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Realm of Xeriin

A unique Realm, home to the mysterious Spirit Weapons forged by the gods of Xaeri in ages past. Home Realm of the various xeriin species, and home to numerous saurians, many of whom live and work alongside the xeriin.

Xaeri is often called the Ancient Realm, a mysterious place older than most. Much of the Realm is covered in a dense wilderness, and the mysterious Spirit Weapons take the shape of numerous landmarks when dormant. While generally peaceful, the xeriin, and their saurian allies, zealously guard their Realm's secrets.

Common Knowledge

Here is a listing of factions, native species, fauna and flora that can commonly be found in this Realm. Keep in mind, however, that these are not the only things that may be found within Xaeri; different groups may travel, many species can be found abroad, and flora/fauna can be transferred with ease.

Mage Order
Atlantean Se'athkyn Saurian Xeriin
Common Fauna Common Flora
Realm Connections

The great Markers of Xaeri bind the Realm to Evylon, its balance, and to the great Void Hydra.

Xaeri Marker Locations ::
Marker 1
Guardian: Kallan; a trihorned Saurian with the water element.
Location: In the midst of a forest of kelp deep under the Scalewish Sea lies the Marker in the secret shrine of Nicaen, which is a living stone-coral temple resembling an Aztec pyramid.
Marker 2
Guardian: Kinna; a gryphon-xeriin ghost bound to the Marker upon her death.
Location: Inside the icy heart of the mazelike Hollow Mountain in the northwestern Windbrisk Range. Hidden among three replicas before the secret shrine of Naerex, which is a marble replica of the dragon goddess.
Marker 3
Guardian: Veolia; an ancient rathar Xeriin.
Location: In a quicksand-filled, stalagmite-and-stalactite-blocked cavern beneath the massive, tangled roots of the biggest tree in the Lightgrove Woods. The Marker is located at the deepest part of the cave, before the secret shrine of Rhathor, which is a carved stone obelisk.
Marker 4
Guardian: Ellias; a leather-winged Saurian with the element of fire.
Location: Lost in the midst of the Nameless Desert; rumored to be haunted by the spirits of Xeriin and saurians that died in the ancient Bloodreign wars.

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Space and Stars

Xaeri Constellations click on the link above to learn about this Realm's constellations!

Xaeri’s Veil is quite thick, but its Realm stars are very bright, compared to most other Realms. Constellations in the skies of Xaeri may be eclipsed or overshadowed by other bright stars, and it has become a game among young xeriin to pick out the stars of constellations from other, intruding Realm stars. Stargazing is a common practice among sky-Kin and forest-Kin xeriin, as well as their hidden myth-Kin counterparts in places unknown.

The sun of Xaeri is called Fa, a bright golden orb not unlike Felnova’s sun; however, the moon is quite unique, and is called Lu in the xeriin tongue of Lai’sen. It is an odd, bright and gleaming blue color, shimmering brightly down upon the Realm. It is unusual to note that Lu does not have phases, and seems to emit its own light much like Kurai’s Chi’mun, though not nearly as strong as Fa.

Xaeri’s space is expansive, with large and bright stars and swirling dark blue energy in the form of beautiful, slow-moving nebulae. Energy is not abundant in a nebula, however; most energy is drawn into the stars themselves, making them bright and strong, glittering from great distances across the Sphere.

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1. Kolta time. 2. Coldfire time. 3. Thonis time. 4. Icemaw time. 5. Kajikuu time. 6. Leonyss time. 7. Shadowglade time. 8. Scalewish time.

This Realm's day/night cycle is split into eight distinct timezones, named for a notable city or landmark in that zone to differentiate from others in common speech. These timezones are split into eight sections due to time of day to avoid using numbered hours. They are as follows: dawn, midmorning, noon, afternoon, dusk, night, midnight, and predawn. Read more about the timezones on the time page and the current conditions thread.

