, and the refugees begin to call themselves the Fallen. They forge a strong alliance with the Heartwoodian Blacks who fought beside them.


Species Event: Exposure to the magestorms causes the Fallen to change. Their innate connection to light darkens, and they embrace their new nature wholeheartedly.


Politics: Fyrendrang is spotted flying around the Halgian Empire. The empress orders her army to be on high alert, but it soon becomes obvious that the old Red isn’t there to start any fights. He is welcomed as befits a sovereign ruler, and soon departs.


Politics: Fyrendrang names his eldest living granddaughter as his heir, and she takes on many of his duties. He retains his title and authority.

24880 to 24978

War: The Halgian Empire makes a sudden push to find and destroy the Fallen’s hidden city. The Fallen skillfully avoid pitched battles with the numerically superior Halgians, engaging in a long campaign of hit and run tactics, and sudden assaults, frustrating Halgian attempts to crush their military might.


Politics: The Fallen, and their Heartwoodian Black allies, are officially declared enemies of the Empire. Numerous patrols maintain a close watch on the area where Fallen patrols have been sighted, and skirmishes are frequent.


War: A Halgian patrol manages to locate Umbra, but are all killed before they can reveal this. The reigning Highlord chastises his commanders, and leads his forces on a sudden, devastating raid, forcing the Halgians on the defensive for a time. The Fallen reorganize their defensive strategy.


Politics: A dwarven diplomat visiting Heartwood is gifted a bottle of poisoned wine by the elven king. The diplomat becomes ill, but suffers nothing more severe than cramps, and an unsteady gait for a while. The wine is found to have been poisoned by an unknown party. The diplomat recovers, swears off wine, and is honored for services to the crown.


War: Accidental rediscovery of Evylon by Verridith Skystriker, Queen of Felnova. Nuar Steelsoul, an elf in Heartwood's employ, slew the current King of Shi'vrann'aeli. War broke out over an Authoritarian son of the dark elves of another Realm, and only ended in peace when Nuar - the mastermind behind stirring tensions to war - was slain. Lord Draoidh takes over as Steward, to keep watch as Prince Arthas (formerly known as Prince Arnus) grows.


Current Year: 13030

Creation: First creation and start of inhabitation of Felnova. Fleeing Millirand, the newly-named Felnovian Five pour life into the Realm, despite a rather unfinished state. Beginning of the First Age.


Royal Event: Dragon royals reestablished in Felnova; Kazule's bloodline worked into Felnova's balance. The Realm begins to stabilize, and life in truth begins to prosper. The first egg bred and laid in Felnova hatches, resulting in the diamond-scaled Chaos.


Inhabitation: Inhabitation of Original dragons complete. They create Vystriana, country of freedom, led by King Kazule.


Inhabitation: Inhabitation of humans complete. They settle what is now northern Vystriana, and establish the city-state of Icemark beneath Vystrian rule.


Inhabitation: Inhabitation of elementals and dwarves complete.


Inhabitation: Inhabitation of elves, centaurs complete. Both spread throughout Vystriana, and live in harmony with the dragons.


Inhabitation: Inhabitation of werebeasts, imps, as well as (accidentally) basilisks and leviathans complete. The Great Leviathan of Yorije is said to have been born at this time.


Politics: Albronel built as the capital of Vystriana; a glimmering white city created by the combined talents of dragons, dwarves, elves, and many other races..


Realm Event: Standardized Evylonian calendar adopted.


Politics: Vystrian Council established; steward position concepted in case of royal need. Spell on Albronel to secure royal seat constructed, to guard against enemies of the crown. If a royal is unseated, and leadership not passed to a regent or steward, Albronel will Darken and the link between dragon royal and Felnovian balance will be interrupted until the bond is reestablished.


Inhabitation: Zacyn sheds seven tears into the ocean and creates selkies.


Realm Event: A great earthquake, thought to be an accidental release of power by Balion, rocks the entire Realm. A tsunami destroys several small villages on the edges of the continents, and kills a young elven king.


Inhabitation: Accidental invasion/inhabitation of sarka, rathar, nnar', alicorns, goblins, and vampires complete.


Species Event: Hexadragons have become numerous enough to be called a true subspecies.


Royal Birth: Fankorialstrazanite hatched (Kazule x Tiamat) in Millirand, in secret. Comes to Felnova same year, accompanied by a largely-unknown guardian, rumored to have been human.


Realm Event: War of the Dead cuts Evylon off from Felnova. Contact is lost, and not regained for thousands of years.


Realm Event: Age of Prosperity said to have begun. Trade has grown in leaps and bounds, and the Free Peoples of Felnova spread like wildfire through the Realm.


Species Event: Orcs are created by demon mages experimenting on captured elves. Skirmish between orcs and Vystrian elves begins ages-long hatred between the two races.


Politics/Realm Event: Young and headstrong, Fang wanders the Realm in search of glory. He meets several dragonesses he takes a liking to, and eventually his bastard son, Talon, is hatched; his mother is unknown.


Species Event: First snakekind spotted in Felnova. It is quickly slain by dragon scouts answering to King Kazule, but more follow.


Species Event: Four dragons are attacked by a rogue basilisk and turned to stone. All four are freed by an elven mage with a flawed spell; they (and all of their descendants) are changed into creatures that turn to stone in sunlight. Thus, the first gargoyles are created.


Realm Event: The Great Temple of Time is constructed, and its completion is celebrated Realm-wide.


God Event: Dark Five; first attempt at an escape. Later recaptured and locked away within five items (same year).


War: First Felnovian Snakekind War begins. Born from a great riven named Snayc, his daughter Snakra reigns. She kills Fang's son Talon and captures Albronel, resulting in its very first Darkening. Kazule then steps down from being King and allows his son to take over, but the official coronation isn't until several years later.

1992 to 2031

War: Snakekind War ends with Albronel's recovery, Snakra's defeat, and Fang's official rise to power. King Fankorial chooses a wingless dragoness named Talina to be his Queen, and they are celebrated by all the people of Vystriana.


Politics: Marflax hatched (Fang x Talina). Named Crown Prince in light of Talon's death, and raised in Albronel in the lap of luxury.


Species Event: First dragons begin to take to the sea; sea serpents evolve quickly in the ocean's waters (with supposed help from the gods) over the next handful of decades.


War: Bloodreign War begins. A rogue army of dragons attempts to colonize parts of Kurai, starting a war. This war spills into Xaeri, and is eventually ended by Fang. The rogue army's survivors are exiled to the Great North.


Species Event: Yorijian dragons thought to have been created by Zacyn.


Royal Event: Fang and Kazule disappear. Kazule named Ether of the Light Realm, while Fang is said to have returned to Millirand for some business or another. A violent power struggle forces Marflax and Slain to fight to retain hold on the discontented citizens of Vystriana from the Crown Prince's seat in Albronel. Kyranie, Marflax's betrothed, flees, joined by Marflax periodically between skirmishes.


Politics: Kingdom of Yorije founded.


Age of Silence: The Age of Silence begins. Line of Stewards takes over the entirety of Vystriana. Marflax disappears after approval. Nothing is known about why, and the reasoning remains unknown to this day.


Politics: Myrlands established; reigning wolf packs fight for dominance of unexplored lands.


Inhabitation: Stonelions, having come in some number from Noctis, evolve into the first Vystrian lions we know today.


Species Event: Vystrian lions establish the Mahdros Pride.


Politics: Alubria established. Pure elves split from high elves and settle the region.


God Event: Dark Five are let loose, and wreak havoc upon the minds of those settled in Alubria. They create deathcats via forced evolution from Vystrian lion offspring, use them in war against the drow.


Politics: Country of Khankirae established. It is created as a safe haven for all.


Realm Event: Cataclysm strikes Alubria. While the Dark Five are sealed, the pure elves are all but destroyed/devolve into dark elves. Kaveri species result from humans and roc'a via magical effects. Stroen'na created, left unsettled for some time.


Politics: Avians migrate from Noctis, and settle Stroen'na. Several wealthy families rule jointly, though the struggle runs deep, and it isn't long before all but one are eventually eliminated.


