By Tooth And Claw Dragons
The Terravyrn

General Information;

The terravyrn is a dragonlike race hailing from the destroyed world of Terra, having migrated into the Realms many centuries ago. They have no eyes, misty, irregular wings formed of 'Flare' reiatsu, and an uncanny immunity to elemental magics.


Name:: Terravyrn

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 6ft/1.8m at the shoulder

Average Weight:: 500 pounds

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.



Death Upon the death of a terravyrn, their flesh and blood disintegrates; their crystalline skeletons remain, often fused in whatever position they died in. It is common practice for a dying terravyrn to be positioned into one honorable in death, and for the entire skeleton to be buried beneath the earth.

After burial, the crystals will begin to grow, and ancient terravyrn burial sites have (unwittingly) become mined veins for gemstones thought to be natural occurrences. However, if a terravyrn happens across such a mining operation, beware: for such a thing is considered one of the worst crimes in terravyrn culture, and said miners may not escape with their lives.

Lost Terravyrns There exists a modernized subspecies of terravyrn with more dragonlike traits; said to have left Terra long ago, interbreeding with western dragon populations in Felnova and Millirand, they are a rare strain that can be found in amid other dragon species.

Diet This is what this species, and any variants, may eat at any given time.


white meat, fish, fruit.


red meat, roots, tubers, mushrooms.




Terravyrns have varied diets, a mix of meat and plants. They prefer lighter meals over gorging themselves, and enjoy eating throughout the day. They will rarely eat crystals and various kinds of minerals, though they are very particular about what types. This varies from individual to individual, and family group to family group.

Lost terravyrns have diets similar to normal terravyrns, aside from a greater preference for red meat. They also tend to be more keen to hunt as a result.



Species info credited to Valefor, Fyfergrund, and Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance The terravyrn is built much like a western dragon; quadrupedal, with four legs and two wings, it resembles multiple creatures already existing within the Realms. However, they hail from a different Void hydra, and this is where all resemblance ends.

Terravyrns are short in body and long in neck and tail; they have no scales, but smooth hide that comes in a variety of colors, along with nearly seamless musculature. Their bones are formed of hard crystal, and a single jutting horn formed of the same protrudes from their brow; these crystals may be in any hue. They have no eyes, but have empty eye sockets that appear smoothly covered over with hide, giving their faces an uncanny skull-like appearance. A thick, horselike mane and forelock fall around these, traveling from around their horn to their shoulder-blades, rarely found extending down their back - though a small leonine tuft at the end of their tail is common. Terravyrns have three toes on all four paws, but though they have points, these are not claws.

Perched atop their shoulders is a pair of unusually-shaped wings; possessed of a single strut, without a thumb or extra fingers, ending in a flat, often decorative, bladelike protrusion. No feathers or web span between the strut and their bodies; instead, in place of flight-supporting membrane, a misty, multicolored substance called 'Flare' magic. This substance is known to be a mixture of reiatsu and chaos-like Terran energy, and if touched feels as though one's fingers are passing through gelatin. These wings do support flight, though weaker terravyrns may be unable to fly long distances. Sometimes, a terravyrn may have Flare energy 'bleed' from vents along their body, often found on the neck and flanks, in its gaseous form. Terravyrn blood is a dark blue, and holds a shimmering, oil-like sheen of color.

Culture Intelligent and varied greatly in personality and attributes, terravyrns have the ability to integrate into other communities easily, and learn very fast. Congregations of terravyrns are often small except in certain cities, and keep to themselves. As terravyrns age very, very slowly, they tend to become rather aloof in their adult years, and have a vast view of the world once having reached maturity.

No matter how varied a terravyrn's personality is from another, however, they all hold a certain yearning in their hearts for their lost Realm of Terra, and a day does not pass where they don't think of it. Even terravyrns who've never seen Terra will have memories of it, and long to return to it. Terravyrns also have a fondness for crystals, and consider them sacred - any jewelcrafters will bow their heads and honor the crystal they are about to form, believing that if it is dishonored or insulted, the piece of jewelry will crack and be flawed. Terravyrn bone-crystals can never be touched, and to do so is one of the highest crimes in terravyrn society.

Terravyrns are also highly distrustful of gods, god-Wards, and other such divine beings. They view gods with distaste, and will avoid dealing with them and their servants whenever possible. This is due to the perceived knowledge that the Terran gods abandoned them, and such abandonment leading to the death of their home Realm.

Abilities A terravyrn has the uncommon ability to absorb elemental magic without taking damage; however, non-elemental magic, physical attacks, and those based around reiatsu can have devastating effect. They cannot possess elemental affinity nor harness their reiatsu in full; normal, traditional abilities are very, very rare. Summoning the spirits of deceased terravyrns is also possible, but uncommon.

