By Tooth And Claw Dragons

The Species

Welcome to the species list! Here you will find links to every species found on BTACD and in its worlds. Each link, when hovered over, will show a small description of that species. To read a more in-depth description, click on any of the links.

Currently, we have 91 species; including subspecies, we have 210.

Species are classed by their alignment; though these are by no means set in stone, they are judged by the species in its entirety. These classes are:

= light || = neutral-light || = neutral || = neutral-dark || = dark

Currently, we have traditional and custom playable species, and are always expanding the list!

traditional species

airavatian elephant

Subspecies:: Baku and Inumuith.

A race of powerful elephants who guard the forests and jungles of the Realms. They are blessed with magic involving nature, healing and renewal.


Subspecies:: None.

Creatures that resemble a mixture of wolf and orca, and may come in a variety of different appearances split between a quadrupedal and a bipedal shape. Violent and very tied to their traditions, akhlut live in tribal pods and live along coastlines, traveling far inland to hunt.


Subspecies:: Mula Atlanteans.

An aquatic species of intelligent large fish, eels, and rays, along with their subspecies, including but not limited to dolphins, whales, and sharks.


Subspecies:: Angel, Nerakan, Seraph, Darkened Seraph, Teryxean, Keravnos, and Harpy.

Race of winged humans; generally reside apart from those bound to the land. Though not adept at elemental magic, are very capable with other means of protecting themselves.


Subspecies:: None.

Six-legged, dragonlike creature with no wings but the power to turn life to stone. Generally intelligent, peaceable, and solitary, gifted with magical abilities.


Subspecies:: Mar'caen, Ra'tan Deer, and Shikatauru.

A race of powerful warriors and priests often gifted with foresight, this half-human, half-horse species is very rarely seen and tend to keep to themselves, though they do not hesitate to fiercely protect their herds and land with their potent battle skills.


Subspecies:: None.

Enormous, three-headed canines created by Kairn to be guardians of Hell.


Subspecies:: Manticore and Nue.

Horrific hybrid-beasts that are a combination of lion, goat, and snake; very rarely dragon. They live in small, but fearsome, prides, often found in the plains or mountains.


Subspecies:: Incubus, and Succubus.

A broad term encompassing an ancient, native species to the Realm Kurai. Divided into four classes, four kindgoms, and too many subspecies to name; power ranges from a minor annoyance to strength rivaling the most powerful of dragon Elders.


Subspecies:: The various subtypes, as well as Arbordrakes, the Evylonian dragons, the Gurthadrake, the Desert Gold and Albino.

One of the most ancient and powerful species. Vary widely in size; come in a variety of appearances, abilities, and are divided further into several subspecies. Generally highly intelligent and gifted with long life, physical strength, and magic.


Subspecies:: Gnomes.

A rugged race of short stout humanoids. Fierce opponents in battle with incredible metalworking skills.


Subspecies:: The three known types of elf and drow; Pure Elves, Night Elves, Ristellian Elves.

Very long-lived, magically powerful humanoids native to Evylon and Felnova. Subdivided into Heartwoodian elves, Vystrian elves, and Vystrian drow; all three kinds are generally magically and physically gifted, much more elegant than their human cousins.


Subspecies:: Lost Elementals (Chaos, Aura, Storm), Dryad, Golem, Fire Sprite, Florid, Sylph and Water Nymph.

Beings formed of their respective elements. Can take a different form or become pure, depending on a variety of factors.

evylonian deer

Subspecies:: Skydeer, False Kirin, and Peryton.

A large, intelligent cervian species native to Evylon. Magically gifted, and shares a unique kinship with the elves.


Subspecies:: None.

Strange, miniature beings with insectoid wings divided into three types - the an'fae, inani'fae, and nain'fae - between two courts: the Seelie and Unseelie.


Subspecies:: Satyr.

Light-hearted, goat-legged humanoids with a deep connection to music. Staunch devotees of Balion, they have a close bond with the earth element.


Subspecies:: None.

Both bipedal and quadrupedal creatures that turn to stone when struck by the sun.