God Event: Two of the Dark Five, Gurthril and Lithmor, are freed. Gurthril runs rampant for over thirty years, while Lithmor goes into hiding for another hundred.


Inhabitation: Mythkin are created by Gurthril.


Species Event: Vystrian wolves are refined from eucyon; the eucyon then fades from existence.


Species event: The auroch as a species dies out, save for the Ancient First alone.


Politics: Nimravus officially recognized as a country. Deathcats inhabit the jungle, in vast and specialized prides.


Politics: In secret, Kyranie returns to Felnova, heavily pregnant. She lays two eggs in secret, and a while later, Verridith and Zephyr are hatched (Marflax x Kyranie). They are raised alone by Kyranie, who later disappears, reported dead in 12900.


Battle: Deathcats invade Vystriana and strike at drowish settlements; D'issan is hit hardest. Put down quickly, and deathcats driven back to Nimravus.


Politics: Verridith returns to Vystriana to reclaim her throne for the Royals, given back by the Stewards.


Politics: At last, Verridith initiates the rediscovery of Evylon; Ramoth named Steward of Vystriana. The Queen bonds with a young elf named Arnus (now Arthasraelyn), the Crown Prince of Heartwood.


War: Age of Darkness begins. Deathwing and his brother Rippclaw attack Albronel, flooding the city streets with death and fire. Verridith returns from her adventures in Evylon, and soon after the long-lost and former King Kazule, to counterattack and defeat them. It is revealed that Kazule is the Ether of the Light Realm, and cannot linger for long. He later leaves, though visits often.


War: Verridith heads back into Evylon to assist her rider in helping his steward recover Heartwood after the turmoil of the War of the Dead. An entity only known as the Frog King besieges Vystriana, later killed by a Lunar dragon named Exodus.


War: The Dark Empress and her legions take Albronel and reigns over Vystriana. Albronel Darkens, and Exodus, along with Steward Ramoth and the Free Races, reclaim it within a year. Nothing is heard of from Verridith, and she is initially thought lost.


Battle: Verridith returns, and Vystriana enters a state of recovery. During this, an Orc Warlord named Cal-Cia attacks Albronel, riding a snakekind thought to be an unhooded brother to Snakra. Quickly put down.


War: Second Snakekind War, as Snayc rises from deep slumber, unleashing the darkness in his soul. In a meeting with the Ethers, Snayc finds a way into the Ether Realm and slays Kazule, before absorbing his power to return to Felnova unhindered. He shatters the Bloodstone in a battle that rages around it, and that battle eventually spills over into an unexplored and wild region of forested land in Evylon. Snayc is slain by Verridith and her Council, with aid from her grandfather Fang returning from places unknown, along with his son Marflax.


Realm Event: The New Bloodstone is created by Time and his Ward, Fate, while the pieces of the Old Bloodstone remain scattered about an old battlefield. Marflax is found to have been killed, and a fiery ceremony is held to honor his heroic death.


War: Dhath briefly emerges; battles Rune, a black dragon who claimed to be the Shadowking; confronted by the gods, Rune repents his sins and helps to reseal Dhath. Drakaras the Fell rises in the chaos and initiates a new reign of terror.


War: After a long and bitter war, Drakaras is ended; however, stressed by the constant waves of war and sanity already fractured, the god Zacyn falls to madness. He attacks the Free Races in a maddened attempt to inspire a mortal uprising, and eventually allows himself to be overpowered. Zacyn is killed by Lunaria and Verridith, replaced by the Ascended god Lyfe. Yorije's Calypso is impersonated by a Black Guard named Niona, who pretended to be a Daughter of Yorije and killed countless black eggs.


Politics: Verridith falls in love with a wandering lightning dragon named Narath, and rather quickly takes him as her King. He proves to be a wise, if mistrustful, leader, and the pair settle to have children. Verridith lays only one egg, in the middle of a small siege against Albronel by the witch Zoicite and her forces. Nagase hatched (Verridith x Narath), and flees accidentally through a portal into Heartwood, where she is fostered by two elven brothers.

13016 to 13019

War: The First Demon War breaks out when a demon Lord, the Lord of War, manipulates the other Lords to come to Felnova, and strengthens a spell accidentally corrupted by his son Solan that causes nightmares to become reality. Lord Kirai’s goal was to turn Felnova into a copy of Kurai, and claim both Realms. Lord Seymour of Pestilence and Lord Akerio of Death aided him in his endeavor, while Lord Xenion of Famine opposed him. A massive war broke out on Felnova, and the Realm’s Core was badly disrupted, destroying Felnova’s balance. Kirai was later killed in battle, while Seymour and Akerio abandoned the war, leaving the gods to restore Felnova’s balance.


War: A Spirit King and Lord of Hell, Kairn initiates a war called Hell's Rebellion. He seeks to bring all Realms to a close, and create his own singular Perfect Realm. Noamuth, Gurthril, and Daecuru freed. Kairn becomes a lesser god.


War: Culmination of the Hell War; the Perfect Realm, Kamillik, is created. Lithmor released. As he attempts to wipe out all other races, save for those he deems 'perfect', a large-scale battle erupts within his Realm. Kairn is defeated by Death, and Kamillik is destroyed. A mass exodus returns the Free Races to where they had come from, and life resumes as the Realms piece back together what they had before the war. Chamenos is split from Solan, via much the same spell as what started the First Demon War.


War: Short Second Demon War. Chamenos defeated by his own overbearing ambitions, as he tries to destroy Realm Markers. An ancient, dark entity known as Orochi is awakened, and the dark god Lithmor is released.

13029 to present

War: War of Three commences. Scylla's rage, and calming, in this year. Faction of Hope rises, takes Vystriana, and allies with Orochi. Now called the 'Twin War'.


Current Year: 13030

Creation: The four spirits that are responsible for the creation of Kurai come into being from nothing; a dragon named Neiren, a wolf named Lethias, a hawk named Orphethus, and a lion named Zailen. These four gods craft a new, beautiful, and unique Realm.


Inhabitation: Demons are created to occupy Kurai, each attuned to the four gods: straight-horned Death demons; ram-horned War demons; slender and winged Famine demons; and venom-taloned Pestilence demons.


War/God Event: Lethias attacks Neiren in an attempt to take over and be supreme goddess of Kurai. Neiren retaliates, and the war for control becomes a fight to kill one another. Zailen and Orphethus intervene, only to be consumed by rage and fighting to kill too.


War/God Event: Kurai is changed as the gods war; the stars are swept from the skies and trees stripped bare, as water all but vanishes as the rivers and seas are filled with blood. Grass grows bleached silver and the trees bone-white, snow falls black as ash, and the earth itself appears dark gray as ash.


God/Realm Event: At last, the gods cease their war, realizing they have all but destroyed their Realm. They were created as equals, and none can surpass the other. The gods withdraw and forge their Kingdoms, name Lords to govern them, and rest. Death and War are afflicted with a curse - Death to kill for life, and War to drink blood instead of water, as water becomes toxic to all under Neiren.


Inhabitationt: Hellwolves are created using lethaos-class demons, gifted with powerful wolven forms; each Kingdom has its own traits, based on the gods and their demons. Long years of peace follow, as each Kingdom holds to its own.


Species Event: Original species traits for each Kingdom begin to fade; n'vaen demons become as varied as any Realm's species, and over the next several thousand years, their traits can only be found in hellwolves and demonic subspecies.


Politics: The first - and only true - Demon King rises to the Silver Throne. Named King Gabriel, a Famine demon with long silver hair and a crown of gold. His reign was well supported by not only his Kingdom, but by all Kingdoms, as he was a fair and just leader who was not Lord of his Kingdom, but the Lord's brother. As such, his path to the Throne was not hindered, and the souls needed were willingly given.


Politics: Kingship had a great strain on King Gabriel, and not long after he took the Throne, his mind began to suffer. Focus spun away and he could not stop the Kingdoms from bickering with one another, nor stop the Lords from internal squabbles. Darkness plagued his reign from this year on.


Politics: King Gabriel's son, a royal named Tsukai, is murdered by an assassin. The King leaves the Silver Throne to find the assassin, and stricken with grief, never returns to it. He rules from a distance, though none respect him as they once did any longer.

