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World of Noctis
Ca'irandros Ca'riryiiw Kar'hashan

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Realm of Noctis

Noctis, Land of Sea and Sky, is a place filled with floating islands and continents, suspended above the oceans by powerful magics, and grand cities beneath the ocean's surface. Three beautiful moons grace the skies of this Realm, and very few natural islands breach the surface of the vast ocean.

For those who can neither fly or swim, it isn't an easy place to live. A world of great natural beauty, and an ongoing rivalry between peoples of the skies, and peoples of the seas.

Common Knowledge

Here is a listing of factions, native species, fauna and flora that can commonly be found in this Realm. Keep in mind, however, that these are not the only things that may be found within Noctis; different groups may travel, many species can be found abroad, and flora/fauna can be transferred with ease.

Mage Order
Avian Kraken Merfolk Roc Veldryn
Common Fauna Common Flora
Realm Connections

The great Markers of Noctis bind the Realm to Ristell, its balance, and to the great Void Hydra that holds the Fiv'ean Realms together.

Noctis Marker Locations ::
Marker 1
Guardian: Strige, a great roc unaffected by the Silza's unusual aura.
Location: Hidden on the Crystalline Silza, concealed by the mystical island's magical aura.
Marker 2
Guardian: Bora, a powerful, ancient Air Elemental
Location: Concealed upon one of the Tumbling Stones, and protected by those whirling chunks of rock.
Marker 3
Guardian: Anansi, an ancient, spider-shaped True Zirus.
Location: The strange island within the Waterfall Sea. The island's bizarre aura serves as extra protection for the Marker.
Marker 4
Guardian: Morgawr, a colossal kraken who dwells within the Abysmal Deep.
Location: The depths of the Abysmal Deep, hidden in the dark, crushing depths. Should any make it past the Marker's Guardian, the pitch black, bone-crushing depths are another matter entirely.

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Space and Stars

Noctis Constellations click on the link above to learn about this Realm's constellations!

Noctis is known as such for the longer-than-normal nights, bright Realm stars and three beautiful moon that it sports. Void stars are almost completely invisible to those in this Realm, though many claim that time slows during the night (though this has also said to be a trick of the moons’ effects on the planet).

The sun of Noctis is referred to as, simply, the Sun - it holds no great importance in the Realm other than being the herald of daylight. However, the three moons of Noctis are sacred, and many peoples worship them as divine creations of the gods, for their intricate control of the oceans and influence on the weather high above. The first, small and silver, is named Rhui; the second, large and gold, is called Tifa; and the third, large and white, is called Kali.

The Veil of Noctis is thin, and the nebulae within sparse, colored deep blues and blacks, nearly invisible to the eye. The black energy within gathers almost completely near the Veil alone, blocking out the light of the Void stars, of unknown strength and properties.

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1. Volcania time. 2. Scheria time. 3. Gireldur time. 4. Sylbaren time. 5. Wova time. 6. Cecil time. 7. J'nova time. 8. Farsea time.

This Realm's day/night cycle is split into eight distinct timezones, named for a notable city or landmark in that zone to differentiate from others in common speech. These timezones are split into eight sections due to time of day to avoid using numbered hours. They are as follows: dawn, midmorning, noon, afternoon, dusk, night, midnight, and predawn. Read more about the timezones on the time page and the current conditions thread.

For reasons unknown, but endlessly debated, night time on Noctis lingers longer than would seem natural on any other Realm. The hours of daylight are clearly marked by the passage of the Sun, while the three moons dominate the night sky on most nights, especially when Seiten's peace reigns. Whenever Albion is in ascendancy, however, chaos rules the skies of Noctis.

Though not home to any greater gods, Noctis suffers from the bouts of insanity Albion is prone to. He enjoys tweaking the day/night cycle to further his own amusement, though he cannot make permanent changes as a greater god can.

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Local Plantlife

The myriad islands and vast seas offer up a wide variety of plants, from towering trees, to vast kelp forests. The exact types of plants tends to vary between islands and continents, and some pf the larger islands and continents are home to gardens filled with plants imported from other Realms.

commonly found;; Most common are trees and plants found in temperate climates, although a fair number commonly found in mountainous regions can be found on some of the higher islands. Many water plants grow in the oceans.
rarely found;; Plants that grow vast plains, by rivers, or in dense rainforests, swamps, or jungles are very scarce.
doesn't exist;; Plants that only grow in dense jungles or swamps aren't to be found, as Noctis doesn't have either.

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Trade Specialties

From the Sky Peoples come various goods crafted with feathers an scales, and things crafted from materials harvested or mined from the myriad floating islands and continents. From the Sea Peoples come various goods crafted from shells, coral, pearls, and bones from long-dead denizens of the deep.

