By Tooth And Claw Dragons


This is a page for verbiage unique to BTACD; officially-accepted terminology a glossary of their varied meanings. If you have any to add to this list, please PM a staff member and we'll get to it at once!


A glossary of terms and their definitions pertaining to the BTACD worlds.


An alchemical substance created through a complex process. Essentially, Aether is reiatsu given physical form. Inert when pure, when combined with any magic, it bolsters the power of the magic in direct proportion to the amount of Aether used.

Ether/Ether Spirit::

A being that holds the balance of the Realm they are tied to; in effect, the soul that holds the spirit of their Realm. More information here.

Elixir of Life::

A legendary alchemical achievement, widely believed to be a mere myth, the Elixir of Life is claimed to be able to grant immortality. Legend has it that drinking the Elixir will likewise grant immunity from disease, and all but the most severe of injuries.

Energy Storm::

A storm of pure energy itself, usually unrelated to reiatsu. Often generated by the Void, or a Realm itself; can be almost invisible, or appear as bright white flashes with strange effects that follow.


A great storm similar to a reiatsu storm or energy storm, formed of divine energy, pure magic with a variety of different effects. Also known as a 'storm of divine chaos' by scholars, as its effects, or range, can never be judged.

Guardian Spirit::

A spiritually-bonded animal parter, often simply called a 'Guardian'. Generally larger animals, such as a lion, wolf, dragon or horse; but can be anything. Often able to sense when their charge is in danger.


A unique silver flame edged in scarlet; it burns either with or without heat, and is unique to Hell and the family lines of its Spirit Kings past and present. Has the unique quality to burn away corruption when used properly. However, if used improperly, the resulting scars will forever burn as if still aflame, and will resist all healing magic.


The elite class of many Realm warriors; generally sworn to serve a leader or set of leaders, each with their own rules and regulations.


Generally, a mass of interwoven, complex, and chaotic spells and energy that has broken from control and grown into a storm. Can have a variety of effects, and has been known to mutate and change those who come in contact with it. Often appears as a swarm of multicolored clouds, accompanied by whatever effects the storm's spells have within it.


A slab of stone covered in kv'naer runes that binds a Realm to the Void and allows for the travel of the worlds via portals. More information here.

Marker Guardian::

Not to be confused with the Guardian Spirit; any individual tasked by the gods to watch over a single Marker, and guard it from harm. Also tasked with repairing Markers when destroyed, if the Marker Guardian survives.


An ambiguous term for alchemical medicines of various types. While minor panaceas are created to cure single diseases or injuries, master alchemists can create panaceas that can cure nearly any disease or injury.


A world apart from any other; a separate dimension, bound from destruction by the Void. Learn more here and here.


One's aura; their spiritual energy. More information here.

Reiatsu Storm::

A storm of spiritual energy - a grand release of one's aura itself. Generally colored the same as the reiatsu of the individual (or multiple individuals) that casts it, appearing like a rain of colored fire. Destroys the souls of that which it touches, though physical damage to living creatures or flora is rare.

the Blue, Red, Orange, etc::

Dragons are sometimes referred to by their base color; such as 'the Gold' or 'the White' or some other such color.

the Five, the Dark Five, the Ten::

Collective names for the Greater Gods (save for Linath, who belongs to no set). The Five belong to Felnova; the Millirand Five combine with the Felnovian Five to form the Ten; and the Dark Five are the evil gods who balance them. More information located here.

Ward of the Gods/God Ward::

An individual selected and chosen by the gods for a specific task or ongoing job; unique to every god, and often sacrificed if the task was temporary. Sometimes, if a Ward is honorable enough, they're allowed to live. More information here