480 to 492

War: With constant high tensions between the Kingdoms, fighting breaks out between the Kingdoms of War and Death. Though the battle is vicious, and many deaths are caused by it, neither side emerges victorious; instead, there is a bitter stalemate, much like the result of the battle of Kurai’s gods.


EVENT: The very first Tri’akun of a N’vaen is witnessed when, during a battle, a N’vaen general of the Famine Kingdom comes close to an untimely death.

502 to 530

War: event

There is a shaky attempt to forge alliances between the kingdoms of Kurai. Negotiations end in failure, and instead spark a four way war.

Politics: event

The War of Blood ends in the culmination of the King's death in a vast battle between all four Kingdoms, location lost to time. Legend dictates that he attempted to stop his brother, Lord of Famine, from killing the Lord of Death - once friends. Instead, the Lord of Death was mortally wounded and fell to his Tri'akun, and beset both Lord of Famine and King of Demons with his corrosive power and all who fought at his side. Both fell after long hours of fighting, and the war was abruptly ended.
582 to 893

Realm Event: The four kingdoms enter an era of expansion as they each seek to claim lands beyond Tatakai. Numerous skirmishes break out, but none of the kingdoms are willing to engage in an all-out war.


Realm Event: Dragons from Millirand and Felnova attempt to settle on Kurai. Many are driven from the Realm, but a sizable number stay, hidden away deep within Famine territory. Over time, these dragons lose their wings, and become known as easterns, due to the location of their hidden home.


War: Demons from Death Kingdom ambush and capture the Lord of Famine, and take him to the great Skull City on Shinigami, where they killed the Lord and trapped the souls within him inside a specially crafted soulgem, intending to throw Famine Kingdom into chaos. Famine’s army launched an assault on Shinigami, only to be driven back. However, Famine ninjas infiltrated the city, and retrieved the soulgem, ensuring the continuation of the Famine royal line.

1008 to 1041

War: War breaks out between Famine and War. The war comes to an end when it appears like Death and Pestilence are looking to expand their territories while Famine and War Kingdoms are distracted by their war.


Species Event: The Famine Lord breeds the first komainu from deathcats and hellwolves. It isn’t long before the other Lords breed their own.


God Event: The gods enter a deep slumber. Within the Kingdoms, class status is rigidly enforced, and all inter-Kingdom breeding is strictly forbidden.

1287 to 2401

War: Many small-scale wars break out between the Kingdoms, and it is during this time that each Kingdom begins to develop their own unique tactics and strategies.


God Event: Orphethas awakens, and his awakening unleashes a pestilent cloud upon Death’s land, where he returned to the Realm’s surface. This cloud lingers for two thousand years.

2403 to 2410.

War: The Bloodreign War begins when dragons from Felnova enter Kurai in force and try to colonize Kurai. Their attempts to purify the great lake on Tatakai fail, and they are eventually driven from Kurai, but not before the war spills over into Xaeri.


Realm Event: The Day of Bones is celebrated for the first time, and becomes an annual celebration. For the demons, it marks their victory over the dragons. For dragons, it is a day of remembrance for the fallen.

2418 to 4913

War: The short-lived peace following the Bloodreign War doesn’t last long. Kirai becomes Lord of War, and immediately starts a war with Death. Numerous wars are fought during this time as the Kingdoms continue to refine and develop their militaries.


Species Event: Zailen creates the kirin as an experiment, attempting to craft a demon-hunting species. While he is partially successful, the kirin lack the aggression needed to be effective hunters, and he releases them into the wilderness.


Politics: An ambitious Pestilence demon, well known for her mastery of poisons, becomes Lord and seeks to claim the Silver Throne. She challenges the other Lords to single combat, only to promptly fall before Kirai when the War Lord accepts her challenge, and emerges victorious without receiving a scratch. Kirai’s own bid for the Silver Throne ends in failure when none of the other Lords are willing to see another King.

5017 to 5020

War: Famine and Pestilence enter a state of war when each Kingdom blames the other of sending raiding parties across their respective borders. The war turns into a near-bloodless war of maneuver, which each side striving to draw the other into battle on ground of their choosing. After three years of marching and counter-marching amidst numerous small skirmishes, the two Kingdoms declare a truce.


Realm Event: A mysterious plague sweeps over Kurai, leaving all inflicted demons with extreme feelings of passivity. War and Death demons in particular are put at risk when they struggle to satisfy their respective curses. Then, as mysteriously as it appeared, the plague vanished. Pestilence was held to blame for the event, despite strenuously denying any involvement.

5862 to 5871

War: Kirai attempts to seize the Silver Throne through sheer military might, striking at the three rival Kingdoms simultaneously and inflicting severe damage upon them with legions of samurai and hellwolves. However, he underestimated them, and the three Kingdoms unite to oppose him. After his armies are driven back into War territory, he is forced to concede defeat.


War: War Kingdom’s ‘cattle’ escape their bonds, and start an uprising. While the rebellion is swiftly put down, War is left in a hard spot due to the loss of so much of their ‘cattle’.


Realm Event: Death’s Lord goes insane and declares himself king of all Kurai. Shortly after commanding the other Lords to gather their armies in preparation for an invasion of the undersea nation he is convinced is hidden beneath the Stormtoss Sea, he promptly disappears, and a new Lord is chosen. Death Kingdom refuses to discuss the former Lord’s whereabouts or fate.


Realm Event: The crew of a War ship spot what they believe is an island on the horizon, in the middle of the Stormtoss Sea. An expedition to explore and claim this island is organized, but disappears at sea. A subsequent expedition finds nothing where the supposed island was. An enormous kraken is spotted on the horizon, and the expedition swiftly departs the region, deciding the supposed island had been a kraken.


Politics: A meeting of the four Lords takes place, and a trade agreement is discussed. However, the talks break down when Kirai is almost assassinated by a number of Death’s assassins.

6273 to 6285

War: War breaks out between War and Death, and results in a weakening of both Kingdoms when, after Kirai orders his samurai to slaughter Death’s ‘cattle’, Death follows suit and retaliates in the same manner.


Realm Event: A rogue group of Pestilence and War demons learn about the eastern dragons, and attempt to wipe them out. The reigning Famine Lord intercepts the group, and slaughters them all. Word spreads about the easterns, but most demons don’t give them a second thought.

6813 to 6836

War: Kirai declares war on Pestilence Kingdom, intending to increase his Kingdom’s holdings by claiming all of Kidochi, prior to making another attempt for the Silver Throne. Despite early successes, Kirai’s ambitions were frustrated when, during the Battle of the Field of Flames, his army was decimated, and he was forced to call for a truce.


Realm Event: Several demons from Death Kingdom experiment on Death/War hybrids, hoping to free their Kingdom from its curse. Most of the hybrids go insane, and escape, going on a rampage before they’re wiped out. The experiment is promptly shut down.

7217 to 7220

War: A series of thefts plunge the Realm into war as the four Kingdoms hold each other responsible. The stolen items are never recovered.


Species Event: Death mages perform several experiments on some of their ‘cattle’, attempting to turn them into effective soldiers. The resulting creatures, called shar, prove to be too powerful to be safely kept as slaves, and are expelled from Kurai.


Realm Event: The Realm is plunged into darkness when a mysterious darkness covers the moon. After a month, the shadow disappears.


Species Event: An attempt by Pestilence mages to cripple War and Death kingdoms by mutating their ‘cattle’ sees some success when the wendigoes are created. While the two cursed Kingdoms are weakened for a time, they recover more swiftly than expected, and the wendigoes manage to get off Realm and spread.


Realm Event: In an attempt to find a way to keep inter-Kingdom tensions down, a contest of martial and athletic abilities is organized. At first, the event goes well, until during the judging for sparring when a brawl breaks out.


Realm Event: Another contest, with revised rules, is held. Despite some tensions, no fights break out, and the whole event is deemed a success. Specialties from every Kingdom are included, as well as events for all - acted-out tales of honor among War demons, acts of athleticism among Famine ninja, displays of alchemy and potions in Pestilence, and different variaties of target 'assassinations' for Death. Similar such contests have taken place sporadically ever since.


