By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Player Group: Wolf Packs

The Vystrian wolf is a wolf like no other, known to lead packs of intelligent wolves with great powers. On this page we will explore the Myr pack and the Vehn pack the two largest Vystrian wolf packs found in the Realms.

The hellwolves of Kurai are the monstrous, elite demon-wolves who serve the Lords of their Kingdoms with loyalty unmatched. Many packs exist in Kurai, but each Kingdom has only one royal pack - and each of the four's unique makeup wll be listed here.

You can find several other animal groups as LPGs in the link below! These are fully player-run and player-created, with few restrictions and many different choices.

Lesser Player Groups

The Myr Pack

The Myr pack, governed by the Vhela (alphess) and the Vhalen (alpha), is the largest group of Vystrian wolves located in Felnova. Their territory is located on the other side of the Darklights, stretching from the mountains several hundred miles to the other side of the vast continent, expanding into the northern desert stopping at the snowline, and down south far enough to reach the coast. This area is named the Myrlands after them; though a small portion of the northernmost lands are held by the Vehn, with territory lines often changing.

For many years, the Myr has been the biggest and most well known of the Vystrian wolf packs; easygoing and accepting of nearly anything, they have multiple members of other canid and wolf species, as well as a great number of hybrids. They have no restrictions on breeding, and welcome pairings of all kinds. The Elite work to protect the pack as a whole, and the wolves do not shy from helping one another raise young at any time of year.

As a general rule, Myr wolves are fiercely protective of their fellow packmates, and are very compassionate towards both their own species and a variety of others. The Myr pack is also the only pack that will accept honorary, non-wolf members of the pack, honored by all.

Myr Vystrian wolves call their familiars 'drienar'. Those without familiars - either those never granted or those who have lost them - are viewed with sympathy, but are otherwise fully accepted.

In addition, the Myr leaders must travel once every three years to Karkaras Point and perform the Summoning as part of a curse placed on the inhabitants in the Myrlands long ago. Raising a great beast created from a spirit-reaped Famine (the manifestation of a wolven soul who has died without its familiar) and controlled by the curse itself, they must battle it alone and only with their familiars by their sides. Once the beast is defeated - or the Vhalen and Vhela killed - the Famine soul will depart and the beast will be put to rest.

If the leaders do not answer the call and Summon the beast, the curse will release it on the Myrlands with little restraint on its power, ravaging the land until there's nothing left. Only the Vhalen and Vhela may undertake this journey along with their drienar, lest they risk the curse's wrath.

alpha = the Vhalen.
alphess; = the Vhela.
beta = the Firehn.
guard/fighter = the Elite.
shaman/fortuneteller/healer = the seer.
a mother/nanny = the dam.
wolves without drienar = the drienakk.

Vhalen;; Is the male Alpha of the Myr pack; mated to the Vhela, he leads and controls most goings-on in pack life. The Vhalen leads hunts and battles, a strategical war-leader and pack-hunter. In the event the Vhela is no more, the Vhalen will take over her duties.
Vhela;; Is the female Alpha of the Myr pack; mated to the Vhalen, she leads and controls most goings-on in pack life. The Vhela governs pack ranks and discipline, as well as battle strategy and hunting times. In the event the Vhalen is no more, the Vhela will take over his duties.
Firehn;; Is the Beta, either male or female, of the Myr pack. Acts as Alpha in the event the Vhela and Vhalen are unavailable or dead and an heir has yet to be chosen. Helps with disciplinary duties and upholder of the pack laws.
the Elite Guard;; Are the warrior-wolves of the Myr pack, those that patrol the borders and fight during invasion or attack. Comprised mostly of Vystrian dires, they get special training by elders before being accepted as one of the Elite.
the seer;; Is a wolf who acts as both healer and fortune-teller, whether they have the Sight or not. Usually only a healer with sparse abilities. In the event that they also have the Sight, acts as an advisor to both Vhela and Vhalen.
the dams;; Are mothers and caretakers to pups one year and younger. Not a permanent rank. Guard the young until they become fully-fledged pack members.
the drienakk;; Are wolves not yet granted a drienar. Usually ages one to two, or loners who've not asked Cirrus for an animal companion. Is also a term to apply to wolves who have lost their drienar.

