Magic and the Elements

Magic in BTACD Realms and lore is a fantastic, ever-present thing; based upon the energy of the soul, it can be malleable or chaotic, depending on how it's utilized and the components found within said energy. Reiatsu is the common term for soul-energy that springs from both sentient and non sentient life. From this comes all abilities, including the eight elements described below.

Almost any ability conceivable is possible in our lore. From elemental manipulation to metal-wielding, such power is common. Also able to be utilized is that of more unique abilities, such as the reading/walking of dreams, manipulation of focused sound, and the weaving of thought and feeling. Anything is possible! If you have any questions on something that you want to do, feel free to PM a member of staff.

Energy Consumption ;

Abilities in our lore are primarily governed by one thing; though other facets can affect them, such as limitations and weaknesses, those are based on the individual and are up to you as the role-player. Energy consumption is the main limiting factor on all uses of magic, elemental and not, and is a blanket weakness across all species that we have.

The rule of consumption is that the more power is used, the more energy is consumed; if the amount of power eclipses or overtakes the energy available, the user will either be rendered unconscious or killed. Sometimes, a gifted few may tap into the core of their being and tap into the reiatsu that sustains life for extra energy, though this is incredibly rare and has an exceptionally high mortality rate.

Each individual may have a different amount of energy and differing levels of magic that they can utilize. With training and experience, usually one can harness more than a younger, untrained, inexperienced individual. Some may be born with incredible power - such as the royalbloods of dragon and demon, or those gifted with unusual abilities - but control is difficult to manage without the correct guidance.

Healers are most often those who are caught in the trap of using more energy than they have, as well as younger mages. It's possible for anyone to do.

Specialized Classes ;

There are a few types of magic-users that don't fall into the mage-classes listed on this page. Most of these are specialized, unranked users with specific abilities, and will be explained below.

ALCHEMISTS:: A class of specific mages that can manipulate different substances to create other substances through a peculiar use of reiatsu. For instance, one can change lead into gold, or coal into diamonds. Most need the help of kv'naer-spun rune-glyphs, though a gifted few may manipulate these energies without any help at all.

DREAMSAGE:: A dreamsage may be called different things based upon what they are able to do with their ability. Most often, these sages may peer into the dreams of others and see in great clarity what others are experiencing while they sleep. Dreamwalkers may enter these dreams and become a part of them, though they may not manipulate their course. Dreamthieves, however, are able to change a dream's path and even wake someone up after entering the dream, as well as pass on clear messages that are remembered after waking.

NECROMANCERS:: Those magic-users that can raise the dead. The differing ways that can call those that have passed from the worlds of the dead make this one of the most diverse classes in any Realm. Things that can be brought back can be anything from full spirit-bonded resurrection; to rot-fleshed undead; to skeletal beings; and even simple spirits.

PSIONS:: A psion is a rare individual who may wield the powers of the mind with incredible acuity; this involves telekinesis, telepathy, psychokinesis, mental control, hypnosis, and more.

RUNEWEAVERS:: Rune-mages are a class of magic-user that has mastered the use of kv'naer runes and can carve these into various objects, attaching abilities into them based on their original intent. Considered one of the most powerful classes in existence - and also one of the hardest to master, as well as one of the rarest.

SEERS:: The most common class; those who may see visions of the future. An individual gifted with the Sight can experience these visions in a variety of ways, with older, more experienced Seers able to call upon them at will. Many have often-painful visions that come without trigger or warning, and are prone to overwhelming the user's senses and control until the vision is over.

SPIRIT-WALKERS:: Like the dreamsage, a spirit-walker may pass ordinary barriers and enter into worlds usually banned from the living's interference; though in a spirit-walker's case, they are able to break through the Veil and enter into any of the Spiritual Realms at will. Most can leave at will, as well, though it's often more difficult to break through the Veil the opposite way. It's exceptionally rare, and even more dangerous.

