By Tooth And Claw Dragons
STROEN'NA, Land of Wings

A massive sky-continent floating above the clouds, located high over Alubria's northernmost part. So secluded, this country is primarily populated by avians, and its wealthy class reflects this immensely. Avian culture is structured around multiple occupations, with two ruling families who govern the majority of Stroen'na, using delegates from each who preside over each city. This is passed down by blood, and all decisions are made via the royal family - the common avian rarely has a say. Nonetheless, no leader has ever ruled Stroen'na unjustly, and so the common folk are contented with their lot. The current leader is Ramuh, who resides in Midgar.

Gryphons, dragons, and anything that can take to the skies are considered their allies. The gryphon flights that span the continent share kinship with the avians and they trade various resources, including many gemstones and metals sacred and blessed with power.

Instead of worshiping one of the Five, they choose to honor Linath, goddess of the Soulplane, as she shares similarities with them even if she had no hand in their creation. Her feathers they have legends about; her gems are why gemstones mined in Stroen'na are sacred.

Country/Area Name(s): Stroen'na

Ruling Species: avian

Native Language: Common

Capital(s): Midgar

Monarch(s): Lord Fire (NPC), and Lord Girad (NPC); heads of both royal families.

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These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: avian. LEADER: Lord Fire (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Stroen'na.

APPEARANCE: A sprawling city built upon a handful of scattered islands at the very center of Stroen'na. Upon the largest sky-island lay a tall fortress with towering white walls, inlaid with decorative crystal that catches and reflects the morning sun. At its center lay a massive courtyard and a moat that drops away to the sky below, crossed with curved drawbridges engraved with mantled wings. The residence of Lord Fire, the city's leader, lay within the keep, its interior decoration echoing elven design. The statues of birds are found frequently throughout the city, flanking every gate, and can be found emblazoned on every door of the tall, proud keep.

The rest of the city is found amid heavily forested areas in the surrounding islets, homes often nestled in amid tall, blossoming trees. Roads are few and far between, found mostly in the marketplace, on the second-largest island near the central fortress.

CULTURE: The city of Midgar celebrates flight and those creatures with wings; they look down upon the earthwalkers far beneath, and ban all who cannot fly from their city gates. A such, Midgar is often looked upon with distaste by those who have been barred entry, including the dragonriders of Vystriana and various creature-riding sky-pirates that frequent Stroen'nian skies. In the wintertime, the city gathers for a bonfire festival held in the central fortress, where Midgardian mages spin shapes of birds into the thick smoke.

RACE: avian, gryphon. LEADER: Lord Girad (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Stroen'na.

APPEARANCE: The island is a rather massive one compared to some of the smaller ones surrounding it; but part of this is due to the massive mountain on the island. It has become the center piece of all culture and living for its inhabitants. The city is actually built partially outside of the mountain with the core of the city built on the inside. It is here that both races live and flourish together. The city is kept well, and often the people here are very wealthy, as they can use the minerals and metals found naturally in the mountain for trade. All the main operations are inside the mountain as are most homes. A few homes remain outside the mountain with a small market and crops for harvesting.

Living in the shadow of the Regulus, and home to the Wingfoot Mine, Firhos is a rich city pulling design influences from many cultures. Despite being within a mountain, it's actually filled with color on the inside and pleasing with a very forest-like feeling both in color and in appearance. The buildings are mostly white with hints of gold, and the floor is a polished, opalescent white. The light on the inside the mountain is a soft glow from fluorescent plants that change the color of the light as the sun progress during the day allowing the citizens to know what time it is without having to step into the sun.

CULTURE: The customs here are mostly secluded. They celebrate within their own cities with lavish parties once a month. Rarely do new commoners come to the mountain place and often they are held in high esteem and given a proper welcome. When a species not normally found in the city, it is not uncommon for them to be gawked at and even admired by some of its citizens. They are, however, a bit wary of non-winged species, more-so because they cannot begin to understand who they are or how they got onto the island. Often, these wingless visitors are seen as bad omens among their people.

RACE: avians; mixed. LEADER: Priest Winglan (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Stroen'na.

APPEARANCE: Lyfe's temple is A large, rounded structure topped by a large dome. Within, the dome houses a large orrery depicting the separate Realms, the suns and moons, and the constellations and free stars around them, moving in time with the Realms themselves. There are numerous shelves containing books, manuscripts, and charts concerning the cosmos, and small star-like motes of light drift freely within the temple's halls and chambers.

CULTURE: Scholars and students are more prolific than the priests here, and sermons are less religious and more scientific, based upon the study of stars and space. Offerings made include starcharts and drawings of space and Spheres; when set upon the altars, they erupt into a hundred tiny stars, and drift lazily out of the Temple and towards the sky.

RACE: kaveri, avian, phoenix. LEADER: none. TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Stroen'na.

APPEARANCE: This island is the closest one to the sea below, but it is also very untamed and feral. Most of the creatures here are woodland inhabitants, residing in a medium sized city for trade and commence. The city itself is located in the oldest portion of the Angelus Forest, buildings build in the thickest three branches of the eldest trees, echoing its sister-city Skye in the high north. The very city itself tends to blend into its own setting as the homes and other structures were made to look natural.

The citizens of Kozaktu enjoy their freedom in the skies. The different structures are connected by vine bridges that are woven together tightly by magic. Their is no way to get into them though from the ground. To get to a building one must first take flight and land on the branches or bridges, else they won't be allowed in.

CULTURE: They don't have a set leader in this city, but instead have someone that controls all the trade and commence between individuals. They have an excellent barter system with little in the way of the passage of coin; the market is prosperous nonetheless. This one leader normally sets the standard for how things are traded in this community. Rarely do they hold meetings or such for a city, but tend to keep to themselves unless desperate times come to pass.

