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land of HARMONY (Kerguelan)

Country of Kerguelan


[country name:: Kerguelan

[native species:: xeriin

[native language:: Lai'sen

[capital:: Leonyss.

[monarch(s):: Emrys.


Xaeri is a mysterious Realm, its ancient beauty like a world frozen in time. Untouched by war since the first, great Bloodreign War, this place is a haven to battle-weary souls. The natives to this land are the xeriin and saurians; both races jeaously guard the wonders and treasures of this Realm.

This Realm also holds the homes of the Spirit-weapons, those forged as a fragment of the user's soul, and blessed with multiple, powerful forms as well as an animalistic or human form. This is only one of the mysteries of this wild, gloriously beautiful Realm; will you be the one to unlock others?

[ Kerguelan; land of harmony-//]

In Kerguelan, the ancient bond between xeriin and saurian still holds strong. Xeriin born in the land of harmony are paired with a saurian, and the two will more often than not form a bond that will last for as long as they both live. The people are slow to anger, but fierce when provoked.


RACE: forest-Kin xeriin, sky-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Emrys. TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Kerguelan.

APPEARANCE: One of the greatest cities on Xaeri, Leonyss was originally built atop a tall, stony crag. Over the years, the city expanded further, and a second wall was built around the foot of the crag, with many structures dotting its sides. The old city atop the crag has the grandest structures, like the Citadel, a fortress of stone, and the Hall of Heroes, a gallery filled with statues of famous xeriin from past ages.

CULTURE: Leonyss is a vibrant city, filled with outgoing citizens. Monthly festivals and ceremonies take place in any weather. Everyone, from the highest nobles, to the most common of common folk, dresses in bright colors. They are very welcoming of outsiders, ready to extend invitations to any and all to join in their celebrations.

RACE: forest-Kin, sky-Kin, and saurian. LEADER: Igraine. TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Kerguelan.

APPEARANCE: Sarras is rather austere and spartan in decoration compared to most cities on Xaeri. However, the solid stonework comes in a myriad of shades, creating alluring effects. The streets are wide, and high walkways connect portions of the city above the grand avenues built wide and sturdy enough to accommodate even the largest of saurians.

CULTURE: The xeriin of Sarras share an exceptionally close bond with the saurians living there, and many are partnered with a saurian from a young age. While not a professional army, the people of Sarras do maintain a greater state of military readiness than the rest of Kerguelan. They tend to enjoy feats of athleticism, and regularly hold competitions of various kinds.

RACE: sky-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Rhuawn. TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Kerguelan.

APPEARANCE: Cloudreach consists of a series of structures built atop a collection of towering, steep spires, inaccessible from the ground. Many of the structures are at least partially open to the air, with numerous gazebos and terraces placed to allow the local xeriin to sit and observe their surroundings.

CULTURE: As there are no rails, young xeriin are closely watched so they won't wander too close to the cliff edges before their wings are ready to hold them. There are likewise no bridges or other such connecting the various peaks. Without wings, or some other means to fly, passing from one spire to another is largely impossible. The xeriin of Cloudreach are fine with this. They are rather isolationist, and typically keep to themselves.

RACE: forest-Kin, sky-Kin. LEADER: Enide. TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lai'sen. ALLEGIANCE: Kerguelan.

APPEARANCE: Named for the fertile loam that makes up much of the local soil, the structures of Loamton are built of a mix of timber and stone. Each house has a lower level carved into the ground for greater warmth, and most of the inhabitants maintain small gardens.

CULTURE: The hardships brought about by living in the cold north have drawn primarily arctic xeriin, and has fostered a feeling of community tighter than that usually found in more temperate climates. Life in the northern tundra leaves little time to engage in much by way of celebration or socialization. However, during winter, stories are told, and on some nights the locals turn out to celebrate under the brilliant Northern Lights.


A unique, spectacular forest, full of burning trees. The leaves secrete highly flammable oils, while the bark is fire resistant. Nobody remembers when the trees first caught fire, or how, but they've burned ever since, generally smoldering through winter, only to reignite when the leaves begin to bloom.
Home to the Spirit Weapon Jaluth; a female firedrake, secondary form of a fire elemental. Sealed in a constantly-burning handscythe. Hidden somewhere in the forest.

The Elder Tree:
A massive, gnarled tree, rumored to have once been an entire forest. Whether it's true or not, the tree as it stands is formed of one massive trunk at its center, with several arches lower down, where its roots plunge into the ground. A broad, spreading canopy spreads from atop the enormous trunk. A winding maze of roots run beneath the great trunk, providing shelter for the weary.

Bones of the Earth:
Nine enormous bones, several miles in length, rise from the ground to stab skyward. They are embedded withing a mountain range that is dwarfed beneath the great bones, which curve and taper slightly until they end in points. Nobody knows where they came from, and few will dare to spend a night on the ridge.

Howling-Stone Wastes:
A desolate plain filled with, oddly eroded rocks. Many holes and clefts cause the wind to howl in oddly resonant pitches, and the dusty haze picked up by the winds make it hard to see. Xeriin and saurian alike tend to avoid the Wastes.
Once home to the Spirit Weapon Xaelfin; a male basilisk, secondary form of a grizzled dwarf. Sealed in a mace. Destroyed long ago.

Moonleaf Fields:
A broad grassland, intermixed with gently rolling hills. During the day, it appears to be just like any other grassland. However, after the sun sets, the grasses bloom with pale blue flowers that glow in the moonlight. The bloom is most magnificent during a full moon. The blossoms can be harvested for medicinal purposes, or made into exotic dye.

Kajikuu Forest:
A large forest, set within a deep valley, made entirely of mushrooms. The ground is moist and marshy, and the mushroom caps cast much of the forest floor in shadow. During spring, the air is often thick with spores, which can irritate the eyes, ears, and airways of the unprepared. But many of the mushrooms can be harvested for food.

Crystal Spires:
Towering formations of ice, inset with crystals that hum with power. Through means unknown, the spires interfere with flight, forcing sky-kin xeriin to land or risk crashing. Attempts to harvest the crystals typically end with the would-be harvester lying flat some distance away, as if electrocuted.
Once home to the Spirit Weapon Akkitou; a female dragon, secondary form unknown. Sealed in a electrically charged sword. Missing, whereabouts unknown.

The Great Divide:
A vast mountain range that separates Kerguelan from Cimmeria to the west, and Zinofl to the east. Shaped somewhat like an enormous V, scaling the mountains themselves is highly risky, and in some cases impossible. However, several passes run through the mountains, allowing travelers to pass.
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