By Tooth And Claw Dragons
DRIAKKION, United Dragons

Home to every breed of Evylonian Dragon, Driakkion is a wild land of rugged natural beauty. The entire country lies within the remains of an ancient volcano of unrivaled size. Several smaller volcanoes can be found, and the entire region is frequently blanketed by a volcanic haze.

However, the gathered power of the dragons keeps the region relatively stable, if harsh and near inhospitable for other races.

Country/Area Name(s): Driakkion

Ruling Species: dragons

Native Language: Common, Drakonic

Capital(s): F'neilear Temple

Monarch(s): leaders of the Driakkion Clans


Driakkion architecture is almost universally carved stone mixed with various crystals and gemstones, chosen according to clan tastes. Structures both above and below-ground are designed solely with dragons in mind. Anything above ground will grand, imposing, and solidly built. Whites may incorporate enchanted ice into their structures with hard-faced walls, where Golds often accent their buildings with illusion and light. Reds enjoy using fire-resistant tile and sheer obsidian, where Blacks grow black crystal around whatever stone they carve or build. Wood is very rarely used, and when it is, almost always treated or enchanted against rot, burning, and splintering.

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Driakkion is kept free from the magestorms that plague much of Evylon, but almost the entire continent is covered by a haze of volcanic vapors. Within the borders of the Shieldwall Mountains, around the shores of Crater Lake, the climate remains largely temperate year-round, though winter brings chill winds, and often snowfall blankets the ground.

Along the heights of the mountains, the climate is a good deal colder, and winters are harsh. Cold winds, ice, and snow are common, aside from around Fyr'krae, which is spared the cold due to the immense heat rising from the lava lake at its center.

South of the Shieldwall Mountains the climate tends to be humid, especially within Driakkwood, as the haze keeps the air warm and ocean breezes carry moist sea air inland. Winters in the south aren't so harsh, but shelter outside Driakkwood is difficult to come by.

To the north, the land is gripped year-round by ice and snow, largely due to the influence of the native Whites who call the frozen land home.

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Cultural Tendencies

Driakkion is a rugged land of great natural beauty, kept free of magestorms by the gathered power of its draconic inhabitants. While the dragons of Evylon tend to dwell in Driakkion in large numbers, they zealously guard the land from all intruders as most of the dragon clans are either intolerant of other races, or don't care enough to object, with the exception of the Golds.

The various clans of Driakkion tend to hold strong to their various cultural values, with only rare exceptions.

Given draconic intolerance of outsiders, other races are exceptionally rare on Driakkion, and are almost entirely beast races. Humanoids are almost unheard of, as by and large they lack the means to survive without giving away their presence. Those few who are foolish enough to try are either very skilled at hiding, or have tacit Gold assistance. Small, subterranean humanoid villages - most often filled with around a dozen individuals descended from mixed-race hybrids - dwell in constant fear of those above, and seek to avoid the dragons whenever possible. Most Evylonian drakes see them as a nuisance or pest, and despite their ability to communicate, have few qualms about making a snack of any humanoid they may catch.

While safeguarding Driakkion as a whole tends to fall to Wings of Blacks, Whites, and Reds, Golds and Silvers will take wing to answer calls to war, or face any great threat. Such events tend to be rare, but the skies above Driakkion fill with the beating of countless wings. Driakkion Indigos do not consider the abovewater wars to be worth their while, and Greens most often concern themselves with their own clans and no others.

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Economy and Trade

On a whole, Driakkion is well known for its spectacular gemstones rendered from expansive mines beneath the draconic continent, great caverns that extend for miles where the Evylonian dragons can move with ease. While precious and semi-precious stones are the most commonly pulled from the earth and the northern mines the most worked, other operations for metals and quarrying for stone blocks is another avenue for Drakkions to trade.