RACE: avian, sky-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Lady Yazleta (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Stroen'na.

APPEARANCE: A hidden city upon the highest island. The island is covered in large trees, some growing hundreds of meters into the air. Rope bridges connect the trees, and wooden platforms worked into the bark form walkways and meeting areas. Many of the trees have been hollowed out in sections, or grown to include large openings. These are used to contain huts and houses. Due to the height of the living areas in the city, the population can live in relative secrecy, their walkways hidden by the canopies and their homes protected by the strong tree-bark. Most homes in this area are small and simple, with much of the furniture and features grown directly out of the trees themselves. Only a few larger trees contain more complex structures, normally used for meeting halls or warehouses. Higher into the canopy, a maze of walkways and rope bridges stretches from tree to tree, used by various individuals for a variety of purposes.

As a general rule, the homes are more impressive and expansive the further up the tree you go, and many trees are used as multiple homes. Climbing higher up the trees is similar to going to a higher-class district of the city as a result, and the most important members of the community live closest to the canopy. The largest tree in the forest is partially hollowed, being used as both town hall and the stairway down to the root level. From this tree, the peak where their Lord Zaon - the draconic protector of the Fellstar Isles where this city is located - can be seen.

CULTURE: The city of Skye are a relatively secretive people, isolated from the rest of the world both by the elevation of their island, and the hidden nature of their homes. Visitors are rare, though the people are relatively hospitable, the culture makes such visits very formal and awkward. Much of the industry in the city is related to the materials provided by the trees and other flora on the island. Sap, bark, fruit, and wood are all traded with the occasional bold traveler. In the spring, festivals celebrate the growth of the new plants and the new children. These festivals include competitions of many kinds, and may be the only time some residents will touch solid ground.

RACE: avian. LEADER: Lady Siloi (NPC). TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Stroen'na.

APPEARANCE: The smallest of Stroen'na's cities, nestled in the Temria Mountains and home to a peaceful, prosperous community of avians. Little Aexela is nothing more than a handful of cottages, a small bazaar, a town hall and a few small barns. However, its farmers - with ranches and fields scattered all over the Temria - provide much of the native food, despite a constant plague of feylizard pests.

CULTURE: The citizens of this village are a simple folk, who hold little in the way of allegiance to anyone. However, twice every year - once in the spring and once in the fall - they hold a race for any with wings to enter, that twists around the mountains for a full three-league stretch.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Angelus Forest
A forest that surrounds the city of Midgar, known for its full, luscious trees and flowers with petals shaped like white, fluffy feathers. It's vast enough to cover most of Stroen'na's northern islands, including Eagle's Peak, the Regulus Range and half of the Fellstar Islands.

Bay of Birds
A sandy inlet to the west of the Fellstar, home to a magically-kept spring that spills in a waterfall down to the ocean far, far below. Used as a meeting place for skyfaring groups, such as dragonriders or avian scouts, it's a relaxing and peaceful area claimed by none.

Eagle's Peak
A towering mountain eroded into the shape of an eagle's head. Birds like to nest along its craggy sides, and predatory birds are often sighted landing on its brow and beak.

Fellstar Isles
Home to the Regulus Range and the famed Starfall Peaks. Bountiful with wildlife and beautiful to behold, it overshadows both Skye and Auxela, that look over the rest of Stroen'na.

Harpy Forest
A coniferous forest along the southermost, lowest islands and one of the only places in Stroen'na that sees snow in any season. Avian parents often take their children to the Harpy to see such things, as they rarely descend to Vystriana or Alubria where such sights are common.

Guardian Forest
A small forest to the far west of the smallest Stroen'nian islands. Named for a sky-pirate gang that has pledged itself to protecting the sky-continent from outside threats. Mostly avans and keravnos, though there are scattered dragonriders as well.

Pirates' Skycove
A base of operations located in a small valley along the western edge of the Temria Mountains, where groups of sky-pirates camp. What pirate band holds command of the area varies greatly, often decided by aerial battles high overhead.

Regulus Range
The mountain range inbetween the city of Midgar and the Guardian Forest. Tall peaks of a black stone where an old dragon is said to reside, watching over the city of Skye from the Starfall Peaks.

Temria Mountains
Small mountains covered in grass and trees. Home to a flurry of feylizards, and the irritating gremlin.

Starfall Peaks
The tallest peaks of the Regulus Range. Veined in crystal, they spiral towards the sky, riddled in odd, elongated holes. Overseen by Lord Zaon.

Wingfoot Mine
A mine for precious gemstones and enchanted crystal. These crystals are used to keep the vast continent afloat, and sustain the weather-barrier that keeps the skies above Stroen'na calm enough to live within.

About Felnova

Realm of beauty; of dragons; of the elements themselves. Felnova, Kinniokza, Adduli'in: the world that balances Kurai on the ethereal scale has many names, though the draconic and elven ones are very little used. A land of wild beauty and incomparable power, and one of the most fought-for Realms in our section of the Void today. Strangely enough, Felnova's beginning was one of chaos, and its fate is tied directly to the dragon royals of Vystriana, with great and terrible consequences to hit should they be removed from power by anything but their own volition.

The atmosphere follows the same path that many of the discovered Realms do; in it lays a potent reiatsu surrounding the planet, unseen and rarely felt. It cancels out the electricity and components of anything too technological, such as the wildly advanced machines of the destroyed Earthrealm. At its heart lay the Realm's first Ether, and her purest white reiatsu flows within, invisible but in dire need. Her magic flows through the air and earth equally; when damage is done, it is repaired very quickly, letting the Realm recover in months to the normal few years.

Realm Contributors: Verridith, Fyfergrund, Darkeh, SherniKaur, and Drifter.