Realm Event: A small group of enterprising xeriin and saurians visits Kurai, offering various exotic fruits to trade. Most are unable to survive in Kurai’s harsh soil. However, a few, bananas most especially, manage to survive in the Forest of Dragons. Famine mages later manage to alter the banana to be able to survive in Kurai’s native soil.


Politics: A delegation of sphinx from Ristell arrive in Kurai, seeking to add the Realm’s written knowledge to their great library on Ristell. While hesitant at first, the allure of off-Realm knowledge proves to be too strong, and none of the Lords is willing to allow their rivals to potentially gain any sort of advantage over them. Ristell thus gains much knowledge of Kurai's history and culture, though War often speaks of its tales of samurai supposedly heard most loudly.

11620 to 11632

War: A war breaks out that sees the various Kingdoms switch sides frequently due to changing war goals. The war eventually ends when the Lords end up getting weary of keeping track of the constantly-shifting goals and allegiances.


Realm Event: A pure-white kirin with pearlescent antlers is claimed to have been spotted in Tatakai, resulting in a grand hunt as each of the four Lords seeks to catch the exotic creature for themselves. The kirin proves to be too elusive, if it ever existed, and after months of searching, the hunt is abandoned.


Realm Event: The other gods are said to have awakened some time around here, within the last few thousand years.


Realm Event: Eastern dragons craft fireworks, and present them as a gift to the Famine Lord during the Day of Bones celebration. In the following years, fireworks become quite popular in all of Kurai.


Politics: Kirai discusses a potential mutual alliance against outside aggression with the other Lords, citing the previous draconic invasions. While he fails to gain any solid agreements, he manages to better his relations with Death and Pestilence.

13016 to 13019

War: The First Demon War breaks out when Kirai manipulates the other Lords to come to Felnova, and strengthens a spell accidentally corrupted by his son Solan that causes nightmares to become reality. Kirai’s goal was to turn Felnova into a copy of Kurai, and claim both Realms. Lord Seymour of Pestilence and Lord Akerio of Death aided him in his endeavor, while Lord Xenion of Famine opposed him. A massive war broke out on Felnova, and the Realm’s Core was badly disrupted, destroying Felnova’s balance. Kirai was later killed in battle, while Seymour and Akerio abandoned the war, leaving the gods to restore Felnova’s balance.


Realm Event: Chamenos splits from Solan via a similar spell that loosed Kurai's incarnation on Felnova, and swiftly lays claim to the Silver Throne.


War: The Second Demon War breaks out when Chamenos leads an invasion of Felnova. Seeking to cripple both Felnova, and its allies, he seeks to destroy three Markers in every Realm; but his ambition exceeds his power. The war ends abruptly when Chamenos is slain.


Politics: Following the death of Chamenos, several Lords are lost in quick succession, throwing Kurai into chaos. Multiple new royal lines are begun.


God Event: Lithmor is released, and unleashes a destructive godstorm upon Tatakai, killing the Lords of Death and War. While War Kingdom rather swiftly gains a new Lord, Death’s new Lord proves to be short-lived, and Death’s throne remains empty for a time.

13030 to present

War: The Faction of Hope seeks alliances in Kurai. Famine has sworn against them, as does Pestilence; War has yet to be swayed, and as Death is Lordless, they've found no footholds there either.


Current Year: 11415

Creation: Lizzarkyth is created, life is nurtured, and the gods take on physical forms. Aelia takes on the form of a great snake, and governs every living thing on the Realm. Daern takes on the form of a mighty stag, and tends to the seasons. Halkion takes on the form of a massive eagle, and governs the waters. Xonfi takes on the appearance of a great lizard, and looks after the people.


Inhabitation: Xonfi creates the lyzards, and lives among them, teaching them and watching them grow.


Inhabitation: Saurians introduced. Xonfi teaches the lyzards how to protect themselves from dangerous predators.


Realm Event: Numerous lyzards and saurians form strong symbiotic bonds with one another.


Realm Event: Lyzards discover how to use the massive leaves native to their Realm to travel through the air. It isn’t long before all lyzards take to travel by leaf.


Politics: The Council of Stones is officially formed.


God Event: Now that their Realm is populated, and stable, the gods begin to slowly merge with the Realm itself.


Species Event: The Saurians establish themselves as a true nation, and construct their holy site of Baz.


God Event: The gods physically merge with the Realm, leaving behind large landmarks from their bodies. They leave behind a number of Wards to ensure their people manage to adjust to their absence.


Species Event: A small clan of eastern dragons take up residence in Xonfi’s cave. The goddess’ lingering essence mutates the easterns into circadian dragons.


Realm Event: Dragons visit Lizzarkyth for the first time sicne the gods merge with the Realm, and are mistaken for gods by the lyzards. The dragons are treated to a feast, and are given many gifts by the lyzards before they depart the Realm.


Inhabitation: Shriekan come to Lizzarkyth for the first time. Their war-like tendencies put them at odds with their lyzard cousins.

4286 to 5617

War: The shriekan begin to seek dominance over the Realm through military conquest. The lyzards fight bravely in defense of their homes and freedom, but the military skills and long-term campaign planning of the shriekan give them a large advantage.


Realm Event: Large numbers of saurians gather in Baz in response to shriekan aggression. The great bell tolls, and the saurians unleash their wrath upon the shriekan, abruptly turning the tide of the war against them. The surviving shriekan withdraw from their captured ground.


Politics: The lyzards approach the shriekan with an offer of peace. Still shaken and weakened from the saurian rampage, the shriekan accept, and a trade agreement is negotiated. Due to their long lives, the eldest shriekan warn the younger generations against ever warring against the lyzards again.

5725 to 10390

Realm Event: The Realm enters a period of isolation from the rest of the Realms. The shriekan are content to keep to themselves, and the lyzards and saurians continue their peaceful coexistence. This period of time becomes known as the Age of Tranquility.


Realm Event: The long isolation comes to an end when emissaries from other Realms begin to arrive, and seek trade agreements, and in some cases, alliances.The lyzards largely refuse to consider alliances, but really agree to trade.

11390 to present

Realm Event: As wars and numerous disasters begin to overtake Felnova, the lyzards reluctantly agree to shelter refugees, although they make it clear they consider it to be a temporary arrangement.


Current Year: 20373

Creation: The Ten create Millirand. Kazule awakens as the First Royal, and settles in the eastern lands.


Realm Event: Dragons are created to join Kazule, and the First Royal leads them as they explore the arctic West.


Inhabitation: Elves, dwarves, and humans are moved to Millirand from the First Realm. Dragons from the western lands move east, and are referred to as ‘western’ dragons by the people who witnessed their flight.


Realm Event: The city of Ki-Lia is built, and established as Kazule’s seat of power.


Inhabitation: Wyverns arrive in Millirand. They remain in the eastern lands. Groundrakes begin to appear sporadically all across the Realm.


Inhabitation: Elementals begin to spawn from the chaotic energy left over from the creation of the Realm.


Species Event: The gods take the energy of the stars and combine it with some of the leftover aura of the First Royal, and fashion the great Celestial and Cosmic Dragons as servants for the royal dragons.


Politics: Several Celestial and Cosmic dragons accompany a group of humans east across the sea, protecting and supporting them as they found four city-states on the newly-named land of Outre’mer.


Inhabitation: Minotaurs, eucyons, and aurochs are introduced from the First Realm.


Politics: Minotaurs found the country of Rhidora, south of Jes’re’en.


Inhabitation: Centaurs are created. Most settle within Rynorel Forest. Giants are created from humans, but Fenrir is interrupted during their creation. The resulting giants possess only limited intelligence, and soon spread across the Realm.


Politics: The elves take over Rynorel forest, and threaten war with the centaurs. A treaty is negotiated, and Rynorel becomes an autonomous region within Jes’re’en.


Inhabitation: Sarka appear on Millirand, and found Mortuun’Daro.


Inhabitation: Gryphons are first sighted. The original gryphons were believed to be hybrids of roc’a and lions, before the species was refined by Zeldrima.


