By Tooth And Claw Dragons

The Application

Welcome to the application page! We like to be able learn a little of our newbies before they join, so we have a short (and fun) pre-play app for you to fill out and submit to our admin email. Applications must be submitted via email to

Remember, this is a pre-play joining app, not a character application! Also, before submitting, read the explanations down below the form! Thank you~

Joining form

Form Questions

Here's an explanation of our form's questions, both mandatory and optional!

USERNAME: what should we call you?
your username you'll be using on the forum!

DISCORD NAME: who are you on the server?
let us know what your Discord username is so we can sort you properly there!

PRONOUNS: what is your gender?
what are your preferred pronouns?

AGE: how old are you?
we need to know how old you are! BTACD is 16+, so you must be over the age of 16 to join! if you are from the EU, you must be over 16 years of age to join, or have a form of parental consent.

CAME FROM: where did you find about us from?
tell us how you heard about BTACD! were you referred to us by a member? if so, let us know here so we can give them a huge hug!

EXPERIENCE: how long have you been role-playing?
the forum is primarily intermediate to advanced in writing skill - let us know how long you've been in the game!

OPTIONAL - CAVE: you're lost in a cave, and there are three tunnels. which one do you choose?
this question is optional! one sparkles with crystals, one is filled with vegetation, and the last is dark and spooky...

OPTIONAL - ALLY: you're in a battle for your life! what fictional character do you choose to help protect you?
this question is optional! just don't take poor Superman, he's been through enough!

OPTIONAL - PIE: a dark god just offered you pie? what do you do?
this question is optional! I dunno, might be poison.

ROLE-PLAY SAMPLE: role-play/writing sample!
please give us a sample to judge your writing skill on! you can take something from another site, a bit of your writing, or reply to a prompt we have to use!

however, please make sure that it's in THIRD PERSON POV and in PAST TENSE. thank you for your interest in joining!!

[ click this link to go to the prompt! ]