Xaeri's day and night cycle is uniquely marked by the near-equal movements of Fa and Lu, the sun and moon. These celestial bodies stand in nearly opposite spaces in the sky, such that when one is rising, the other will almost always be setting, though daylight tends to last longer during summer, and end sooner in winter.

Of Xaeri's Three, only one goddess traditionally alters the day/night cycle - though this is very rare, and often happens only with the sun. As Fa and Lu are very predictable, brief changes bring about extreme interest, especially among scholars. This has been used as an omen in the past, usually of great happenings yet to come.

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Local Plantlife

The vast wilderness of Xaeri is home to many different plants, from towering trees and dense shrubs, to beautiful flowers and exotic herbs. While many xeriin, particularly those who dwell in permanent settlements, grow herbs in gardens, many of the more exotic ones can only be found in the wild.

commonly found;; Most common are trees and plants found in temperate climates, together with a large variety of herbs found growing in forests or on hillsides.
rarely found;; Tropical plants and plants indigenous to colder climates are less common, but they can be found in more remote regions by those who know where to look.
doesn't exist;; Aside from those plants native to Kurai, all plants found in the Realms can be found on Xaeri.

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Trade Specialties

Xaeri's primary specialties are their abundance of herbs, along with crafted goods made from the Realm's abundant natural resources. Trinkets and practical goods carved from wood and bone, pottery of various shapes and sizes, candles, baskets woven from vines, and such like are very common. Less common are metal goods of any kind, as the xeriin mine as little as possible, and save most of what they do mine for their own use.

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The majority of smaller tribes and clans use no currency, but a barter system that dates back far beyond when the Allied currency, jaden, was created. Larger cities and settlements formed by other races use jaden, however, even though most natives of Xaeri detest the usage of metal coins. These coins come in four denominations: the bronze coin, the silver coin, the gold coin, and the platinum coin. Each coin has a name, and these names have been shortened over time from their original labels; aelu was once aeslue, argel was once argentlue, aurle was once aurumlue, and ailu was once aithlu. These are known to have been crafted from the name of the coin's metal and the elven word for 'moon'.


The conversion rate for jaden to USD is 1 jaden = 20 cents.

Average prices for common objects are listed below:

Loaf of bread; 20 jaden.
Sack of potatoes; 50 jaden.
Carrot; 80 jaden.
A pig;; 230 jaden.
A chicken; 60 jaden.
Horse; 5000 jaden.
Average-quality sword; 2000 jaden.
Wooden shield; 400 jaden.
Steel plate armor; 1900 jaden.
Building block; 70 jaden per ton.
Wooden log; 60 jaden.
Average rent; 200 jaden per month.

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Accents and Dialects

Those who speak Common in this Realm often have location-based, regional accents. For ease of understanding, these accent names will be very loose, and will be referred to by their Earthrealm names! However, many of these accents may have Realm-based or the name of their region to refer to in-universe. Please do not use the Earthrealm language names ICly. Thanks!

A Realm of vast expanses of wilderness, Xaeri is home to the Lai’sen-speaking xeriin species, among others. For the xeriin, who posses no innate magical abilities, the wilds prove a great barrier to communication. Thus, the accents of the Realm are quite distinct. Even small villages or wandering tribes may have a slightly different accent to those in other parts of the Realm and, in less-traveled regions, any unfamiliar accent can often be perceived as that of an outsider to the Realm. The Realm’s accents are reminiscent of Earthrealm Northern Native American languages.-

Nestled among mountain ranges, Kerguelan is similarly isolated from other communities within the Realm, but shares some similarities in accent to Zinofl, the land across the Great Divide. Kerguelan Lai’sen is known for being slow and drawling, almost lazy. An individual with this accent may be perceived as too relaxed in other communities. It is likely that speakers of this accent speak even more slowly with outsiders, in hopes that the outsiders will slow down and become more intelligible. For the unfamiliar, Kerguelan can sound close to the Earthrealm Muskogean languages such as Earthrealm Choctaw or Alabama.