Pack members of the normal variety are called just thus; as are pups and elders. These are the hunters, the young wolves and the wolves too old to remain in service, but are still cared for and given due respect.

Pack Members

rank: Firehn. player: Verridith.

Thunderfang is an old kamine, the Firehn of the Myrs. He is trusted by his leader to do what has to be done during their leave. He had a mate named Sorrowsong at one point in his early years of life, but she died a long time ago. His drienar is a hawk named Laguna.

rank: Seer. player: Verridith.

Razya is a foxlike feathered she-wolf, the Seer of the Myrs. Her drienar is Breeze, a small mouse with a bejeweled collar.

rank: Elite. player: Fyfergrund.

Short-tempered and aggressive, Isengrim is nonetheless content with a subordiante role in the pack. However, actually earning his trust, and his true loyalty, is difficult. But, if won, his loyalty is unbreakable, even unto death. Direwolf that he is, he towers over most wolves in the pack, if not all.

rank: Elite. player: Verridith.

Karkaras is an Elite direwolf, mate to Razya. Despite his cold personality and sharp tongue, he is gentle to those he knows well and is highly protective of his packmates. He has three small children with Razya: Malyx, Etienne, and Viera. He shows a lot of promise and Thunderfang has noticed his future potiental for the pack. His drienar is a ferret named D'klar.

rank: Elite. player: Verridith.

The eldest of Ayunaye's and Araneo's pups. Though fiesty and still young, Kallo is exceptionally protective of his denmates - he would do anything for his siblings. He has, however, developed a certain bitterness towards his father for having abandoned the pack for so long. His mother is his idol; seeing her in pain has developed within him a strong sense of duty in protecting her from all that harms.

rank: Pack member. player: Nechesa.

Though young yet, it's doubtless that this young hellwolf mix got all of the ferality from her father, and left her mother's grace in the dirt. Siri is a powerhouse prettily wrapped inside of a shy exterior. She does not yet have a drienar.

rank: Pack member. player: Verridith.

Ayunaye Skypaw once served as the Vhela of the Myr pack. With her blue jay drienar, Raighn, at her side, she once ruled with a kind and compassionate air, seeking only to lead her pack down the road of peace. Now, she is rankless and broken, living on the outskirts of the pack with her pups, heartbroken and weary.

rank: Pup. player: Kawaiikoko.

One whole new pup to the pack, along with her two brothers. She a sweet and gentle girl, enjoys spending time mostly with her family members.

rank: Pup. player: Runesketch.

A new addition along with a brother and sister, Moriti is a young pup within the pack. He tries to be friendly and well behaved as days pass for him to discover himself more about himself.

The Vehn Pack

The Vehn wolves are a smaller pack of wolves adapted to the ice and snow, often with broader builds and thicker coats. This pack holds territory to the east of Icemark and north of the Myrlands, and constantly clash with the Myr for territory, hunting rights, and power. They are a pack distrustful of outsiders, holding their traditional views and immovable beliefs over all.

Most Vehn wolves have an intense dislike of hybrids, those wolves sporting wings, and those not of Vystrian wolf blood - to the point where wolves fitting this description are actively driven from their ranks, or barred from breeding. They see these wolves as impure, creatures prone to madness, unable to be trusted. While they will tolerate these wolves to some degree, none will ever entirely fit in, and those that spend long years will bear scars from attacks by other mistrustful members of the pack.

Led by the Tradon (alpha) and Tradae (alphess), the Vehn refuse to allow their beliefs to be challenged, and any who disregard them will face punishment ranging from imprisonment to the death of one's freya, or the absolute exile from all Vehn lands. Should a female mate with and birth hybrid pups, for example, that female will be allowed to stay until her pups may safely move - and then she will be driven out and barred from return.

