DRIAKKION, United Dragons

Home to every breed of Evylonian Dragon, Driakkion is a wild land of rugged natural beauty. The entire country lies within the remains of an ancient volcano of unrivaled size. Several smaller volcanoes can be found, and the entire region is frequently blanketed by a volcanic haze.

However, the gathered power of the dragons keeps the region relatively stable, if harsh and near inhospitable for other races.

Country/Area Name(s): Driakkion

Ruling Species: dragons

Native Language: Common, Drakonic

Capital(s): F'neilear Temple

Monarch(s): leaders of the Driakkion Clans


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: Evylonian Reds. LEADER: Patriarch Fyrendrang.
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: A constant haze of ash and embers hangs over the jagged peaks that surround Fyr'krae, and volcanic fumes linger in the air. Nestled inside of an old volcanic crater, the city's building are carved from the dark rock by magic and draconic claws. Within the depths of the crater, a roiling lava lake sits. Fires constantly burn within the lower caverns and tunnels, and a vast, fire-lit hatchery lies not far from the Queen's chambers. The Patriarch's chambers can be reached through a fire-filled tunnel right off the lake's edge.

CULTURE: Although Fyr'krae is officially ruled by Fyrendrang, his eldest living daughter has taken to reigning over the city as Queen as the Patriarch's advanced age has caused him to remove himself from much of the city's affairs. The often violent-minded, anger prone Reds are generally prevented from brawling with each other by a system of fines enforced by the Queen and her favored followers. The threat of losing their gathered riches is typically enough to keep most Reds in line, but the occasional fight does break out and is generally tolerated as long as it doesn't go too far. Many Reds swim in the lake, occasionally diving into its depths from a great height, and the city specializes in crafting obsidian goods, mainly for trade, but occasionally for their own use.

RACE: Evylonian Silvers. LEADER: Matriarch Girali (NPC).
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: Lunaris'vae is nestled in a shadowed valley, just out of the reach of the sun on the shores of Driakkion. On a nearby peak stands the Sun Stone, a large, reflective crystal that shines a brilliant light down upon the city. The gleaming, crystalline walls, spires, and domes of Lunaris'vae gleam with reflected light. Numerous fountains and water gardens adorn the city, and several of the spires are carved to produce soft melodies when the wind blows past them. In addition to that, numerous wind-chimes can be found all over the place.

CULTURE: The Silvers of Lunaris'vae are incorrigible hoarders of any objects of great beauty. However, despite their love of beauty, many refuse to adorn themselves with any jewelry, a their natural beauty is considered to be in need of no embellishment. The Silvers are most often found sitting in quiet contemplation of some object of beauty or another, if not their own reflection, or more rarely, discussing some object with another Silver. Otherwise, they mostly keep to themselves.

RACE: Evylonian Blacks. LEADER: Patriarch Kithanu (NPC).
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: Morracaru is carved from dark volcanic rock in a shadowed valley. Sinister and angular, the carved structures are lit within by specially enchanted red gems which cast a crimson light. The entire city is positioned so no light falls upon it, casting an eternal shadow upon it. Aside from what's obvious on the surface, numerous caverns and tunnels run beneath the surface, although they take care not to dig too deep lest they reach one of the many lava tubes running beneath the entire region.

CULTURE: Home to a vicious breed, Morracaru is a hotbed of feuds and violence, with fights breaking out on a regular basis as the various small clans within the city engage in small-scale wars. However, the fights are regulated by strict rules enforced by the Patriarch and his most favored followers, often his sons and daughters, who vie for his favor. When they aren't fighting one another, flights of Blacks often patrol the borders of Driakkion due to their vicious natures, a task they often share with the Reds.

RACE: Evylonian Golds. LEADER: Patriarch Koltu (NPC).
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: Nestled alongside Sunspear Ridge, Solaris'vae is a majestic sight. Many of its structures are gilded with gold set in intricate designs. Unlike most of the cities inhabited by Golds, Solaris'vae is in plain view. However, many of its doors and widows are concealed behind cleverly concealed panels, and numerous false doors are evident. Numerous illusions add to the aura of mystery. A large number of pillars stand within the city, and most of the structures are large enough for several Golds to gather.

