By Tooth And Claw Dragons
The Faerie

General Information;

Tiny, delicate creatures only standing several inches tall, faeries are split into three groups; the an'fae, inani'fae, and nain'fae, with each class explained below. Generally are a small, humanoid people with insectoid wings of many shapes and sizes. Divided into two different factions - the Seelie, and the Unseelie, respectively.


Name:: Faerie

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 9 inches.

Average Weight:: 5 ounces.

Location Found:: Primarily Felnova, Evylon, and Millirand.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.



Imps Faeries and imps have long been confused for one another, though they share no relation other than their size and wings. Imps are hotly detested by both Seelie and Unseelie courts, and are considered pests to be driven away at the first opportunity. Should a faerie be seen with an imp, that faerie may be banished from either court for a number of years. Wars are often fought between faeries and imps over territory, where little quarter is given.

The Courts The head of the Seelie Court is in the northern portion of Felnova's Song Forest; the head of the Unseelie along the border with the Exodus Desert. Though both Courts have satellites in a number of different Realms, they are most common in Felnova, with Evylon and Millirand coming a close second and third.

Diet This is what this species, and any variants, may eat at any given time.


berries, nuts, grain, edible blossoms.

insects, berries, nuts.


mushrooms, truffles.

red meat, grain.


red meat.

eggs, white meat.


While faeries are omnivorous, seelie fairies tend towards a more vegetarian diet, while unseelie fairies are more keen to hunt and kill live prey. While this is usually small rodents, they will sometimes go after birds, though this is risky given their small size. Both seelie and unseelie are prone to pilfering foodstuffs from other races, and while seelie might repay their victims in some way, unseelie faeries will often visit some other misfortune upon them. Both enjoy cooked and/or prepared meals, and feasts in either Court are not uncommon. However, most of the faerie dishes are too small for other races to enjoy, and thus are shared only with themselves.


Species info credited to Darkeh, Skye Hajime, Fyfergrund, and Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance An'fae; Seelie:: An an'fae faerie of the Seelie court is a tiny, generally lean humanoid with insectoid wings that can vary in style and design. These faeries are born as normal-looking, fey individuals with tiny wing buds, and are joined with an animal spirit at birth. As such, an an'fae will grow more and more animalistic with age, as their bonded soul grows with them. A young an'fae may have barely a touch of their animal spirit; somewhat differently shaped eyes, or the hint of antlers, claws, or scales. Very old an'fae may look like a bipedal animal of their affinity, with large, flightworthy wings. Usually, Seelie an'fae will wear lightweight, airy clothes in pale colors, and enjoy wearing flowers, small gems, and feathers.

An'fae; Unseelie:: The an'fae of the Unseelie Court are much like their Seelie brethren; however, they often appear to trend towards darker colors in hair, skin and animals, as well as the color of their eyes. They like to wear darker colors and often don light, but strong armor, varying by individual. As they enjoy terrorizing travelers who wander into their midst, many like to make themselves look as frightful as possible, despite their diminutive size.

Inani'fae; Seelie:: Very, very rarely, an an'fae will begin to lose their physical form instead of gaining animal features. Thought to be the result of magic gone wrong many years ago, these inani'fae slowly turn into ghostly, ethereal faeries who retain their humanoid appearances and gain the ability to inhabit and control inanimate objects. As such, many inani'fae will have their an'fae brethren craft things for them to move around in, including small plushies, toys, and other such things.

Inani'fae; Unseelie:: Though basically the same as the Seelie in overall appearance, these inani'fae are more prone to taking over weapons and suits of armor as their item of choice to inhabit. They are fond of possessing small trinkets along traveler's belts and whisking them away to leave them in places hard to find, and it isn't uncommon to see one as a map, a piece of jewelry, a jaden coin or other small things.

Nain'fae; Seelie:: The nain'fae are those faeries who are born without an animal spirit. They are somewhat shorter than their an'fae brethren, and can be born to an'fae parents, much like the inani'fae, as it is thought to be caused by an imbalance of magical energy within their developing souls. These faeries retain their humanoid appearance, without any animalistic features, throughout their entire lives, and are often very delicate and pale. The Seelie nain'fae like to wear much the same as the an'fae, light, airy clothing in pale colors, with flowers and small trinkets as added decoration.

Nain'fae; Unseelie:: Unlike those carefree individuals of the Seelie, the nain'fae of the Unseelie are generally ragged and unkempt, as they believe their station in life is the lowest of the low. They dress in rags and often appear gaunt and bony, with sunken eyes and grimy hair. Those that accept their place as an Unseelie nain'fae will strive to prove themselves better than the masses, and are often muscular and lean, wearing heavy armor and utilizing any weapon that they may.

Culture All faeries are split into two different Courts, led currently by Tatiana and Oberon respectively. The Seelie court is called the Court of Light, and led by its queen.

An'fae; Seelie:: The an'fae of the Seelie are a strong people, very open-minded and accepting, ready to work together with both their own species and that of many others. An an'fae that needs help has only to call out to his fellows to receive it; most would drop the task that they had been doing to render aid. In wartimes, they are strictly led and strategically minded, conserving their forces to the extreme. However, most an'fae are very prone to playing political games of power, and are not above mischief and a bit of harmless trickery to make their ascent to higher places all the more swift.