Vehn wolves call their familiars 'freya'. Those without familiars - either those never granted or those who have lost theirs - are viewed with suspicion and pity, and may be ostracized due to their differences from the rest of the pack.

alpha = the Tradon.
alphess; = the Tradae.
beta = the Bretak.
fighting pack members = the Guard.
hunting pack members = the Hunt.
wolves with freya = the karr.

Tradon;; Is the male Alpha of the Vehn pack; mated to the Tradae, he leads and controls most goings-on in pack life. The Tradon leads hunts, battles, controls ranks, builds strategy; every element in the inner workings of the pack.
Tradae;; Is the female Alpha of the Vehn pack; mated to the Tradon, she leads and controls most goings-on in pack life. The Tradae is the Tradon's mate - and only that. There is no current record of a Tradae ruling alone.
Bretak;; Is the Beta, either male or female, of the Vehn pack. Acts as Alpha in the event the Tradon is unavailable or dead and an heir has yet to be chosen. Helps with disciplinary duties and upholder of the pack laws.
the Guard;; Are the fighting wolves of the Vehn pack, those that patrol the borders and fight during invasion or attack.
the Hunt;; Are the hunting wolves of the Vehn pack, those that patrol for food and bring back prey.
the karr;; Are wolves granted a freya. Usually over the age of two.

Pack members are split into either the Hunt or the Guard. Elders and those unable to feed themselves or fight will be cast out or killed


Pack Members

rank: Tradon. player: Fyfergrund.

Fimbulvetr is, in many ways, a living embodiment of winter in a wolf's body. As outwardly cold in temperament as he is cold to the touch, he is nonetheless a stalwart ally, if an aloof one. However, to those who take the time to get to know him, he presents an entirely different face completely at odds with his cold exterior.

rank: Bretak. player: Verridith.

Bretak; he led the Vehn as their Tradon during the attack on their homeland conducted by the Summoning, and taught them how to hunt and survive in the great icy north. A savage leader, he was nonetheless strong; and remains so, seeking a new Vehn leader to uphold his promise to Var. His freya is a bobcat named Tarrant.

rank: elder. player: Verridith.

The Tradon before his son took the title and was killed by Var; Moku's grandfather. An older wolf that respects their current leader's power and sympathizes with his ideals, he nevertheless give his loyalty to his grandson, Moku, and would follow the golden wolf to the ends of the earth. With a reddish coat streaked with black, he blends easily with the stone of his forefathers' ancient homeland; the hard red rock of the Repentance Desert. His freya is Quran, a red-tailed hawk.

rank: Guard. player: Verridith.

A great fire-wolf with horns that curve from the top of his skull out over his back, Favron was said to have been fused with the soul of a fire-elemental at birth. Oftentimes he sets various items on fire without realizing it (including his own freya, who has gotten used to singed fur), and enjoys alighting small lizards and reptiles near aflame. He is one of Moku's loyal followers and mistrusts Var greatly, though not to an ultimate extreme as Vybria and Moku do. His freya is a red squirrel named Ifrit.

rank: Guard. player: Verridith.

Son of Rulos and once-heir to the Vehn leadership, Moku is a young male with startling golden fur and powers over wind. He holds Vehn honor above everything, and loathes Var for the destruction of his pack, seeking to taint the former Tradon's memory in any way he can. He wants to uphold the old traditions, and has not a few followers; a cunning strategist, he will go to almost any length to achieve those ends.

rank: Guard. player: Verridith.

A she-wolf of considerable pride, Vybria is as vain as she is bright. She has fur more befitting of the middle of a dense jungle than the snowy forest, tufted ears and a lanky build. A purist extreme, she loathes Var to the point of attacking him on occasion, and supports Moku with all her heart. She is also the pack's biggest flirt, and - before the great massacre - had many pups with various males. Unfortunately, nearly all of her offspring were killed, and very few survive. Her freya is a serpent named Rukkbeth.

rank: karr. player: Fyfergrund.

Despite being woefully out of place among the Vehn, winged hybrid that she is, Aeterna nonetheless does everything she can to keep her fellow pack mates healthy. Although she isn't much of a hunter, she is an exeptional healer, and protector. But, despite her power, she rarely stands up for herself.

rank: karr. player: Zendekarian.

