The Evylonian Deer

General Information;

Unique to Evylon, though now found in other places around the Realms, is an intelligent species of large deer, varied and gifted with magical affinity. They hold the ability to speak, and they hold a kinship with the elves, their alliance dating back to ancient times.


Name:: Evylonian Deer

Average Lifespan:: 600 Years

Average Height:: 4 feet at the withers

Average Weight:: Varies

Location Found:: Primarily Evylon, otherwise abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Graceful and proud, Evylonian deer are large, intelligent cervians who can be found in a variety of builds and coloration. Most that dwell in the forests of Evylon are smaller, delicate and lithe, with small branching antlers and light, smooth fur. Those that live among the mountains are more solidly built, thicker and more heavily built, with broader, stronger antlers that they often hang decorations from and carve in intricate designs. Deer that live in snowy regions have long, flowing fur and horselike manes, with their build and antlers varying among individuals. Pelt colors vary widely, though browns, blacks, grays and whites are most common. Markings vary even more - they can be of any color and any design, natural or not. Their antlers are often black, white, or grey, though many colors have been reported, and some may appear to be crystalline or pearlescent in design. Both bucks and does can have antlers, though bucks tend to have much larger, stronger ones for battling other males and defending their does from attack.

Unlike regular deer herds, that can grow into the hundreds in numbers, most Evylonian deer live in small groups or travel alone. They are skilled at carving and shaping things with their antlers alone, and often when two groups come together, they share their artistry between themselves. Shed antlers are often kept to trade with the elves, and many like to live close to elven settlements, shunning other two-legged creatures for hunting them in the past. Though they do not condone, as a species, the killing of anything, they allow the hunting of normal deer so long as their own are not targeted. Most small herds are led by a single male, the strongest and bravest among them, until either he dies or another buck takes his place by combat. Unclaimed bucks may fight over unclaimed does during the springtime breeding season, though it isn't uncommon for a pair to choose one another to breed with year after year. Offspring are common, but are often prime targets for bloodwolf or dragon prey.

Though not many are overly gifted with magic, all have the uncanny ability to both 'speak' with nature, and request that the various elements help them do various things. If they wish, they can disappear into a forest with ease, their tracks can disappear, and their scent hidden from any pursuer. They can understand many different languages, if not learn to speak it themselves, and are considered very wise in the workings of the world.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 280. Realm of Origin: Evylon.

Deep beneath the stormy skies and away from Death's reign of terror fled L'zayn, alone; she settled in a crystalline cavern far from all, near a glowing pool that reflected the beautiful walls tenfold. In its light, the goddess looked at her reflection, and was surprised to see tears course down the sides of her cervine face; Death had separated her from her fellow gods, and for the first time in a millenia, she felt the touch of true despair in her heart.

All they had been able to do was hide, run, and create in the hopes that, someday, he might be able to be destroyed. Most of their creations were strong, yes; but they were fleeting, or ungraceful. But it was not too late; no, it couldn't be. She knew what she wanted to create, and she stepped into the crystalline pool, dipping her muzzle into its glittering depths.

Her tears slid down into the waters, and shone with golden light where they touched; each tear turned into a drop of glowing metal, sinking to the very bottom. As they fused with the crystal beneath, the waters began to bubble, and she stepped out and turned to watch, as form began to grow from the first, crystals rising above as the single tear split into two, shimmering as eyes in the glittering mass. Carefully, she shaped the form to have four strong legs, and froze the water dripping from it into long, hanging icicles; two ears she gave it, an equine head and neck, and a long, curved horn.

Reaching forward, the goddess brushed her muzzle against the crystal-equine's, and its shimmering veneer shattered and fell away - it revealed a large, drafty equine creature with cloven hooves, a short tail, and a branching horn rising from his nose. You are the First Auroch, she told him, as he pawed and snorted; awakening his mind, she smiled, and let the others form into the rest of the first auroch herd. You will grant your strength and beauty to this land, and rule the forests and grasslands justly. For you are Auroch, blessed of L'zayn, and you are the beloved of the gods.


