By Tooth And Claw Dragons

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Midnight Vengeance

(Note: Backstory on this post is that three elves, a half-elf and a young dragon have been taken prisoner by an unknown evil character, and sent to this madman's dungeons to be tortured for information. Narath, at the time of this happening, is still alive and is Verridith's mate - but as she is busy with other duties, he offers to rescue them himself with a small portion of Albronel's army, a group of no more than twenty. You are to play one in this group, and reply to the post below. Character can be any species. The time is around midnight, the season is fall, and the weather is about to get quite stormy.)

Dark; very dark. Slitted eyes dilated and claws clicked on cold stone, moonlight dappling the ground and glittering off of deep blue scales before the swaying trees and building clouds once again obscured it from view.

Screams rent the silence of the night some ways distant. and the Blue's claws tightened, scraping over the rock. A wind blew from the south and tugged at his black mane, briefly blowing over his eyes; eyes with deep golden irises that glinted and flashed with sudden anger. A small trinket, hung on the claw of one wing digit, blew in the breeze. Silently, he leaped into the air and sent a mental message to the others, disappearing into the clouds.

|It's time.|


Silent wings descended through the clouds, and two other dragons flanked the Blue, their scales shimmering softly in the dim moonlight. Narath touched the minds of those around him, making sure that they knew what he was about to do. Diversion, distraction; then the others could rescue those trapped in the fortress below. He knew the path to the dungeons and sent this information through telepathy, readying the stormclouds that followed to rain down lightning at the moment of attack. The other two drakes broke away and he dove, flashing a tongue of lightning once in the air to signal the others.

With a roar, Narath crashed into the fortress' courtyard, snarling and shooting lightning at three of the startled guards. He rammed the keep's door and the two other drakes landed behind him, enforcing the look of a frontal attack.

Now, he thought; now it was up to the others to sneak in from behind. To infiltrate and save those imprisoned just within.

- by Verridith