Skilled in nature magic, Haru would do anything for the Vehn, and is very capable in defending herself. She is strong enough to kill, so don't let her looks deceive you.

Death Kingdom; the Thanatos

A pack that worships death, and holds the ability to kill above all. The Thanatos Pack, as they are called, are seen often as dishonorable by other hellwolf packs, but have their own, strange code of honor every wolf is expected to follow, lest the N'gua send their souls to Lethias for judgement.

Kills are strictly regulated, though are much more common than the other Kingdoms' royal packs; the 'Hunt' is restricted to certain times, variable to the extreme, seeming chaotic and unpredictible to outsiders who are not privy to the Thanatos' inner workings. Every night, weak demons can be culled and weak hellwolves dispatched (within the royal pack or in other packs; they do not discriminate). Daytime culls are heavily punished, and rarely forgiven. Once each month, there is a certain day where the entire pack can target much stronger demons and non-culls, as a show of the royal pack's and royal family's power over the citizenry. A reminder of their might. This particular day is decided on by the Lord (or the Tuthan/Tutha if the Lord is unavailable), and nobody knows it before the day itself happens.

Likewise, Death hellwolves are encouraged several days of each month - similarly scheduled - to press beyond the Kingdom's borders, and take the lives of those straying too close. Borders between packs are tense and dangerous, and confrontation between packs is common.

A pack member's death, be it from within or without, is often honored and ritualized - only those criminalized by the pack will be slain without honor, torn to shreds and marked, unburied and unburned, to lay in a stinking corpse until the Lord decrees it be taken away. Death is seen as a return to the Mother Wolf, Lethias, and her judgement means everything to a Death hellwolf's long life. To anger Lethias is to forfeit one's life itself, and render one's soul corrupt and unworth the honor of a true and noble end.

alpha/alphess = the Tuthan/Tutha.
betas = the N'gua.
'wraiths'* = the tey'che.
trainers = the xel'ua.
warriors = the nhan.
the 'Faint' = simply called the Faint.

* No true equivalent in a traditional pack; their name means 'Deathhand' though often referred to as Wraiths even by members of their own pack.

Tuthan/Tutha;; The leaders of the pack; equal in strength and in total control. Often vicious and ruthless, answerable only to the Lord and no other.
N'gua;; Three elite 'wolves who act as the masters of discipline in the pack. They will kill anyone or anything upon being ordered to by the Tuthan or Tutha, and are perhaps more feared in the pack's ranks than the leaders themselves.
Tey'che;; Elite, shadowy assassin-wolves who are often absent from pack society as a whole. Nothing is known of them aside from the fact they are in the direct service of their Lord, and often appear to the alphas with outside news before disappearing once more into obscurity.
Xel'ua;; Ruthless hellwolves put in charge of the younger, more impressionable pack members; some seem to almost enjoy leaving scars on their students, and are often arrogant and egotistical to an extreme.
Nhan;; The multitudes of regular members of the Death pack. Specialize in both offense and defense, and make up the majority of the pack.
The Faint;; Elders, pups too young to train, the injured and sick, as well as any healers who might tend to them. Often watched by the Betas closely, and any who grow too old and feeble, or too weak from injury and sickness, are slain by them.

Pack Members

rank: Nhan. player: Fyfergrund.

A hellwolf who is nearly indistinguishable from a walking corpse. The subject of past experiments, he is nonetheless completely loyal to Death Kingdom. He has lost all connection to the concerns of living, breathing wolves or demons, leaving him with a very skewed view of reality.

Famine Kingdom; the Kuhtals

One of the most important and varied parts of Famine's military, the legendary Kuhtals have made their mark on Famine history many times over. Led by the Lord's Fangs, they are divided into several sections based on specialty, and every wolf has a task. Elders and pups are the only hellwolves not sorted by these subdivisions, and young 'wolves are often sorted just before adolescence.