The forests of Evylon have long been wild and untamed, and the ancient gods of the Realm were concerned for the people who lived there. They debated among themselves, and eventually searched all across the Realm for a solution. Finally, one of them spotted a beautiful auroch, and watched as it made its way through the forest with great ease and graceful power.

After observing the auroch for a good while, the gods decided they had their answer. They took the auroch, and refined its form into one more slender and quick, and split the single horn upon its nose into two branching antlers set above the eyes. They modeled it after the veryl deer so common amid the trees, but gave it intelligence unlike its dumb cousin; the ability to reason and speak like any other race. They gave it authority over the forest, to command it and call upon its power to aid the creature, and hide it away from any who might seek to hurt it or its kind.

The new-made Evylonian deer went forth, and served as a companion to the elves of Heartwood, and the gods took more aurochs and blessed them in much the same was as they had the first. As the years passed, the deer increased in number, and several small herds formed, and spread out, while a number of deer took to wandering alone.

The gods of Evylon knew their time was fading, but they were content to know that the Evylonian deer would always be there to help those who were true friends of the forests after the gods had faded from all memory. As for the first, its fate is lost to time, though some say that it still walks the woods unseen, long grown too wise and cunning to be seen.

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Name: Erasmos. Location: sleeps within a hidden clearing in Xaeri's deepest forests. Status: Alive.

The First Auroch is a large and powerful male with long fur and a strong build. His single horn is large and branching, erupting from his nose much like that of a modern rhino. His ears are long, but rounded, and can swivel back and forth in both expression and sound detection, with fluffy insides. Each cloven hoof is very large and thick, and the ground thunders beneath him as he walks, trots, and gallops. The thick fur that covers his body is in alternating shades of silver, white, and grey, shimmering with light.

Erasmos is known to be a proud defender of any who is weaker than he; his wrath is one to shake Realms, and his fury is feared by all. He is arrogant and egotistical, seeing himself as above and beyond even the rules of gods, refusing even direct orders without power in their words.


Classification: Large, flying deer. Location: Populate sky continents, such as those found in Noctis and Stroen'na.

A peculiar offshoot of the Evylonian deer that holds the ability to fly. They are said to have been affected by the energies that give sky continents their effortlessly floating state, and fly much like eastern dragons, without the advent of wings. Newborn and fledgling fawns are considered precious, for their tendency to fall while trying to fly and crash to their deaths far, far below.

False Kirin
Classification: Demonic deer. Location: Specifically Kurai.

The false kirin is a subspecies of deer, not kirin, who have come to dwell in Kurai. They are dark pelted with very bright, warning markings, and their eyes are often oddly colored and mismatched. The most unique feature, however, is their antlers - two that, over time, twist upwards and around each other, forming a single antler. They have the same ability to speak and to ask nature to help them hide; their venison is highly sought after in Kurai, despite their active intelligence.

Classification: carnivorous, avian deer. Location: abroad.

First realized as a hybrid or mutant of skydeer, perytons are large, carnivorous deer with feathered wings and tails, as well as the hind legs of a bird of prey. A peryton may be found in any color, with a great variety of markings, as well as often brightly marked and boldly colored wings. All perytons have sharp teeth and feathered wings; males have antlers and females do not. Some may be born without forelegs, appearing more birdlike than deerlike, and others may be born with talons on the forelegs, or both, but this is rarely found. Feathers can be found anywhere across the entire body, and completely-feathered perytons are uncommon, but not rare.

An individual peryton is generally very territorial, and will challenge any - herbivore or carnivore - who stray into their borders. However, they are much more docile if accepted into a small group, and are brave companions to any who can gain their trust. Perytons are proud and intelligent, both on their own and among others of their kind. Groups of perytons are called 'packs', and usually involve no more than four or five members.