The top grades of gemstones and other valuable items mined and harvested are often kept within the clans, and those of lesser quality are exported to Shi'vrann'aeli, the Empire of Halgia, and other Realms beside. Ports exist in eastern and northward-facing shores where the dragon clans will accept outside traders, and the Golds will allow outsiders to visit their cities to barter their wares, though the Blacks, Reds and Whites are far less accommodating. The Greens only trade with other dragons, and the Indigos trade only with themselves.


Most high-grade precious gemstones are mined, cut, and polished in the north of Driakkion, where the expansive mines of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and more hold an immense yield. These mines and caverns are jealously guarded, and exist in the territories of the Whites and Silvers primarily, though they extend underground even into Red and Black lands. Evylonian Whites may also craft and sell enchanted ever-ice that does not melt and isn't terribly cold, fashioned into an assortment of trinkets, often jewelry and other adornments.


The dragons of the eastern mountains are generally from various clans, and work several quarries for marble, granite and other similar rock. Large dragons are capable of cutting and moving great blocks, and are known for their craftsmanship in keeping corners and lines very straight. Most of what comes out of these quarries are used by the clans, though multiple merchants are willing to sell to outsiders - provided they can take the blocks away themselves.


The western reaches of Driakkion hold mines worked by the Reds and Blacks, where semi-precious stones - such as agate, diopside and turquoise - are commonly mined. Though these mines are not as expansive as those found northwards, they are desirable for their versatility and beauty, both for magical uses and those in jewelry, decoration and adornment. Obsidian and pumice is also harvested and may be traded for an assortment of uses. Most popular - aside from the gems - is the Red's fertile volcanic ash, sought after by farmers who wish to enrich their fields for a healthier crop.


Most of the southern half of Driakkion is largely unclaimed by any single clan, though Golds hold a swath of territory near the middle and the Greens guard the forests and jungles beneath the crater-lake with extreme resilience to outsiders. Mines of many metals - most notably mithril, greatly sought after by the Halgian Empire and the elves of the east - can be found here, along with gold, silver, iron and copper.

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Inns and Taverns Icy Peak Inn
City: N/A. Size: Large. Primary Language: Common.

A large inn located high in the Shieldwall mountains. It is gargantuan, built for dragons by the ice clans of the north, serving all who would travel to Styraskjor and beyond. Run by a pair of Evylonian Whites who carved it out of the mountain peaks, crafting its walls with eternal ice, it nevertheless serves all dragonkin regardless of scale hue or clan association. The deeper within the mountain one goes, the warmer and more accommodating the cavern-rooms are, and as such the inn can serve even Reds in the midst of a blizzard.

From a distance, and in visually reducing weather, the Icy Peak looks much like any other mountainside; thus, Whites may patrol the immediate area in case potential patrons get lost, and offer them a warm meal and a place out of the cold. In sunlight, the icy spires and straight walls are easy to spot, and shine brilliantly against the backdrop of the ever-snowy Shieldwalls. Unfortunately, there is no way for non-flying creatures to access the inn, and thus any humanoids or other unwinged creatures looking to stay will need help both getting into and out of the tavern.

Red's Gaze
City: Fyr'krae. Size: Medium. Primary Language: Common.

An inn of middling size located on the outskirts of southern Fyr'krae. Led by an elderly Red, one known for his fascination with treasure and constantly-glowing eyes, it serves both dragons and non-dragons traveling through the volcanic mountains of Driakkion. Though the old innkeeper no longer has a hoard of gold and jewels (at least, not that his patrons can find), he offers only the best in food and drink, with accommodations for all comers.

Built of black stone blocks and partially nestled in the caverns of a jagged mountain, it is conspicuous for its red-tiled roof made to look like plated scales. The doors are large, arched, and made of heat-treated wood resistant to burning, painted a similar red to the roof. Inside, the common room is very large, with plenty of space for dragons to lounge and humanoids to sit, with tunnels leading to rooms underground.

Sunbeam Tavern
City: Solaris'vae. Size: Medium. Primary Language: Common.