CULTURE: Solaris'vae is far more likely to play host to visiting dragons of other colors than any other city in Driakkion. The most gregarious of the dragons of Evylon, the Golds are most likely to be found in social gatherings. The Golds of Solaris'vae are often found engaging in philosophical debates and public discourses on various subjects. They are frequently called upon to try to resolve disputes that arise between the various clans in Driakkion.

RACE: Evylonian Whites. LEADER: Matriarch Vildrezza (NPC).
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: Styraskjor is so named because of its resemblance to a massive fang, and its crown of ice. Numerous caves, some made of rock, some of ice, dot the sides of the mountain, and the smaller peaks nearby, often carefully crafted to defy being easily spotted. Near the summit is a large ice cavern that serves as the dwelling of Frostfang's Matriarch, as well as her mate and any offspring too young to look after themselves.

CULTURE: The Whites of Styraskjor rarely come together, preferring solitary lives or lives spent with their mates. However, occasionally the Matriarch will call them together for some reason or another, and males hold annual contests to compete for the favor of unmated females. The dragons here specialize in crafting ice enchanted to never melt into various goods, either for trade, or to adorn themselves.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake fills much of the interior of Driakkion, and provides an abundance of clean water. The water is cool and fresh, and the rare sighting of Indigoes within its depths prove there's at least one connection beneath the water to the oceans of Evylon.

A thick, tangled forest filled with an abundance of life, and a sizable number of Evylonian Greens. The forest marks one of the few breaks in the Shieldwall Mountains, but is hardly any easier to cross than that towering range. The haze inherent to much of the region hangs heavy in the air, making it hard to navigate, and the highly territorial Greens will attack anybody brave or foolish enough to trespass.

F'neilear Temple
A large, upraised dais of polished stone, adorned by seven towering pillars symbolizing the seven dragon-clans of Evylon. The temple is entirely open-air, and sits in the center of Crater Lake. Formal meetings between the clan leaders take place here, as well as the annual ritual to keep Driakkion safe from mage-storms.

Fire Canyon
A deep gorge, not far from Fyr'krae, filled with geysers, fumaroles, mudpots, and hot springs. A dense, sulfuric haze hangs over the canyon, making it difficult to travel across, and potentially dangerous as in some places the fumes are thick enough to make it hard to see the various hazards that fill the region.

Shieldwall Mountains
A massive mountain range that form the boundaries of a vast, ancient, volcanic caldera. Steep and towering, they present a nigh-impassible barrier for anybody without the ability to fly. There are three breaks in the mountain range, the widest being within the Driakkwood, a narrow pass that leads into Fire Canyon, and an underground passage that leads into the caverns below Morracaru.

Sunspear Ridge
A small offshoot of the Shieldwall Mountains, Sunspear Ridge is a series of five tall peaks of red-gold stone. Rich veins of gold run through the mountains, and the peaks serve as perches for Golds to keep watch, or to practice flying skills or magic away from their city.

Thunder Mountain
An active volcano with three peaks, standing on the opposite side of Fire Canyon from Fyr'krae. Smoke frequently rises from the cones, and occasionally the volcano unleashes minor eruptions, spewing some ash and causing some earthquakes.

About Evylon

Evylon has long been called the land of magic; a Realm of Wonders and intrigue surpassing even that of Felnova. Many mysteries still lay hidden in its depths, coursing through veins of power buried in the earth. The strong reiatsu held by this world affects even the creatures who live there. It's considered one of the few Realms to have created its own, unique species; most notably the elves and the changed dragons who live alongside them.

Rarest among the Realms, only a very small portion of Evylon is inhabited; the middle continent, called Shi'vrann'aeli in the elven tongue, holds the only hospitable portion of them all. The rest is wild and untamed, scorched by mage-storms to the wicked north and cruel west. The sea that borders where the Heartwoodian elves make their home is called the Drowned Sea, for its reputation of sinking anything that attempts to float - or fly - over its raging surface. To the south, unnamed monsters roam, locked on a continent some scholars worry will someday collide with Shi'vrann'aeli, invading the helpless North.

This Realm is found to have no true gods. Therefore, the populace has taken to worship Daama, scion of light, their Ether Spirit and guardian. As leader of the Ethers, she is only made stronger by the faith of her followers and the strength of her Realm, as close to a goddess as any can be.

Realm Contributors: Verridith, Fyfergrund, and Nechesa