Realm Event: The first dragonrider bond in recorded history is forged.


Politics: Spurred into defiance by their draconic allies, the city-states of Outre’mer formally deny Kazule’s authority over them. Kazule sends emissaries to Outre’mer, but they are scorned, and sent back to Ki-Lia.

285 to 317

War: Kazule declares war on Outre’mer. Though the city-states’ armies are outnumbered, their advances in magic, aided by their draconic allies, proves to be formidable enough to turn the war into a bloody stalemate. The tide begins to turn against Jes’re’en when Kurdan becomes the champion of Death.


Realm Event: While Kazule leads his forces in battle, Tiamat - a Cosmic dragoness - engages Kurdan in single combat above Outre’mer. The fight between the two dragons lasts for days, and Outre’mer suffers great damage as the spells unleash widespread destruction. Finally, Tiamat’s skills with magic give her the upper hand, and Kurdan is struck down, leaving Outre’mer a desolate wasteland.

390 to 467

War: The sarka strike at Jes’re’en from their hidden city. A decades-long war breaks out, and devolves into a series of hit-and-run raids before Mortuun’Daro is discovered. The dark city is besieged, and, after a bloody struggle, Kazule orders his mages to bury the city beneath the mountains, thus ending the threat.


Inhabitation: Strigine are created by Gaz'in.


Realm Event: A massive earthquake shakes the area around the White Plains. Several crystal formations crack; these cracks can still be seen today.


Species Event: Unicorns refined and gifted magic by L’zayn.


Species Event: Gaz’in creates the Tca’ier dragons. These secretive dragons soon begin to spread to other Realms.


Realm Event: A human baby named Gorg’grauth is born. Deformed and covered with scales, the baby is scorned by everyone, and left in the woods to die. Found by a witch woman, he is bespelled, and granted the lower body of a serpent and the wings of a dragon, before being taken to Ki-Lia to live among the dragons. After reaching adulthood, he is eventually blessed with immortality.


Inhabitation: Nanook are created by Fenrir.


War: A short war happens between the unicorns and sarka; this series of skirmishes ends with an onslaught of dragons, who quickly put an end to the enemy.


Realm Event: A great starfall descends from the heavens; it is said to be an omen from the gods. Bits of meteorite are recovered and eventually sold as oddities as the event is forgotten and the omen never brings anything.


Species Event: The quaterneri are created.


Politics: An alliance is negotiated between Jes’re’en and Rhidora.


Realm Event: The elves fortify Rynorel, and refine their civilization, becoming Jes’re’en’s primary source of trade.


Species Event: Fenrir gives up trying to gather all of giantkind, and decides to refine those he could gather, creating the mighty jotun race.


Species Event: Noamuth takes a consort briefly; ends with killing him and forging the yiboril race.


Realm Event: Drakaras the Fell, son of Noamuth and Hades, is hatched.


Species Event: Many elementals are drawn to Rynorel, intent on protecting the sacred forest.


Politics: The jotuns found the independent country of Sud'rlund, the eastern lands where the dragons were first brought.

2319 to 2427

Realm Event: Jes’re’en enters a state of great prosperity. The great knightly orders of Jes’re’en are established.

2428 to 2463

War: Several groups of dragons attempt to settle in Sud'rlund and wrest control of the land from the jotuns, claiming the country is theirs by right. War breaks out, and rages for decades. The war comes to an end when the jotuns construct the Wall, a towering ridge of ice that reaches above the clouds, between Sud'rlund’s interior and the barren region devastated by the war. A truce is negotiated, but relations between dragon and jotun remain cold for many years. Numerous aggressive ice and wind elementals dwell near the wall, and jotun rangers armed with bows capable of killing dragons patrol its length.

2478 to 4103

Realm Event: Jes’re’en recovers from the war with the jotuns, and guide the Realm into a new era of peace and prosperity. Trade agreements are formed between Sud'rlund and the rest of Millirand’s established countries. The Ten finally imprison all of the Dark Five, and reign supreme. This era becomes known as the Golden Age.


Species Event: Kamine are created when Cirrus infuses wolves with dragonblood.


Realm Event: Due to his rising bloodlust and arrogance, Gorg’rauth is exiled from Ki-Lia. Swearing revenge, he travels to the Rage Desert. He begins experimenting on snakes, and soon creates the first snakekind. The dark city of Gorganoth is founded.

4104 to 9056

War: The Age of Bloodshed begins when Gorg’rauth strikes at Jes’re’en and Rhidora. The gods attempt to put an end to Gorg’rauth, but he proves to be too cunning. He frees the Dark Five, and in return, the Dark Ones aid him in remaining out of reach of the Ten.


Realm Event: Kazule takes Tiamat as his mate and queen. They decide against having any children while Gorg’rauth is still a threat.


Species Event: As despair reigns, Gaz’in refines the pegasi, gives them wings, and presents them as a gift to L’zayn.


Realm Event: After nearly falling into a trap set by the Ten, Gorg’rauth finds and kills Omar, Millirand’s Ether Spirit, to further distract the gods.


Realm Event: Ki-Lia falls to a sudden and violent assault, and is destroyed. Many are slain, and the dragons are scattered. In the aftermath, much of Jes’re’en falls to Gorg’rauth’s forces, and several more cities are destroyed.


Realm Event: As a new Ether cannot be found, due to Gorg’rauth and the Dark Five’s interference, Millirand begins to fall apart, despite the Ten’s best efforts to keep the Realm together. The possibility of laying waste to Gorg’rauth’s army is discussed, but dismissed due to the damage it would cause to the already-fragile balance.


God Event: Time, Leartes, Zacyn, Scylla, and Balion take most of the dragons - including the First Royal - and depart Millirand, founding the new Realm of Felnova. Fenrir, L’zayn, Zeldrima, Gaz’in, and Sago remain on Millirand, and focus almost all of their power in keeping the Realm together.


Realm Event: In a desperate gambit, the dragons of the Remnant work together with several seers, mages, and god Wards to reseal the Dark Five. They succeed, but at great cost.


Realm Event: Without the Dark Five’s interference, a new Ether Spirit is found, and the Realm stabilized. Exhausted and despairing, the Millirand Five continue to withdraw from their Realm. The dragons of the Remnant largely withdraw from the fighting, leaving the other species to fight on alone.


Species Event: Gurthril breaks free and takes normal horses to mold them into the water-dwelling hippocampi before granting them sentience. Her prideful plans to use them as weapons of vengeance are never fulfilled.


Politics: After several centuries of chaos, the people of Jes’re’en grow weary of being led by a loose alliance of local leaders. A charismatic human rallies the people, and is crowned king.


Species Event: Sago creates the mimics, intending to put them to good use as spies. However, they are granted full sentience, and allowed to follow their own desires.


Realm Event: The tide of war finally returns when a massive, year-long campaign drives Gorg’rauth’s forces back into the Rage Desert. Most of the slaves he took are freed, and his army is almost completely destroyed. Gorganoth is left in ruins, but Gorg’rauth himself escapes, and disappears. Many surviving snakekind are hunted down without mercy in the following years.


Species Event: A clan of muta atlanteans asks Sago to give them the ability to walk the land; they are turned into the akhlut.


Realm Event: The snakekind begin to return in greater numbers, but also with greater caution; they rarely leave their desert ruins or underground lairs for many years.


Politics: Without a common enemy, and with much of the Realm still largely in ruins, Jes’re’en begins to drift apart. Rynorel severs all ties with the rest of Jes’re’en and enters a state of isolation.


Politics: Noktureesah is founded after several amphithere dragons and riven snakekind settle in the jungles east of Jes’re’en. Apart from the rest of the Realm and living in relative peace, they begin to interbreed. The resulting hybrids organize the new country.

9733 to 9950

Politics: Jes’re’en is briefly stabilized when a dynasty of warrior kings comes to power. The dynasty comes to an end when, after the first ten kings gain renown as mighty warriors and skilled commanders, the last two kings prove to be, respectively, a weakling and a madman. Their combined reigns last less than a year, and the kingdom once more plunges into chaos.