Settled in the middle of Solaris'vae, the Sunbeam Tavern is led by a young, bright Evylonian Gold and White hybrid who specializes in illusion and sleight of hand. It is a popular destination, appearing differently day by day depending on a multitude of things - the innkeeper's mood, the time of day, the season, what important personages may be visiting, and more. Bards and entertainers of all types frequent this inn, and shows are advertised all across the city beforehand. While most fare served is meat dishes that dragons enjoy, smaller dishes are available to the passing non-dragon, and the Sunbeam's icy brewery is legendary for its booze.

Beneath the illusions and enchantments, the Sunbeam Tavern is built of white stone and bleached wood in spiraling towers and sweeping walls. It has no doors or windows, as the weather is kept out using magic; gemlights stud the walls, and intricate metalwork shines around every archway, dais, and opening. Illusions give it a glowing, ethereal quality, adding decorations and features according to the innkeeper's whims.

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Racial Configuration

While humanoids in any great number are nigh unheard of in the vastness of Driakkion, a limited number persist - often underground where the dragons cannot follow, or near Gold settlements where they might be protected. Subterranean villages usually hold no more than ten to twenty individuals, and this number has been declining in recent years. Dragon-watchers who guard those that must travel aboveground appear weathered, but robust and stronger than their fellows.

Descended from southern Halgians and eastern-dwelling elves and humans from Heartwood, these mixed-race individuals are short, stocky, broad of face and feature. Their skin is often dark, as are their eyes, and their hair color ranges from a ruddy brown to a night black, never blond or red, though some may be streaked in lighter colors. Most have slightly pointed ears and higher cheekbones, though the more delicate features of their parent races have long since been bred out. Humanoid visitors who see these men and women often mistake them for tall dwarves (before they are quickly ushered underground, where the dangers of the winged terrors above are explained with urgency).

Most, if not all, of these villages can be found below the great volcanic mountains, in the southern regions of Driakkion.

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These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: Evylonian Reds. LEADER: current Patriarch/Matriarch.
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: Fyr'krae is nestled inside an old volcano crater, and is shrouded with a haze of ash, embers, and volcanic fumes. The city is carved from basalt, hewn from the rock by draconic claws, and decorated with a wide variety of red crystals and gemstones that serve as both decoration and lighting. The bottom of the crater is filled with a roiling lava lake, and the lowest tunnels and chambers are blazing hot and often filled with fire.

The Patriarch's and Queen's chambers sit on opposite sides of the lava lake, and a large hatchery sits nearby, kept warm and well-lit by fire and rivulets of lava. The upper levels house several arenas devoted to training for war, duels, physical competitions, and the occasional public trial. The heights above the city have carved platforms for sentries.

CULTURE: A city of rigid laws and harsh discipline, Fyr'krae is home to the temperamental Evylonian Reds. Violence outside of one of the arenas is strictly forbidden, and a rigid code governs behavior within the arenas, whether it be for sport, to settle a dispute, or be a duel to the death. Most Reds prefer to engage in various sports to display their physical prowess, both on the ground and in the air, and wrestling, races, or mountain climbing are popular sports.

While the city is officially ruled by the great Patriarch Fyrendrang, the foremost of his daughters has taken to styling herself Queen, and tending to most of the day to day governing of the city, along with her favored followers, often members of her own family, to enforce the law.

Reds of Fyr'krae prefer to adorn themselves with darksteel jewelry decorated with polished obsidian and and crystals or gemstones of a reddish hue they may get their claws on. Some reds, especially warriors, tend to extend this to ceremonial armor to display their rank, and any battle awards they've earned.

RACE: Evylonian Silvers. LEADER: Matriarch Girali (NPC).
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: Lunaris'vae is nestled in a shadowed valley, just out of the reach of the sun on the shores of Driakkion. On a nearby peak stands the Sun Stone, a large, reflective crystal that shines a brilliant light down upon the city. The gleaming, crystalline walls, spires, and domes of Lunaris'vae gleam with reflected light. Numerous fountains and water gardens adorn the city, and several of the spires are carved to produce soft melodies when the wind blows past them.

