By Tooth And Claw Dragons
World of Evylon
Anquil Driakkion Halgia Shiv'rann'aeli

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Realm of Wonders

Evylon, Realm of Wonders, is a realm of great mystique, and wild power. Magestorms ravage much of the surface, rendering many places uninhabitable, and over time, causing changes in the people of Evylon themselves. It is a dangerous, wild Realm, but no less wondrous for that.

Wild. Unpredictable. Untamed. Untameable. Evylon is all these things and more. Reiatsu flows rampant across the Realm, and fierce magestorms render many areas completely uninhabitable. An abundance of magic, surpassing even that of Felnova, blankets Evylon's entire surface.

Common Knowledge

Here is a listing of factions, native species, fauna and flora that can commonly be found in this Realm. Keep in mind, however, that these are not the only things that may be found within Evylon; different groups may travel, many species can be found abroad, and flora/fauna can be transferred with ease.

Mage Order
Elf Evylonian Deer Faerie Faun Halfling Halgian Kitsune Ogre Phoenix
Common Fauna Common Flora
Realm Connections

These Markers are hidden throughout the Realms; each one is appointed a guardian by the gods, or that Realm's Ether. There are four usually spread in a variety of hard-to-find places, protected with both the guardian's power and any spells he or she may have placed upon the sacred place their Marker resides in.

Evylon's Markers, responsible for the Realm's connection to the Void, and to its balance, Xaeri, stand in remote locations, protected by powerful Guardians and spellcraft.

Evylon Marker Locations ::
Marker 1
Guardian: Zeforas; an ancient war-golem with the power of light.
Location: Beneath the Glorria Mountains, far deeper than any mortal has yet gone. Unknown to those that dwell above, and sealed from any contact.
Marker 2
Guardian: Fate; guardian dragon of Time's great power.
Location: Hidden in one of the deep tunnels forging through the mountains, accessed through Fate's Cavern**.
Marker 3
Guardian: Rhys; an earth elemental.
Location: Inside the Tree of Memories, inside Heartwood Forest. So deep within the tree's trunk, it's grown to be sucked down into the ground, surrounded by the tree's strong roots.
Marker 4
Guardian: Akkrino; a small, ethereal water dragon.
Location: At the source of a small spring, surrounded by crystals and water. Just northeast of Driakkion, lit by the rising sun each day.

* Once protected by Fate himself; has a variety of traps and spells to protect it. The trial to this Marker is split into five different booby traps, each one based on the Five. The traps are as follows:

  1. Test of knowledge; utilize skills to navigate an obstacle course filled with puzzles. Based around Time's love of such games.

  2. Test of creativity. Must 'build' a gateway through solid, bespelled walls before the sand runs out of an hourglass. If one fails, the entire cavern section collapses and kills whomever lay trapped inside. Based around Leartes' judgement.

  3. Test of quick wit. Must answer several, quite random, riddles to pass; failure to answer two seals the section completely, sucks away air, and steals life. Based around Balion's love of riddles.

  4. Test of skill. Must fight a stone dragon and destroy it before it comes alive; the stone - and its movements - become more and more realistic until it is indeed a living, breathing creature. Based on none other than Lyfe's name.

  5. Test of faith. One must find the winding, invisible path across a bottomless chasm, while battling currents of strong wind. The doorway to the other side is spelled not to let one through who is able to fly or climb over; the wind grows so strong as to tear the victim away and smash them up against the stone. Based on Scylla's faith, and her unerring ability over the weather.

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Space and Stars

Evylon Constellations click on the link above to learn about this Realm's constellations!

Evylon is a Realm who’s starry sky is often considered one of the most beautiful to behold, glittering in a plethora of colors, including several constellations. Its Realm stars are said to have been tainted by the chaotic mage storms, as their echoing power radiates off into space.