The Lord's Fangs is comprised of the Ridann, or alpha; the Rida, or the alpha's mate; the Buron, or beta; and then each leader of the various divisions. All of the Lord's Fangs have 'Fang' after their rank title and before their name - so a possible alpha name might be Ridann Fang Noran, or Rida Fang Jezelia.

Pack Ranks/Divisions::
alpha = the Ridann Fang.
alphess = the Rida Fang.
beta = the Buron Fang.

  • heavy assaulters = the tankuu.
  • magical attackers = the majii.
  • flankers = the fuuri'ra.
  • defenders = the irshudu.
  • scouts/messengers = the kuikku.
  • healers = the iishi.
elder = a jaehya.
trainee = a doje.
puppy = an ajili.

Division Ranks::
All divisions, from the tankuu to the iishi, have this structure.

  • sub-alpha = Jin Fang.
  • sub-beta = yen.
  • elite = qon.
  • member = zann.

A description of the different factions within the Kuhtals can be found here:

Tankuu;; The largest and most powerful strengthwise in the pack. not much magic, but easily the best fitted physically for the task of first attackers in any war. Very, very fast, and quite strong.
Majii;; Any hellwolves that are very adept at offensive magic go in the Majii. Most are not strong physically as a general rule, but are very strong mentally, and have great magical capabilities.
Fuuri'ra;; 'Wolves who are neither physically strong or magically adept, used to attack weak points in the enemies' defenses, usually the sides while the front is occupied.
Irshudu;; Any hellwolves that are either physically or magically adept at defense. Members of the Irshudu, or shield-wolves, can build barriers or take a lot of hits without falling; usually have some sort of healing gene (physical) or barrier/defensive magic (magical).
Kuikku;; The Kuikku serve as scouts, messengers, and watchers; 'wolves who are very fast and can fly long distances at a time, usually known for their speed in reports, deliveries, and other such tasks.
Iishi;; Hellwolves that rarely fight, but serve as healers and support, physical and emotional. Often are aligned with the element of light, or some other way of healing (magical or conventional).

Hellwolves in the royal pack of the Kuhtals are one of the most prolific races found in the Famine Fortress; this is where their pups are born and raised, their pack members are trained, and where the Fangs generally reside. The rest of the pack is spread throughout the Kingdom in pairs or triples that are often rotated, overseen by the Ridann Fang. Smaller packs of each division might be sent to aid various parts of the Kingdom, and some are assigned to some ninja villages, in times of crisis.

Pack Members

rank: buron Fang; irshudu. player: Verridith.

Lancer is an arrogant, willful, clever Famine hellwolf who's cheeky pranks have gotten him in a world of hurt several times before; but he is also one of the most loyal 'wolves in Slain's arsenal. For the most part, he's out for a good time, and enjoys cheering his fellow hellwolves and demon companions up, no matter what the issue. He will press on even after exhaustion has taken its toll, and has an interesting habit of turning himself to stone when things get boring. He also enjoys sparring. Very much.

rank: fuuri'ra; qon. player: Fyfergrund.

While his loyalty to his Kingdom, his Lord, and his pack is unquestioned, Garza’s unpredictable nature and often whimsical behavior mark him as a bit odd by typical hellwolf standards. He has a penchant for chatting excessively while fighting, and doesn’t seem to fear much of anything.

rank: Majii. player: Runicmysteries.

Valrin is rather reserved though intuitive and logical. He's good at generating ideas, but terrible at following through with them. Though his habit of being rather cynical does more often than not tend to lead him into trouble.

Pestilence Kingdom; the Shino-Kaze Pack

The Pestilence royal pack, called the Shino-Kaze Pack, is expected to be a flexible and semi-independent force within the larger structure of the Pestilence military. While they are expected to obey orders without hesitation, initiative is encouraged, and if successful, rewarded. The Shino-Kaze 'wolves are provided with everything they need by the royal family, allowing them to focus entirely on their duties.

alpha = the Saisho-kami.
beta = the Niban-kami.
sentinals = the Senchineru.

  • sub-alpha = Senchineru Kai.

warriors = the Zensen.
  • sub-alpha = Zensen Kai.

'weapon-wolves'* = the Machin-Shin.