Silver filigree is a common adornment throughout the city, used to denote the social standing, trade, and lineage of the dragons who dwell within any structure, and provide directions for those who can decipher the subtle meanings used by the Silvers. The Matriarch's dwelling is decorated extensively with silver filigree and numerous white diamonds, and enjoys a lofty position atop the city where the light reflected by the Sun Stone sets it to gleaming and sparkling.

CULTURE: The Silvers of Lunaris'vae tend to keep to themselves, and look down upon most visitors. Within the bounds of their gleaming city, they tend to engage in crafting various works of art, to intricate metalwork, jewelsmithing, painting, poetry, music, and similar endeavors. Time not spent crafting is usually passed in discussions about various works of art, or meditating by fountains or in gardens.

While Silvers tend to disdain adorning themselves with jewelry, those who devote themselves to fighting will have suits of elegant armor crafted for themselves, disdaining armor crafted by Golds or other dragons, as no Silver will lightly tolerate the possibility of bearing scars, and those that do will rarely show themselves in public.

Similarly, they tend to shun sports that carry the risk of disfiguring injury, save for the Wind Dance, an annual feat where they display their beauty, agility, grace, and precision in the sky above Lunaris'vae. There, they will show off their skills, and those taking part will practice extensively, as the closer the one can get to a fellow Dancer the better it reflects one oneself, any collision is seen as a major insult, and shameful blunder.

RACE: Evylonian Blacks. LEADER: Patriarch Kithanu (NPC).
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: Morracaru is nestled deep in a valley, situated so the city is constantly covered in shadow. The dark basalt of the valley has been deliberately carved to be angular, and confusing for outsiders to navigate. This has the added effect of presenting a sinister facade to any outsiders who approach the city. Within, the tunnels and chambers are lit with bright red crystals, and lined with polished obsidian.

Most of the city lies beneath the surface, in twisting tunnels and caverns, though numerous shafts connect the surface to the deepest depths of the city. The labyrinthine depths are further divided along familial lines, and at the very heart of the city is the Patriarch's chamber, made of a solid piece of magically grown ebony crystal.

CULTURE: As the home of the vicious Evylonian Blacks, Morracaru is a hotbed of intrigue, feuds, and violence. To ensure the city doesn't fall apart and descend into a full-blown bloodbath, its inhabitants, under the cunning, watchful eyes of the reigning Matriarchs and Patriarchs, have over the centuries refined a system of alliances, vendettas, and killings into a twisted art form.

A rigid code governs where and when violence is permitted, who is eligible for targeting, and what injuries are allowed to be inflicted. The highest ranks of society, and the most coveted dwellings, are thus occupied by the most ruthlessly cunning of the Blacks, and they zealously guard their exalted positions in society.

The Black Wings, made up largely of Morracaru Blacks who lack connections to the more prestigious families, serve as soldiers and sentinels for most of Driakkion, the exceptions being the frozen north, and near Fyr'krae. They take great pride in their position of honor, and spend much of their time directing their violent, bloodthirsty tendencies in training for battle, making them a force to be reckoned with within Morracaru and beyond.

RACE: Evylonian Golds. LEADER: Patriarch Koltu (NPC).
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: The gilded crown of the Sunspear Ridge, Solaris'vae stands proudly atop the mountains. The city is carved from the red-gold stone of the Sunspear Ridge, adorned further with gilded gold, and boasts the most open, inviting design in all of Driakkion. While its numerous public spaces are open-air, or large, open spaces beneath solid roofs supported by ornate pillars, private dwellings are adorned with cleverly hidden doors and windows. Myriad illusions further add to the allure of the city.

Numerous forums and theaters can be found throughout the city, large enough for small crowds of Golds to gather and intermingle to discuss various topics, engage in debates, or deliver lectures, though the latter case is mostly a matter of a teacher instructing students.

The Palace of the Patriarch (or Matriarch as appropriate), stands atop the highest point in the city, and offers a wide platform for visiting dragons to land. Within, the walls are adorned with wooden paneling of an amber shade, and the palace also doubles as an archive and library, though admittance is carefully arranged.

