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ZINOFL, Land of Balance and Peace

Zinofl is a land often graced with peace, and the violence of war does not often strike. The local xeriin, se'athkyn, and scattered saurians live in relative harmony with one another, and tribal skirmishes are few and far between. Many of the xeriin that live in Zinofl are forest-Kin, but all who dwell within its boundaries share a deep connection with the land, its animals, and its spirits.

Country/Area Name(s): Zinofl

Ruling Species: xeriin

Native Language: Lai'sen

Capital(s): N/A

Monarch(s): N/A


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE:forest-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Chief Lomr (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Lai'sen, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Zinofl.

APPEARANCE: The main tribe of xeriin, the Myrae forest-Kin live here. The city is set deep in the Lightgrove Woods, and the houses are tree-homes built directly into the branches and trunks of the great, ancient pines, oaks, and cedars that populate this area of the forest. Many here are tradesmen, crafting fabrics or tapestries - the needlework of those from the Myrae Forest clan is renowned as the best.

CULTURE: There are many rites and ritual here; one among them is the celebration that occurs every year, in the middle of the fall, when the harvest is taken in. Younger xeriin participate in contests, such as sparring or bowmanship. Others take part in weaving competitions, still others compete in terms of various instruments. Another ritual give praise to the guarding deity of the forest and the woods, the Xaeri god Rhathor.

RACE: ocean-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Chief Walous (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Lai'sen, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Zinofl.

APPEARANCE: Not many have seen this place, as it is completely underwater! The main tribe of the water-Kin, the C'zerane live here. This place is built in the appearance of a giant coral reef; the homes and other buildings are situated in a large circle, inside the guarding walls with the look of an impenetrable reef. Light filters through the ocean more clearly than anywhere else here, lighting the city during the daylight hours. The city is off the coast of the main continent, on the oceanbed of the Scalewish Sea.

CULTURE: Not much is known about this city, due to the secretive nature of the inhabitants. However, some that are endowed with the ability to breathe underwater as they can have discovered a trading center where underwater goods are traded in the great market in the center of the city. Pearls are also farmed here. There is a celebration at the start of every new year in honor of the guarding deity of the rivers and seas, the Xaeri goddess Nicaen.

RACE: sky-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Chief Skronna (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Lai'sen, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Zinofl.

APPEARANCE: Falen, the Wind city lies on the outskirts of the Windbrisk Range, on the peak known as Kreeth'in. The main tribe of the sky-Kin, the Falen live in this rugged place--all have the abilities of birds, and soar freely from peak to peak. The homes are in caves that dot the mountainside, and the terrain is very craggy--in fact, it is only possible to travel freely here if you have the power of flight. The peak Kreeth'in was carved by the wind, and since many of the caves face the prevailing northern breeze, they are sheltered with hides of prey or cloths that camoflauge into the mountainside. The main square is situated inside one of the largest caves; it is where celebrations and gatherings are held, and also is ringed by the marketplace where goods from all over Xaeri are traded.

CULTURE: The young fledge their wings at the age of six years; until then, they are nurtured by their parents and sheltered in their homes. When they do learn to fly, at about eight years, they are monitored carefully; this place is unforgiving, and a steep drop to the rocky ground awaits a foolish or inexperienced flier. One of the main holidays is celebrated at the beginning of winter, when the sky-Kin honor the guardian deity of sky and wind, Naerex.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.


Ancient and shunned, Dn'aeikyn-Len is the scornful name given to the overgrown ruins of this accursed, ruined city. Once the home of the Myth-Kin Xeriin, and known by another name long since lost to time, it was a place of great beauty and wonder. But, after the Bloodreign War, the city was destroyed, and its inhabitants slaughtered. Now, it is considered taboo to even speak of it, and xeriin will go far out of their way to avoid even getting close enough to lay eyes upon its broken walls and ruined towers.

The Dragonscar

A great gash along the land, made by a trio of rampaging Heartwoodian Blacks driven from their homes in Evylon during the great Bloodreign War. Located along the midwestern edge of Zinofl, it is a single, charred-black canyon, bleeding acidic fluid and corrupted by the dragons' dark breath. No xeriin come near it, for whomever does runs the risk of being cursed.

The Forbidden Jungle

So called for its dangerous innards, the is a set of islets off the western coast of Xaeri's primary continent, where two spirits, Danae and Kazae, were said to have once dwelt. There is a Ristellan temple in disrepair on the largest island, and they are overrun with wild beasts, due to the disappearance of both spirit-weapons.
Once home to the Spirit Weapons Danae and Kazae; one a black kitsune, the other a lion. Sealed in a set of daggers. Destroyed.

Hollow Mountain

An icy mountain up north of Falen, its innards filled with a mazelike tangle of tunnels and caverns. Few know what lay beneath the mountain, save for those permitted by the Guardians of the Marker there. There exists a small shrine to Naerex a little ways inside of a tunnel near the base, where the Sky-Kin xeriin of neighboring tribes often come to pay tribute. Once, a small gryphon xeriin held guardianship over the Marker - when he was nearly killed and his task broken, a young xeriin of the same type was drawn to it, and killed in an avalanche that destroyed the path to the Marker. Her ghost is said to guard it now.

Lightgrove Forest

This large, sprawling forest in Zinofl's heart is the home of many forest-Kin xeriin tribes, including the main Myrae tribe. The trees are deciduous and while certainly old, it is not as overgrown as the smaller, darker Shadowglade. While the forest is not without its dangers, it is a place of beauty, with its verdant growth and occasional crystal-clear streams. However, deep in the eastern section of the Lightgrove, Rhathor's blessing has made the trees to grow massive, as though a forest made for giants. Even large saurians can comfortably walk through the woods here. Under the largest tree`s tangled roots lies a cavern, deep underground, full of stalactites, stalagmites, quicksand, and other such hazards that guard a Marker as well as Rhathor's secret shrine.

Moonscythe Lake

A large lake near the Shadowglade, shaped like the crescent moon. A small tribe of forest-Kin live in the curve of its inner side, and share a unique kinship with the saurians who come to drink from the clear, calm water. It's a peaceful place, and an area of refuge, where all differences are set aside.

Nameless Desert

Once a great battlefield, this massive desert once had a name - it existed in a similar state many years before the Bloodreign War, and had been home to a tribe of Forest-Kin xeriin with desert animal affinities, such as coyotes, snakes, and lizards. Now, it is littered with old bones of xeriin and demon alike, its name long forgotten, old ruins found hiding in its ever-shifting sands.
Once home to the Spirit Weapon Artemis; a female dragon, secondary form of a tall, white-haired woman. Sealed in a katana. Destroyed.

About Xaeri

Xaeri is a mysterious Realm, its ancient beauty like a world frozen in time. Untouched by war since the first, great Bloodreign War, this place is a haven to battle-weary souls. The natives to this land are the xeriin and saurians; both races jealously guard the wonders and treasures of this Realm.

This Realm also holds the homes of the Spirit-weapons, those forged as a fragment of the user's soul, and blessed with multiple, powerful forms as well as an animalistic or human form. This is only one of the mysteries of this wild, gloriously beautiful Realm; will you be the one to unlock others?

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