Subspecies:: Jotun.

Massive humanoids with strong features; sentient, yet usually lacking in great intelligence. Their subspecies, the Jotuns, are much more civillized than their parent species.


Subspecies:: Kobold.

Grotesque and primitive war-like creatures with no affinity for magic. Often rely on strength of numbers and brutality to win battles.


Subspecies:: Drakyn, Sky'ree, Ne'le, Yorijian, Hippogryph, and Anquil Gryphon.

Hybrid between a generally-raptorial bird and feline known for their magical prowess. With a wide range of size, colour and mutation, these intelligent creatures make powerful allies, and fearsome opponents.


Subspecies:: None.

A small, distant cousin of the elf. Avid gardeners and a strong, stout people, despite their size.


Subspecies:: Kelpie, Capricorn.

Beautiful, aquatic horses with long fish tails. Friends to merfolk and Yorijian dragons.


Subspecies:: Icemarkian, Noktureesan and Noctisian.

Four limbed, bipedal beings that come in an assortment of variants. Diverse and adaptable, this species is present in almost all Realms and make up for a lack in the magical and physical abilities other races possess with resilience and varying skills. More of this race are dragonriders and Anima-possessors than any other race.


Subspecies:: Gremlin.

Tiny winged elf-like creatures gifted with strong magical prowess. Highly mischievous.


Subspecies:: None.

A Ristellan species of creatures that are partially elemental, partially spiritual, and are bound to certain items. The only way they may achieve freedom from these items is through the granting of wishes, different in each Clan.


Subspecies:: Qilin.

The Demon Realm cousin of the unicorn. Generally intelligent, gifted magically, and long-lived, this species lives in herds and is a prey-animal for many demons; as such they have developed adaptations such as neurotoxin and sharp hooves for self-defense.


Subspecies:: Foxling, Nogitsune.

Fox-like species with varying magical power depending on the number of tails they possess, from one to nine. Generally tricksters. Magical power increases as they age and gain more tails. Must keep close to their precious starball, which is in fact their Soulgem.


Subspecies:: Lusca, Akkorokamui, and Kal'mari.

Massive, tentacled creatures of the ocean depths, found within the oceans of every realm.


Subspecies:: Laticaudian Leviathan.

Great, serpentine beasts that dwell beneath the desert sands. They are frequent hunters of dragon and a vile enemy of the roc'a, though they're quite rare. Their favorite prey is the giant sandworms, far beneath the earth.


Subspecies:: Adaro, Kuraian, Nixie and Swamp.

Men and women with fish tails and the ability to live underwater with the ability to walk among humans.


Subspecies:: Taurine.

A proud, bovine race of humanoids with a strong connection to the sea, and the dragon god of the oceans, Sago.


Subspecies:: Bisari, Eskbear.

Species of bear, magically gifted, and gifted with the Sight. Sorted into three different variants: the ursa, poe, and ailuro.


Subspecies:: Cyclops, Oni, and Troll.

Large, brutish creatures who somewhat resemble vastly oversized orcs.


Subspecies:: Yeti.

A savage race of humanoids with ugly, misshapen features and a society based around violence.


Subspecies:: Anquil Phoenix.

Great birds that are rebirthed in flame. Also has an ice and demon variant.


Subspecies:: Cerapter.

Beautiful, winged horses. Can be born with multiple types of wings.


Subspecies:: Firebird, Thunderbird, Rainbird, Galebird, and Horrorbird.

A giant bird of prey that hunts large game. It also has four subtypes, aligned with the elements: firebird, thunderbird, rainbird and galebird.


Subspecies:: Ascended Salawa.

A secretive race that is highly resistant to magic, and absorbs it for sustenance. Particularly strong-willed individuals are capable of transcending mortality, gaining an immortal, bipedal body in the process.


Subspecies:: None.

An ancient race of dinosaur-like reptilian creatures that possess elemental magic. Native to Xaeri and Lizzarkyth, the generally-peaceable Saurians exist in finned, winged, biped, or quadruped subspecies.