Despite their immunity to elemental magic and inability to use it, they possess a unique Terran magic called 'Flare': a mixture of reiatsu and rainbow-hued Terran energy that can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Most often, Flare magic may manifest as a bright multicolored fire or mist that appears to burn and move in slow motion. The effects of Flare have been observed to differ by how solid they are, but share a similar theme of both energy-absorption and instability. Flare magic may 'flare' into life when used, abruptly; gaseous and semi-solid states may burn for minutes at a time once released, but that in a mostly- and completely-solid state may not be able to exist as such for more than a few moments. The following has been noted:

Gaseous/Non-Solid: Appears as a ghostly flame or thin smoke, translucent with faded colors. This Flare siphons away/evaporates energy of whatever it comes in contact with over time. The Flare doesn't absorb it, but consumes itself while consuming the energy/reiatsu it touches. Stronger terravyrns are able to release larger amounts at a time, while weaker ones may generate very little. It may be resisted either completely or partially by individuals with medium to strong energy reserves, and does not often have the ability to kill.

Semi-Solid: Appears as thick mist or fog, much in the same way that their wings do; has a somewhat gelatinous feel, though does not leave moisture behind. Siphons energy at a greater rate than gaseous Flare does, but doesn't last as long. Larger amounts are more draining on the caster, but cannot be resisted as easily and has the ability to eventually kill.

Mostly-Solid: Appears as gelatinous, slow-motion, globby flame. Colors are brighter, and lasts for a much shorter amount of time. Literally 'pushes' energy from anything it comes in contact with; it repels energy and reiatsu it touches, and may kill if it completely engulfs a living thing. Can be blocked or evaded until it fades, but otherwise is difficult to resist.

Solid: Appears as a solid construct of multicolored light; very bright, and only lasts for a handful of seconds. Has none of the previous effects, and overloads itself with its own energy, erupting in a violent explosion once it consumes the last of its own stability. Cannot be kept solid by any means, as the Flare is too volatile in nature in this state, and can only be cast by the strongest of terravyrns.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: unknown. Realm of Origin: Terra.

Long ago, the Ten gazed upon the Realms, and were pleased. The Dark Five were imprisoned, and although peace might not have been as widespread as most them would’ve preferred, the Realms were stable, and their creations thriving. Many thousands of years had passed since the fall of the First Realm, and, while that Realm’s beauty would never be forgotten, the Ten were pleased with the new Realms they had created.

However, one day, they were greeted with an unusual sight while gazing upon their creations. A number of dragons had entered their Realms, but dragons the likes of which the Ten had never seen. Dragons none of them had any part in creating, but lacking any of the malignant essence that marked those creatures created by Death or the Dark Five. The Ten debated among themselves concerning these strange dragons until Gaz’in, driven by insatiable curiosity, approached them in the guise of a large owl.

Who are you? From where do you hail, and what do you seek? he inquired. The strange dragons regarded him with empty eye-sockets, but saw him clearly. We are terravyrns from Terra. We are seeking our gods. They have left our world, and we do not know where they have gone, they answered. Gaz’in left them, and pondered their words for a time, while the rest of the Ten discussed what he had learned.

L’zayn approached them next, in the guise of a beautiful mare. Though you are strange to us, and our Realms, we invite you to dwell here, and pledge to watch over you as we would any of our own creations, she invited. The terravyrns discussed her offer among themselves, and several of them decided to stay, while the rest decided to return to Terra, grieved that those who remained were effectively lost to them.

The terravyrns who remained on the Realms intermingled with native dragons, and eventually interbred with them, adapting to life in their new home and losing some of what made them so unique, though they still retained their otherworldly appearance. They, in turn, knowing they could never return to Terra, called themselves Lost Terravyrns. Centuries would pass before any other pure terravyrns appeared in the Realms, and when they did, they came as refugees, fleeing the destruction of Terra itself.

They never spoke of what had caused the destruction of their Realm, and most of the survivors kept to themselves as they spread across the Realms, dispersing into remote wilderness lairs. To this day, they remain elusive, and mysterious. Whatever gods created them seemed to have left them to their fate, and themselves are victims of a fate unknown, much like mysterious Terra itself.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.


Lost Terravyrn
Classification: more draconic terravyrn. Location: abroad.

Lost terravyrns are a rare subspecies with more draconic traits. Spawned from the original terravyrns that came before the destruction of Terra and native dragons, these Lost ones are rarer than most, and are encountered often in seclusion. These creatures will often sport multiple horns in addition to the single, triangular one upon their brow, all the same color crystal; they may have claws that reflect this nature as well. Plates in other colors may be found along their bodies, most commonly scutes along their underside, and protection on their shoulders, thighs, and backs. However, all Lost terravyrns retain their manes and eyeless faces, as well as the single crystal horn on their forehead.

Oddly enough, Lost terravyrns seem to be unable to use Flare magic - instead, they retain some immunity to elemental magics, while being able to utilize some themselves. However, they are not completely immune, and are prone to losing control of their magic, resulting in explosive outbursts which may harm themselves, and all of those around them.

Lost terravyrns are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!