By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Flora of the Realms

Welcome to BTACD's flora page - here you will find all of the unique custom plantlife that populate our Realms! This list includes, but is not limited to, all manner of custom trees, flowers, grasses, and all type of plants both magical and not.

Realms-Wide Flora

These plants may be found in any and all Realms.

Boranza Leaf

Classification: poisonous flower. Rarity: rare.

The boranza leaf is actually a mountainous flower in spite of its moniker. It only grows on snowless peaks, with red to reddish violet petals, and a gently glowing stigma and stamen. Its dark green leaves are sizeable - hence its name. These leaves stay close to the ground, and are covered in a furry substance.

This plant should be approached with caution, as it secretes an extremely dangerous poison. It is utilized by alchemists and the like to create many toxins in Felnova, Evylon, and Millirand. Furthermore, there are even more deadly subspecies of different colors in Lizzarkyth and Xaeri.

Karrak Tree

Classification: carnivorous tree. Rarity: uncommon.

Twisted to adapt to its harsh environment, the Kuraian Karrak tree is a carnivorous plant which consumes those that are foolish enough to believe it is like any other tree. To assist with this, it often takes a similar form to other trees in the Realm - leafless and white-barked, with sharp, angular branches.

The Felnovian variant looks like an average oak until it is ready to consume a hapless victim, whereupon it grows a monstrous face - the teeth being made from the bark itself, and the eyes being indentations in the bark.

The Kurai version is the original Karrak Tree variant; it came about as several trees that were tainted by the magical overload of Lethias' and Neiren's otherworldly battle, and were forced to become carnivorous to survive. The Felnovian variant came centuries after, as seeds were accidentally brought cross-Realm, adapting its appearance to better fit its new home.


Classification: necromantic corpseflower. Rarity: common.

A necrobloom is something between a fungus and a flora. It blooms much like a flower with humongous petals, extending about two feet from the center of the flower in brilliant magentas, neon oranges, and hot pinks. Its bright coloring should serve as a warning - while the necrobloom itself is a decomposer, often appearing on unattended corpses and consuming all but the bones themselves and even consuming the marrow within the bones, they are often markers of potential sites for undead to rise, as they thrive in areas with necromantic energies and also emanate these same energies.

The necrobloom itself uses spiney vines which slowly grow throughout a corpse, consuming it and sucking it dry. Upon the vines sensing there is no more to consume, it unleashes a cloud of numerous, lightweight spores into the air. Breathing in enough of these spores can start a necrobloom in an individual, and cause severe illness. If someone dies from this illness, they will be host to a necrobloom. Necroblooms can be found in any Realm - so long as there are dead bodies to infest, they can blossom.

Necrobloom spores can be alchemized into various chemicals - some of which act as decay-inducing toxins, others which are used as alchemical concoctions to induce states which allows the consumer to see ghosts and spirits of the dead.


Classification: life-eating plant. Rarity: uncommon.

A large, broad-leafed plant with velvety leaves and silver, white-green colors. It takes root in lush areas and has small white flowers that emanate a poisonous vapor that makes those around it become drowsy and sleepy. The spiritstealer draws from a unique source of energy - it taps into the energy directly from other living beings, both sentient and non. As a result, other plants do not grow near it as any that attempt to do so will quickly die.

The spiritstealer is theorized to have originated in the Shadowrealm and been loosed upon the Realms by accident, similar to the Karrak. It is known to inhabit areas close to swamplands, rivers, as well as southern scrubland in Felnova. In addition, it can be located in the Dark Realm and the demonic Realm of Kurai. The spirit-siphoning properties and poisonous fumes are harvested by alchemics and poisoncrafters Realms-wide.

Evylonian Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Evylon.


Classification: reiatsu-absorbing flower. Rarity: rare.

A crystalline rose which only blooms in reiatsu rich environments. Often, where one finds a prismpetals, they’ve found an area prone to magestorms, energy storms, and reiatsu storms - so they are omens of both good fortune and bad fortune alike. These flowers house a tremendous amount of raw reiatsu, often matching the type of energy they consume:

Red petals with flared, frayed edges || fire
Translucent petals with sharp edges || ice
Blue petals with curved, smooth edges || water
Violet petals with jagged edges || lightning
Large yellow petals with frayed edges || earth
Green petals with curved, smooth edges || wind
Pitch black petals with frayed, wilting edges || dark
Creamy offwhite petals with curved, smoothed edges || light
Vibrant neon-pink petals with jagged edges || raw energy reiatsu, such as with Aura elementals
Brown, wilted, but still firm and strong petals || necromantic reiatsu
Red/Silver petals with flared, frayed edges || hellfire reiatsu
Red/Black petals with flared, frayed edges || Terravyrn Flare - extremely rare
Rainbow-hued petals with ethereal edges || a mixture of energy, unknown - very rare

By examining the exact combination of petals from prismpetals in the area, one can quickly note the most powerful type of energy or reiatsu in the surrounding area. Consuming these flowers can have a variety of effects, depending on the specific interaction with the individual as well as amount of reiatsu stored in the petals. Often, they can be used to rejuvenate reiatsu pools, but an overdose can cause insanity, madness, or outright destroy a person if a prismpetal is rich enough. If an elemental should consume a prismpetal of an element other than its own, this can create sickness and even death in the elemental.