SUMMONERS:: The magic-users that can call upon the ether to bring an entity across the Realms are very rare. They can summon anything from spirits to monstrous creatures from other worlds, as well as soul-made animals sprung into life from their own imagination. Like the necromancer, these summoners are incredibly diverse. However, it's also a very dangerous class, as sometimes the summoned creatures may break their control and maul or kill their summoner.

Elements ;


Fire is a element of both destruction and creation. Comprised as a usually-orange, red and yellow flame, it can be summoned in a variety of ways. It's a very common breath weapon for many dragons. Weaknesses may include water, ice and earth; sub-manipulations may include heat, magma and smoke.


Water is an element of both creation and destruction. Also called the 'element of life'. Comprised of mostly liquid water, it is generally pulled from existing sources. It can be summoned from bodies of water, melting ice, moisture in the air, and - rarely - conjured from nothing but energy itself. Weaknesses may include lightning and earth; sub-manipulations may include cold, blood-magic, mist/fog, rain/weather and ice.


Air is a largely neutral element. Comprised of the manipulation of air currents and wind, it can be utilized wherever air is present. It can be used to summon tornadoes, change wind currents, deflect blows, and a variety of other things. Weaknesses may include earth, fire and darkness; sub-manipulations may involve weather magic, sound, and various forms of wavelengths.


Earth is a largely creative element. Comprised mostly of the manipulation of rocks and land, though also may include plants and much of flora. Usually conjured from existing sources and - very rarely - from existing energy. Weaknesses may include magma, lightning and water; sub-manipulations may involve flora, little fauna and metal.


Lightning is an element of destruction and, very rarely, creation. Comprised mostly of the plasmic energy found in sudden, powerful electric discharges, most often seen in thunderstorms. Usually conjured from one's energy, or summoned from existing stormclouds; most often accompanied by a loud thunderclap. Weaknesses may include darkness and earth; sub-manipulations may include weather magic, pure energy, and light.


Ice is a largely destructive element. Comprised mostly of frozen water and extreme cold. Usually is utilized through both existing sources and energy itself. Weaknesses may include fire, lightning and light; sub-manipulations may involve cold, water and snow.


An element largely comprised of pure energy. Usually utilized as shadow, black fire, or suffocating black. Weaknesses may include light, fire and lightning; sub-manipulations may involve corruption, poison and energy.


An element largely comprised of pure energy. Usually utilized as bright light, white fire, or purifying aura. Weaknesses may include darkness and earth; sub-manipulations may involve healing, purification and energy.


Reiatsu in itself is the energy of one's soul, the fundamental power upon which life is built. It's split into two essential levels - that of surface energy, spiritual 'pressure' and energy that can be used freely without fear of spirit damage; and that of one's lifeforce, the basic energy of existence that, if used, can shorten one's life or kill the user if too much is consumed. In the case of the latter, it's usually used as a last resort, because of the danger involved (though it takes some skill to learn how to wield reiatsu to that extent; usually the body tries to resist using lifeforce because of the danger, so it's very hard to use.)

Most magic - both elemental and not - is spawned from energy. The basic elements spawn from a Realm's immense reiatsu itself, channeled from the Void hydra on which it lay. The ability to create and/or wield these elements is harnessed by reiatsu's ability (or lack thereof) to tap into the Realm's energy and utilize those powers at will. Other powers are similar, but can be generated by a user's energy by itself; as is the case with things like acidic reiatsu, pure-energy wielding, various mental capabilities, etc.

Reiatsu is also called aura, spirit-energy, chakra and chi.

In addition to the usage of its pure-energy form, and the basic elements that spring from reiatsu, it can be solidified into weapons or items to be used and maintained by the holder until no longer needed, or out of energy. Some spiritual energy is corrosive if the particular being is particularly strong; in some cases, just being in the vicinity of such a powerful being can permanently damage weaker souls. Such beings tend to seal away some or most of their reiatsu to avoid damage to others (or even themselves).

Common reiatsu manifestations include aura-colored fire; thick, flowing, fluid swathes; almost invisible air; smoke; lightning; or ghostly apparitions such as a cat, dog, dragon or otherwise.