By Tooth And Claw Dragons
JES'RE'EN, Land of Prophecy

Once the foremost country of Millirand, and the seat of Kazule, the First Royal of the dragons, Jes're'en's former glory has long since faded. The Knights of the Crown, and its brother Orders of the Star and Rose are the closest thing to an established authority left in this once-proud kingdom. These brave knights are often the only thing standing between Jes're'en and total collapse.

Country/Area Name(s): Jes're'en

Ruling Species: human

Native Language: Common, Draconic

Capital(s): Cadoc and Arrowhead

Monarch(s): King Lyonel and Lord Howl


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: elf. LEADER: Lady Filaria (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Elven, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: Alzock has little of the elegance that elven cities are known for. High stone walls with spikes jutting from the top surround the city, and they are overlaid with spells designed to keep intruders out. The only way in is through the gate, which is small, imposing, and carefully guarded. The houses and buildings of Alzock are simple and millenarian, and the only decoration is a fountain in the shape of a roaring dragon with water flowing from its mouth, which can be found in the very heart of the city.

CULTURE: It's not that the elves of Alzock are cold-hearted -- no, it's not that at all. They have weathered many attacks and gone through so much that they have more or less closed themselves off to the rest of Millirand. The few children who live in the city are kept indoors by frightened parents, educated only in how to defend themselves, and not in the arts. The government is fair, but very strict. Officials do not hesitate to administer punishment, and sometimes these punishments seem a bit dark. There are a few holidays; usually days spent worshiping the Five and praying for their return... But not many.

RACE: dragon. LEADER: Howl. TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Draconic, Common. ALLEGIANCE: none.

APPEARANCE: From the outside, Arrowhead appears to be nothing more then a towering mountain, jutting high above the other summits of the Ryukun Mountains. But if you fly to a place at the base of the mountain, you will find a strange, unnatural rectangle of black stone. If you pound on this rectangle and announce your name, and the guard behind it recognizes that name, the stone will swing forward and you will be pushed into the wondrous city that is Arrowhead. The walls are panes of gemstones; emeralds, rubies, and sapphires that glimmer in lamplight. The place is vast, with chambers stacked upon one another all the way up to the ceiling. But at present, only the lower ones are used; after all, there are so few dragons left in the desolate place. Herein lies the Remnant, the last few groups of drakes left in Millirand, the second 'royal family' if you will.

CULTURE Arrowhead, once a thriving city, is now scarcely getting by. Old Hijka, the previous ruler, tried to keep things running as usual with courts held to make decisions and hunting parties sent out regularly, but there are few celebrations. As a whole, the dragons of Arrowhead have lost hope; some even call Arrowhead "the Ten-forsaken rock." Howl, the new ruler, has sought to liven the city up a bit - however, most of Arrowhead's subjects are elders with little respect for the newly-crowned White, and his position has been largely ignored.

RACE: human, elf. LEADER: Underqueen Kithkaeli (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Elven, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: Cadoc was once a beautiful, thriving fortress-city filled with all manner of creature - much like Felnova's Albronel. Now it is a relatively drab fortress-town filled with suspicious humans, wary of every other type of beast imaginable. With slate-grey walls that rise to the sky in curving, sweeping arches - reminiscent of draconic architecture - it has four central keeps, much smaller than Albronel's one. Little buildings and houses line the inside of the curtain wall, roofs thatched with straw, sparse plantlife growing here and there. The streets are bare dirt with no cobblestone, save for the few that border and go through the center. The courtyard is no more than a single, broken fountain in front of the main gates.

CULTURE: Once, there were celebrations to the Ten, a gathering of dragons from all over Millirand - no more. Focusing on survival only, Cadoc holds training days and patrols, not parties and celebrations.

RACE: primarily human. LEADER: Erendel Council of Mages (NPCs). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: A beautiful, yet largely concealed, city built upon the remnants of an asteroid trapped in place. Great, ancient vines resembling twisting wisteria rise from the earth to wrap around floating chunks of meteorite miles wide, with stones lighter in color suspended in the outer rings. Upon the meteorite pieces, giant clusters of gems grow, glowing softly with their own light. These clusters are larger along the underside of the stone, and come in an assortment of different colors. Atop, an illusionary mist hides a walled city that - from a distance - appears to be nothing but jagged rocks and desolate wastes. However, once secret paths on the wisteria are taken up to the heights, a beautiful city emerges, built all across the meteorite's surface. The living wisteria bloom once in mid- to late-spring, for several weeks, in a dazzling display of purple flowers.