On the opposite side of the Great Divide lies Zinofl, Xaeri's most densely-populated territory. Accents of this region are similarly relaxed, though there are many more varieties of accent because the communities are not bunched together between the mountains and hills. Those with Zinofl accents might speak more curtly and simply, but still tend to draw out vowels. Accents along the coastline may sound more breathy, evidence of a relationship with Cimmeria to the southwest. These accents similarly resemble Earthrealm Muskogean languages.

The land of Cimmeria is divided between land and sea, but accents among its peoples are quite similar. Lai’sen in this region is often lilting or sing-song and speakers of this accent are perceived as shy or kind by those unfamiliar with the accent, due to the breathiness of the language and the lack of intense stress on syllables. The accents of Cimmeria are also known for being much more earnest and passionate in comparison to other regions. These accents are similar to Earthrealm Iroquoian languages, such as Earthrealm Cherokee and Mohawk.

Across the sea and protected by its magics lay the myth-country of Ereinlen. Ereinlen has no known accent commonality, and inborn accents are exceptionally common among its people.

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The xeriin worship Naerex, Nicaen, and Rhathor, primarily each according to which deity is patron over their particular lineage, although all three are honored. Large temples are rare, if not non-existent, with smaller shrines established in places befitting the god they honor being preferred. The saurians tend to honor the gods, but tend to hold Xaeri itself in just as high a regard. Most xeriin accept this without issue. However, most xeriin of the traditional three Kin types abhor the fact that myth-Kin xeriin are also recognized as followers of their gods, and those particularly faithful will chase those non-saurians practicing Xaerinism away from their shrines and places of worship.


Worshipful Races: forest-Kin xeriin. Primarily Worshiped In: Xaeri.

Rhathorism is practiced among the forest-Kin xeriin, and places a lot of importance on preserving the bounty of forest and plains. Hunters and farmers both make offerings of the fruits of their labors to Rhathor, most commonly by burying them under the roots of a tree so they will be carried further into the earth. They tend to make such offerings both before hunt or harvest, seeking Rhathor's blessing, and after, to give thanks.

While all forest-Kin are buried in the soft earth, particularly noteworthy individuals are buried with a sapling planted above their grave, usually at the heart of a grove of trees. Truly exceptional people are interred in the depths of caves, where natural processes leave them mummified.

Forest-Friend: The one known as Forest-Friend is regarded as the most in tune with Rhathor, and is said to walk with him. In practice, the Forest-Friend wanders Xaeri with a group of companions, randomly emerging from the wilderness to lead great celebrations before disappearing as suddenly as he or she appeared.
Warders: Warders are rangers devoted to Rhathor, tasked with ensuring the forests are kept safe, and that nobody takes any more of the land's bounty than they need. Should they come across somebody in need, they are honor-bound to offer whatever assistance they can.
Attendant: Attendants are responsible for the upkeep of shrines, and for maintaining a small stockpile of provisions meant for use by those who have fallen on hard times, and come to the shrine seeking aid.


Worshipful Races: ocean-Kin xeriin. Primarily Worshiped In: Xaeri.

Nicaenism doesn't benefit from the personal attention of their deity as much as the followers of Rhathor and Naerex do. However, this has led them to being, in their own way, possibly the most spiritual of xeriin. They believe that Nicaen constantly moves unseen among them, taking their measure, so they hold themselves to a high standard as a result. They are especially hospitable to wanderers, as it might be Nicaen himself in disguise.

Offerings to Nicaen are set to drift in the currents of the ocean within specially designed baskets that slowly lose buoyancy over time, until the baskets eventually sink to the ocean floor. Interfering with these baskets in any way is strictly taboo, and anyone caught doing so will face severe punishment.

Eye of Nicaen: While the Eye of Nicaen is the highest ranking member among the followers of the sea god, he or she is ritualistically ignored outside of annual rituals and celebrations since followers of Nicaen are meant to act no differently no matter who is watching.
Celebrant: Celebrants are responsible for organizing and leading celebrations and ceremonies. Since one of the main duties this requires is participating in the frequent, energetic dancing inherent in ocean-Kin culture, Celebrants are commonly athletic, agile, and fit, most commonly being young adults or middle aged.
Attendant: Attendants are responsible for the upkeep of shrines, and for maintaining a small stockpile of provisions meant for use by those who have fallen on hard times, and come to the shrine seeking aid.


