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land of the SEA (Cimmeria)

Country of Cimmeria


[country name:: Cimmeria

[native species:: xeriin

[native language:: Lai'sen

[capital:: Thonis.

[monarch(s):: Ballard.


Xaeri is a mysterious Realm, its ancient beauty like a world frozen in time. Untouched by war since the first, great Bloodreign War, this place is a haven to battle-weary souls. The natives to this land are the xeriin and saurians; both races jeaously guard the wonders and treasures of this Realm.

This Realm also holds the homes of the Spirit-weapons, those forged as a fragment of the user's soul, and blessed with multiple, powerful forms as well as an animalistic or human form. This is only one of the mysteries of this wild, gloriously beautiful Realm; will you be the one to unlock others?

[ Cimmeria; land of the sea-//]

Cimmeria is a land of great natural beauty, albeit a dangerous beauty. MAny of its inhabitants dwell below the waves, but still maintain close connections to their fellow xeriin and saurians who dwell on land. It is said that even those who can't swim will set sail without fear, knowing if they fall overboard, they will be carried to safety.


RACE: ocean-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Ballard (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Cimmeria.

APPEARANCE: Thonis is designed much like a city on the surface might look, with streets, columns, archways, open market squares, and such like. The structures are all carved from stone, and numerous aquatic plants have been arranged into well-tended gardens that slowly wave as the drifting water moves them. Most windows are large enough to serve as doors, and numerous statues can be found scattered about.

CULTURE: Generally cosmopolitan, and welcoming to the occasional aquatic saurian, or rare selkie that may come by to visit. Should a boat pass by overhead, they will typically surface to greet the passers-by. Ceremonies honoring Nicaen are common, and take place at regular intervals around the year.

RACE: ocean-Kin xeriin, saurians. LEADER: Dohrn (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Cimmeria.

APPEARANCE: Olous is built within a large, upward-spiraling stone spire that's been hollowed out inside. Numerous openings line its outer edges, and a series of caverns lie below the spire. Numerous spiky extensions jut out from the spire, and a large number of polished pearls placed around the outside of the city reflect the sunlight during the day..

CULTURE: Every xeriin within Olous is partnered with an aquatic saurian from a young age, and the inhabitants of this city form the core of Cimmeria's military force, organizing themselves into patrols. They tend to engage in numerous underwater sports, and similar activities, priding themselves on their athleticism.

RACE: ocean-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Nares (NPC). TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Cimmeria.

APPEARANCE: Agartha sits deep under the sea, within an underwater canyon. It is deep enough that light from the surface can't reach it, leaving the city and its inhabitants reliant on bio-luminescence and artificial lighting. The city is carved from old coral, and is largely asymmetrical, with winding passages and chambers carved to follow the shape of the coral .

CULTURE: As there is no real day or night in Agartha, the city instead follows a passage of hours independent of movements of sun or moon. Generally isolationist even towards those sea-kin xeriin who live in shallower waters, the inhabitants of Agartha are content with their lives in the deep, dark depths. They harvest pearls and scavenge wrecks and other debris that sink into the depths, generally making use of them themselves, or rarely trading them with more shallow-dwelling ocean-kin xeriin.

RACE: xeriin, saurian. LEADER: Koro (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Free.

APPEARANCE: As befitting a city founded as a home for every type of xeriin, and every imaginable saurian, Harmony has watery depths, broad streets and wide arches, and towering spires. Situated on the side of a cliff by the sea, tucked up along the mountains separating it from Kerguelan, the lower reaches of the city plunge beneath the waves, with a wide area by the water's edge. The upper reaches tower high into the air, and consist of great spires and elevated galleries. The rest of the city is a collection of stone and wood structures, some of which are large enough to accommodate even the largest of saurians.

CULTURE: Harmony is aptly-named, with members of the three main types of xeriin living along side each other, with every conceivable type of saurian. They all live as equals, with the city's elected leader assisted by a council made up of three xeriin, one from each type, and three saurians, one aquatic, one terrestrial, and one avian. Bright colors, and typically joyful demeanors are common, and the inhabitants often find cause to celebrate.


Bluestone Rise:
A large, smooth ridge of blue-tinted stones. The curves and clefts in the stones filter sunlight through onto the ocean floor in dancing, shifting patterns that change as the day passes, and as the year goes by.

Wandering Isle:
A fair-sized island that floats on the surface of the ocean, kept afloat by strange magics. The island is adrift in the ocean's currents, and is swept along according to the ocean's whims, making a general circuit around Cimmeria.
Home to the Spirit Weapon Gozkuth; a male kraken, secondary form of a heavyset boy. Sealed in a decorative warhammer. Still located deep within the island.

Coral Cavern:
A deep, massive, winding series of caves within a large coral reef. Many varieties of fish and other sea creatures live within the reef, and bio-luminescent corals and plants line the passages. A shrine to Nicaen is located within a large chamber, deep inside.

A broad, underwater valley filled with kelp. Home to numerous creatures who live and hunt between the vast fronds of kelp that give the region its name. Larger predators generally avoid the dense vegetation.

The Gyre:
A strange, underwater brine pool filled with brackish water that slowly swirls around in a slow, circling maelstrom. Nothing lives within, or nearby, and few care to even go near to the place, considering it to be cursed, or poison, or both.
Once home to the Spirit Weapon Urtuth; a female leviathan, secondary form of a beautiful elf. Sealed in a delicate bow. Destroyed long ago.

Nahuru Atoll:
A deep lagoon within a verdant atoll. The waters within are clean and clear, allowing somebody on the surface to see the lagoon floor. The small islands on the atoll are low-lying, and covered in a few trees, shrubs, and grasses.

Antillian Isles:
A long, narrow chain of rocky spires jutting up from beneath the waves. The spires are home to mainly seabirds, although a few sky-kin xeriin hermits have occasionally taken up residence atop a few of the spires in the past.

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