The buildings are short and built with dark stone, often encrusted with veins and clusters of quartz, ruby, and peridot that are said to begin forming after construction. As such, the oldest buildings often glow with the gems' inherited power. Roadways are paved in smooth stone resistant to cracking, and gemlights line every street. Statues of the sorcerer that founded Erendel are common, though no two look alike, due to the passing of memory and the distortions of time.

CULTURE: Once a village guarded over by a great sorcerer long ago, Erendel was saved from destruction via an asteroid by their magical guardian, and his sacrifice has shaped much of the city's culture. Mages - both from the Order and not - live and train here, both to further their own power and to keep the city's enchantments safe. Mages guard the paths to the city from below, as well as the mountain passes that lead to the wisteria's base, far from prying eyes. All of the city's inhabitants are taught from a young age to revere the mages and the sorcerer that founded the city, and most hold wisteria plants in a similar esteem, growing smaller versions all across the city's gardens. To harm or deface one of these plants is tantamount to treason, and the traitor is often exiled by an angry mob. Rarely, the worst criminals are cast off the edge of the meteorite's cliffs, and their skeletons can be found littering the mountainsides below to this day.

RACE: shriekan. LEADER: Lord Scalerend (NPC). TIER: four.

APPEARANCE: Beauty is not a word used to describe Gorganoth. Terror and fear, decay and pain perhaps - but nothing joyful. The walls are of a mottled black obsidian and granite mix, with bulges and curves pockmarking everything. One spiked tower rises from the center of a vast, fuming pit; I'll leave the rest for your imagination to conjure.

CUSTOMS: Once held by a dark lord of incredible power, the creator of both Snakekind and Shriekans alike, there are no celebrations or 'parties', not even worship to the Dark Five. Sacrifices to bring back the Dark Lord occur regularly and the slave trade is great, however.

RACE: various, mainly humanoid. LEADER: Lord Magistrate Lynduff (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: Fenrir's temple is made of polished white granite, semi-circular in shape, with a large amphitheater at its center. Towering pillars adorn the outer edge of the temple, supporting the roof. A statue of Fenrir stands proudly atop the structure. Within, records of various laws from across the Realms are gathered. Whether these laws are just or not is often the matter of considerable debate. There is a sizable barracks and training ground beneath the main structure, inside of which paladins devoted to Fenrir train, meditate, and further their understanding of justice and judgment.

CULTURE: Fenrir's temple is just as much a courthouse and barracks as it is a place of worship. While most people don't hold much respect for Fenrir any more, they still respect the integrity and knowledge of law practiced by the priests and magistrates in the temple, as well as the sense of fair play the paladins possess. Many people, both noble and commoner, will visit the temple for legal advice, or for mediation over various disputes.

RACE: . LEADER: High Priestess Brigid (NPC). TIER: Two.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: L'zayn's temple is rectangular in shape, crafted of elegant alabaster, inscribed with delicate traceries of pure gold. The interior of the temple houses a vast collection of paintings, carvings, bas-reliefs, and various other artwork depicting scenes of sorrow and comfort, housed in separate galleries. At the center of the temple, beneath the spread wings of a statue of L'zayn, there is a pool of glistening, healing waters. Visitors seeking comfort are often led through the Gallery of Sorrow before bathing in the healing waters, before being led through the Gallery of Comfort.

CULTURE: L'zayn's temple is a place of great emotion. Of deep sorrow and gentle comfort. A place of healing for all, regardless of species. Within the temple's walls is perhaps the one place on Millirand where dragons and humanoids can be at peace, as the temple's aura dampens feelings of aggression. Known far and wide for its healing powers, the temple draws many pilgrims seeking healing.

RACE: dragon. LEADER: none. TIER: four.

APPEARANCE: Once Ki-Lia was the sole royal kingdom of dragonkin. Once, the towers spiraled to the sky, white stone filled with a rainbow of different hues and colors, the magic of reiatsu visible in the air itself. Now? Ruins. The walls are crumbling and in disrepair, light and life long since vanished from the barren streets. No plant grows within those cursed walls, no bird flies above the fallen towers nor even in the bordering trees; it is uninhabitable, forsaken, loathed by all and loved by none.

RACE: sarka. LEADER: Molok. TIER: four.