Worshipful Races: sky-Kin xeriin. Primarily Worshiped In: Xaeri.

Naerexism places a strong emphasis on self-worth, and its practitioners strive to improve in all things. Competition is frequent, and friendly rivalries are common. Such rivals are typically expected to help one another improve, since triumphing fairly over a strong opponent is worthier than winning against a weaker one.

Sky-Touched: To be Sky-Touched is to be specially chosen by Naerex to be a strong, fast flier, and to be as wise as one is strong. The Sky-Touched is chosen from among several candidates, following rigorous trials designed to test one's strength, agility, and wisdom. They will serve until they can no longer fly above the clouds, offering advice to those who can earn it, and, though this is very rare, act as war-leader should the sky-Kin be forced to take up arms as a nation.
Mask-Wing: Mask-Wings are guards and custodians responsible for tending to the ceremonial fires that are frequently lit atop the mountains during festivals and ceremonies in Naerex's honor. Offerings are burnt in great pyres, and prayers are written or woven into ribbons that are cast into the fire to be symbolically carried to Naerex. Sky-burials are common, with birds or prey coaxed into feeding upon the flesh of the deceased before the bones are given to the fire, and the ashes cast to the winds.
Attendant: Attendants are responsible for the upkeep of shrines, and for maintaining a small stockpile of provisions meant for use by those who have fallen on hard times, and come to the shrine seeking aid.


Worshipful Races: myth-Kin xeriin, some saurians. Primarily Worshiped In: Xaeri.

Practiced almost exclusively by the myth-kin xeriin, Xaerinism is devoted to all three Xaerin gods in equal measure. Its main emphasis is on beseeching the gods to hide them, and on enduring the hardships their outcast nature forces upon them. Those who dwell on Ereinlein place a heavy emphasis on knowledge and wisdom, and commonly spend time working to improve their minds.

Many of the saurians of Xaeri practice their own loose version of Xaerinism. They forego a rigid caste of priests or the like in favor of individual practices. As such, they have no priests, shrines, or distinct rituals among themselves, though they might take part in the rituals of their xeriin neighbors. They tend to view Xaeri itself as deserving of praise and respect as much as the gods.

High Priest/Priestess: The foremost authority among followers of Xaerinism, and the one responsible for organizing celebrations, or, more commonly, ceremonies. The High Priest or Priestess dwells within an austere dwelling deep within the Forest of Ghosts on Ereinein.
Priest/Priestess: Devotees of Xaerinism that are learned enough to provide guidance to others of the faith. They commonly live a mendicant life, and often serve as tutors.
Unseen: The Unseen are devotees of Xaerinism who undertake the difficult, dangerous task of offering sanctuary for the persecuted among their persecutors. To that end, they are commonly possessed of strong nerves, great courage, and clever cunning, drawn by necessity from those who can blend in with their neighbors.

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The different xeriin countries generally get along just fine with one another, with cross-border travel happening all the time. Furthermore, they tend to cooperate in the face of any difficulties which may arise, such as famine or plague. They share a strong bond with the saurians, and it's a common sight to see saurians and xeriin living and working alongside one another, either in remote settlements or in the cities themselves.

The one exception to this peaceful acceptance is in regards to the rare Myth-kin xeriin, which are either ostracized or hunted down and killed by their more common fellows, as they are believed to be a cursed people. This prejudice has led the Myth-kin to settle their own land, far removed from the rest of Xaeri, in an attempt to live in peace.

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The xeriin maintain relatively small active militaries, and these primarily use bows where possible, and spears where close-quarters fighting might be necessary, as engaging in pitched battle is something they seek to avoid, by and large. However, most xeriin are taught to defend themselves, and militias can be called up in times of war to help defend their homes.

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