Subspecies:: Friggan.

Shape-shifting sea creatures who shed their skins to walk among humans. Are based primarily around the seal, though all pinnipeds are found.


Subspecies:: None.

Exclusively female. Often appear as beautiful women that lure men with their irresistible song. Some possess elemental ability, very few have the abilities of teleportation. This race is intelligent and crafty, making up for in cunning what they lack in physical strength.


Subspecies:: Anu, Divine, Dwarf, Lesser.

A race of leonine creatures with human features, dwelling in almost specifically desert areas. Split into three different groups: the Greater, the Lesser, and the little-known and very-rare Divine.


Subspecies:: Banshee, Dullahan.

Those who have died and have been brought back by a necromancer or other such mage. Mostly unintelligent and unfeeling; very few retain their original minds and abilities.


Subspecies:: Equus, Lizzarkythian, Mel'au, Nightmare, and Anquil Unicorn.

Horses with horns growing from their foreheads. Can be bladed or the traditional spiral.


Subspecies:: Morai, Nosferatu, Strigoi.

Commonly confused with undead, members of this humanoid species have been turned with the vampire's bite and survived the deadly virus to become something more than mortal. Vampire possess strong physical and magical abilities that strengthen as night falls.

vystrian lion

Subspecies:: Aurum, Argent and Dreadlion.

A powerful beast that resembled the traditional lion; usually around three and a half to four feet at the shoulder, with males being larger. Color, mutations such as wings, and abilities vary widely. Highly intelligent, this species lives in large, structured prides.

vystrian wolf

Subspecies:: Alphyn, Amarok, Bloodwolf, and Direwolf.

Wolves native to Felnova. Pack animals, have a wide, diverse array of appearances and abilities. Generally highly intelligent and strong fighters. The Myr pack is the largest known group of this species.


Subspecies:: None.

Creatures that are split into two types; Original and New. Original werebeasts are monstrous mockeries of the One-created wereanimals, and New are those transformed who have had reactions with creatures bearing a shifter gene. While Original werebeasts have a unique appearance in both quadrupedal and bipedal forms, New werebeasts can hold any animal affinity.


Subspecies:: Felris.

Humanoids who begin to look progressively more catlike as the moon phase progresses and shift at the full moon. Extremely rare; one does not become a werecat unless the bite wound festers--as such, it is usually hereditary. Often employed as dragon-hunters with fangs and claws that can slice through dragons' scales.


Subspecies:: None.

Powerful creatures with the ability to shift between humanoid and draconic forms. In their human form, they are creatures of great physical beauty and prowess, while their dragon forms grant them greatly enhanced physical abilities.


Subspecies:: Worgen and Wargwolf.

Humanoids bearing the ability to shapeshift into a wolf; possess powers of heightened speed, strength, and endurance that increases at night.

custom species


Subspecies:: None.

Direct cousins of the gentle unicorn, this species possesses fangs as well as bloodlust. These simple-minded but cunning hunters travel in packs and pursue prey until the end. Some possess dragonlike qualities such as spade-tails, forked tongues, and barbed tongues, as well as very rarely batlike wings. Lacks compassion for the weak and injured; cannibals.

circadian dragon

Subspecies:: Luminarian.

Relatively eastern-style breed of dragon governed by the rising and setting of the sun. Also possess a humanoid form. Creative nomads, forming intricate tribes led by a single Circadian called the Kagan.


Subspecies:: Athyr, Komainu.

Large sabre-toothed felids that live in militant, largely isolationist, prides. highly intelligent and strong with little to no magical prowess.


Subspecies:: Apedemak Lion.

Catlike and somewhat dragonlike servants of Scylla and comrades of the keht'shu. Often called 'cloudcats'.


Subspecies:: Devourer.

Humanoid species, generally with the appearance of youth, unnaturally thin, and physically weak with light-colored hair and odd-colored eyes. Dreameaters possess almost-unrivaled mental abilities. They feed off of dream-saturated reiatsu, and use illusions to bring fears to life. Generally vain, cruel, and remorseless.