They are a common ingredient for potions for mages, often utilized in restorative or trance-inducing potions to heighten their abilities. Furthermore, prismpetals can be used in certain theriacs to induce states prone to hallucination.

Tr'nertha Tree

Classification: magical weeping tree. Rarity: uncommon.

The tr’nertha tree is rather similar to cherry blossom trees, with a multitude of bright-petaled, small flowers instead of the green leaves that cover most Evylonian trees. They were created by elves from wreathing weeping willow tree seeds in elven magic, and cultivating their growth over many years. Gardening these trees is known to be a great challenge, as they require constant upkeep to maintain their perfect flowers year-round; wild variants eventually stop producing colored flowers entirely, instead growing colorless, fragile petals.

Most tr'nertha trees grow in shades of pink, magenta, red and maroon; however, other color variants may be found in carefully controlled environments. Silver, gold, blue, orange, and purple have all been recorded.

Cultivated tr'nertha trees only grow in Heartwoodian gardens in multiple places within the city, and in other elven settlements or by individuals. Wild tr'nertha can be found in various Evylonian forests, some tended to by elven rangers or fauns, others on their own, marked by their lack of any distinct color.


Classification: plant that's toxic to werecreatures. Rarity: uncommon.

Wolfsbane is a plant native to Evylon, and can often be found in the gardens of elves for its beauty. It is a traditionally medium-sized plant with multiple,hooded flowers per stem, with brightly-glowing red stigma and stamen that emit a red smoke. Its leaves are a deep, dark green, slender and sharp, and the flower colors range from bright pinks and purples to sultry blues and teals.

It is well-known for its anaphylactic effect on lycanthrope creatures. From werewolves to weredragons, wolfsbane causes rapid swelling, asphyxiation, and ultimately death to all lycanthrope creatures. It is mostly known for being poisonous to werewolves, as its effects were first discovered on the aforementioned species. These plants are often utilized for creating specific toxins to coat ammunition and weapons, specifically tailored for hunting such individuals.

Other shifters have been known to have similar, but less intense, allergic reactions to wolfsbane; though they won't often die, it causes trouble breathing, swelling of the throat and mouth, and fits of coughing. Wolfsbane leaves also carry a toxin that can produce potent poisons for all species - though fatal only to werecreatures of any type.

Felnovian Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Felnova.


Classification: wolf-connected grass. Rarity: uncommon.

A beautiful, shimmering plant that reacts directly to the moon and grows almost specifically in the Myrlands of Felnova. At first glance, they appear to be large, silver stalks of grass - but under the light of any moon, they glow with a bright luminescence. If one is broken open, the insides shimmer brightly, and smell strongly of hot metal.

The argentyf is a technically edible plant which gives wolf familiars the ability to experiences memories of past incarnations, and even assume its former form for a brief period of time. However, this does not come without side effects - the argentyf can induce insanity, a traumatic shock, or even wounding the soul of the familiar which consumed this powerful plant.


Classification: hellfire-based medicinal plant. Rarity: rare.

The soulriven is a rare plant only seen in Icemark during the wintertime. This is due to its frail, temperature-sensitive physiology, as it dies in the heat, especially during the summer season. It is a medicinal herb which heals most injuries; its origins as a medicinal plant come long before Icemark was founded. Upon the breaking of the stem, a silver flame with red edges - oddly thought to be hellfire - flares up for approximately two seconds, before the plant and flame die shortly thereafter.

The plant itself has flat-growing green leaves with a large, silver flower - the tips having bits of red at the edges, matching that of the flame. These petals converge in a black center.

Though its origins are mysterious, local legend claims that the seeds were originally spun from the hellfire of a Spirit King, and sown in the eversnows of the distant north. Why has never been known - but the people of Icemark hold it as one of their most cherished plants.

Kuraian Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Kurai.


Classification: carnivorous flower. Rarity: common.

Darklilies are a beautiful, but carnivorous flower native to Kurai; its leaves and stem are shades of glistening white and silver, white the petals are shades of red and black. Its sap is a natural anesthetic which numbs those that walk through patches of them, their razor sharp, crimson thorns shredding their flesh and hide asunder without alerting the victim. Many animals and demons have died from the resulting blood loss, and ended up as fodder for this diabolically designed plant.