Both the sun, called Sol, and the moon, called Lue, are sacred to many species in this Realm for their beautiful light; Sol is a color a shade whiter than Felnova’s sun, and Lue is a silvery white-blue that gives off great light. Lue’s phases are unlike any other Realm’s, and cannot be charted or predicted. Thus, the oceans of Evylon are often very treacherous, and chaotic to attempt to navigate.

Evylon’s space is filled with energy enough to empower a vast majority of Cosmic and Celestial dragons, and the Realm’s atmosphere is very thick and powerful. The Veil, likewise, is also very thick, and is presumed to be one factor behind the Realm’s odd passage of time. Energy that escapes off of the surface of the world into the space of the Sphere is trapped inside of it, and is known to emit a strange, greenish-blue glow.

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1. Fyr'krae time. 2. Altum Turrii time. 3. Arx Adamar time. 4. Itu'klati time. 5. Heartwood time. 6. Glory time. 7. Birdsong time. 8. Fiton time.

This Realm's day/night cycle is split into eight distinct timezones, named for a notable city or landmark in that zone to differentiate from others in common speech. These timezones are split into eight sections due to time of day to avoid using numbered hours. They are as follows: dawn, midmorning, noon, afternoon, dusk, night, midnight, and predawn. Read more about the timezones on the time page and the current conditions thread.

While most Realms can track time based off of movements of suns and moons both, Evylon's moon Lue is far too chaotic. Therefore, the people of Evylon base the passage of time on Sol's journey across the sky. Due to Lue's erratic behavior, moonrise and set can take place before, during, or after sunrise and sunset. Thus, some mornings grow light sooner than others, and some days linger for longer when Lue shines bright.

This Realm has no lesser gods, and thus, the day/night cycle and the position of the celestial bodies can only be tweaked by the Greater Gods.

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Local Plantlife

Heartwood is a lush, beautiful forest, filled with mighty oak and maple trees. Pines and firs are common sights in the northern regions. Birch trees can be found further south. Myriad flowers and herbs can be found within the forests, and in privately kept gardens.

commonly found;; Oak and maple trees are extremely common, and firs, pines, and birch nearly as much.
rarely found;; Tropical plants are far less common, as the tropical region of Evylon is covered by a powerful magestorm that scours much of the area clear of life.
doesn't exist;; Most plants one could find in northern climates don't exist on Evylon, due to the rampant magestorms in the northern regions.

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Trade Specialties

Many exotic goods come from Evylon. From Heartwood comes hides, bones, timber, and herbs taken from the great forest. From Anquil come rare and wondrous pelts and similar trophies, claimed from the ferocious beasts living in that remote country. From the Halgian Empire come fine weapons and armor crafted from divine metal, finely woven clothing, and various potions infused with light magic. From Driakkion come shed scales, enchanted gemstones, and anything of worth taken from those foolish enough to enter Driakkion uninvited.

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The currency of the Allied Realms is called the jaden. They come in four denominations: the bronze coin, the silver coin, the gold coin, and the platinum coin. Each coin has a name, and these names have been shortened over time from their original labels; aelu was once aeslue, argel was once argentlue, aurle was once aurumlue, and ailu was once aithlu. These are known to have been crafted from the name of the coin's metal and the elven word for 'moon'.


The conversion rate for jaden to USD is 1 jaden = 20 cents.

Average prices for common objects are listed below:

Loaf of bread; 20 jaden.
Sack of potatos; 50 jaden.
Carrot; 80 jaden.
A pig;; 230 jaden.
A chicken; 60 jaden.
Horse; 5000 jaden.
Average-quality sword; 2000 jaden.
Wooden shield; 400 jaden.
Steel plate armor; 1900 jaden.
Building block; 70 jaden per ton.
Wooden log; 60 jaden.
Average rent; 200 jaden per month.

The average amount of pay for a small job (guards, on-contract builders, shoemakers, etc) is 600 to 1000 per month plus whatever other jobs they may take (bread-making, masonry, something not on a salary) which is paid for per-job and varies greatly.