APPEARANCE: The city of Mortuun'Daro is a ruined city, lost to time, buried beneath the mountains south of the Fey Battleplain, almost straight due east of Tarot. Vast, broken ruins lie within the deep caverns below. It is the ancient home of origin of the sarka, and former center of Dark Five worship, long before the Millirand Five went into their self-imposed exile. Far more a ceremonial center than an inhabited settlement. In times long past, the dragons of Millirand waged war upon the city, and, after attempts to destroy it outright failed, resorted to causing it to collapse into the vast caverns beneath the mountains. Never heavily populated due to the nature of the sarka, it now lies almost completely abandoned. A dark aura still infuses the dark stones.

CULTURE: At the height of its dark glory, Mortuun'Daro was a center of worship of the Dark Five, separately and as Death undivided. Marked Ones would regularly enter their respective temples to meditate and seek the guidance of their dark masters. Captive dragons and fallen Marked Ones were sacrificed to the Dark Five in bloody, cruel fashions. Now, hidden deep beneath the mountains, the sacrifices have stopped, as the Dark Five have been sealed away, and the Marked Ones can no longer readily seek guidance from their dark lords. Instead, the sarka within the city have begun to multiply, preparing themselves for war, looking forward to the day when blood would once more flow onto stone altars in honor of the Dark Five.

RACE:Mythkin. LEADER: The Seven (NPCs). TIER: one.

APPEARANCE: Sada'medun is a solidly-built city within a stout stone wall, nestled against a towering mountain. Many of the buildings are built from granite quarried from the mountain, with slate shingle roofs. At the center of the city is a fortress where the city's greatest warriors live. Within the fortress' great hall is a tapestry displaying Gurthril, opposite a great forge that is kept constantly lit. Inside a cave at the top of the mountain is a shrine to Gurthril.

CULTURE: Though Sada'medun has waned in prominence as the dragons of Millirand have dwindled in number, its remaining inhabitants are all the prouder for having remained, even if they must often leave to other Realms to hunt. The city is governed by its seven greatest warriors who must undergo a rigorous test before proving themselves worthy. The swords the Seven carry are made of pure mythmetal, and are enchanted to return to the shrine of Gurthril atop the mountain when their wielder dies or is judged unfit. The aspiring member of the Seven must climb the mountain in full armor, make an offering to Gurthril, retrieve the sword, and descend the mountain before engaging in a short, ritualistic duel with a designated member of the Seven.

RACE: elf. LEADER: Lord Sheluif (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Elven, Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: Set deep, deep within the Rynorel Forest, the journey to Sylmar is dangerous and difficult. If a human were to make that journey, they would probably walk right past Sylmar without ever noticing it. You see, the elves of Sylmar believe that it is wrong to change nature for their own means. In creating their fair city, they have tried to preserve as much of the forest around it as possible. Most of their homes are carved into the very trees; the more skillful elves have even discovered how to partially hollow out a trunk, allowing someone to live in it without killing the tree. Instead of creating ornate meeting halls and buildings like their brethren, Slymar elves simply meet beneath the trees and sit on the grass. Being extremely peaceful, they see no need to build a wall or gate around themselves.

CULTURE: As mentioned before, these elves are remarkably peaceful. Some of the others call them cowards and worse, but they ignore the insults and continue on with their quiet way of life. They have no formal government, instead making decisions communally. Though they do train their children in archery and swordplay, they spend more time teaching them things like weaving, painting, and pottery. Great emphasis is placed on respect for nature and loving all animal life; it's not unusual to see a wolf or wild-cat wandering amongst the tree-houses with a group of elves following behind, laughing softly at its antics. There are no formal holidays in Sylmar, though parties and picnics are often formed on a whim. Most of the elves here worship Fenrir, but they are very accepting of all religions.

RACE: human. LEADER: Old Man Wysel (NPC). TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: Tarot is a quaint little village on the on the river's edge, more of a port than a town. The houses are the usual human type; small and wooden with straw-thatched roofs, or rambling stone cottages. Docks line the entire left side of the village and are constantly filled with sailors coming and going, fishermen casting off, or peddlers selling their wares. Most of the inhabitants are the families of sailors, or poor fisher-folk.

CULTURE: Tarot's people are busy going about their everyday chores and have little time to devote to festivals and fun. Once a year, though, in the high of summer, they hold a feast in honor of everyone's hard work. Each family contributes something and there is a good deal of singing and story-telling. But this lasts only a day, then everyone goes back to work.

RACE: dwarf. LEADER: Lord Tigralte and his dragon Leid (NPCs). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: Zion is a city of stone, built right into the foothills of the Inzce Range. However,it is by no means a grey, solemn looking place. The buildings are carved of sandstone, layered in orange, red, and tan. The dwarves' craftsmanship is unmatched; statues, archways, and pillars fill the city and even the lowliest house is beautiful. A low ridge around the city serves as a wall and a few sentries are always stationed there. A sort of man-made pond, a hollowed out place in the center of the city, is the main water source.

