By Tooth And Claw Dragons
EREINLEN, Land of Myths

Ereinlen is the msot mysterious of Xaeri's territories. Well protected by physical and magical defenses, the continent is entirely unknown to outsiders. This makes it a safe haven for myth-kin xeriin who would otherwise have to hide their true nature or face persecution or death.

Country/Area Name(s): Ereinlen

Ruling Species: xeriin

Native Language: Lai'sen

Capital(s): Heif Ae'lenn

Monarch(s): Lady Ashelia (NPC)


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: myth-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Lady Ashelia (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Ereinlen.

APPEARANCE: As the original Haven and the first place where myth-xeriin could truly feel secure, Heif Ae'lenn is a massive structure built of silver stone that shimmers iridescent in hard light. With a double curtain wall, it is built into the sides of the mountains that rise up around it, stone sunken deep into the ground and into the rock around with magic, and bespelled to strengthen them many times over. Homes here are set up against the mountainsides for better protection, with the barracks, training grounds, and bazaar out in the open. The keep is inside the mountain completely, with escape routes into the enchanted peaks behind it, well guarded with both spells, seals, and many guards.

CULTURE: Upon first entry, Heif Ae'lenn seems like a perfect Haven; it is safe and secure, and the people seem kind and generous to all myth-Kin who come inside their walls. However, if dug deep enough, there is a rather sinister aura about the entire city, and one quickly realizes that once inside, there is little way of escape unless by leave of Ae'lenn's leader, Lady Ashelia. Those who disagree or go against authority disappear, never to be heard from again, and those who spend long enough inside the walls often affect a complacent, docile attitude, almost robotic in nature, as if nothing in the world is wrong outside of Ae'lenn's walls. News is strictly filtered, and everyone is screened before entry. Those who are part of Ereinlen's military are held to a strict, overbearing code, and those who break their vows of secrecy disappear like all the rest, forgotten by friends and family alike.

RACE: myth-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Priestess N'krezell (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Ereinlen.

APPEARANCE: K'rizael is a citadel carved from solid stone, and mixes elements of land, sea, and sky in its design. Thick,low-set stonework combines with towering arches and asymettrical spiral designs to make this city a truly beautiful place while sacrificing nothing in its defenses. Outsiders are faced with a confusing layout that twists and turns on itself in seemingly impossible ways

CULTURE: The people of K'rizael largely keep to themselves. The citadel is a center of learning, but vouchers from important members of Ereinlein's ruling caste are rquired to gain full admission into the scholarly pursuits available. The people tend to be less than welcoming towards anyone not seeking to learn. And as with most of ereinlein's inhabitants, they frequently train to defend themselves.

RACE: myth-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Xerxes (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Ereinlen.

APPEARANCE: Kolta is sometimes called the city of many towers. High stone walls surround the city, with towers that are small fortresses in and of themselves standing at regular intervals along the wall. The city is arranged in three progressively smaller circles, with each inner circle raised higher than the outer. At the very center of the city stands a massive tower that serves as the local center of government.

CULTURE: Kolta is a bustling hotbed of activity. Within its mighty walls is Ereinlein's center of production. Refineries and various other manufactories stand, and constantly churn out everything the people of Ereinlein might need. The people typically keep themselves busy, and anybody caught slacking off faces severe reprisals, often in the form of heavy labor. Some have even been worked to death after repeatedly being found shirking their duties.

RACE: myth-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Koltfai (NPC). TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Ereinlen.

APPEARANCE: Tooth is so-named because it lies within a solitary mountain that resembles a vast fang. While much of the outskirts of the city are natural stone, the great gate and the immediate surrounds are carved from a single, solid facade of stone. Within, the city is spartan in decor, and rather simple in layout. It is designed entirely as a fortress and training ground, with numerous training arenas and large armories.

CULTURE: The home of the Silver Talons, Tooth takes in prospective iniatiates, and any who are accepted disappear into the fortres for years before they are allowed out, and then it will typically be on some mission or another. The Talons, and the rest of the fortress-city's inhabitants are very secretive, allowing few if any to enter, and never speaking of what goes on within the stone walls of Tooth.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Coldfire Mountain

Counterpart to Mount Vesuvhilris, the Coldfire Mountain is said to not hold hot, burning magma, but a cool lava-like liquid that is silvery white, burning with pure white flames. It overlooks the city of Jereptiku, constantly spewing white, ethereal smoke, and threatening an eruption of its unique and heatless fire. It's said that the caverns that can be reached by brave adventurers are iridescent and smooth, as if shaped from ancient dragons and their magical fire.
Home to the Spirit Weapon Rezela; a female gemdrake, secondary form of an opalescent phoenix. Sealed in a bright white longsword. Taken from the depths of the volcano many years ago.

