World of Evylon
Anquil Driakkion Halgia Shiv'rann'aeli

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Realm of Beauty

Evylon, Realm of Wonders, is a realm of great mystique, and wild power. Magestorms ravage much of the surface, rendering many places uninhabitable, and over time, causing changes in the people of Evylon themselves. It is a dangerous, wild Realm, but no less wondrous for that.

Wild. Unpredictable. Untamed. Untameable. Evylon is all these things and more. Reiatsu flows rampant across the Realm, and fierce magestorms render many areas completely uninhabitable. An abundance of magic, surpassing even that of Felnova, blankets Evylon's entire surface.

Common Knowledge

Here is a listing of factions, native species, fauna and flora that can commonly be found in this Realm. Keep in mind, however, that these are not the only things that may be found within Evylon; different groups may travel, many species can be found abroad, and flora/fauna can be transferred with ease.

Mage Order
Elf Evylonian Deer Faerie Faun Halfling Halgian Kitsune Ogre Phoenix
Common Fauna Common Flora

Realm Connections

These Markers are hidden throughout the Realms; each one is appointed a guardian by the gods, or that Realm's Ether. There are four usually spread in a variety of hard-to-find places, protected with both the guardian's power and any spells he or she may have placed upon the sacred place their Marker resides in.

Evylon's Markers, responsible for the Realm's connection to the Void, and to its balance, Xaeri, stand in remote locations, protected by powerful Guardians and spellcraft.

Evylon Marker Locations ::
Marker 1
Guardian: Zeforas; an ancient war-golem with the power of light.
Location: Beneath the Glorria Mountains, far deeper than any mortal has yet gone. Unknown to those that dwell above, and sealed from any contact.
Marker 2
Guardian: Fate; guardian dragon of Time's great power.
Location: Hidden in one of the deep tunnels forging through the mountains, accessed through Fate's Cavern**.
Marker 3
Guardian: Rhys; an earth elemental.
Location: Inside the Tree of Memories, inside Heartwood Forest. So deep within the tree's trunk, it's grown to be sucked down into the ground, surrounded by the tree's strong roots.
Marker 4
Guardian: Akkrino; a small, ethereal water dragon.
Location: At the source of a small spring, surrounded by crystals and water. Just northeast of Driakkion, lit by the rising sun each day.

* Once protected by Fate himself; has a variety of traps and spells to protect it. The trial to this Marker is split into five different booby traps, each one based on the Five. The traps are as follows:

  1. Test of knowledge; utilize skills to navigate an obstacle course filled with puzzles. Based around Time's love of such games.

  2. Test of creativity. Must 'build' a gateway through solid, bespelled walls before the sand runs out of an hourglass. If one fails, the entire cavern section collapses and kills whomever lay trapped inside. Based around Leartes' judgement.

  3. Test of quick wit. Must answer several, quite random, riddles to pass; failure to answer two seals the section completely, sucks away air, and steals life. Based around Balion's love of riddles.

  4. Test of skill. Must fight a stone dragon and destroy it before it comes alive; the stone - and its movements - become more and more realistic until it is indeed a living, breathing creature. Based on none other than Lyfe's name.

  5. Test of faith. One must find the winding, invisible path across a bottomless chasm, while battling currents of strong wind. The doorway to the other side is spelled not to let one through who is able to fly or climb over; the wind grows so strong as to tear the victim away and smash them up against the stone. Based on Scylla's faith, and her unerring ability over the weather.

Space and Stars

Evylon Constellations click on the link above to learn about this Realm's constellations!

Evylon is a Realm who’s starry sky is often considered one of the most beautiful to behold, glittering in a plethora of colors, including several constellations. Its Realm stars are said to have been tainted by the chaotic mage storms, as their echoing power radiates off into space.

Both the sun, called Sol, and the moon, called Lue, are sacred to many species in this Realm for their beautiful light; Sol is a color a shade whiter than Felnova’s sun, and Lue is a silvery white-blue that gives off great light. Lue’s phases are unlike any other Realm’s, and cannot be charted or predicted. Thus, the oceans of Evylon are often very treacherous, and chaotic to attempt to navigate.

Evylon’s space is filled with energy enough to empower a vast majority of Cosmic and Celestial dragons, and the Realm’s atmosphere is very thick and powerful. The Veil, likewise, is also very thick, and is presumed to be one factor behind the Realm’s odd passage of time. Energy that escapes off of the surface of the world into the space of the Sphere is trapped inside of it, and is known to emit a strange, greenish-blue glow.

Local Plantlife

Heartwood is a lush, beautiful forest, filled with mighty oak and maple trees. Pines and firs are common sights in the northern regions. Birch trees can be found further south. Myriad flowers and herbs can be found within the forests, and in privately kept gardens.

commonly found;; Oak and maple trees are extremely common, and firs, pines, and birch nearly as much.
rarely found;; Tropical plants are far less common, as the tropical region of Evylon is covered by a powerful magestorm that scours much of the area clear of life.
doesn't exist;; Most plants one could find in northern climates don't exist on Evylon, due to the rampant magestorms in the northern regions.

Trade Specialties

Many exotic goods come from Evylon. From Heartwood comes hides, bones, timber, and herbs taken from the great forest. From Anquil come rare and wondrous pelts and similar trophies, claimed from the ferocious beasts living in that remote country. From the Halgian Empire come fine weapons and armor crafted from divine metal, finely woven clothing, and various potions infused with light magic. From Driakkion come shed scales, enchanted gemstones, and anything of worth taken from those foolish enough to enter Driakkion uninvited.


The currency of the Allied Realms is called the jaden. They come in four denominations: the bronze coin, the silver coin, the gold coin, and the platinum coin.

GOLD: 50j

The conversion rate for jaden to USD is 1 jaden = 20 cents.

Average prices for common objects are listed below:

Loaf of bread; 20 jaden.
Sack of potatos; 50 jaden.
Carrot; 80 jaden.
A pig;; 230 jaden.
A chicken; 60 jaden.
Horse; 5000 jaden.
Average-quality sword; 2000 jaden.
Wooden shield; 400 jaden.
Steel plate armor; 1900 jaden.
Building block; 70 jaden per ton.
Wooden log; 60 jaden.
Average rent; 200 jaden per month.

The average amount of pay for a small job (guards, on-contract builders, shoemakers, etc) is 600 to 1000 per month plus whatever other jobs they may take (bread-making, masonry, something not on a salary) which is paid for per-job and varies greatly.


Evylon's gods faded, and became one with the Realm itself, many thousands of years ago. As a result, many of Evylon's residents have taken to worshiping Daama, the Ether Spirit of Evylon. This worship is especially prevalent in the Halgian Empire.


Heartwood is considered to be the foremost country in Evylon, but they hold little influence over the Halgian Empire and Driakkion. Anquil is generally left to its own devices, under the watchful eyes of the Ansar. However, the Halgian Empire and Driakkion both have treaties with Heartwood, and generally accept Heartwoodian mediation of any disputes they might have. Furthermore, both countries have agreed to answer should the Steward of Heartwood call upon their aid in war.


Evylon's military is a force to be reckoned with. Heartwood's army is a powerful mix of rangers, horsemen, and warriors trained from a young age in the arts of war. The Halgians are renowned for their dragon and gryphon riders, a powerful force of aerial knights supported by stalwart professional infantry and powerful mages. And the sight of flights of dragons taking wing above Driakkion is a terrible, awe-inspiring sight.