CULTURE: The dwarves are a good-natured lot, always up for a feast. As a result, Zion has more celebrations than almost any city in Millirand. They use births, weddings, birthdays, and simply great discoveries in mining as a reason for a party. The government is fair, though rumor has it that a few of the council members don't have the city's interests at heart; all in all, it is a very nice place to live and to visit, and is often visited by elves from Alzock that tire of their city's dismal atmosphere.

RACE: human. LEADER: Alkrion (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Jes're'en.

APPEARANCE: Z'leaf is one of the largest human settlements in Millirand, second only to Cadoc, and it is far more prosperous than Tarot due to its thriving trades. The houses are more ornate; there are a few simplistic wood and straw dwelling on the outskirts of the city, but most of the buildings are built for comfort. They have stables, inns, taverns and restaurants; what more could a traveler want?

CULTURE: As most of Z'leaf's revenue comes from trade with Alzock, they entertain Elven officials from that city and throw lavish celebrations for them at least twice a year. Aside from that, there are few holidays. The leaders in Zleaf are harsh and greedy, and much of the ordinary people's profit mysteriously disappears when it's time to collect taxes.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Angel's Peak

Angel's Peak is believed to be the possible ascension-place of Gaz'in, one of the Millirand Five. It's the tallest in its range, always capped with at least a thin layer of snow and ringed in a halo of clouds. Those who awake with dawn's first light swear that they can almost see it sparkle with its magic. It is one of Millirand's most treasured, and mystical, landmarks.


The city now known as 'Cry' was not always named thus; once, it was called Abylnia, and was a beautiful place nestled in the forested mountains far to the north. It shimmered like a jewel upon the landscape, white walls gilt in gold, and was the home to the First Strigine for many, many years. It compiled knowledge, and became a beacon of learning to all who would - one of the largest in all Millirand. However, it soon grew the attention of the sarka, and thus the attention of their Mother, Dhesilkam'zova. Desiring the meat of this beautiful strigine, Dhesilkam'zova slammed the city in the depths of the night with indescribable power, corrupting it, killing its citizens, and destroying much of what was. Her screeching wail woke the strigine, who fought valiantly with her, but was slain and cast into the depths of the mighty crater where the full force of her attack struck.

Since then, the city has slowly become reclaimed by the land around it - vines and plants grow wild, and water pools in several destroyed city quarters. Unusually, the skeleton of the First Strigine still lay within - but protected by a layer of earth and interwoven trees, accessed only from beneath. It is said that the ruins will open to permit an individual pure of heart to wander the caverns that hold the great bird's skeleton, and will be blessed with knowledge if they should be able to touch the ancient bones. However, should they come with ill intent, the earth will swallow them whole, and their skeleton will lay for all eternity next to the giant owl's.

Dover Cove

Dover Cove is a popular gathering-place for caravans, traders, artisans, and merchants. Shielded by a range of mountains, it is a safe place where residents of Millirand often come to take in the atmosphere of togetherness that is so unusual in their realm, as well as the various wares that are up for purchase and trade.

Durango Sea

The dwelling place of a nearly-hidden race of water dragons and sea creatures, no one knows exactly what exists here. The stories differ in their telling, as old as time, and the accounts are so wild and varying that the truth is blurred beyond recognition. One of the most popular and widely known tales is that a city lies below the waves, forever in the ghost of its former glory. Most just consider them that - stories and tales; but are they really?

Fey Battleplain

This place bears dark memories. It is the deathplace of the original Millirand Ether and the site of the final battle before the dragons were forced into Felnova. Deserted, few ever venture here. As a wasteland, it offers no beautiful sights or anything to coax one to visit in the first place; coupled with the shadowed touch of history, it is mostly avoided and rarely spoken of. Even those who dwell in Tarot do their best to avoid acknowledging its existence. The only exceptions are the loners and outcasts that have made this place their home, turning the desolate landscape into a refuge for the desperate.

Fury Lake

Fury Lake is the residence of an ancient part-sarka rumored to be of royal dragon blood. It is infuriated when tribute is not made and releases its wrath upon the villages of Millirand. This is how the lake received its name and it keeps the people in fear of it. There are few first-hand accounts as it is never seen except for when it's angry and rarely does anyone survive such an encounter. However, it has been years since any attacks have been made. Some think it might have finally died, other think it's gone away; regardless, they never miss the tribute that is required of them. Better safe than sorry.