The sap is often used by herbologists and alchemists for its anesthetic properties. Rarely, this plant may be grown in gardens outside of Kurai, but it must be kept out of the sun - else it will die.

Ketsueki Fruit Tree

Classification: fruit-bearing Kuraian tree. Rarity: uncommon.

A Kuraian tree able to produce a variety of fruit, differing greatly from one another depending on what type of fruit it bears. However, all ketsueki trees do not have leaves, and have bark that ranges from bright white to dull silver in color, often stained with the 'blood' from their fruit. War demons have a particular fondness for the fruits, claiming them to be sweet in taste while other species claim such fruit to often taste horribly bitter and tangy. However, it should be noted that War demons must partake in true blood or Kuraian bloodwater despite the similarities in the fruit - a ketsueki's fruit alone cannot provide enough to block the curse.

It is very difficult to grow a personal orchard of these trees given what they need to grow, and what they need for the best taste. It's believed that when it first sprouts, a watering of fresh blood two to three times a week will give the farmer best results. After a few weeks, they will only need 'watering' twice a month. A proper adult tree that bears fruit will only need fresh blood a few months prior to bearing fruit, which is different for each tree.

It's impossible to tell what fruit a seed will grow to bear. There's a communal orchard of these trees called the Blood Forest for War demons to harvest both fruit and seeds, after an offer of any excess blood from recent kills. Many types of fruits have been documented: fruits from apples to peaches to mangoes have been noted, or even citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. The fruits are distinguishable by their thick red colors, and tendency to "bleed" when left overripe on a branch for too long.

Lizzarkythian Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Lizzarkyth.

None discovered at this time!

Millirandian Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Millirand.

Lue Flower

Classification: celestial moon flower. Rarity: very rare.

A very small and slender-stalked plant with few leaves and a single flower per stalk. The lue flower is an extremely rare and valuable plant which only blooms once every few years. As it blooms, it glows, the flowers opening upon the minute of midnight - and only this once, for soon after, it dies.

It is known for granting power to Lunar and Cosmic dragons - upon being consumed by them, it gives knowledge and insight, allowing for divination into the past, present, and future. Conversely, it is poisonous to Solar dragons and avoided by Celestial ones.

Noctisian Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Noctis.

None discovered at this time!

Ristellan Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Ristell.

Ake Ra

Classification: magical, glowing mushroom. Rarity: common.

The Ake Ra is a tall mushroom with a slender stalk and bulbous cap, most often colored various shades of blue or purple, that grows in dark, damp spots within Ristell's vast Underground. Ake Ra mushrooms are commonly known as glowshrooms, so named for the soft aura of light that shines from them with enough light to illuminate their immediate surroundings, particularly when their are several shrooms growing close together.

This aura is magical in nature, and can regenerate the energy reserves of anybody who rests nearby. The glowshroom can also be harvested for consumption, which likewise grants greater boost of energy. Consuming too large an amount can leave one feeling light-headed from mild energy overload.

Xaerin Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Xaeri.

Boombark Tree

Classification: explosive tree. Rarity: uncommon.

Boombark trees - affectionately called 'boombarks' by the natives - are tall trees with trunks covered with sharp spikes. They require a significant amount of water, and can be found around lush forest areas, swamps, lakes, and rivers. Their sap is poisonous, and the fumes they release when they don't get enough water can be deadly.

Their most distinctive feature is their fruit, which are generally shaped like small pumpkins. When the fruit matures, it dries out into a seed pod that eventually explodes violently, sending the seeds flying at high speeds like shrapnel. Anyone caught near an exploding seed-pod risks serious injury or death.

Likewise, boombark trees may begin to dry and wither quickly if not provuded with enough water; their sharp thorns begin to release fumes, and they may suddenly, violently crack apart with a resounding 'boom', hence their name. Thusly, local xeriin tribes often make sure any boombarks near their tribes are watered well, lest they become dangerous to any passerby.

Light and Dark Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Light and Dark.


Classification: memory-connected, glowing flower. Rarity: uncommon.

Known as the brightflower, this unique and rare flower can be found throughout the Light Realm low-growing across the ground. These small flowers appear most like morning glories, save for their glowing nature and golden color. This flower is known for its ability to make someone see their happiest memory when consumed; but should to much of the flower be consumed, it can trap someone in their happiest memory for the rest of their life. The petals of the flower can be used to create a variety of potions depending on what is desired. It can be used to ease someone’s pain or made into a mind-locking poison.

Spiritual Flora

These plants may only be found in the Realm of Souls.

None discovered at this time!