The Halfling

General Information;

Diminutive creatures with a deep connection to the land, they avoid direct conflict whenever possible, and tend to stay out of the affairs of other species. However, despite their simple, rather isolationist lifestyle, they will defend themselves with great tenacity if provoked.


Name:: Halfling

Average Lifespan:: 300 years

Average Height:: 3'2

Average Weight:: 60 pounds

Location Found:: Primarily Evylon, but also abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Fauns Halflings hold a special friendship with the faun, and often invite them to play music in their gardens, which results in beautiful plants and flowers. They are merry and kind, and as fauns are friends of the forest and the elves, trade is strong between halfling settlements and all who dwell beneath the forest's boughs.


Species info credited to Fyfergrund and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance As their name suggests, they are roughly half the size of the average human or elf. Slender and wiry, they are quick on their feet, and very athletic. Their features are rather elven in appearance, fine-featured and beardless, while their ears are slightly pointed. They often go without shoes, and their feet are callused and rather hairy. Their clothing is generally simple, but well-tailored. Older halflings start to develop a paunch and heavier faces than young ones, usually starting well into their second century of life.

Culture When confronted with danger, most halflings will use their small size and quick footwork to make a break for it. However, if retreat isn't an option, they will defend themselves with great tenacity and cunning, preferring ranged weaponry of all kinds, and hit-and-run tactics.

When halflings officially come of age, they receive their very first, cobbler-made pair of shoes, specially crafted to fit their feet, and the entire town will turn out to celebrate, which they do every chance they get. Coming of age ceremonies, marriages, harvest time, barn raising, seasonal festivals, and any excuse they can think of.

Their gardens are their most prized possessions, and they tend to hoard the food harvested from them, although they will use festivals as excuses to share this hoarded wealth with the community.

As they go out of their way to avoid violence, they have developed a unique way to settle disputes. To settle disputes, or during them, they will steal from each other, striving to be the one to steal something of the greatest value. The town council will make a ruling in favor of whoever proved to be the better thief in the event a dispute is brought before them.

Abilities Amazingly quick on their feet, they can move without a single sound when they have a mind to. Sharp eyes and nimble fingers make them excellent marksmen, and they often practice with short bows, blowguns, throwing knives, bolas, and whatever ranged weaponry they might prefer to use. Likewise, those sharp eyes and nimble fingers make them naturally gifted crafts-folk, and they make fine tailors and weavers, with cobblers being held in high regard.

They are avid gardeners, and several of them can read the earth and the weather with uncanny precision to better plan a garden layout, or house foundation. Their houses are constructed of whatever natural materials are close by and abundant, ranging from stone to sod, and anything in between. These dwellings always fit the land, which is left as undisturbed as possible, leading to houses that twist and turn, and rise along the sides of hills instead of cutting into them.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 1020. Realm of Origin: Evylon.

On rare occasions, Evylon’s chaotic energies bring about advantageous changes in those affected by the Realm; such is the case with the halflings. Originally, they were humans like any other. It was their misfortune, however, to have settled in a rather dangerous part of the Realm, and they were forced to keep on the move constantly to avoid danger.

As time passed, they found themselves growing smaller, but quicker, and more agile. As they grew ever smaller with each passing generation, they began to find it was easier and easier to both avoid whatever dangers might threaten them, and to build dwellings that nothing large enough to threaten them could fit in.

Dubbed halflings when they next encountered normal-sized humans, they took the name for themselves, and wore it proudly as they settled where previously they were forced to flee, turning their small stature to their advantage. Indeed, they were prosperous enough that humans and even elves came to rely on them for foodstuffs when their own crops failed.

In the following centuries, they adapted so well to life on Evylon that they gained a reputation as almost carefree wanderers in their youth, and level-headed homebodies in their later years, extraordinarily resilient despite their short stature and lack of any great magics.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.