Subspecies:: None.

The eumasel are a spiritual, humanoid race descended from the souls of elves who were given a second chance by Shiranui. They are tied to ancestral spirit trees, and have immense magic having to do with reiatsu and pure energy.


Subspecies:: None.

Humanoids, separated into clans called 'clusters', the gemfolk are a race bound to Soulgem-like jewels fused to their bodies. Each gem has a specific element tied to it, and each elemental gem has its own appearance, culture, and ability traits that the gemfolk holds.

halgian people

Subspecies:: the Fallen.

A race of light-endowed humanoids, similar to elves, who may detect dark species and seek to eliminate them from the Realms.


Subspecies:: Hellhound and Barghest.

A massive, wolflike subspecies of demon that acts as the "guard dogs" of the Demon Realm; serve one of the four Demon Lords directly, and patrol their territory. Of high intelligence and mid-to-high power level.


Subspecies:: None.

Cousins of the Vystrian Wolf, this strange cross between wolf and dragon is always wolflike in body but also always winged. Vary widely in size, appearance, and ability. This creature is highly intelligent and live in large packs with defined hierarchies, with strange superstitions and beliefs.


Subspecies:: None.

Birdlike bipedals with the same range of motion as a human, but possessing full-body feather coats, wings, and scaled legs. Of average intelligence. Many are seabirds; few are flightless. This species is almost exclusively found in Covahold and Cliffport. Kaveri are very social and live in flocks; rarely will one stray.


Subspecies:: Landstrider.

A humanoid race of elf-like people, who focus magic through enchanted metal wings to fly.


Subspecies:: None.

Native to the Light Realm and born of radiance, they are subdivided into two general categories, with lesser kinds. The first is smaller, with flightless light-wings, the second type much larger and stronger. All lightbeasts appear more graceful than their Shadowbeast cousins, and hold control over light as well as illusion and healing magic. Mostly intelligent.


Subspecies:: Soulbound.

A species of small humanoids crafted of stardust with animal-familiars that house their spirits, called nin.


Subspecies:: Yizhr, Crelr, and Blup'r.

A more peaceable cousin of the warlike Shriekan. Generally slimmer-framed and extremely intelligent, calm, and gifted with wisdom as well as mental and psychic magic. Their greatest gift is that of electricity element, the exact power and appearance of which varies from lyzard to lyzard.


Subspecies:: None.

A creature that can mimic anything they see, but can only use tooth and claw in a fight as they cannot take on the other creature's power as well. Has a regular form that is special to them and is normally humanlike in appearance.

morra sin

Subspecies:: None.

Reptillian species related to the veldryn. Have incredible speed and are cursed with their mouths sewn shut; always wear bone masks to cover the marks this curse has rent upon their brow.


Subspecies:: None.

Ancient, wandering species of humanoids. Born of dragon`s blood, human`s bone, and legendary Mythmetal, this species must periodically intake dragon blood to endure. Each has amazing affinity for metalworking and weapons of all kinds.


Subspecies:: None.

An undead beast with the appearance of a rotting skeleton, usually alike to those of dragons or wide-bodied lizards. Low intelligence; the servants and vassals of Hell. Possess great strength and a uniquely magical, highly destructive venom. One with self-awareness is almost unheard-of.


Subspecies:: None.

A race of animalistic, multi-armed, tribal humanoids who may live in and near volcanic areas, able to withstand extreme heat.


Subspecies:: None.

Massive foxlike beasts with tough bone-spikes hidden under their pelts. Originally a thriving race of dragon-hunters, but now rarely seen. Impervious to almost all kinds of magic and extremely physical.


Subspecies:: None.

A humanoid rodent species with a vast array of different variants and unique attributes to each one.


Subspecies:: None.

Beautiful humanoids resembling elves, but with sharp fangs, catlike eyes, and occasionally small, curled horns. Nourished by negative emotions, and cannot eat nor drink. Powerful positive feelings cause pain and rarely death.


Subspecies:: Ansar.