Species Event: Lithmor takes a number of orcs and changes them into ogres.


Realm Event: This year marks the last time dragons are seen on Millirand in large numbers when the Remnant flies out to drive a flight of sarka out of the northern mountains of Jes’re’en. The dragon are seen less and less in the following centuries.


Realm Event: A group of humans briefly attempt to refound old Outre’mer, but soon abandon the Darklands after losing half their number in less than a month. A man named Ghero persuades a number of the survivors to settle in Sud'rlund and found a trade town. The attempt fails, but the settlement, called Ghero’s Folly, survives.

12830 to 12848

Politics: A strong, charismatic king is crowned in Jes’re’en and brings the country into a state of stability and recovery. However, he dies after a short reign, and fails to leave behind a clear heir. Civil war is avoided, but the stability he wrought shatters.


Realm Event: Gorg’rauth returns to Gorganoth in secret, bringing with him hundreds of captive lyzards. These lyzards are subjected to many experiments.


Species Event: Gorg’rauth’s experiments pay off, and the shriekan are created. While his new army grows in secret, Gorg’rauth begins to plan a new campaign.

13012 to 13068

Politics: The king of Jes’re’en dies, leaving his daughter and only child as his heir. The new queen proves to be a wise ruler, and for a time, the country sees a new era of prosperity. However, as the years pass, the queen begins to indulge herself in more and more expensive pursuits, plunging the country into bankruptcy. Eventually, while the queen treated some of the favored nobles to a feast, the commonfolk rioted, stormed her palace, and threw her out of a window to her death.

13622 to 14839

Politics: The half-elven son of the Lady of Rynorel intrigues his way onto the throne of Jes’re’en. His long rule is marked by renewed stability, and prosperity. He instates a council of nobles and commonfolk to advise him about current conditions, and under his guidance, Jes’re’en begins to truly recover from the long war and ensuing chaos. At his death, his adopted human son inherits the throne, and continues the rebuilding.


Species Event: A descendant branch of nehryngi called the Morra Sin, close cousins to the veldryn, become cursed when they take to siphoning the life energies from their prey, gaining gruesome injuries to their faces as a result. Many die as the injuries spread, before the surviving Sin learn how to contain the curse through the use of specially crafted bone masks.


Realm Event: This year marks the last time a dragons is seen for thousands of years, as the Remnant completely closes itself off and enters a state of extreme isolation. Dragons are forbidden from leaving the mountains, or heading south.


Politics: The practice of royal adoption, started by the half-elven king,is ended when, after an outbreak of disease claims several rulers in swift succession, Jes’re’en is left with a centaur king who is completely unaware of his new status until after the nobility decide to nullify his ascension and opt for a more traditional blood-succession law. The centaur in question leaves Millirand when several scheming nobles try to install him as a king against his will.


Politics: War nearly breaks out between Rhidora and Jes’re’en when bandits attempt to steal a minotaur ship. Forestalling threats of retaliation, the king of Jes’re’en has the bandits captured and handed over to the minotaurs for justice.


Realm Event: Several contests of strength and skill take place in Noktureesah, including the first national contest featuring a strenuous game played with a hard rubber ball on a stone court.


Species Event: A large tribe of xeriin are trapped in the Darklands; Zeldrima take pity on them, and transform them into the reguli.


Politics: The old alliance between Jes’re’en and Rhidora is reforged. Sud'rlund agrees to a treaty of trade, and mutual protection against threats from outside Millirand. Noktureesah declines to agree to any alliances, but signs a trade agreement with the other countries.

17032 to 19008

Realm Event: The Realm enters into an era of trade, and renewed stability. Slowly, the nations of Millirand return to a state of prosperity, and peace.

19611 to 20350

War: Gorg’rauth makes his presence known, and his armies of shriekan march forth from Gorganoth, with the snakekind offering them support. More disciplined than the snakekind had ever been, the shriekan overrun city after city, and maintain effective garrisons. The knights of Jes’re’en fight back, and, although the sightings are treated as hearsay at first, dragons from the Remnant strike from their hidden city.


Politics: Rhidora officially joins the war. A large-scale raid on Gorganoth is launched, but ends in failure for the minotaurs once Gorg’rauth himself joins the fight.


Realm Event: Zephyr Firetalon arrives in Arrowhead. Zephyr, by virtue of his royal blood, takes command of the Remnant, and leads them into battle alongside the forces of Jes’re’en and Rhidora. He meets with a wounded knight of Jes're'en, an elf named Valyn, and is touched by the tale of his prisoner brother. They bond quickly afterwards as dragon and rider.


Realm Event: Zephyr and his rider lead a massive assault on Gorganoth. The attackers suffer heavy casualties, but the victory is won when Gorg’rauth falls in battle, and his forces scatter in dismay. Zephyr’s fate after the battle is initially unknown, but is found to have resulted in his death. He is survived by his rider, Valyn, who gives up knighthood to become an ambassador to the elves.


Politics: Thanks in large part to Valyn, Jes’re’en accept the Remnant’s existence, and declare Arrowhead a free city, outside the authority of Jes’re’en. Although they are still not much trusted, dragons are mostly welcome in Jes’re’en once more.


Politics: Emissaries from Vystriana arrive in Jes’re’en and negotiate an alliance between the two nations.

20370 to present

War: The peace is shattered when the Faction of Hope invades Jes’re’en and occupies Alzock. Caught unawares, Jes’re’en fails to mount an effective resistance, or produce a serious counterattack. The year after Alzock falls to the Faction, forces of Rynorel launch an assault on Alzock, but despite holding the field after a short, fierce fight, are unable to breach the city walls, and are forced to withdraw with significant casualties.


Current Year: 20892

Creation: Seiten and Albion create Noctis. At the moment of completion, the Realm resembles most others. However, a sudden anger overtakes Albion and he smites the new Realm, resulting in the land splitting away from the seas. Seiten takes these broken pieces and makes them into islands in the sky.


Inhabitation: Eager to begin inhabitation, stonelions are brought over based on those from the First Realm, though they must be shielded by Sieten for many years. She can do little else while the chaos lasts.


Realm Event: A great thunderstorm said to have doubled the size of the oceans lasts for one hundred years.


Realm Event: The chaos caused by Albion’s wrath at the moment of creation is finally calmed.


Inhabitation: Merfolk and avians introduced.


Inhabitation: Dragons, gryphons, and selkies introduced.


Inhabitation: Kraken and leviathans introduced.


Realm Event: The Sky and Sea Peoples first encounter one another.

1250 to 1579

War: After a series of raids upon both Sky and Sea territories, war breaks out, and rages for over two centuries before a fragile peace is negotiated.


Politics: Ca’riryiiw is organized. The cities of Cecil, in the sky, and Golbez, under the sea, are founded.


Inhabitation: Elves, humans, and dwarves introduced.


God Event: Albion unleashes a series of destructive storms upon the Sky domain.


Inhabitation:: Hippocampi, roc’a, and xeriin introduced.

3375 to 4286

War: Rising tensions boil over into outright war. Violence rages for centuries, with neither side able to gain a true advantage. Eventually, both sides tire of the constant fighting, and agree to a truce.


Inhabitation: Nehryngi are created by Time to balance the stonelions.


Species Event: Most nehryngi, five hundred years later, have become the veldryn we know today. Many believe it is subtle workings by Seiten that lead to so quick of a change.

5067 to 7117

God Event: Seiten blesses both Sky and Sea with great bounty in celebration of the ongoing peace between the two domains. The borders are only lightly guarded, and for the first time in centuries, no raids take place.


Inhabitation: Keht'shu and d’jini introduced.


Politics: Several important leaders of Sky and Sea are assassinated. War is barely averted, but communication between the two domains is severed.

7119 to 13063

Realm Event: The rulers of the Sky and Sea domains decree there is to be no contact with either domain. For thousands of years, the two peoples remain out of contact with one another, and grow decadent, given to empty ritual and political scheming. This period of time comes to be known as the Age of Silence.


Realm Event: The Age of Silence comes to an end when peoples of the Sky and Sea meet one another. Slowly, trade begins, and, after some time, ideas as well, causing a resurgence of innovation.

