The Shriekan

General Information;

The shriekan is a large bipedal lizard warrior that is heavily muscled. Due to their large size, they wear a custom-made armor wrought by captive elves or dwarves. Their colors vary from green to red to black and silver though normally they're greens and browns. The shriekan is of average intelligence, living in a largely militarized society. They're lead by a skilled general and their civilization is based on battle strength. Children are trained to fight young though they and females don't partake in the army. The shriekan have three distinct magical specialties, terrk'nor, venom and shriek.


Name:: Shriekan

Average Lifespan:: 5400 years

Average Height:: 8 feet

Average Weight:: 300 pounds

Location Found:: Lizzarkyth & Millirand

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith and Skyeh.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance The shriekan is a large, bipedal lizard warrior, heavily muscled with wide-padded and sharp-clawed feet. They may wield a multitude of different weapons with broad hands sporting a hooked thumb-claw tipped with venom. Standing as tall as nearly eight feet, they wear custom-made armor wrought by either captive elves or dwarves they've caught on raiding campaigns, or more often that made by servant-dragons from the crippled dragon haven in Arrowhead, Millirand. Colors of their scales may vary from green to red to black and silver, though most often they are a mottled mixture of greens and browns, rarely blacks and greys. Eye color is almost always gold, green or red. They are rumored to be the war-bound cousins of the placid lyzards residing in the undying world of Lizzarkyth, their original homeland.

Culture Shreikan are of average human intelligence, though their society is largely military based, with a structured regimental rank system led by a skilled General. The shriekan civilization is based on battle strength; the General's word is law, supported by two or three colonels and then higher-ranking officers. In battle, the only prisoners they take are the ones they see fit to bring back and enslave - they make a common practice of taking dwarves and elves prisoner to craft arms and armor, or dragons and other large creatures for physical labor. Otherwise, this race shows little mercy and delight in destroying their foes. Children are trained from a young age to fight, but the armies are comprised largely of males; the females are reduced to low-ranking guards and broodmares in their patriarchial society. Many resent this, and there have been claims of brutal attacks bordering on cannibalism resulting from poor treatment.

Abilities These species is very adept at hand-to-hand combat and superbly effective at swordsmanship and the use of heavy, two-handed melee weapons such as a war-ax, or studded cudgel. Though largely not a magically-based race, they have three distinct and somewhat magical specialties listed below.

terrk'nor:: magic of the mind; uses mental magic to render the victim unconscious, and begins to corrode their mind from within. can be countered with reiatsu or light magic.

venom:: a mixture of poisonous venom and hallucinogenic properties seemingly associated with magic, injected through the teeth.

shriek:: their most-used weapon underneath the blade and brute strength. a piercing scream that tears flesh in a focused cone of energy, able to shatter eardrums. can be deflected.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 306. Realm of Origin: Millirand.

Long ago, the lyzards of Lizzarkyth lived in absolute peace; they worshipped the dragons who came to visit, and a handful went on pilgrimages to other Realms to learn more about their assumed deities, and offer themselves as pupils and servants. One such group found themselves in Millirand, the homeland of the dragons, but their portal had led to a desolate waste - a desert with no plants, and only vast reaches of sand and rock. The experience was so disorienting to the lyzards that they attempted to make a portal back immediately, but were stopped by a strange serpent - a serpent as large and intimidating as any dragon. The massive snake captured them and took them away, to a fortress hidden within the great, lifeless dunes.

There was a man in that fortress; a twisted man, with a body misshapen like a snake's, gifted with unique immortality. He greeted the lyzards as friends, and took away their chains; for days he fed them and clothed them, kept them healthy and clean, but did not allow them to leave. They were visited by snakekind each and every day, seemingly kind and amiable serpents… serpents they then took to be as divine as dragons, over time. But it was all a ruse, and when they had pledged themselves fully to the snakekind that watched them, they were attacked and slain.

Lord Gorg'rauth took their bodies and performed magical experiments upon them; he gave the bodies more robust builds and stronger, crushing jaws, altered vocal chords. He transformed the corpses of simple priests into those of monstrous warriors; and then, invoking the oaths the lyzards had sworn, summoned their spirits still trapped to this Realm.

"I will give you life once more," he said with a wicked grin, as the lyzard spirits looked on in horror. "And when you finally die, I will release your souls from your oaths. But first, you must bring me more of your brethren - capable males and strong females of breeding age, perhaps a hatchling or two… for you will become my shriekan, elite among my forces."

The lyzards resisted. Their spirits tried to flee, but could not; despairing, they attempted to fight, but found that they could not lift a single ghostly claw against the Lord. Gorg'rauth laughed at their feeble attempts and ordered them to come closer, to reach out and touch his open palm -

- and as soon as they did, their spirits were pulled back into the breathing, living bodies, and they awoke gasping and coughing as they struggled to attune themselves to their new forms. They were shocked and horrified, but only at first; then, an instinctive desire for violence tainted their minds, as well as the need to serve. Thus, they pledged themselves to Lord Gorg'rauth… and thus, the first few shriekan were born.

The first drew many other lyzards to the Realm of Millirand. All were taken in the same manner, all pledged to their new faith and were slain, all had their souls trapped while their bodies were changed and mutilated beyond their recognition. And all became shriekan, the horrific fighting force of the now-late Lord Gorg'rauth.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.


Classification: crocodilian shriekan. Location: primarily Ristell, but in any swamplands or bogs.

A fierce, crocodilian, humanoid race of brutal warriors, newly sighted in the swamplands of Ristell. Said to be a strain of shriekan broken from the norm, these beasts are built leaner than their cousins, with thick, touch scales and long snouts holding a variety of highly visible teeth. They are stealthy and strong, wear little in the way of armor, and are fond of coming in secretly via waterways to attack an enemy unawares. Violent raiders, they are feared by many, even among their own kind.