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The currency of the Allied Realms is called the jaden. They come in four denominations: the bronze coin, the silver coin, the gold coin, and the platinum coin. Each coin has a name, and these names have been shortened over time from their original labels; aelu was once aeslue, argel was once argentlue, aurle was once aurumlue, and ailu was once aithlu. These are known to have been crafted from the name of the coin's metal and the elven word for 'moon'.


The conversion rate for jaden to USD is 1 jaden = 20 cents.

Average prices for common objects are listed below:

Loaf of bread; 20 jaden.
Sack of potatos; 50 jaden.
Carrot; 80 jaden.
A pig;; 230 jaden.
A chicken; 60 jaden.
Horse; 5000 jaden.
Average-quality sword; 2000 jaden.
Wooden shield; 400 jaden.
Steel plate armor; 1900 jaden.
Building block; 70 jaden per ton.
Wooden log; 60 jaden.
Average rent; 200 jaden per month.

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Accents and Dialects

Those who speak Common in this Realm often have location-based, regional accents. For ease of understanding, these accent names will be very loose, and will be referred to by their Earthrealm names! However, many of these accents may have Realm-based or the name of their region to refer to in-universe. Please do not use the Earthrealm language names ICly. Thanks!

The Realm of Noctis is known for its distinct accents. Each part of the Realm seems to have developed its own accent in isolation from the others. To an ignorant ear, they might sound quite similar; they may sound harsh, initially, but those who grow familiar with these accents soon find them sounding courteous and friendly. These accents are reminiscent of Earthrealm Czech, Russian, and Ukrainian.

In Kar’hashan, more often than not you’ll find a great number of accents being spoken. Though, more recently, it seems that one cohesive whole has been made from what was once bits and pieces from many places. Both the lands of Sky and Sea use the same accent, though intonation can be more upward lilting in the speech of those residing beneath the waves. The most prevalent accent in Kar’hashan can be associated with Earthrealm Russian.

In the central part of the Realm lies Ca’irandros, known for having nearly mutually unintelligible accents between Sky and Sea. The accents of the Sky tend to be more curt-sounding, while the accents of the Sea are often more poetic and have been criticized for being frivolous. Between the countries, there are similarly remarkable features, though individuals from different countries can usually understand one another well enough. These accents are most similar to Earthrealm Russian and Ukrainian, with the Earthrealm Ukrainian trend being more prevalent amongst those of the Sky.

To the east is Ca’riryiiw where, much like Ca’irandros, the accents of Sky and Sea are quite distinct. The accents of the peoples of the Sky are also distinct from one another, while those of the peoples of the Sea are much more cohesive. Again, peoples of the Sea can be accused of long-windedness where those of the Sky are often remarked to speak plainly. The accents of Sky are similar to Earthrealm Czech while the accents of Sea are closer to Earthrealm Russian.

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Noctis is a Realm where there are two gods - Seiten and Albion - but three distinct faiths. All of them have to do with these dual deities to some extent, though they formed divergent paths long ago.


Worshipful Races: Noctisian races. Primarily Worshiped In: all of Noctis.

A religion based around the balance between order and chaos, stability and change, creation and destruction, and light and dark. Followed by the majority of the people of Noctis, regardless of species.

Followers of Dualism believe that both Seiten and Albion have important roles to play in their lives. Seiten represents order and stability, while Albion embodies chaos and change, and neither can exist without the other in Dualist teachings. Nevertheless, while Seiten is devoutly worshiped and praised with numerous rituals and celebrations, Albion is rarely invoked, and is traditionally presented with puzzles, riddles, and other such mental games to distract him from spreading destructive chaos. Dualism has two top religious leaders of equal authority, representing Seiten and Albion, called Speaker and Whisperer, respectively.

Speaker/Whisperer: The two highest ranking priests in the Dualist faith, of equal rank and authority. The Speaker represents Seiten, while the Whisperer represents Albion. They preside over elaborate annual rituals, each with their own specific roles.
Wisdom: High-ranking priests who have gained a deep understanding of balance, and act as arbiters when disputes arise concerning tradition versus innovation. Many are healers of body, of spirit, and of mind.
Seeker: Younger priests who are still seeking wisdom and understanding who spend much of their time wandering among the people, offering their services at whatever might be required of them.

Order of Seiten

Worshipful Races: Noctisian races. Primarily Worshiped In: all of Noctis.

A more zealous religion than Dualism, followers of the Order of Seiten deny Albion any respect what so ever, and decry him as the source of all evil in Noctis.

The Order of Seiten are staunch traditionalists who hold tightly to honoring Seiten and extolling her virtues, while strongly resisting anything that may be derived from Albion. They often dwell in their own small communities, unwilling to mingle for long among Dualists, and are often blamed for upsetting Albion with their actions when the dark god unleashes destruction upon Noctis.