Forest of Ghosts

The largest forest on Ereinlen. Tall trees and lush undergrowth allows for lots of prey, supporting dozens of saurians and myth-Type xeriin who have chosen Ereinlen to hide within. The forest hides many, many secrets, and spans all the way across the continent. It borders the mage-lake that houses Kithalu on N'rae Jeszrii to the west, and the mountains that hold Coldfire Mountain to the east.

Forest of Yif'aeliyal

A forest that borders the north side of I'ree Se'ath, completely at odds with the arctic lake in that it is a lush and beautiful forest filled with weeping willows and lush, ever-blooming flowers. Strange, ancient animals gifted long life and intelligence by living in the forest can be found here, often with moss or flowers growing upon their bodies, who walk in silent observance of the sanctuary they make their home.
Home to the Spirit Weapon Losra; a male deer, secondary form of an antlered man. Sealed in a vine-wrapped staff. Lodged in an ancient, twisted tree.

Highstone Tower

The northernmost Ereinlen watchtower. On the other side of the bordering mountains, this tower is old and falling apart, guarded by only a handful of unlucky watchmen who often spend months at a time amid the cold temperatures and sever northern storms. This Tower often claims lives during the worst winter storms, though the Silver Claw's guards are ever vigilant, even knowing the dangers of their post.

I'ree Se'ath

A beautiful lake oddly surrounded by snow, and covered in ice, despite its southern location and rather warm climate. At its center lay a great structure of ice that bleeds cold energy, and generates miniature blizzards.
Home to the Spirit Weapon Arturas; a male jotun, secondary form of a large white worgen. Sealed in a pike covered in ice. Still within the ice altar.

Kithalu on N'rae Jeszrii

The Mage's Tower of Xaeri, surrounded by a forest of energy-charged, beautiful white crystals. As a Tower of Xaeri, it is nevertheless restrictive of who it allows within its shimmering white walls; only myth-Kin xeriin are allowed, and it is often blocked or hidden from others who might wish it harm. Ruled strictly by a small council of archmages, and overseen by a Sorcerer, Kithalu is ruled with iron claws. Its name means, "Tower of Bright Light."

Mount Vesuvhilris

Large and imposing, Mount Vesu is a massive volcano located in the southernmost border-mountains of Ereinlen. Constantly spouting smoke, it is dangerous to even come close to, as it habitually erupts unpredictably throughout the year.

Ruins of Tower Gelbel

A ruined watchtower in the middle of Ereinlen's eastern edge. Nothing much is known about why or how the tower fell, though a handful of undead guard it still from intrusion, surrounded by the bones of those who have tried to retake it, to no avail.

Tower of Aebylon

A tall watchtower in the jagged rocks of the southwestern corner of Ereinlen. Because of its location, it can only be reached by flight or sea, as there is no direct route back through the border-mountains and to the mainland of Ereinlen.

Towers of Kiltooth

Two identical watchtowers that look over the western border of Ereinlen. Reportedly the first pair of watchtowers that were ever built, and a command post for the organization of all of the Silver Claw's forces. Often, the Silver Talons meet here to discuss tactics and strategy, both in peace and war.

Tower of Seadrake

A watchtower partially submerged in the sea, looking over the southeastern corner of Ereinlen. Often guarded by myth-Type xeriin who have aquatic affinities, with a much wider range of vision both above and below the water.

About Xaeri

Xaeri is a mysterious Realm, its ancient beauty like a world frozen in time. Untouched by war since the first, great Bloodreign War, this place is a haven to battle-weary souls. The natives to this land are the xeriin and saurians; both races jealously guard the wonders and treasures of this Realm.

This Realm also holds the homes of the Spirit-weapons, those forged as a fragment of the user's soul, and blessed with multiple, powerful forms as well as an animalistic or human form. This is only one of the mysteries of this wild, gloriously beautiful Realm; will you be the one to unlock others?

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