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Hello all, and welcome to BTACD's IC Quests feature! This is where you'll be able to accept and partake in sitewide events within your Plot-Based role-play, anything from a simple job to earn your characters a little jaden or the ordered assassination of an important figure; rewards vary, but often include OOC jaden, shop items, in-character rewards, and more! The Official Quests will be opened by staff, but once taken by a member, they're all yours!

For the player-run, unofficial Quests, please check out the links below!

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Player Quest Guidelines

These are designed to add a little fun and flair to the Plot-Based, and most will be plot relevant. These are all optional! Nothing is mandatory, simply for your own enjoyment. So go out, have fun, grab a quest and let's go wild!

Official Quest Guidelines

  • Use the Sign-Ups ticket for partaking in an Official Quest! Then, you are free to make a plot thread (either on the forum or in Discord) to plan out and gather members to help on this quest. Afterwards, begin your r/p thread as any other!
  • When accepting a quest by an NPC, you are free to write the NPC yourself in your thread starter - but please do not use them excessively! They will give you the quest and award any IC payment due, but cannot be used in the quest itself. This keeps them free to be used elsewhere, whoo!

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Quest Planning!

The Quests

Here are all of BTACD's Official Quests; all quests that have been claimed will be marked closed, and those that have been completed will be moved to the completed section before being taken down. Please do not embark on one until you've completed a sign-up form and have been accepted, thank you!

QUEST: Assassination of a Royal. (OPEN)
EMPLOYER: Nakayrin
REWARD: 10,000j (ooc).
DETAILS: This is an assassination. You must find and kill one of Verridith's children, heirs to the throne of Vystriana. They are Nagase, Kyrelia, and Bastien. I need a skilled assassin, one of my Order, willing to track one of these young dragons down and eradicate them. The reward will be great.

REQUIREMENTS: The assassin must be a member of the Onyx. I will take no other!
NOTES: This quest has a strong possibility of failure. Be warned!

QUEST: Elven Plight. (OPEN)
EMPLOYER: Silverina
REWARD: a Phoenix Tear and 500j to each participant (ic/ooc)
DETAILS: I hear the screams of my brethren; those loyal to Vystriana are imprisoned, tortured, in the cities of the forest. Please, save the citizens and prisoners of Coia and Vanim before the fires reach them and decimate all!

REQUIREMENTS: Must be Vystrian-allied!
NOTES: This quest may be claimed twice; one for Vanim, and one for Coia! Currently: 0/2

QUEST: The Key to it All. (CLOSED)
EMPLOYER: Thracius
REWARD: immortality for 2 involved characters (ic)
DETAILS: I am seeking ingredients for an immortality potion I am making; for this, I need the blood of a deathcat, one claw from a phoenix, and the scale of a deceased Circadian dragon. Bring these to me in my current place of residence: a cavern two leagues west of Majesty, hidden in the Darklights, and I will reward you greatly.

NOTES: Two involved characters will become immortal after the culmination of this quest! The details of such may be left up to the players involved, but character apps will need to be edited after finishing.

QUEST: Errant Necromancer. (OPEN)
EMPLOYER: Silvessenk
REWARD: the ability to bring one dead char back to life (ic)
DETAILS: My pack has captured a mage who says he is a member of a Death Clan, a necromancer of great power. However, two of my guards that were tasked with keeping him - both of which are dead now, I might add - allowed him to escape. Your job is to capture this mage alive, though it does not matter if he is unharmed. If you do this for me, I will force him to bring someone back for you. Fail... and I will kill you myself.

REQUIREMENTS: No Death demons.
NOTES: Kurai is a harsh place. If you cannot handle constant darkness, lack of water and acidic rain, this is not the quest for you.

QUEST: Eye of the Storm. (OPEN)
REWARD: a pendant that allows one character to become incorporeal/ethereal for a limited time (ic)
DETAILS: There exists a cult of Dark Five worshippers, led by a circadian dragon with their headquarters in the Darklands of Millirand. They plan to gather the shards of Noamuth, and already have two pieces of the sword. Infiltrate their cult, gain their trust, and find where these shards are kept. Once you have found them, take them and bring them to Talon Peak. You will be rewarded.

REQUIREMENTS: Must not worship the Dark Five in truth (obviously)
NOTES: Specifics on the pendant awarded will be worked out after the quest is finished

QUEST: Dark Heart. (OPEN)
REWARD: one rare species item of your choice (ooc)
DETAILS: I have an agent who has been taken by the Halgian Empire, and is scheduled to be put to death very soon. He is locked in their dungeons in a city by a vast lake. Seek out this city, and break out my... friend... from his holdings. You must save his life. Whether you kill the Halgians as you go in and out is up to you; all that matters is that you bring him back alive.

REQUIREMENTS: Must support the Dark Five.

QUEST: Plague of Tree-Rot. (CLOSED)
REWARD: 10000j (ooc)
DETAILS: I have had a vision of Lizzarkyth; of a vast, terrible blight loosed upon the land. A sickness will strike the northern trees, blackening them like flameless fire. It can be stopped... but only by those with light magic, and those wishing to cure the trees of their illness. It has already begun, and if allowed to continue, will ravage Lizzarkyth's forests to the ground. Go now!

REQUIREMENTS: Must have light magic, or accompany a character that has light magic
NOTES: Specifics on what the disease is (other than it's magical) and how to stop it can be up to you!