Archpriest: The foremost authority of the Order of Seiten. The Archpriest rarely leaves the capitol cities of Sky and Sea domains, and seeks to instill a strong sense of tradition and order into the rulers of the country.
High Priest: High Priests serve as the religious leaders over whichever region they've been assigned to, and tend to work towards preparing the people for Albion's inevitable wrath.
Priest: The priests of the Order of Seiten are local religious leaders; many are not rich or well known, though most are gifted with healing and light magics. These priests are teachers over all, and the heads of small churches in multiple cities.


Worshipful Races: Noctisian races. Primarily Worshiped In: all of Noctis.

Albanites worship Albion, and devote themselves to his chaos.

Albanite cults tend to arise whenever Albion is actively causing havoc on Noctis. They refer to themselves as Albanites as a means of respect for Albion, refusing to lightly invoke his name, and devote themselves to chaos and change, often via crazed works of art and literature. Historically, such cults tend to abruptly end when Albion grows tired of them, and delivers some calamity or another upon them, but Albanite cults still manage to draw members regardless.

Blessed of Albion: The highest rank among Albanites, and the only one among them who will typically speak Albion's name aloud. Typically a charismatic, influential individual, the Speaker is an agent of chaos, seeking to instill disorder and change into the people of Noctis.
Ascendant: The Ascendants are the highest ranking priests among Albanites, short of the Speaker, and often wield chaotic powers. These are most often the Albanites who were the first to join the Speaker, and thus have demonstrated their loyalty to Albion..
Mendicant: Younger priests who are tasked with wandering Noctis, seeking to convince others to join the Albanites, and serve Albion.

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Not so very long ago, the Sky Peoples and Sea Peoples were waging a long, bitter war that has left numerous scars and mistrust on both sides. The Sea Peoples claim they were unjustly assaulted by the Sky Peoples who sought to gain dominance over them, while the Sky Peoples claim they were provoked by the Sea Peoples, and were merely retaliating. Whatever the original cause, there is still a lot of animosity, even though the war has officially ended.

Among their own kind, their are two rising powers. Finnarok, beneath the seas, and Gilzelfa, of the skies, are both seeking to expand their influence over their neighbors. While they both have wide-spread influence over the affairs of those who dwell in sea and sky respectively, their rule is far from universally accepted or acknowledged.

Finnarok Politics

Current Capital: Golbez. Nation: Finnarok.

A strong country consisting of a myriad of oceanic races, dwelling largely beneath the sea and on the small, scattered islands that dot its azure surface. They are led by an emperor elected by the people, who then presides over a parliament of peers that dictate laws and the overall operation of the country.

For any large decisions, parliament must not only come to an agreement between themselves, but the emperor must also agree and sign off on whatever it may be. Otherwise, a decision will be rejected, and can either then be pushed aside and forgotten, or brought to the floor at a later date. Some things, such as a declaration of war, must be unanimously decided upon by all members.

Emperor: The emperor is voted into power. The communities and cities each have a leader, similar to a mayor, who are able to give a vote for the candidate they would like to see in power. This leader is then in charge for a maximum of five years. Together with their ministers they rule over the country.
Parliamentarians: Each minister is voted into power by the rest of the parliament and is specialized in a certain area. Usually there are more than minister assigned to one area. The emperor acts as their leader and guides them to work together to better their country.

Gizelfa Politics

Current Capital: Cecil. Nation: Gizelfa.

A pseudo-monarchy, with the king or queen being referred to as the 'Skylord' and his or her court. While a Skylord's power is not absolute, most command the utmost respect from their flying populace, and few fall to the political machinations that result in a figurehead for the court to use for their own power. Laws passed by a Skylord and their court persist for generations if not centuries; Gizelfa is not prone to great change.

Skylord: The Skylord is chosen by their predecessor, and trained in Gizelfan politics from a young age. They are responsible for Gizelfa and its people, and have the final voice over all on-goings so that they may rule the nation with the help of their court. While this leadership position doesn't pass from parent to child, a future Skylord is always selected to be trained as a youngling, and spends the majority of their life within the court and its functions.
The Court: The court's purpose is to guide and help the Skylord to decide in the countries best interest. The Skylord is able to accept a person into the court and dismiss them out of it again, however the other members of the court can suggest new members. Usually members of the court are experts in their field, for example economy or trade.

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With the recent war only barely ended, the various cities and countries of Noctis still maintain a rather militant stance. Many of the sky islands and continents each have their own small army, while the oceanic species maintain patrols near the surface, on the lookout for possible raiding parties. These small armies and patrols are generally made up of whatever species live on whatever island or continent they come from, or what part of the sea they're in. Both Finnarok and Gilfelza maintain small but professional standing armies.

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