The Lyzard

General Information;

The lyzard is a reptilian humanoid, cousin to the shriekan. They are very tall and thin with scales in a multitude of colors and hues. As they grow older, their scales dull in color. The lyzard is a peaceful group of people and keep very few trained guards. They believe that dragons are their gods and relish visits to their land by dragons. They are gifted in both mental and psychic magic but rely primarily on electricity.


Name:: Lyzard

Average Lifespan:: 1000 years

Average Height:: 6'5 to 8'

Average Weight:: 250 pounds

Location Found:: Lizzarkyth.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Great Faith Long have the lyzards valued dragons and worshiped them as their gods; so long, in fact, that not even the thousands of years old Ancients remember when the first sighting of a dragon occured. They are held above all other gods, great and small, considered the creators of their Undying Realm. Many ceremonies will be held if a dragon visits Lizzarkyth, and as such they will be endowed with any and all gifts that the lyzard people have to share.

Subspecies Names The yizhr, crelr, and blup'r all have name meanings in Lizzarkythian, as well as specifics as to how these names are treated. The yizhr is a plural rendition of the word 'yizh', which means 'blend' in their language. Crelr is a plural rendition of 'crel', which means 'snake'. Likewise, the 'blup'r' is a plural rendition of 'blup', which means 'frog'.


Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith and Saleyne.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance The lyzard is a tall, thin reptilian humanoid, a cousin to the more muscular, war-bred shriekan. Thinner and more delicately built, they range in height from six and a half feet to nearly eight, usually growing taller as they age. In their prime, their scales are of vivid hues - usually shades of green, brown and vibrant blue - dulling as the years go on. Many Ancients of this species will grow long grey or white hair along the bottom of their muzzles, as well as develop a thick mane of hair down their neck and back. Eye color varies with age as well; found in every color, the hue fades with age, eventually becoming sheer white as the lyzard they belong to approaches death.

Being a peaceful an priestlike species, many lyzards will wear white robes rune-marked in the colors of their rank; brown for lower servants, grey for acolytes, blue for mid-level priests, green for normal-level priests an teachers, with gold being the highest rank for high priests an priestesses, and the most sought after. They are also fond of covering themselves in jewelry, especially necklaces and tail-rings.

Culture As stated before, the lyzard people are peaceful; rather than training warriors, except for a few trusted guards, in the art of war, they would rather keep to themselves and stray away from battle. Believing dragon are their gods, they agree to serve Vystriana in its time of need, but when called upon by other Realms to fight, they give a stern declination. Strict in their teachings and somewhat aloof to any of the 'Scaleless' races beneath them, lyzards do not give trust easily, and often appear calm to the point of frustration in any situation. Their emotions are guarded well and outbursts of any kind are shunned in lyzard society, sometimes punished if caught within earshot of a high priest.

Abilities Many are gifted in multiple realms of mental and psychic magic; but their main power lies in that of electricity. When called upon to fight, a lyzard may summon bolts of massive voltage, enough to stun or kill a fully grown dragon when used in the right way. The color of this lightning varies from gold to white to blues and purples, generated along their scales and between each razor fang. Another skill lay in clever manipulation of objects, the laying of traps, and the ability to invent different things in record time.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 3. Realm of Origin: Lizzarkyth.

Lizzarkyth was created, and life sewed upon the Realm. The skies brought forth rains, the trees bore fruit, and many creatures lived within the thick jungle. But there were none to share in the wisdom of the gods, none to truly appreciate Lizzarkyth for what it was. Not until the great lizard goddess, Xonfi, decided it was time for that to change. She gently gathered together a number of simple lizards, and selected from among them a type that tended to walk upon its hind legs, and showed more cunning than most.

From among these lizards, she chose the one that showed the most cunning, and sent it into a deep slumber. While it slept, Xonfi enlarged its body so that it would stand a good deal taller than any human or elf, and she awakened within its mind a deep intelligence, and great capacity for patience and wisdom. She fashioned a simple white robe, and once the first lyzard arose from sleep, he donned the robe, and knelt in reverence even as he gazed around at his surroundings, for the first time feeling a deep connection with the Realm.

For a few years, Xonfi and the first lyzard wandered together, her sharing her wisdom, him continuously asking questions about the nature of the Realm, seeking always to learn. It wasn’t until he asked why he was the only one of his kind that Xonfi created more lyzards, for she wanted him to experience being alone, the only one of his kind, before giving him companions like himself.

