By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Playable Species/Races

Welcome to the species list! Here you will find links to every species found on BTACD and in its worlds. Each species will have a short description of them, and a little bit of info. To read a more in-depth description, click on any of the links!

Currently, we have 94 species; 153 subspecies; and 247 in total!

The Species

Currently, we have traditional and custom playable races, and are always expanding the list! Please click on the links below to visit each page.

Traditional Species Custom Species Extinct Species


Species are classed by their alignment; though these are by no means set in stone, they are judged by the species in its entirety. These classes are:

= light || = neutral-light || = neutral || = neutral-dark || = dark


Here is an example of what each species' small description box and the details within. This box will display a link to the information page (the species' name!), a small sprite picture, an alignment gem, subspecies, and a blurb about what the species is.

example species

Subspecies:: Subspecies Name(s).

The species description will be here!

And here is a preview of one of the full species pages! In these, you can see general statistics, appearances, culture, abilities, history, subspecies, notes, and more!