An'fae; Unseelie:: Unseelie an'fae are cunning tricksters that will do anything to get their way, and are completely against asking for assistance from anyone; even their own kind. Those weak are often abandoned and left to the dregs of society, sacrificial pawns in the games of those in power. Politics can get deadly within the Dark Court, and murder is considered commonplace among the lower tiers. They are slow to forgive and will never forget, often holding grudges for years and against whole families, or species, depending on the perceived wrong. The an'fae of the Unseelie are quick to render judgement and march to war, leaving chaos wherever they may be found.

Inani'fae; Seelie:: Mostly carefree and lighthearted individuals, many inani'fae choose odd jobs and tasks within the Seelie Court; they can be found exploring places that most others cannot, doing scout work, and running messages to and from multiple factions. A lighthearted lot, they quickly attach themselves to any order they are given, and love to help wherever they may.

Inani'fae; Unseelie:: Wicked and distrustful, the inani'fae hold a cruelty even many Unseelie an'fae may see out of place. Due to their unique nature, many inani'fae will go far above and beyond whatever task they may be given, possessing weapons and armor to inflict great harm upon an individual (or multiple individuals). Some may grow insane due to bloodlust, and must be put down by their fellows.

Nain'fae; Seelie:: Carefree and lighthearted, the nain'fae of the Seelie Court are the picture of peace. Content to let the an'fae handle matters of war, they preside over more homely matters, and enjoy cooking and cleaning, crafting things, and making jewelry. They are very playful, and fond of songs and parties that make the woods dance with lights in the middle of the night.

Nain'fae:: Unseelie:: Lowest on the Unseelie's totem pole are those nain'fae who have accepted they aren't special; the thieving murk on the Dark Court's underbelly consists primarily of nain'fae simply attempting to get by. Many develop suicidal tendencies later in life, though some will rise angrily, and demand to be treated equal. Few survive to their middling years, as they often die of starvation or infighting long beforehand.

Abilities Abilities do not usually range much between the Courts, save that their elemental tendencies may swing to either good or evil in usage. The Seelie is the Court of Light, and thus promotes the use of power for good; the Unseelie is the Court of Darkness, and often promotes the use of power for evil. Otherwise, abilities between the three different types of faerie remain the same.

An'fae:: All an'fae are joined with an animal spirit at birth. Thus, as they grow, their bodies will change over time to become more and more animalistic, each one attuned to the species of animal they've bonded with. As such, they will gain the abilities of that animal in their middling to elder years, with abilities showing up as early as pubescence. Many an'fae have strong elemental connections, and all possess the ability to fly. Most can become accomplished mages, and some are excellent with whatever (miniaturized) weapon they may choose to learn.

Inani'fae:: The inani'fae become ethereal, ghostly faeries shortly after they reach adolescence, and will remain in such a state until their souls are either eventually destroyed, or fade with age and time. They are so named for their ability to inhabit inanimate objects once they completely lose their physical forms. That being so, however, makes any inani'fae incredibly susceptible to magical attacks, reiatsu attacks, or any other means of non-physical harm.

Nain'fae:: Though much less physically powerful than the an'fae, the nain'fae are very magically adept, and are prone to using this magic whenever they can. Often, one may see a nain'fae utilizing their abilities for mundane, everyday tasks, such as enchanting a broom to sweep on its own, or take a pet beetle out on a walk. Offensive magic is rarely taught, but once mastered, can be devastating in its own right.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 1020. Realm of Origin: Evylon.

In the wake of the magestorms, as well as the ensuing Halgian crusade which would venture forth to slay the creatures twisted by its myriad furies, nature had suffered greatly. The plains, mountains, forests, and jungles desperately tried to repair themselves, but were ailing in disrepair. In the midst of this chaos, it was then that a forest which had bared the brunt of a particularly powerful magical maelstrom attempted to collect itself as best it could in order to survive.

Magic is a potent, chaotic energy. It changes everything it touches in its pure form, and the combined spell-power of magestorms is among the most powerful. The broken bodies of the animal denizens as well as that as the fading spirits of the forest joined as one in this swirling mass of energy, forming bright points of glittering light. From this union, the wispy spirits formed and became three seeds, which were then scattered across Evylon on a blessed wind.

However, the magestorms of Evylon never truly cease, and something strange occured. The seeds were split in half - each by a different phenomenon. The seed that would become the an’fae Seelie and Unseelie, was picked up by a giant bird trying to make its way through the chaos, and was split in half by its talons. The seed that would become the inani’fae was struck by a desperate Halgian arrow that missed its mark in an unnamed skirmish, and split in half similarly. Finally, the nain’fae seed was caught up in the magestorm for the longest… it was the sheer pressure of the magical intensity that split it in half.

All of the seeds were forced from Evylon, through a portal opened amid the magestorm's rages. Three halves flew to the Song Forest in Vystriana, Felnova; it was here where the Seelie variant faeries blossomed, grateful for the blessings of their new home. Three halves flew to the edge of the great Exodus Desert; they would become the Unseelie faeries, struggling to eke out an existence in the sparse flora at the desert's harsh edge.

Each set of half-seeds set up their own kingdoms, which would become the modern-day Seelie Court and Unseelie Court. Though faeries can be found far and wide, now, the heads of both Courts remain in the forests of Felnova, where the first seeds had come to rest.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.


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