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Accents and Dialects

Those who speak Common in this Realm often have location-based, regional accents. For ease of understanding, these accent names will be very loose, and will be referred to by their Earthrealm names! However, many of these accents may have Realm-based or the name of their region to refer to in-universe. Please do not use the Earthrealm language names ICly. Thanks!

The Realm of Evylon is largely populated by elves and other humanoids, and most of their regional accents reflect ancient elven dialects that persist to this day. Most consider the Evylonian accents to be the most pleasing to the ear, and some refer to the Elven language and its influence over Evylon as the 'romantic' way of speaking. Their accents are closest to Earthrealm French, Spanish, Italian, and similar languages found.

Beginning with the largest country, Shi'vrann'aeli has the most varied of the accents found, and the most influence by other Realms; however, most of the races - led by the elves - hold true to their romantic accents. Earthrealm-French is the most common of the Evylonian accents, while Millirandian trends have become a common occurrence in larger cities with the most immigrants.

The Empire of Halgia holds a somewhat archaic version of the romantic accents, one that is especially apparent when speaking their own language. While this accent is still considered Evylonian in nature, it is distinct enough to be different and currently has no Earthrealm equivalents.

Driakkion is a population comprised of dragons and very few others; thus, much of its citizenry is fluent in Draconic, where accents are somewhat difficult to determine. However, when these drakes speak Common, their accents are generally quite distinct. Evylonian Golds and Silvers have the strongest accents, while Reds and Blacks tend to have the least noticeable inflections upon their words. Driakkion's accents are most similar to old Earthrealm Spanish.

Anquil has no known accent commonality, regional or otherwise.

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The gods of Evylon have long since faded, having merged with the Realm when Evylon was still young, their names long lost to history. Since then, many have taken to worshiping Daama, Evylon's Ether Spirit, though the exact extent and nature of this worship varies greatly among the Realm's inhabitants. Others have adopted much smaller religions, or dedicated themselves to faiths not unique to Evylon; details may be found below.


Worshipful Races: elves, some humans. Primarily Worshiped In: Shi'vrann'aeli.

The elves of Heartwood, and most other inhabitants of Shi'vrann'aeli, believe Daama was blessed by the fading gods to inherit their authority upon their disappearance. There is no official doctrine concerning her exact nature, and whether she is truly a deity, or more akin to an exalted regent bearing a divine mandate, is a matter of idle debate among scholars.

To the common citizen, Daama is seen as something akin to a goddess, even if the term is not directly used. Prayers made to Daama for guidance or blessings are common, as is her name in blessings, oaths, and rituals of many kinds. To the high elves in Evylon, C'larae is the ruling faith.

Kingpriest: Ruling Lord of the C'larae church, and leader of that religion. Seen as the caretaker of spiritual balance, the kingpriest oversees the church's major functions and directs religious leaders, guiding them in Daama's light.

Saints: Elves possessed of great holiness, those who have dedicated their lives in service to the good of the church and those who follow it. They are thought of being beacons of perceived perfection, and thus sainthood is very rare, given only to a select few. For the most part, saints are teachers who wander the land, touching the lives of all who come in contact with them.

Priests: C'larae priests are local religious leaders; many are not rich or well known, though most are gifted with healing and light magics. These priests are are teachers over all, and the heads of small churches scattered across Evylon.


Worshipful Races: various species. Primarily Worshiped In: all across Evylon.

Etherism is a lesser religion widely used by many races in Evylon who do not fall into any other religious faction. This simple religion believes that Daama is a goddess in truth, the leader of a pantheon that does not include the true gods - but the Ethers in their stead. They hold to the belief that all Ethers are gods and goddesses to a lesser degree, and that Daama is a greater goddess. While this faith shares similarities to the Light and C'larae, it is much simpler, and has little in the way of true organization.

Priests: Preachers and caretakers of the Etherism religion; can be found in all castes, and many different races. Sometimes, these priests will own churches, but otherwise they are local leaders of the faith only.


