The Kaveri

General Information;

The Kaveri are a group of anthropomorphic birds which are divided into three different categories: seabirds, songbirds and raptors. They come in a variety of colors and their style of clothing reflects the nearest humanoid settlement. The different categories of Kaveri specialize in different things; trade, magic and combat respectively. The Kaveri rarely leave their flocks and have a complex tight-knit community.


Name:: Kaveri

Average Lifespan:: 200 years

Average Height:: 5 feet

Average Weight:: 90-200 pounds

Location Found:: Covahold & Cliffport.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Location You won't ever find a Kaveri living anywhere but Covahold or Cliffport. These birds never stray far from their flock. Adults sometimes work in Covahold, but generally return home at night.


Species info credited to Shroommu.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance Kaveri are anthropomorphic birds. They hold themselves in much the same way as a human, standing on two legs and with the shoulders set square above the hips. In matters of height, most Kaveri stand upright at a little below 5 feet, but of course the numbers vary. Their most important trait, of course, is their wings. Kaveri have the ability to fly, just as their smaller cousins do, but they also have the added benefit of hands. These look just like that talons on their feet, with three fingers and a thumb.

Descended from the same line as their smaller cousins, Kaveri can be found in all colors, shapes, and sizes. The population varies in sub-species just as much as regular birds do, and they tend to flock together in the same way as their cousins, forming complex, tight-knit communities. The entire Kaveri species can generally be subdivided into three basic groups, each with their own customs and traits: the seabirds, the songbirds, and the raptors.

Their style of dress most often reflects the nearest humanoid settlement: for example, the kaveri in a settlement near the Vystrian elf city of Vanim would likely wear the same simple, silver and gray tunics as their elven neighbors. Songbird kaveri are likely to decorate their clothing with embroidery, but generally keep things simple; the more militaristic-minded seabirds tend towards uniforms for the commanding officers of their ships, but the rest of the population follows suit with their songbird relatives; and the war-like raptors prefer rugged clothing and light armor that permits flight while offering protection from their enemies.

Culture Seabirds: Specialize in trading. They tend to gather in port cities such as Covahold, but they will also form their own communities along trade lines as they see necessary. These communities are tightly run by a trademaster who oversees all of the town?s affairs, from the shipping of goods to the building of houses. Kaveri ships are hand-crafted and generally staffed exclusively by their own kind, but other species will occasionally be able to find themselves employment on a kaveri craft. These merchant kaveri are fiercely protective of their wares, and won?t settle for a price even one jaden below their perceived value. Don?t try to haggle with a coast-dweller; you?ll leave their market with an empty coin purse and probably some beak- and talon-wounds to boot.

Songbirds: Specialize in magic. Songbird kaveri make their homes deep in the forests of the Realms and are the most friendly and approachable of their kind. Their groups are generally small, hardly larger than a village, and nowhere near as culturally diverse as the large communities formed by seabird kaveri. Songbirds have an innate connection with nature, and are exceptional users of various forms of magic. Whenever possible they prefer to avoid conflict, but they will defend their kin to the death if it comes down to a fight.

Raptors: Specialize in combat. The most reclusive of their kind, raptor kaveri generally do not form flocks; to see two raptors in the same place is highly uncommon, as the different sub-species find it hard to get along with one another. Fiercely loyal and highly territorial, these kaveri make for excellent soldiers and bodyguards.

Abilities All kaveri (with the exception of kaveri descended from flightless birds) have the ability to fly for extended periods of time--this is their preferred method of travel. Beaks, talons, and claws are all acceptable combat items, though most kaveri prefer to use real magic or weapons in a fight.

Seabirds: Lovers of pistols, knives, and swords. Most can perform no more magic than is necessary to open a portal, but the exceptions to the rule are prized for their versatility in the community. While most prefer to avoid a fight, it is unwise to cross a seabird if you value your head.

Songbirds; Generally avoid weapons altogether, preferring to rely on magic alone. Some wield staves which serve to focus their magical abilities, but which are otherwise entirely useless in a fight. Songbirds most excel in healing magic, but their combat magic skills are not to be looked down upon. Most find they are best able to harness the wind and use it to fight, but other types of magic are also masterable.

Raptors; Prefer hand-to-hand combat. Talons and beaks are a raptor?s greatest asset, though these masters of combat can readily fight with any weapon. Most have little to no command over magic.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 6530. Realm of Origin: Felnova.

A massive Cataclysm shattered Alubria as the Dark Five, free to spread their malice for nearly a thousand years in that country, are resealed. Whether the Cataclysm was one final act of spite on their behalf, or a mere byproduct of the massive energies unleashed in the struggle, is unknown. Whatever the cause, Alubria was forever changed. The northernmost part of the continent was shattered. Later, many of the shattered fragments of Alubria would stabilize in the sky islands of Stroen’na.

Another lasting result of the Cataclysm is the emergence of the kaveri. For, within the regions most effected by the disaster there lived many humans and roc’a. As the strength of even the mightiest roc proved to be unable to protect that race from the powers being unleashed, the mages among the human population tried to weave a protective spell about themselves, inadvertently sweeping the magically-susceptive roc’a into their weaving.

Though their protective weaving shattered, unable to hold back the massive surge of power being unleashed nearby, the great working nonetheless saved the lives of human and roc’a alike, though not in any foreseen way. When the land calmed, and the surging energy dissipated, the first of the kaveri emerged, the result of human and roc’a bodies being merged into one.

They were roughly human-sized, but shaped like birds. Some, mainly those inclined to be traders or crafters, strongly resembled various seabirds, from towering herons to sleek, web-footed gulls. Those with a more militant mindset emerged as raptors, great birds of prey, from the mighty eagle to the swift falcon. The magic-capable ones among them emerged in the forms of various songbirds of all kinds.

With unique mindsets, due to the union between humans and roc’a, the kaveri swiftly adapted to their new reality, and quickly established a new society, primarily settling by the sea, though a number of them sought to begin their lives elsewhere, very rarely having any difficulty settling in among or near other species, since, as a whole, they were peaceful unless provoked.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.