The Leviathan

General Information;

Rare creatures of great girth and length, leviathans are ancient cousins of the dragon who dwell either in the depths of the desert sands or the deepest part of the grand oceans. Once plentiful, they have dwindeled much in the last several thousand years, and gradually have begun growing smaller as time goes by.


Name:: Leviathans

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 50 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight:: N/A; Depends on the individual

Location Found:: Rarely in the deserts of Vystriana and Alubria in Felnova; otherwise, in the deserts of Millirand.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith and Savage.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance The great leviathan is a massive desert snake, with gaping jaws filled with serrated rows of long, forward-facing teeth. They are gigantic, able to snatch a dragon out of the sky with their jaws, and reside primarily in the hot desert sands of Exodus. Their coloration can be nearly anything, though their average spectrum helps them hide among the sands. Much like the sarka, their jewel-faced eyes change color with emotion - a lightless black for anger, white for contentment and sleepiness, red or orange for hunger and lust, yellow or green for fear, blue and purple for happiness and pleasure. Bold colors show strong emotion, and mixed hues show mixed feelings.

Culture They are massive and thus, very strong; their magical prowess is very limited. Some ancient leviathans, a few of the biggest, will have some mastery over a particular element, though more than one is an incredible rarity. Due to the complex nature of their eyes, they may hypnotize lesser-minded prey, coiling about them as they lay stupified by the leviathan's faceted eyes.

Abilities Though the leviathan is distantly related to dragonkin, most share little of their cousins' intelligence. Instead, they are creatures of few pleasures, and enjoy the simple acts of eating, sleeping and the occassional companionship of a mate or offspring. A leviathan is a very solitary creature, and they come together once every few hundred years to breed, then separate once again to wander the desert in which they've made their home.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 360. Realm of Origin: Millirand.

In the early days of Millirand, Zacyn and Sago were idly talking, discussing the hardships their created peoples had faced during the struggle against Death and those creatures he had made to oppose the Ten and their own creations, lamenting how so many of their people had perished. After a time, Zacyn proposed they create a new race, one that would powerful enough that little would be able to threaten it.

Sago agreed, but warned against letting their new creations grow too numerous. Zacyn agreed, and the two gods set to work. From the sands of the desert and water from the sea they crafted an enormous, limbless body with massive, powerful jaws, and sturdy spines and horns upon its head and neck, far larger than anything they had ever created before. They covered its form in large, smooth scales, and gave it eyes that gleamed like jewels.

They then awakened its mind, but made it less cunning and intelligent, and less ambitious, leaving it largely content to travel the desert, eat, enjoy the occasional company of its own kind, and very rarely, that of other species that might catch its interest for a time. They also left it largely bereft of any magic. As their new creation disappeared into the desert, the two gods crafted several more, and spread them out across the desert sands.

All save for one. This one Sago adapted to life in the deep ocean, giving it fins in place of spines, and great gills so it could breathe in the depths of the sea. He changed its scales to match the colors of the waters, and released it into the depths. More would follow in the following days and weeks, but not so many that the seas would be overwhelmed by the great creatures.

Now, many of the ancient ones that still live have grown to enormous sizes, but few indeed have lived for long enough to reach those great sizes. Subsequent generations largely lacked the same great size, though it is unknown how large the younger generations might reach.

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Name: Znafuldin. Location: sleeps fathoms beneath the Rage Desert in Millirand. Status: Alive.

In ancient Millirand, dating back from the earliest years, there lay a leviathan rumored to be nearly as old as the gods themselves. He's the oldest, and therefore the largest, dwelling seven fathoms underneath the sand, where it begins to turn to mud. His size matches the circumference of the desert, and his name is the ancient name of the desert when it was still forming. It is the popular belief that the original sand were flakes from his egg.

Znafuldin, created from sand and sea as his land-born cousins were, has known only the sands for millenia. He is a gargantuan beast, larger than any leviathan ever recorded - though none know exactly his true size. His scales and plates are shades of browns, tans, and reds. His jagged teeth are set in a long, slender mouth, shaped for closing around much smaller prey. One of his horns has been broken many years in the past, its current whereabouts unknown, and his eyes are a deep orange-red.

Nothing is known of this particular Ancient First's abilities.


Aquatic Leviathan
Classification: ocean leviathan. Location: in the deepest depths of the sea.

The leviathan of the sea is very similar to its sand-dwelling cousin. However, slight differences do exist. Primarily found in shades of blue, green, silver or black, the aquatic leviathan blends very well in its surroundings. Generally, instead of the desert horns and spikes, these great serpents will have extravagant fins and flippers, usually largest upon the head and tail for navigating the turbulent waters of their home. Their jewel-faceted eyes are much like their land-dwelling cousins, and some are said to have true jewels encrusted on their smooth-scaled hide, confusing enemies into thinking they have more than one set to see with.