Incze Range

Filled with precious minerals and stones, the Incze Range is mined by dwarves and other traders. Its harvests can be found scattered all over Millirand, especially in the wares that are sold at Dover Cove, though it is most famous for the gemstones it contributed to Arrowhead's glimmering walls. Blacksmiths also frequently visit for its plentiful ore.

Kira Lake

Once existing between two great, rich cities, Kira Lake saw lots of visitors. Now, when the glory of both has dimmed, it is a more solemn place. The festivities and outings that once brought this location so much life have faded. While unaltered in appearance, it is now a neutral meeting place for leaders and governed by the dragons of Arrowhead; proof that times have greatly changed.

Momentai Lake

Blessed by the Ten, Momentai Lake is a sacred place like Felnova's Hidden. With raised protection against those who would do dragons harm, it has become a sanctuary for them, the elusive terravyrn, and those in need. Like Angel's Peak, the magic this place possesses is tangible and it is greatly treasured.

Rage Desert

This is the home of Shriekans and Snakekind, where their creator once dwelled. The ruins of Gorganoth's fortress can also be found here if one knows the way. Hidden within the veil of constant sandstorms, it is easy to lose one's way; but one can never lose the heat. Many a wayward traveler has died within its hold. This makes it a good hideout for unsavory characters of all sorts.

Rynorel Forest

This is the home of the Millirand elves, a race a bit less peaceable than their Evylon and Felnovian counterparts, and the worgen tribe they have an alliance with. Unlike most inhabited forests, Rynorel has not been altered much from its natural state. It is against the beliefs of its residents. Therefore, hollowed out trees exist in the places of houses, paths in that of roads, and the woods continue to prosper. In many ways, under the care of the elves, the flora and fauna here actually flourish.

Sago Beach

Sago Beach is the home of a small military outpost and garrison. Despite its size, it's a formidable fortress. Surrounded by a tall outer wall, it is a maze within and difficult to maneuver for an unfamiliar army. The militia who dwells here are the only ones who know how to get from place to place within. Knowledge of the secret passages and tunnels help.

Star-Crown Castle

Once the grand home of the great cosmic and celestial dragons, the castle fell into ruins after being abandoned long ago. Once renowned for the great towers, arranged to resemble a crown, and topped with silver-white adornments resembling stars that gave it its name, little remains save for a few ruined galleries and underground chambers.

Ryukun Mountain

The ancestral home of the dragons, it possesses very rough terrain and is the largest mountain range in Millirand. Outsiders may be easily lost in its depths and so far away from civilization, few bother to venture here. The climb and elements are harsh but this makes it a safe-haven for the dragons of Arrowhead that dwell within.

Tree of Secrets

South of Z'leaf along the Rynorel River exists a unique series of waterfalls where the waters turn abruptly south. Above the largest waterfall, the furthest north of three, a chunk of land floats serenely above the lip of the water, root tendrils from a giant tree growing in it drifting down to the turbulent waters below. The tree is several hundred years old, and is thought to be a weeping willow - though very few have ever approached it close enough to inspect its trailing leaves. Why the land the tree stands on floats is a matter for debate, and scholars have long discussed the possibilities in their various circles.

However, it is behind the waterfall that piques most visitor's interests, should they be able to get through or behind the wall of water - within is a tunnel that delves deep into the ground, its walls polished smooth as shaped glass. Etchings on the glass depict every species - sapient and not - known to the Realms, all running deeper within the tunnels and away from the light. Some of these etchings glow, growing brighter as an individual of that particular race approaches; the colors are reflections of that individual's reiatsu.

These tunnels branch off in hundreds of directions, often ending in sparkling pools of glowing water. It's said that the desperate may find answers by gazing into these reflection pools, though whatever is seen varies from individual to individual.

White Plains

A mage-storm is responsible for the white coloring of the plains that is so reminiscent of the Light and Ghost realms. What sets it apart, however, is the crystalline formations and oddities in the common creatures that it is famous for. The previously mentioned overload of energy is responsible for this and possibly what attracts the smaller species of creatures to dwell here.

About Millirand

Millirand is an ancient Realm, once proud and powerful, and is the original home of the great Dragon Royals. Now however, devastating wars in the past, and the splitting of the Ten, have resulted in a fallen Realm given in to despair. The once-mighty dragons have been reduced to a bare minimum, and the various kingdoms have turned their focus on their own personal matters. However, despite that, Millirand remains a Realm of beauty, mystery, and magic.

Realm Contributors: Verridith, JPG, Bucketorandomness, and Fyfergrund