The Minotaur

General Information;

Large bipedal bovines who are fierce, courageous warriors and avid seafarers. They live by a strict code of honor, and make stalwart allies or fearsome enemies. They have a deep, spiritual connection to the sea, and Sago.


Name:: Minotaur

Average Lifespan:: 300 years

Average Height:: 7 or 8 feet.

Average Weight:: 700 pounds.

Location Found:: Primarily Millirand.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Fyfergrund, JPG, and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance Large, muscular, bovine bipeds. Individual appearances vary widely, with minotaurs resembling any bovine from a bison to a dairy cow. Yaks, oxen, longhorns, and other variations have all been spotted. Traits they all have in common are their large cloven hooves, bovine tails, horns, and muscular bodies. Clothing varies from simple coverings to decorative robes, tunics, and cloaks. Wealthier minotaurs often adorn their horns with jewelry, and some go so far as to cover their entire horns with precious metals.

Culture Proudly independent, minotaurs are avid seafarers, and have a deep connection to the sea. They will defend their island homes with stubborn tenacity, and if provoked, will just as stubbornly wage war. On the battlefield, a minotaur is a fierce foe, often wielding a weapon in each hand, or a large, double-headed axe, together with their large horns and heavy hooves.

Minotaurs are also very loyal, and are gifted with a unique sense of honor. Many have a strict code that they follow, and even those who become sea raiders and pirates will hold true to this. Many refuse to hurt children, women, or the elderly, and will actively go after those who do. Those who turn away from the path of honor are rejected by their fellows, and sometimes hunted down and can either be imprisoned or slain.

Abilities They possess great strength, and are in general a very hardy race, capable of reaching great speed at a sprint. Their hearing is superb, and sense of smell likewise potent. Their horns make fearsome weapons, and a charging minotaur can bowl over even creatures larger than themselves.

They have a well-developed sense of direction, and can often find their way through even the most confusing of locations or weather conditions. A sizable number can manipulate water, or the weather, with control over the earth being the next most common power among them. Control over other elements s rare, but not entirely unheard of.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 72. Realm of Origin: Millirand.

Long, long ago, when Millirand was still young, Sago was swimming through a storm-tossed sea, reveling in the ocean’s power, when he spotted a ship crewed by humans, battered and listing. However, it was stubbornly clinging to life just as its human crew doggedly fought against the raging storm and furiously churning seas.

He watched them struggle, certain they must soon be overcome if they didn’t call upon him, or upon Scylla, to save them from the storm. Although he admired their courage and fortitude, he made no move to help them, wondering which deity they would call upon, or if they would stubbornly refuse to call upon any for help.

Time and again the seas threatened to capsize their ship, and time and again they managed to keep it upright, despite being constantly being battered by fierce winds and rains, and powerful waves that surged over the sides of the ship’s deck. Still they refused to call upon divine intervention, much to the god's surprise.

It wasn’t until a particularly large wave, stirred into an unrivalled fury, bore down upon them, that they called for divine assistance. It was Sago they called upon, and Sago who answered their plea. He shed his dolphin Aspect, and appeared to them in his full glory, rising between their ship and the wave, wings spreading as it crashed against his back and broke. The seas stilled, and within the shelter of Sago’s wings, the winds faltered.

You are as stubborn as the bulls that live upon the islands you call home, and as brave, even to the point of recklessness. Now, I will bless you with their strength and endurance, and my eternal favor, for as long as you hold true to me. The captain of the ship was first to be blessed, growing in stature as his body took on a bovine shape, and powerful muscles rippled beneath his thickened hide.

The first minotaur snorted through wide nostrils as the rest of his crew underwent a similar transformation. At the same time, their families, waiting anxiously for the return of their loved ones, underwent the same, comforted by Sago’s words that reached them across the seas. As Sago sank below the waves, the storm resumed its attack, but, with their newfound strength and resilience, the minotaurs merely laughed at the storm, and set their ship on a course for their home.

In the years that followed, led by the first minotaur, they quickly gained dominance over the seas, braving even the fiercest waters, trusting in both their blessing from Sago, and powerful bodies. Their earlier stubborn resolve was, if anything, only strengthened by their new nature.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.


Classification: quadruped, celestially-bound bovines. Location: abroad.

Taurine are quadrupedal bovines of highly varied types with sizeable horns adorning their heads, always arcing upwards towards the sky. Between these two horns levitates a glowing orb held in place by the taurine's reiatsu; they are filled with energy and are the heart of a taurine's power. These orbs contain their soul, binding their life force to the orb's safety - therefore, while these orbs provide great power, they are also the taurine's greatest weakness. If this orb is ever stolen - a difficult task, as many go to great lengths to weave barriers around their orb - then they will gradually lose their sapience, until what is left is an average cow or bull.

Taurine are exceptionally wise, seen as great candidates for advisory positions. Many maintain an appearance of sagacity and tranquility. In addition, they are seen as great omens, bringing good fortune, although they are rarely seen among other races. They also possess powers that are often linked to the movement of celestial bodies - certain positions of the moons and suns grant them additional powers and abilities - or, conversely, weaken them; however, these abilities differ from individual to individual.

The males are referred to as 'sunbulls' and the females are referred to as 'mooncows'. The females tend to have smaller horns, although there are a multitude of exceptions to this rule, while males generally sport large, arcing horns. In addition, sunbulls are more likely to be protectors and guardians, with a tendency to be highly territorial about certain spaces. Mooncows are somewhat more peaceful, and often roam the land as wise pacifists, storytellers, and Seers.

While they mostly prefer warmer climes, there are shaggier variants that prefer more temperate and cooler climates, and may be as varied as any traditional bovine species.