15088 to 19012

God Event: The Age of Strife begins as Albion unleashes his wrath upon the Realm. Storms rage, and his agents of chaos sow discord among the people. The Realm is cut off from the rest of the Realms when Albion corrupts the Markers, forcing Seiten to focus her attention on them. A long-running conflict breaks out between Sky and Sea as both domains seek to establish their dominance over the other, and the Realm itself.


Realm Event: The Age of Strife ends. The Sky domain unleashes a powerful spell, and splits the sea,allowing them to strike at the newly-exposed undersea cities. However, the spell disturbs, an ancient, enormous kraken, who surfaces, and attacks the Sky domain, dragging one of the islands, and all its inhabitants, beneath the waves. Both Sky and Sea, exhausted and nearing economic collapse due to the prolonged fighting, agree to a truce.


Politics: A fragile peace is negotiated between the two nations, and they begin to recover from the costly conflict. They maintain a solid trade agreement, and despite a few raids, terms of their agreement allow them to remain at peace.


Current Year: 16038

Creation: Ristell is created. At this point in time, there was no vast Underground, only a large number of small caves.


Inhabitation: Native fauna created. Draiyd enters a deep slumber.


Realm Event: The unstable underground caves begin to collapse as many creatures begin to seek shelter underground to escape the Realm’s intense heat. By the time the gods manage to rouse Draiyd, many of the caves have collapsed entirely, leaving behind a massive underground cavern. Draiyd stabilizes the Underground, then returns to his slumber.


Species Event: The gods realize their new Realm is a chaotic place, and create the sphinx to bring order.


Politics: The gods found the country of Arcadia, and entrust its running to the sphinx. Through their guidance, the Realm is restored to order, and maintained under the watchful eye of the royal family.


Species Event: Sol’tera are created.


Inhabitation: Dragons are introduced to Ristell.

202 to 217

War: Brewing tensions over shared territory between dragons and the sol’tera boils over into outright war.


Politics: The sphinx intervene in the war, and negotiate a peace. The sol’tera are brought under the authority of the pharaoh, and the dragons are allowed to live freely, beyond Arcadia’s border.


Species Event: Scylla creates the keht'shu and the d’jini to commemorate the newfound era of peace.


Inhabitation: Zaegrim, an early Ether of Ristell, brings a humanoid race from a dying side-Realm to his own world. They interbreed with Ristellan humans in the icy north for hundreds of years, and eventually evolve to become the Zaegrim'a Nzani.


Politics: The country of Zaegrim'a Oqh is founded in the high north.


Inhabitation: Merfolk, elves, and dwarves are introduced. The more rugged dwarves manage to withstand Arcadia’s intense heat better than the elves, who migrate northwards, or take to dwelling underground.


Politics: The merfolk found the country of Tempest, while early elves found the country of Nyx.

1257 to 1483

War: The country of Nyx, growing ever more prosperous, begins to challenge Arcadia’s supremacy. War breaks out, and for a time, neither side can manage to gain the upper hand over the other. Eventually, however, the pharaoh himself personally takes command of the army of Arcadia, and inflicts several defeats upon Nyx. A truce is negotiated, and Nyx is forced to pay tribute to Arcadia.


Politics: The dwarves, weary of the ongoing war, settle within a mountain range filled with an abundance of natural resources.They name their new home Dun Modon. Shortly afterwards, they discover that their new home sits atop the back of Draiyd. The god accepts their presence, although he remains rather aloof.


Species Event: The elves of the Underground begin to adapt to living in the depths of the earth. Their eyes become more sensitive, allowing them to see better, and their ears begin to elongate, enhancing their hearing. These changes cause a rift between the elves of the Underground, and those who dwell in Nyx.

1880 to 2395

War: The sol’tera declare war on the elves living underground, intending to force them to submit to Arcadia’s authority. The war drags on, as neither side can gain an advantage in the other’s territory.


Politics: The sphinx intervene in the war, and negotiate a truce. While the sol’tera accept the pharaoh’s ruling without issue, the elves of the Underground remain defiant, haughtily denying the notion that the pharaoh has any authority over them. Relations between Arcadia and the Underground remain tense.


Inhabitation: Gryphons come to Ristell, and found the city of Skree.


Politics: The gryphons discover the two sky cities, and develop good relations with them. The leader of the gryphons later makes a personal visit to Eden, and a mutually beneficial agreement is forged between the two nations.


Inhabitation: Humans are introduced to Ristell. In a few generations, they have begun to thrive in Nyx, the Wilds, and the Underground.


Politics: Humans displace elves as the Underground’s foremost race.

5568 to 5570

War: A civil war between humans and elves breaks out in Nyx. The elves maintain their authority, but are forced to grant several concessions to the humans.

6217 to 6302

War: An ambitious, warmongering pharaoh is enthroned in Arcadia, and spends several decades attempting to bring all of Ristell under his authority. He is eventually slain in battle, bringing his inconclusive warring to an end.


God Event: Meryll conjures an enormous typhoon to wreck an Arcadian armada making its way towards Tempest. This typhoon batters the coast of Arcadia for the better part of a year before the goddess’ anger ends.


War: While the Realm was recovering from the decades of war, the elven empress of Nyx raised an army and invaded Arcadia. The invasion ended in total disaster for Nyx, and the elves lost their authority.


Species Event: The liniah are created, and begin to gain preeminence in Nyx. Violent opposition is prevented when Nirni sends visions to the country’s leaders.


Politics: A firm, lasting peace is negotiated between Arcadia and Nyx.

6518 to 10823

Realm Event: Commonly called the Age of Enlightenment, an era of peace begins under the watchful gaze of what is, to date, the longest reign of any of Arcadia’s pharaohs. Rumors abound that this pharaoh was actually a son of Azcen. Scholars amass an enormous collection of knowledge, both old and new, and the entire Realm prospers. Trade agreements are negotiated between the Underground, and the nations on the surface. For the first time, the Herald of the Underdark visits Eden, and the Pharaoh is hosted in Kolstead. Azcen himself makes numerous personal appearances during this time, displaying his personal approval.


Inhabitation: Scattered nehryngi have thus evolved to adapt to the desert sands; now known as the magic-eating salawa.


Realm Event: An unusually hot summer sparks a wildfire that destroys much of the Wilds. This is called the Great Fire, and is thought to have been both blessing and curse. The Wilds' lands affected by the fire are some of the most fertile in all of Ristell.


Politics: A scholar by the name of Sakametis publishes a book detailing the histories of the worlds and the gods within them, lowering the status of this Realm's gods to 'lesser'. Found by those most faithful to Ristell's gods, his books are burned and him along with them.


God Event: A goddess of Kurai, Lethias, invades Ristell in search of an errant demon of Death. The gods of Ristell permit her to take this demon back to her own Realm, where he is put to swift death. His crimes are unknown.

10997 to 11000

War: Sol’tera raiders enter the Underground, and in retaliation, the Herald sends out several companies of soldiers on retaliatory raids. Open war breaks out, and after a series of skirmishes take place, an all-out battle seems to be inevitable when Draiyd awakens, and resettles right atop the main entrance to the Underground, preventing the two armies from reaching each other.


Politics: Diplomats of the Underground arrive in Eden after Draiyd awakens and moves, an official to the war is ended, and the old trade agreement is restored.

12782 to 12785

God Event: Zephyro withholds the annual rains, plunging Ristell’s surface into a massive drought. This is later discovered to be a warning to the various species and countries on the surface not to grow too proud. After the pharaoh makes a personal, humble appeal to Zephyro, the rains return.


Politics: The reigning pharaoh is murdered by a sol’tera who was serving as one of his bodyguards. During the following interrogation, it comes to light that the pharaoh had been planning to flood the entire Underground by opening the great cavern to the sea. The court ultimately rules that the sol’tera was justified in his actions, as preparations for the plot to come to fruition were well under way. However, in light of his crimes, the sol’tera is banished from Arcadia.


Inhabitation: Xeriin first come to Ristell, and settle deep in the Wilds. Several years pass before they make their presence known.