Worshipful Races: Evylonian dragons. Primarily Worshiped In: Driakkion.

The dragons of Driakkion reject the notion that Daama is a deity of any kind, or holds any manner of divine mandate. Instead, they honor the long-faded gods, though even they have lost all knowledge of the names of the gods. Exactly how each individual dragon chooses to honor the gods is left up to them to decide, though carved images depicting the gods undertaking various activities, positioned where they may be easily seen, are quite common.

Days of thanksgiving for the lost gods - and their gift of the Realm to mortals - are held twice a year, and these dragons are known to have the most clear depictions of what the lost gods may have looked like. Rituals and holidays differ between the different Clans, though the reverence remains largely the same. This faith's name is 'Fae'n'rel Ayddn' - or 'faith in the gods' roughly translated, though is primarily called simply 'Fae'niel' (the faithful) by everyone outside of Driakkion.

Priests: Leaders of the faith; dragons with knowledge and strong faith who tell the old tales of the lost gods and inspire belief in their ancient existence, despite their disappearance. Sometimes derided for being simple storytellers, these priests seem to all have a strange connection to the Realm be it Realmfire, the Sight, or even an uncanny ability to feel the balance of the world.

The Light

Worshipful Races: Halgians. Primarily Worshiped In: Halgia.

The Halgian Empire holds the official position that Daama is truly divine, having claimed the divine mandate from the gods as they faded, though with their blessing. They consider any dissenting opinions to be heresy, and tend to deal harshly with any such dissenters. While few reach truly fanatical levels of worship, many are rather zealous in their devotion. As they call their religion the Light, they believe light itself is a version of Daama's power, and thus consider it a form of her grace.

Perhaps one of the broadest and most intricate religions in all the Realms, the Light holds sway over much of Halgian life. In addition to believing Daama holds the divine mandate and is Evylon's ruling goddess, they also teach that those with darkness in their hearts cannot be saved and must be eradicated from the world. This includes any species that may be considered dark, no matter what their intentions may be.

Halgians learn from an early age that prayer is a huge part of their lives. They believe that, through such faith, Daama's blessings will fall upon them; therefore, Halgians hold mass twice daily, at the rising and setting of the sun. The sun is a pivotal part of their lives in any Realm, and they will direct their faces to its light when reciting a prayer, seeking guidance, or anything else related to their faith.

When at all possible, Halgians avoid making important decisions at night, and when they must, they make special preparations first. Such things vary from household to household, but often include some kind of purification ritual and asking Daama for forgiveness in the dark of night. Realms with long nights - or no sun, such as in Kurai - unnerve most Halgians, who consider it unnatural.

Hymns to the Light and Daama are common expressions of faith, as are other important rituals and services such as confessions, weddings, and the ritual burning of sacrificial items in Daama's name. However, lives are never sacrificed - save for those dark species and criminals eradicated in the name of the holiness of the Empire itself.

Kingpriest: Absolute ruler of the Church of Light. Is thought to be blessed and chosen of Daama, her will made manifest within the mortal Realms. Second in power only to the Empress or Emperor, he rules the spiritual lives of all who claim this faith, and makes sure that the Light is held highest in all Halgian lives. Also known as the Grand Hierophant.

Speaker of the Light: Thought to be the mouthpiece of Daama, though is more the mouthpiece for the Kingpriest; speaks Daama's word throughout the Empire. Also known as the Oracle of Daama.

Bishops: Nobles of the church, often leaders of the faith in the court of the Empress or Emperor. Possessed of the Sight and great magical power, though none are clerics as other bishops in other religions may be.

Saints: Individuals possessed of great holiness, those who have dedicated their lives in service to the good of the church and those who follow it. They are thought of being beacons of perceived perfection, and thus sainthood is very rare, given only to a select few. For the most part, saints are teachers who wander the land, touching the lives of all who come in contact with them.

