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plot and known baddies

Welcome, all! You have reached BTACD's plot page, a place where you can find a brief description of our current plot, the evil characters, etc. This page is updated whenever new information is gathered about the current plot and those within it. Check back often!

The plot!

Conditions on Felnova continue to worsen. Orochi, leader of the vile Snakekind swarms, has forged an alliance with Nina, leader of the Faction of Hope, against the dragons of Felnova and their allies. The Royal Bond is still shattered, and conditions continue to worsen as the Balance in the Realms continues to deteriorate. Earthquakes frequently rock the land, and violent bursts of wild magic erupt without warning. Plague has broken out in most of the cities captured by snakekind and Faction troops. However, some of Queen Verridith's remaining loyalists have fortified themselves within the Crystal Fortress, hidden within the southern reaches of the Darklight Mountains.

On Kurai, the Kingdoms of Death and War have been left leaderless in the aftermath of a powerful godstorm released by Lithmor in an act of pure spite, while the Kingdoms of Famine and Pestilence have begun to forge an alliance. With the Realm in chaos, conditions are starting to get worse as the imabalance on Felnova begins to effect Kurai in turn. Lords Slain and Vortigern, faced with troubles so close to home, have little time to spare with thoughts of helping set Felnova right.

Millirand has seen a large influx of refugees, as well as Faction and snakekind incursions. Particularly in Jes're'en, where the Faction has gained a foothold. While some of the other kingdoms on Millirand have accepted some refugees within their borders, by and large they have decided to not get actively involved. Noktureesah, Sud'rlund, and Rhidorah have, however, agreed to a mutual defense, should any invaders seek to expand into their territories. A sizable army of snakekind overran Arrowhead, their hold on the city was broken, and their forces dealt a crushing defeat.

The jungles of Lizzarkyth have seen a sizable number of refugees, both humanoid and non-humanoid, and although the lyzards are generally peacable, this influx is cause for concern, as they abhor war. However, a Faction incursion onto Lizzarkyth, and a hostile takeover of Balinost has thrown the entire Realm into disarray, with city leaders split on what should be done, and how far an armed response should be taken. There have been rumors of large numbers of saurians converging on Baz, although for what purpose remains unknown.

With the war threatening to spread to Millirand and Lizzarkyth, many refugees have relocated to Xaeri, where they have, by and large, found refuge. However, this influx has caused hardship as the local authorities struggle to provide enough food and shelter for the refugees. At the same time, unbeknownst to many, Myth-Kin Xeriin are being systematically hunted down and slaughtered by forces unknown, although their continent-stronghold, Ereinlen, remains a safe refuge.

Relatively few refugees have sought sanctuary upon Evylon, as Faction incursions and uncontrolled magestorms make it less than ideal. While the Faction still holds onto Glymstar, they have been driven from Glory by the forces of Heartwood. In response to an attack upon their sovereign territory, the Halgian Empire begins to marshall its forces for a full-scale war, putting aside their long feud with the Fallen for the time being. There have been stirrings of activity from Driakkion, but the dragons of Evylon have yet to involve themselves.

Noctis has seen relatively few refugees, as floating islands and vast oceans aren't ideal homes for most Realms. However, a fair number have, nonetheless, sought refuge upon some of thr larger floating islands and continents. However, while this influx has put a strain on the Realm's economy, at least as far as the Sky Kingdoms are concerned, tensions between Sky and Sea remain as strong as ever. Finnarok, most powerful of the Sea kingdoms, and Gilzelfa, mightiest of the Sky domains, continue to strive for total domination of their respective territories.

Alone of all the Realms, Ristell has seen nary a single refugee. The Realm's severe climates aren't suitable for most non-native species. Even the Underground is ill-suited for the unprepared. Moreover, the Faction and snakekind both have yet to consider expanding to Ristell. The power of Arcadia is not to be taken lightly, nor is that of the Underground. However, Ristell as a whole is content to remain neutral, watchful for any attempt at invasion, but otherwise unconcerned with the affairs of the Realms at large.

While Verridith moves to gather allies and reorganize the tattered ranks of her valiant knights, Orochi and Nina's unexpected allince may not be all it seems. Elsewhere, new Ether Spirits have been chosen to bring stability and balance to their Realms, and Linath looks on from the Spirit Realm as her domain is drawn ever closer to the conflict. And all the while, secretive forces are at work, each working to further their own agendas, though for good or for ill remains to be seen.

Last updated: 10/29/2016.

known baddies

Want to know who these evil-doers are at a glance? Information on these will be updated as more is learned. Keep watch!

Orochi; "Godslayer"

Role;; Leader of the snakekind; child-abductor.
Known Abilities;; Feeds off of the innocent's untainted and pure aura. This aura is said to fuel a control over reiatsu and the elements unprecedented before; something said to rival the power of the late Kazule.
Known History;; Said to be the forsaken son of a dark shadow. Was trapped beneath Nossa'rin for many centuries, before being freed by Chamenos' fury in the Second Demon War. He has since gathered most of Felnova's snakekind to him, and builds an army beneath the great temple. He's been behind the appearances of the 'cloud snake' and has abducted hundreds of children, as well - many of them ride upon his back.
Known Reason(s);; Nothing is known of his reasoning at this time.


Role;; Leader of the Faction of Hope.
Known Abilities;; Unknown at this time. Rumored to have some connection with children, song, and the dead.
Known History;; Unknown at this time.
Known Reason(s);; Seeks to rebuilt Felnova after the ousting of the dragon royals; seeks the death and destruction of total draconic rule.