ANQUIL, Chaos Incarnate

Horrific and deadly, Anquil is a place of utter chaos. Filled with changed, twisted monsters and horrible, ungodly creatures, it is constantly warped and battered by magestorms. Every living thing endures with a strict sense of only the strongest will survive.

Of Anquil's native species, only the Ansar are of the light - all others are vicious, intelligent, and very opportunistic killers. Wandering adventurers are warned away from this country, even with ample protection - for what doesn't kill you will make you that much stranger...

Country/Area Name(s): Anquil

Ruling Species: ansar

Native Language: Common

Capital(s): Filton

Monarch(s): Groktu (NPC)


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: Anquil phoenix and horrorbird. LEADER: Ronso (NPC).

APPEARANCE: A series of eyries set into the crumbling side of what is rumored to have been the original Mage Tower of Evylon. Stories and stories of ledges and nests bear witness to generations of Anquil phoenix, while horrorbirds dwell along its base.

CULTURE: None know of the inner workings of Birdsong, save for the almost uncanny loyalty to the ancient bird Ronso, a large Anquil phoenix with an unusual blue coloration. The surrounding countryside lives in fear and respect of the droves of phoenixes and horrorbirds, and tribute is often made from lesser clans and packs to ensure their survival.

RACE: Anquil gryphon. LEADER: Groktu (NPC).

APPEARANCE: A once prestigious city built into the side of an old, blasted apart volcano. Consisting of dens and old stone ruins, it has been taken over by a flight of Anquil gryphons known only as Groktu's Flight. It has become overgrown and corrupted, a shadow of its former self, and now Filton is a place of fear and death.

CULTURE: The Flight commands all, and what creatures they don't kill, they turn into slaves or cattle for food. Humans gathered from other places are bred deep within the catacombs, to be brought up and killed at the gryphons' leisure.

RACE: unzirus. LEADER: Tierkah the Radiant (NPC).

APPEARANCE: A horrific and terrifying place to find oneself in, the spiderwebbed complex of interconnecting caves and caverns is filled with twisted unzirus, booby traps, and statutes of grotesque and horrible monsters. There is a rumored treasure at its heart that brings adventurers to brave the mage storms above and the monsters below, hidden away and guarded by a calamity known as Tierkah the Radiant.

CULTURE: Tierkah knows all, and sees all, in his city of the deep. He is a massive spider with crab claws and a scorpion's poised tail, black and green with oozing, yellow blood seeping from a variety of unhealed injuries. Bones litter his cavern, forming a layer over the gold, bones he collects from the unzirus who pay him tribute once weekly in fresh kills. It is said that he never ventures forth, but can see far beyond the darkness of Hinduku, by means unknown to all.

RACE: bloodwolves. LEADER: Alpha Haldor (NPC).

APPEARANCE: As a pack that's a mixture of bloodwolves and Anquil unicorns, Trinksa is a sprawling settlement of dens built in the remnants of large, old bones that are said to have been some sort of massive ribcage, long and thin, but many stories tall. No matter how deep the dens are dug, the end of the large bones have not been reached.

CULTURE: The wolves and unicorns work together as a cohesive and deadly unit, though minor fights do occur. They often send out hunting parties through portals to other Realms, where they capture prey and bring it back to the rest of Trinksa.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Lightsong Spire
A towering, white spire nestled inside a hollowed out mountain. Several peaks of stone still jut up around the spire's base and extend up beside it, although the spire towers above these peaks. The spire itself glows with its own light, and its top is a broad platform on top of which stands an ornate shrine. At its base, and within, are simple quarters reserved for wanderers. Crafted and up-kept by Ansar, the spire is a sanctuary for anyone unfortunate enough to have gotten lost in Anquil, and can be seen from far away. Despite the dangers, Lightsong Spire is a place of pilgrimage for may Halgians.
Plains of Remorse
A large, crawling grassland with rolling hills that back up to the Spearpoints just behind. Home to large and ravenous packs of bloodwolves, as well as packs of Anquil unicorns, flocks of horrorbirds, and the occasional sect of traveling ansar, who seek to protect those traveling on pilgrimages or trying to escape the mage storms that reign above.
Re'ein Sekka
Re'ein Sekka is the name given to an expansive series of pits where lava constantly bubbles close to the surface, located at the outskirts of the Plains of Remorse. The volcanic soil around the Re'ein Sekka is so fertile that things grow better around them than anywhere else in Anquil, making a visit worth the risk, but with every eruption, everything is destroyed.
Spearpoint Mountains
A range of jagged, twisted mountains that jut upwards like pieces of broken glass. Formed of black obsidian, they are sharp as spears and many have fallen to their wicked peaks, slipping and falling to their deaths far below. The horrorbirds of this region have adapted to navigate the rocks with ease, and have developed a strong resistance to the strong mage storms that crash up against the mountains.
Valley of Rot
The Valley of Rot is a deep, uncrossable chasm that spans both long and wide. Rotting flesh and ancient bones litter the valley, there either due to victims of accidental falling, or due to purposeful dumping as a manner of funeral for those lost to age or sickness. Only the winged can navigate the putrid valley safely (and may do so if pickings are slim for food); to fall in means death by starvation, if not by impact first.

About Evylon

Evylon has long been called the land of magic; a Realm of Wonders and intrigue surpassing even that of Felnova. Many mysteries still lay hidden in its depths, coursing through veins of power buried in the earth. The strong reiatsu held by this world affects even the creatures who live there. It's considered one of the few Realms to have created its own, unique species; most notably the elves and the changed dragons who live alongside them.

Rarest among the Realms, only a very small portion of Evylon is inhabited; the middle continent, called Shi'vrann'aeli in the elven tongue, holds the only hospitable portion of them all. The rest is wild and untamed, scorched by mage-storms to the wicked north and cruel west. The sea that borders where the Heartwoodian elves make their home is called the Drowned Sea, for its reputation of sinking anything that attempts to float - or fly - over its raging surface. To the south, unnamed monsters roam, locked on a continent some scholars worry will someday collide with Shi'vrann'aeli, invading the helpless North.

This Realm is found to have no true gods. Therefore, the populace has taken to worship Daama, scion of light, their Ether Spirit and guardian. As leader of the Ethers, she is only made stronger by the faith of her followers and the strength of her Realm, as close to a goddess as any can be.

Realm Contributors: Verridith, Fyfergrund, and Nechesa