Priests: Halgian priests of the Light are local religious leaders; many are not rich or well known, though most are gifted with healing and light magics. These priests are are teachers over all, and the heads of small churches scattered across Halgia.

Inquisitors: Led by the Valkyries, inquisitors are protectors of the Light and warriors of their faith. They hunt down and do away with disbelievers, either through reeducation or execution. They also protect the Light by hunting down and eradicating those they see as dark; this includes dark races, and those that openly accept such races, like their Fallen cousins.

Monks/Nuns: Scholars of the faith. They often live in abbeys or monasteries, and are the practitioners of academic study of the Light.

The Eventide

Worshipful Races: Fallen Halgians. Primarily Worshiped In: Halgia.

The Fallen of Umbra revere Daama despite having been driven out of the Halgian Empire, and have taken to honoring her brother Vladimir with equal devotion. They tend towards the belief that Daama holds a divine mandate, and together with her brother, represents a holy duality between the light and the dark.

Where the Halgians' Light reveres the sun, Eventide reveres both, but holds the moon as its sacred symbol. While they aren't as strict on when mass is held, or when rituals are accomplished, all Fallen tend to take a moment to pray to both Daama and Vladimir before they take their rest. They do very little on nights of the new moon, or during solar eclipses, seeing them as foul omens - otherwise, they are much less strict than their cousins. These nights and days are seen as periods of introspection, self-reflection and the betterment of one's soul.

Their acceptance of dark creatures who are not malicious has made them the target of the Halgian inquisitors, and has brought forth the need for their own counter-force to protect what they believe in. These inquisitors are both soldiers and priests, serving the Highlord and the Speaker of Balance directly, while protecting the Fallen from Valkyrie hunts. Many inquisitors serve as soldiers or dragonriders in the defense of their people directly, and may become cherished paladins fighting for the good of all.

Speaker of Balance: Leader of the Eventide, and organizer of the faith. Often a Seer, and one who offers guidance for those beneath him or her. While the Speaker does not claim to speak with Daama's or Vladimir's voices, he or she will look for signs from the Ethers or to talk to them directly - though this is very rare.

Saints: Individuals possessed of great holiness, those who have dedicated their lives in service to the good of the church and those who follow it. They are thought of being beacons of perceived perfection, and thus sainthood is very rare, given only to a select few. For the most part, saints are teachers who wander the land, touching the lives of all who come in contact with them.

Priests: Fallen priests of the Eventide are local religious leaders; many are not rich or well known, though most are gifted with healing and light magics. These priests are teachers over all, and the heads of small churches wherever the Fallen may have sanctuary cities.

Inquisitors: Soldier-priests and protectors of the faith. They are able to counter Halgia's inquisitors directly, though serve a dual-purpose - to protect their church, and defend their race. Many become dragonriders, bonding with Heartwoodian Blacks as others often do.

Zhaei'va; Cult of Salvation

Worshipful Races: various species. Primarily Worshiped In: Anquil.

On Anquil, a twisted cult has sprung up around the Statue of the Corrupted God. Originally pilgrims coming to the statue to seek relief from the horrible mutations twisting their bodies, their descendants slowly began to embrace their afflictions as the statue was corrupted. Now, some of the more crazed members of the cult will throw themselves into the statue's deadly presence, and anybody unfortunate to be captured by the cult often suffer the same fate, to be killed by its warping power, or horrifically twisted and driven mad.

Dark Priests: Preachers of the dark faith, and wanderers who teach and corrupt all they can to the Cult of Salvation. Priests of Zhaei'va are not bound to any one god in their faith, but are easily manipulated by the Dark Five, and may find themselves as corrupted clerics prone to madness before their untimely ends.