CULTURE: Easily the most gregarious of the Evylonian Dragons, the Golds spend much of their time learning about and discussing the merits of various foreign cultures, or playing host to dragons of other clans who may be paying Solaris'vae a visit. Many Golds will collect various arts and crafts from cultures and races they are particularly intrigued by, as well as gifts given to them by non-dragon friends they've made over the years.

Aside from being the repository for literature of all kinds, from poems and stories to various public records and reports, Solaris'vae also serves as the cultural center of Driakkion and its foremost center of learning. It's not uncommon to find fledglings from other clans learning alongside fledgling Golds, though few members of other clans ever truly abandon their own cultural behavior and outlook on life.

While they prefer the role of teacher or adviser, the Golds will willingly take on the role of protector should any threats arise, and they craft suits of armor for all clans, save the Whites and Silvers who take great pride in crafting their own, for use in times of war, and it is the Golds who will handle most negotiations and serve as liaisons between dragons of Driakkion and outsiders.

RACE: Evylonian Whites. LEADER: Matriarch Vildrezza (NPC).
LANGUAGE(S): Drakonic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Driakkion.

APPEARANCE: The central spire of Styraskjor resembles a vast fang, crowned with ice. The peaks surrounding it are less well defined, but only barely less impressive, as they form an intimidating barrier for those with wings, and a nigh-insurmountable barrier for those without. The central spire and the inner slopes of the surroundings peaks are pockmarked by various dwellings carved out of the rock and ice, with icy entrances formed to the desires of the occupants.

Few of these dwellings connect to neighboring chambers, as the cold of their icy home doesn't both the Whites, who prefer to gather in the open during social occasions. While they tend to perch atop the jagged peaks to meet, on occasion they will be forced to gather on the icy plain surrounding the central spire. At the top of the spire, the Matriarch's lair is cared from the ice, and serves as home to her, her mate, and any offspring of fledgling age or younger, while immediately below it dwell her favored followers.

CULTURE: While the Whites tend to keep to themselves, and only rarely gather in any sizable numbers, hey will often band together to go find something to hunt, both to bring back food for themselves, and simply for sport, sentient or no, as any who venture into their territory without being invited are considered fair game. They tend to freeze their most noteworthy victims in solid ice and bring them back to their lairs, while the unworthy are left frozen were they fell.

On those rare occasions when they intermingle, they enjoy boasting about their hunts, and love to show off their trophies, with the most successful hunters earning a position of prestige among their fellows. These hunters are often to be found leading bands of followers out on patrols, on hunts, or occasionally to war.

Unique among all Evylonian Dragons, Whites craft adornments made of ice for themselves, heavily enchanted to not melt, forming them to their own preferences. During dangerous hunts, patrols, or ties of war, they craft suits of ice armor for themselves, disdaining use of metal, and often augment their natural weapons with icy additions.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Crater Lake

Vast, deep, and surprisingly clear, Crater Lake serves as a reliable source of fresh water for the dragons of Driakkion. As such, the lake is considered to be neutral ground. Clear as it is, its depths are dark, and left to the Indigoes who are very rarely spotted swimming deep below. It is said that hundreds of submersed, subterranean tunnels and caves line the bottom, where the Indigo dragons make their homes. Every once in a while, a flicker of light may be seen in the depths - though whether this is the flash of scales or a gemlight being moved, it's often difficult to tell.


A thick, tangled forest filled with an abundance of life, and a sizable number of Evylonian Greens. The forest marks one of the few breaks in the Shieldwall Mountains, but is hardly any easier to cross than that towering range. The haze inherent to much of the region hangs heavy in the air, making it hard to navigate, and the highly territorial Greens will attack anybody brave or foolish enough to trespass.

