The Kraken

General Information;

Sea-dwelling creatures of great size, the krakens are natural enemies to the great leviathans, rivaling them in size. They are noteworthy for their great size, and their myriad tentacles. The krakens never stop growing, and the eldest of their kind have been mistaken for islands.


Name:: Kraken

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: Varies; the older the kraken, the bigger it is

Average Weight:: N/A; Depends on the individual

Location Found:: Abroad, in all the oceans across the Realms

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Leviathans Krakens and oceanic leviathans are natural enemies, relentlessly preying upon each other's young, and fiercely confronting each other whenever and wherever they meet. These confrontations are brutal, and often result in the death of one or both of the combatants.


Species info credited to Fyfergrund, JPG, Vizier, and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance The kraken is a massive, aquatic creature with an elongated body and a mass of tentacles which makes up a third of its length extending from around its mouth.Their bodies are typically smooth and streamlined, ending in a flattened, pointed fin. However, some have been reported to be rougher in texture. Primarily found in shades of red, brown, or grey, or some mix thereof, with enormous, dark eyes.

Culture Krakens are primarily solitary creatures, concerned only with surviving and multiplying. While some of the smaller, younger ones have been spotted congregating in areas where food is abundant, the larger, older ones jealously guard their hunting territories against all interlopers, be they kraken, leviathan, or sea dragon. Unlike most other water dwellers, krakens move by passing a jet of water through their bodies,allowing them to move with great speed when necessary. Younger, more vulnerable krakens seek shelter within underwater caverns.

Abilities Their great size grants them great physical power, and their tentacles are capable of ensnaring anything of equal or smaller size to the kraken. Their enormous eyes give them extremely sharp eyesight in the gloomy depths, and if threatened by a foe greater then they can overcome, they can expel a could of thick, black ink as a cover while they jet away. Very few possess any great affinity for magic, and those that do are generally older, larger ones. For those that do, possessing any aptitude for magic other than water is almost unheard of.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 360. Realm of Origin: Noctis.

While Zacyn and Sago labored on the leviathan, Albion watched from afar, remaining unseen and unnoticed, though whether it was through his own power, or simple disregard by the greater gods is unknown. He gazed upon their work with envy, then slipped away, returning to Noctis, diving deep beneath the sea.

There, deep in the dark ocean depths, he labored on a creation of his own. One that would rival the leviathan in size and power, and contest the leviathan’s dominance over the oceans. But where Zacyn and Sago chose a serpent shape for their new creation, Albion gave his many large, powerful arms to grasp and crush its foes, forging them from strong seaweed to become flesh. Then, he wove them into an island and shaped it into a sleek head, fitted with intelligent eyes that never blinked; last, he drew coral from the depths, and gave his creation a sharp beak as a mouth..

Satisfied, Albion implanted an instinctive desire to kill and consume any leviathan it encountered into the mind of the first kraken, and left it to its own whims as he followed his own. Some years later, he remembered his creation, and made more, though lesser in size and strength, and spread them throughout the oceans of Noctis. They would go on to spread to the other Realms, but the first kraken is said to still exist, lurking somewhere deep beneath the surface of the sea of Noctis.

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Name: Helphathusokanima. Location: sleeps within the deepest of Noctis' oceans, unreachable to most living creatures. Status: Alive.

Nothing is yet known of this Ancient First's appearance or abilities.


Classification: Kurai kraken. Location: The oceans of Kurai.

A more aggressive, rough-textured variety of kraken found solely on Kurai. Typically blood-red in color, they prey upon smaller sea creatures, and any demon or hellwolf unfortunate enough to enter their reach. They will even attack ships passing by overhead, yanking anyone or anything they can get a grip on into the water, or outright breaking the ship in half with their tentacles.

Classification: An octopus-like kraken. Location: Abroad; found in most oceans.

Generally not as large as other krakens, their bodies are shorter and more rounded, although they can squeeze into much tighter spaces than their brethren, and often rely on their greater perception and cunning than brute strength.

Classification: humanoid relatives of the kraken. Location: primarily the oceans of Millirand.

Tall, slender humanoids with heads that resemble an octopus perched atop their shoulders. Their skin is rubbery, and their glossy eyes almost always black. While most dwell beneath the waves, they are able to walk among the landfolk and breathe air, though arid climates and excessive heat can be dangerous to their bodies. They view themselves as superior to other races, and often brainwash them into obedient slaves, dwelling in secret underwater cities. The one exception to this hubris is a deep respect verging on worship of the great krakens, their mother species.

While physically rather frail, they possess formidable psionic abilities, and can link their minds with one another to further enhance their power. However, they prefer to let their slaves do their fighting for them, if at all possible. Overt displays of emotion or acts of physical violence are frowned upon. It isn't uncommon for the kal'mari to converse entirely in mind-speech, casting their cities into an eerie silence.

It is said that they originated from a group of sorcerers that were so captivated by krakens that they attempted to become more like them; they fused with the souls of dead krakens, physically and mentally altering their entire state of being. Over time, these men and women collected more to their way of life, and the kal'mari subspecies was born.