Realm Event: An arsonist, hoping to gain everlasting notoriety, sets fire to the Great Library in Eden. The damage is superficial, and nothing is lost. However, the pharaoh condemns the man to death, and has the man’s name smitten from all of history. It becomes as if the man never existed.


Realm Event: A massive sandstorm covers all of Arcadia, cutting the country off from the rest of Ristell. Prayers to Zephyro apparently go unanswered, but the sandstorm abruptly ends after two weeks.


Current Year: 25058

Creation: Naerex, Nicaen, and Rhathor combine their powers, and create the Realm. Rhathor crafts the solid earth, Nicaen brings forth the deep waters, and Naerex creates the clear air.


Species Event: Naerex creates birds to soar through her skies. Seeing this, Nicaen and Rhathor create many creatures to prowl the earth and swim in the seas.


Inhabitation: Humans introduced. They struggle to survive in Xaeri’s untamed wilderness.


Species Event: Xeriin are created from the human population and the essences of various creatures, and divided into four distinct Kin-types; sky-Kin, forest-Kin, ocean-Kin, and the mysterious myth-Kin. Legend tells that the first xeriin was a white-scaled dragon myth-Kin, but most xeriin deny this.

123 to 125

War: Frequent raids between earth, ocean, and sky-Kin erupts into outright war. A number of small, fierce skirmishes take place before a truce is negotiated. Zinofl is founded, and becomes a bastion of peace.


Species Event: Saurians are created.


Realm Event: The first recorded incidence of a xeriin bonding with a young saurian takes place. The practice spreads swiftly.


Realm Event: Kerguelan is founded. Myth affinities spotted for the first time by the general populace.


Realm Event: Myth-Kin xeriin begin to grow more numerous, and spread all across Xaeri. The Realm experiences a period of great prosperity.


Realm Event: Cimmeria is founded.


Realm Event: Great fires rip across the forests; similar fires tear through Lizzarkyth.


Species Event: The Airavatian Elephant is created; the fires are stopped.

612 to 3804

Realm Event: Despite a few small-scale raids, the Realm is largely at peace, and continues to prosper. This era becomes known as the Age of Harmony.


War: The Bloodreign War spills over from Felnova. Many myth-Kin xeriin take the side of demons. Following the war’s end, the myth-Kin become pariahs, and are hunted down. Many are killed, and the rest flee into hiding.


God Event: The gods create Ereinlein as a place of refuge for the myth-Kin xeriin. Most settle there, and begin to recover from the war, and ensuing slaughter in the war’s aftermath.


Politics: Upon the turn of the century, the Silver Claw is established in Ereinlen. All myth-affinity xeriin belonging to the Claw begin a campaign to rescue their fellows outside of their protected land, as well as keep the country safe from attack.


Inhabitation: Atlanteans are created.


God Event: The gods hold a meeting, and discuss ways to better safeguard the Realm. They decide to craft powerful Spirit Weapons to serve as guardians.

God Event: The gods take the completed Spirit Weapons and spread them across the Realm. The Spirit Weapons quickly become the center of various exotic landmarks.

7189 to 7345

War: A civil war breaks out in Kerguelan over the succession. The forest-Kin and sky-Kin each favor a different candidate. The war comes to an end when the two candidates reach a mutual agreement.


Realm Event: One of the Markers is destroyed, and its Guardian slain. Portals become unstable or the next one hundred years.


Realm Event: A god-Ward of Rhathor repairs the broken Marker,and a new Marker Guardian is found.


Realm Event: The bones of the Great Serpent are first discovered after a landslide exposes them. They are believed to be the bones of an ancient god. A short-lived cult forms around worship of this supposed deity, before it disbands and its founder is declared a heretic.


Species Event: Many xeriin begin to travel to other Realms, and become a common sight off of Xaeri. A trade agreement, and eventual alliance, is formed between Jes’re’en on Millirand, and Zinofl.


Realm Event: The Great Moon Eclipse takes place, and lasts for fifteen days. It is later believed to be the work of Zacyn.

19356 to 20432

War: Sea-Kin from Cimmeria discover Ereinlein, and the myth-Kin living there. A fierce war breaks out, and lasts over one thousand years, sporadically varying in intensity. The sea-Kin show no signs of thinking of peace, even going so far as to invite other xeriin to join the in destroying the myth-Kin, and the Silver Claw sworn to protect them. The gods intervene, cloaking Ereinlein, separating and concealing the land from outsiders.

22320 to 23784

Realm Event: The Realm enters a long period of peace, that later came to be called the Thousand Year Peace

23785 to 25018

War: A series of small tribal wars break out in Zinofl and Kerguelan. These wars come to an end when emissaries arrive from Felnova, and negotiate a trade agreement and alliance.

25030 to 25036

War: The First Demon War breaks out, and spills over into Xaeri. A number of Felnovan refugees are sheltered by the xeriin.

25050 to present

War: An unknown force begins attacking the Silver Claw, as the Faction of Hope turns its eyes to Xaeri's bountiful land.

Light and Dark Realms

Current Year: Unknown

Creation: Both the Dark Realm and Light Realm are crafted by the One and the Void as non-Realms to create worlds with. At this point, both creations are nothing but empty worlds filled with chaotic energy. Nothing lives within them.


Realm Event: The chaotic energies created by the First Beings in the Light and Dark Realms combine to form the First Realm. This new Realm is taken and molded by The One.


Realm Event: The One turns his attention upon the Light and Dark Realms, and refines them, giving them more structure and stability. The first light and shadowbeasts are created, but are little more than formless spirits.


Realm Event: The Realms undergo further structuring, and stabilize to the point where they can fully support life.


Realm Event: More Realms are created using the energies of the Light and Dark Realms.


Species Event: Mori shadowbeasts and kalina lightbeasts are created. Although these light and shadowbeasts have physical bodies, the Realms themselves are still largely formless.


Realm Event: For the first time, a shadowbeast dies. The shock of this event causes severe chaos in both Light and Dark Realms.


Species Event: Olath shadowbeasts and Orthae lightbeasts are created to control the chaos. It isn’t long before the Realms have been stabilized.


Realm Event: The Light and Dark Realms become stable enough to display permanent physical landmarks, and the great Towers are created.

Spirit Realms

Current Year: Unknown

Creation: The Spirit Realms began with the beginning of time. The Fiv’ean Soulplane and its collected Realms and planes were tied to the First Realm by the Void hydra during the First Era. Initially, there was only the Spirit Realm and Hell tied to the Fiv’ean Realms, the Ghost Realm, Highrealm, Ether Realm and Spirit Realm all existing as dimensional planes within one singular Realm.


God Event: Shiranui birthed by the chaotic essences of creation. Becomes the Greater God of Souls.


Inhabitation: Souls begin to inhabit the Fiv’ean Soulplane upon their death. Estimated to be a few years after the First Realm’s creation.


Realm Event: Hell’s royal lineage is established as Spirit Kings are formed.


Inhabitation: Cerberus created by Shiranui and Hell's Spirit King as a creature to devour dark souls in Hell's depths.


Inhabitation: Spiritbeasts created by Shiranui, to serve alongside Spirit Kings.


Realm Event: First known outbreak of Faded Spirits into the Living Realms; quickly put down by Shiranui, but not before many died.


Inhabitation: Dreameaters created from a failed experiment on humans by a Spirit King.


Realm Event: It is often thought that the balance was upset some five thousand years after the birth of the Fiv’ean Realms, corrupting pieces of the original Soulplane. Shiranui allowed himself to go dormant to keep the balance. Exists in a semi-balanced state for many centuries.


Inhabitation: Souleaters created by Kairn as dark soul devourers, from twisted living dragons trapped inside Hell.


Realm Event: Darkness is said to have taken root within Lord Kairn around five thousand years from the present date.


Realm/God Event: Often called the Sundering by scholars, this is thought to have happened within the last ten thousand years some time. Shiranui sacrificed his life tear the Spirit Realm’s planes into actual Realms. Linath is born, and takes up his mantle.


Realm Event: The longest lasting Spirit King, Kairn, and original ruling royal lineage in Hell is ended. Taken over by Armageddon, a Death demon from Kurai.

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