An incredible reptilian predator similar to the dragon in appearance, but with a few very distinct factors that set it apart. Masters of shadow, they are often called wraiths or phantoms.


Subspecies:: Myskari.

A diverse group of native peoples to Xaeri who hold the unique ability to manipulate their own bones. They live in distinct tribes and believe in spirits of nature, disregarding the Xaerin Three.


Subspecies:: None.

Native to the Dark Realm and born of shadows, they are subdivided into two general categories, with lesser kinds. The first is small, wingless, and lithe, the second large and powerful. Shadowbeasts of all kinds can control darkness with varying degrees of strength, as well as turn insubstantial. Mostly intelligent.


Subspecies:: None.

Bipedal species often resembling humans; incredible magical power with which the Shar is able to, with time, control the minds of mortal and immortal alike. Most if nor all are female; males cannot control this power.


Subspecies:: Rjae'n.

Large, bipedal reptilian-warriors that excel with almost all weapons. Their society is largely military-based. Possess unique abilities such as the mind-rending scream, hallucinogenic venom, and magic that affects the mind.


Subspecies:: Highborn Spiritbeast.

Beautiful, bioluminescent, deerlike creatures related to shadowbeasts and lightbeasts, created to serve the Spirit Kings.


Subspecies:: Naga.

Dangerous snakelike beings that claim to be the dragon's natural predator. Serpentine in appearance and divided into several differing types.


Subspecies:: Iahake.

A dark-skinned, desert-dwelling people who look very similar to humans save for dark tattoos and a strong connection to the sun. They are powerful and proud desert fighters, associated with Ristell and the sphinx.


Subspecies:: None.

Wyvern-like creatures with a mane of silver flame edged in red. Possess incredible mental abilities, and feed off of thought and reiatsu. Mostly self-serving. The more powerful souleaters are dangerous beasts that can use the soulforce to display interesting magical abilities.


Subspecies:: Chiroptera.

Large owls created by Gaz'in and gifted with unique space-traveling abilities. Often have abilities relating to the cosmos, stardust on their feathers, and a distinct lust for knowledge rivaled by few.

tca'ier dragon

Subspecies:: Bluescale, Shadowscale, and Silverscale.

Unique, knowledge-gathering dragons who may live and travel within the interstellar regions of space inside a Realm Sphere.


Subspecies:: Lost Terravyrn.

Unique and nearly-extinct species of dragon native to the destroyed world of Terra. They are able to control a form of reiatsu called 'Flare', and are all but immune to magic.


Subspecies:: None.

Lithe and agile creatures that look like a mix of greyhound and wingless dragon. Sport manes and cannot speak anything but their own language: an intricate variety of chirps, clicks, snarls and growls.


Subspecies:: None.

A humanoid species native to the Realm of Xaeri. Each possesses certain features of a specific animal. Divided into many tribes and three main types: Ocean, Sky, and Forest-kin.


Subspecies:: None.

A race of spirits tied to partial Soulgems called phylacteries, gifted with incredible reiatsu magic and the ability to bind their forms into physical manifestations.

yorijian dragon

Subspecies:: None.

Eastern-type dragons dwelling in the sea. They govern the Felnovian country of Yorije, and are split into five very distinct Families.

zaegrim'a nzani

Subspecies:: None.

A unique humanoid race native to northern Ristell, and the ritualistic people of Zaegrim'a Oqh. Their faces are hidden by unique, carved masks that come in a variety of designs.


Subspecies:: True Zirus, Unzirus.

Distinct, humanoid insects with a unique culture and hive-minded mentality. Very powerful, and exceptionally intelligent.

Extinct Species

Extinct species, as well as those believed to be extinct, are listed below. Enounters with these are forbidden unless cleared by Council first.

Xaektain: Though they had many names, these small creatures were rumored to be faintly draconian, though very ugly to behold. When in danger, they had the exceptional ability to either throw their attacker back in time, or lose themselves to time's flow; in the event of the first, they would be destroyed, and the second left so weak most would die anyway. This is how they met their end.