The Driakkwood is known to be one of the most ancient old-growth forests in Evylon, aside from Heartwood; as such, it is considered sacred by many types of dragons, despite ownership being claimed by the Greens. The outskirts, where smaller and younger trees grow, are not as heavily patrolled and thus are safer to visit than the deeper and older sections. However, any Green that finds any trace of trespass will seek to find the intruder, and may call others to his or her aid should it be something they cannot handle alone.

F'neilear Temple

A large, upraised dais of polished stone, adorned by seven towering pillars symbolizing the seven dragon-clans of Evylon. The temple is entirely open-air, and sits in the center of Crater Lake. Formal meetings between the clan leaders take place here, as well as the annual ritual to keep Driakkion safe from mage-storms.

Despite honoring the seven clans, Greens hardly ever leave their forest, let alone attend meetings, and in all of Driakkion's attendance no Indigo has ever surfaced to take part aside from in ancient legends. Shedding blood is strictly forbidden, and any hint of violence is met with strong rebukes.

Fire Canyon

A deep gorge, not far from Fyr'krae, filled with geysers, fumaroles, mudpots, and hot springs. A dense, sulfuric haze hangs over the canyon, making it difficult to travel across, and potentially dangerous as in some places the fumes are thick enough to make it hard to see the various hazards that fill the region.

Dragons frequently brave its depths to gather some of the crystals and gemstones that can be found there, or in the case of Reds to take part in dangerous stunts. Occasionally, a Black Wing will use the canyon for training purposes.

Shieldwall Mountains

A massive mountain range that form the boundaries of a vast, ancient, volcanic caldera. Steep and towering, they present a nigh-impassible barrier for anybody without the ability to fly. There are three breaks in the mountain range, the widest being within the Driakkwood, a narrow pass that leads into Fire Canyon, and an underground passage that leads into the caverns below Morracaru.

Many outposts serving as bases for Black Wings serving as sentinels dot the mountain peaks, arranged where they can be seen by a Wings on distant peaks, making it extra difficult for outsiders to infiltrate.

Sunspear Ridge

A small offshoot of the Shieldwall Mountains, Sunspear Ridge is a series of five tall peaks of red-gold stone. Rich veins of gold run through the mountains, and the peaks serve as perches for Golds to keep watch, or to practice flying skills or magic away from their city.

As the ridge is home to Solaris'vae, numerous Gold Wings are constantly on patrol in the area, and they are quick to drive away intruders, both to keep their city safe, and to ensure the intruders don't run into any of the less forgiving Black Wings that might be around.

Thunder Mountain

An active volcano with three peaks, standing on the opposite side of Fire Canyon from Fyr'krae. Smoke frequently rises from the cones, and occasionally the volcano unleashes minor eruptions, spewing some ash and causing some earthquakes. These eruptions are commonly accompanied by resounding booms that can be heard across much of Driakkion, and tsunamis that hammer the shores of Crater Lake.

About Evylon

Evylon has long been called the land of magic; a Realm of Wonders and intrigue surpassing even that of Felnova. Many mysteries still lay hidden in its depths, coursing through veins of power buried in the earth. The strong reiatsu held by this world affects even the creatures who live there. It's considered one of the few Realms to have created its own, unique species; most notably the elves and the changed dragons who live alongside them.

Rarest among the Realms, only a very small portion of Evylon is inhabited; the middle continent, called Shi'vrann'aeli in the elven tongue, holds the only hospitable portion of them all. The rest is wild and untamed, scorched by mage-storms to the wicked north and cruel west. The sea that borders where the Heartwoodian elves make their home is called the Drowned Sea, for its reputation of sinking anything that attempts to float - or fly - over its raging surface. To the south, unnamed monsters roam, locked on a continent some scholars worry will someday collide with Shi'vrann'aeli, invading the helpless North.

This Realm is found to have no true gods. Therefore, the populace has taken to worship Daama, scion of light, their Ether Spirit and guardian. As leader of the Ethers, she is only made stronger by the faith of her followers and the strength of her Realm, as close to a goddess as any can be.

Realm Contributors: Verridith, Fyfergrund, and Nechesa