* There is no true equivalent for this particular class; a description of these (and the other ranks) are explained below.

Saisho-kami;; As the sole leader of the Shino-Kaze pack, this 'wolf is typically the most cunning of all Pestilence hellwolves. Can be either gender. Often allowed broad discretion when it comes to organizing the royal pack.
Niban-kami;; The Niban-kami is typically the Pestilence 'wolf with the greatest endurance and dependability, expected to work in tandem with the Saisho-kami and ensure any orders are carried out. Can be either gender.
Senchineru;; Hellwolves of the Senchineru, or sentinels, are typically stationed all along the Pestilence border in small packs, ordered to keep watch for any intruders. Any they spot are shadowed and reported on until they can be dealt with appropriately. Senchineru 'wolves are selected for their greater than normal levels of endurance, and outpace any pursuers, often releasing toxic fumes to further discourage any pursuit.
Zensen;; Zensen 'wolves join Pestilence demons on the front ranks of battle, either harassing distracted foes, or engaging them directly so their comrades can take advantage of the distraction they provide. Many of the Zensen hellwolves have highly venomous fangs, claws, spikes, or spines. They train constantly so they can last for hours in a fight. The strongest of the Zensen wear specially forged suits of armor to allow them to fight in the thickest parts of battle. These suits of armor are typically covered in spikes and sharp ridges coated in various venoms.
Machin-Shin;; Some of the most feared of the Pestilence hellwolves. Dying or disgraced 'wolves given the chance to serve their Kingdom one final time, these wretched beasts are filled with a lethal cocktail of venoms, toxins, acids, and diseases, and released towards their enemies, whereupon they charge headlong into the thick of their foes before their bodies abruptly explode in a cloud of poison.

Pack Members

rank: Zensen. player: Zendekarian.

Ketsuryu is fast, agile, and has enough venom to kill lesser creatures in seconds. Fiercely loyal, she will do anything for her kingdom.

War Kingdom; the Seifuku Suru

In the Seifuku Pack, strength and loyalty are valued over all other characteristics. These hellwolves have a high level of discipline - orders are followed without question; dissent is shot down and dissenters are usually killed. Weak pups are also left for dead or eaten by the pack.

alpha = the Ryo.
beta = the Namari.
strategists = the hatari.
warriors = the hei.
hunters = the kariu.
mages = the majii.
healers = the iishi.

There are no elders, as weakness in the pack is not tolerated.

Ryo;; The alpha of the pack; always male.
Namari;; The beta of the pack; always female.
Hatari;; Usually only one or two; these 'wolves consult with Ryo or Namari for the best training tactics, pack formation, and other such duties in battles and hunts.
Hei;; They make up majority of pack. Powerful, tanklike 'wolves that are hand-picked by the Ryo and Lord to serve in the pack from puphood. Loyal to a fault. Trained from the beginning for all tactics, including defense, offense, agility, power, etc.
Kariu;; These hellwolves number fewer than five wolves that hunt in a coordinated unit to feed the entire pack. All of the Seifuku Suru can hunt, but these are highly efficient, specialized hunters that can bring down lots of prey quickly so that the others can spend time training and patrolling. Lean, quick, agile, stealthy, but still well-muscled and strong.
Majii;; 'Wolves that have strong long-distance magical abilities. Can be anything from shields to attacks. Usually around three wolves with honed, sharp skills. Each demon mage (in the War military) has a hellwolf that acts as a powerbank, supplying extra energy to prevent overtaxing when working or fighting.
Iishi;; Generally only one; two if one is being trained. This wolf heals injured hellwolves if the 'wolf is worth saving. If not worth it, they will kill the hellwolf so the pack can eat and take strength from its fallen comrade.

The Ryo and Namari are like an alpha pair, but power is concentrated in two rather than three or four members.

Pack Members

rank: hei. player: Verridith.

Azyria is a vicious, savage, cruel hellwolf; she serves her pack as loyally as any, and will kill anything if ordered to - no matter who or what it might be. She loves little save the kill, and thoroughly enjoys making both enemies and prey suffer.