As the lyzards’ wisdom and understanding increased, Xonfi blessed them further, giving them great mental powers, and power over lightning. However, she cautioned them not to misuse this power, and impressed upon them the importance of peace, though she advised them to be willing to protect themselves if the need arose. As time passed, the lyzards took to decorating their robes with markings signifying their ranks, with the first being given golden marks by Xonfi herself, as the first high priest.

As Xonfi began to spend less and less time with the lyzards, the first of them took over full leadership of his people, taking the goddess’ words to heart, and continuing to teach her words to each new generation. Though Xonfi and the first lyzard are both long gone, and the lyzards have come to view dragons as gods, the goddess’ words remain, passed down from each high priest to the next, to this very day.

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Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: Dead.

This Ancient First was a lyzard of deep, beautiful blue. Cool and calculated, he approached all challenges from a position of absolute logic, refusing to allow emotions to blur his conclusions. He was gifted with the companionship of his creator, and it was not until he wrestled with the question of future generations, witnessed all around in the abundant nature of his Realm, that he was joined by others of his kind.


Classification: chameleon-like lyzard. Location: Lizzarkyth.

A short, chameleon-like subtype of lyzard, more closely related to the shriekan in their warlike, primitive tendencies. They are cunning jungle fighters, perfectly at home in the trees. They can hide almost anywhere, on the borderline of being invisible, but just shy of that degree. As a race, they have very little in the way of technology, having no skill for working metal; instead, they trade various fruits, berries, and insects for that resource. However, they are very artistically minded, making shockingly beautiful pottery and wood carvings which they sell and trade off to other races.

They are experts at using poisons and venom extracted from the natural world to bring down others, and are rumored to have once been trained by a Pestilence demon from Kurai. Being small, they do not stack up well when attacked up close, using hit and run tactics while the poisons/venom wears down the target. They are largely neutral, but often sell their assassin-esque skills to the highest bidders, used by both of their cousin species when the need is great enough. A shriekan may see them as weak, shattered versions of themselves and only use them if brute force fails, lyzards think they are little better then shriekans and tend to avoid them if possible.

Classification: skink-lyzard. Location: primarily Lizzarkyth, but abroad.

Long and sinuous, they are humanoid reptiles who are just two legs away from being naga. They are very tall due to their stretched out bodies and relatively short limbs, averaging around eleven feet when fully grown, nearly twice that in length when counting the very long tail and bodies of these creatures. Also cousins to the shriekans and the lyzards, but seem closer to the lyzards and the yizhr. They are very primitive, meditative beings, having few tools to use with their minuscule arms.

A crelr will normally move much like a snakekind naga, only using their hind legs a steering fins, or to climb their craggy mountain peaks. Their paw pads are sticky and their claws long, better able to climb with, while they can use their tails and bodies to slip and slide around awkward obstacles others may have difficulty navigating.

They live in the high mountains, of magically forged temples where they forever sit, meditate and wait for the day that all reptilian races might join hands and be one at long last. In this meditative state, they will choose a large, round orb - magically crafted from the elders of the crelr - and place their small claws upon it, bending their head and neck forward to arch over it with their tail curled around. Like the lyzards, they worship dragons, but they also worship hybrids as well, seeing them as evidence that peace is possible between the different races. Many crossbreeds take refuge in these temples, under the crelr's protection. As a race, the crelr absorb passively and build up large amounts of magical energy, and are greater in power when they join their magic with others of their species, crafting spells together.

Classification:frog-lyzard. Location: Ristell and Lizzarkyth.

A humanoid cousin of the lyzard that appears froglike, brightly-colored, and highly amphibious. Most can be easily spotted in their swampy homes because of their wild markings and very bright, obnoxious coloration, marking them as extremely poisonous. Though rather intelligent, they are a completely neutral and very anti-war, refusing outright to take part in any conflicts as a whole. Because of their nature, they are very rarely provoked or attacked, and almost never hunted for food or bounty.

A blup'r's blood is infused with a unique poison that seizes the body and kills internal organs hours after ingestion. They release a toxin that produces similar effects, when their skin is broken - as such, blup'r alchemists have antidotes on hand at all times, in case a visitor happens to be around an injured individual. They are very adept at mixing potions and making ointments, and much of their trade has to do with this aspect of their culture.