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Evylon is a chaotic Realm with four large land masses, and three distinct countries. The fourth is called a nation only in name, and is often not recognized by most true scholars. Of these, Shi'vrann'aeli is considered to be the foremost nation - with the greatest population - but holds little influence over the affairs of the Halgian Empire as well as Driakkon, though both have treaties with Shi'vrann'aeli, and generally accepts their guidance in mediating any disputes they might have. Furthermore, both countries have agreed to heed Shi'vrann'aeli's call should the King or Queen call upon their aid in war. Anquil generally remains isolated under the watchful eyes of the Ansar, suffering the worst of the magestorms that prevent most travel to and from its borders.

Anquil’s Politics

Current Capital: Filton. Nation: Anquil.

Cursed with the worst of the violent magestorms, Anquil is constantly engulfed in chaos, as the magestorms change, twist, and warp life into horrific abominations. Life within Anquil is ruled by the law of “survival of the strongest.” Of the native species, only the Ansar are among the light, and are considered its governing race. All others creatures have given themselves over to viciousness and opportunism as the law of the land demands.

As a result of the danger presented by both the life and land of Anquil, Anquil is mostly isolationist and many have the sense to stay away for fear of losing their life or having it warped by the freeflowing magical storms which corrupts via mere exposure. The only locale stable enough for something resembling civilization and proper governance is Lightsong Spire, from which the Ansar attempt to ensure Anquil’s survival as a nation.

Lightspire's Monarch: specifically an ansar sarka. sometimes called the Song of the Lost Gods, and oversees the governance and control of Anquil to the best of his or her abilities. often has a network of ansar throughout the continent who watch the fluctuations of its cities and their monstrous peoples.

Driakkon’s Politics

Current Capital: F'neilear Temple. Nation: Driakkon.

Home to every breed of Evylonian dragon, Driakkion is a wild land of rugged natural beauty. The Clans that make their home in and around the great, volcanic island are large, each one unique, and subclans may further divide their specific political web depending on region and individual culture. However, all Clans are led by a single monarch, settled in the city-state capital of their respective territory.

Driakkon is ruled by a confederation of city-states - each holding the seat of a Clan - and each Clan led by a patriarch or matriarch. These various patriarchs and matriarchs comprise a council which rule over the entire region. Most of the Clans are led traditionally by matriarchs, though the occasional patriarch does surface. Over all of them, the ancient Red patriarch Fyrendrang commands utmost respect.

Patriarch/Matriarch: the absolute leader of a Clan of Evylonian dragons.

Halgia’s Politics

Current Capital: Illus-Adamar. Nation: Halgian Empire.

Once a land of great beauty, the Empire of Halgia is battered by constant magestorms, and all of its cities are protected by barriers raised by enchanted Divine Dragon golems, at the behest of their Emperor or Empress. Each city is headed by a king or queen, and all answer to the reigning head of the Empire itself.

Halgia is governed through an elective theocratic monarchy. Religion and authority are one and the same, and all must serve Daama and the Light. If they do not, dissenters risk being expelled or worse, as shown by their excommunicated brethren, the Fallen. Due to its strong sense of spiritual unity, it is served well by military might, and great conviction in seeking to mercilessly punish those that serve the dark.

Emperor/Empress: the absolute leader of the Empire. an elected official, and seen as the singular head of the Halgian government. serves as both a political and military leader, and a servant of the Light.
Kings/Queens: city leaders, similarly ranked to the consuls. they lead their cities and hold governance over them and their surrounding land, but little else.
Consuls: similarly ranked to the kings/queens, though there are only three at any given time, and all three commonly reside in the capital. these three are both advisors to the Emperor or Empress, and leading lawmakers in their own right.
Senators: three appointed officials per city; two are chosen by the king or queen of a city, and one is selected by the current consuls. each city sends these three selected senators to the capital, and each city may only have three at any given time. seen as Halgia's primary legislative body, an advisory panel, and a group with the power to hold the Emperor or Empress accountable should they attempt to wrest power away from the people.
Tribunes: of similar rank to the senators; tribunes are military leaders who govern the topmost tiers of the Halgian forces, but also watch over the senators as a check and balance.

Luxumbra’s Politics

Current Capital: Umbra. Nation: Luxumbra.

Exiled, excommunicated, hunted by their former brethren, the nation of Luxumbra is an indeterminate part of the southern half of Halgia. Its capital, the city of Umbra, stands atop a rocky crag hidden within the Lost Light forest. The Fallen take care to keep their presence in the land hidden and well-protected, and thus have adopted a somewhat militaristic lifestyle for the sake of self-preservation.

The Fallen of Luxumbra are led by a Highlord, who are selected by a mix of popular acclaim, achievements, ambition, and how well they might get along with Kasarial, a large, ancient Evylonian black who takes each Highlord as her rider and granted the Fallen their initial sanctuary within the crag she calls home, upon which their capital Umbra now stands.

Highlord: absolute leader of the Fallen. counterpart to Halgia's Emperor or Empress. an elected official, though they must also be accepted by the Black Matriarch before they can assume full power. can be either male or female.
Black Matriarch: an ancient Evylonian Black who gave the Fallen their initial sanctuary, named Kasarial.
Leader of the Black Hand: an elite personal guard, spy, and advisor to the Highlord. leads and governs the Black Hand, who serves the Highlord directly. the leader of the Black Hand acts as a general in wartimes.
Wingleaders: the leader of each Wing, a group of dragons and their riders who serve as the majority of Luxumbra's military force. wingleaders answer to the leader of the Black Hand, and then their Highlord, through the chain of command. both rider and dragon hold the same rank within their Wing.

Shi’vrann’aeli Politics

Current Capital: Heartwood. Nation: Shi’vrann’aeli.

Blessed to be one of the regions within Evylon not under constant threat of ravaging via magestorm, Shi’vrann’aeli has been gifted with great beauty and diversity of creatures. Home to the Heartwoodian high elves as well as their allies, all fauna, flora, and living things within Evylon share a unique kinship with the Realm itself, and various points of power can be found in pure energy which leaks from the ground, as if the planet itself is sharing its grateful blessings with those who dwell upon it. Within the ranger-protected forests of Heartwood dwell unicorns, fauns, and gryphons along with rarer Heartwoodian Gold dragons. All are led by the King or Queen in the elven capital of Heartwood City.

Shi’vrann’aeli is the name of both the continent, and the largest nation found within it. While the kingdom of Shi’vrann’aeli can be considered the foremost country of Evylon, it has little influence over its sister nations of the Halgian Empire and Driakkon, and has allowed satellite cities and city-states belonging to other countries within its borders. Generally speaking, Shi’vrann’aeli is the mediator in any disputes between these two other nations, and both countries have agreed to answer to the King/Queen of Shi’vrann’aeli or the Steward of Heartwood if their aid is needed in a war.

King/Queen: the absolute ruler of Shi'vrann'aeli. governs the country as both a political and militaristic leader, as well as being a judge and mediator to all of his or her people.
Senechal/Steward: sometimes referred to as the chancellor. a trusted advisor who runs a variety of governmental tasks behind the scenes; only becomes the steward if the king or queen cannot rule, or is otherwise unavailable.
Chief Ranger: leader of the guardian rangers of Shi'vrann'aeli's forests. acts as not only the lead ranger, but also as a spymaster and leader of scouts within the nation.
Ambassadors: trusted officials who establish and maintain diplomatic ties with other countries.
Nobles: an assortment of nobility (including but not limited to dukes, earls, counts, viscounts, barons, etc) who have sworn loyalty to their king or queen, and govern small territories, cities, or estates. top nobility forms a council to which the king or queen may seek advice from or delegate tasks to.

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Evylon's military is a force to be reckoned with. Heartwood's army is a powerful mix of rangers, horsemen, and warriors trained from a young age in the arts of war. The Halgians are renowned for their dragon and gryphon riders, a powerful force of aerial knights supported by stalwart professional infantry and powerful mages. And the sight of flights of dragons taking wing above Driakkion is a terrible, awe-inspiring sight.

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