The Shar

General Information;

A shar can take the form of nearly anything, a humanoid, anything bipedal, anthro or hybrid. The shar are predominantly female as the male are unable to control their powers as well resulting in the males being killed at birth or exiled. The shar will arm themselves with throwing knives or other ninja weaponry as well as hunting knives and short swords. Their magical power is like no other, rivaled by none. If a shar comes into physical contact with someone they are able to release their power into that person and like a poison, it spreads in the blood stream. The level of control over the one they have touched with their power depends on the strength of the magic. Some victims may die while others may break away from the magic.


Name:: Shar

Average Lifespan:: 400 years

Average Height:: 5'10

Average Weight:: 150 pounds

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Kayla and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance A shar may be any of the humanoid races, as well as anything bipedal; even an anthro, hybrid or no. Their apparel is almost always white, gilded in colors of soft blues or shimmering golds. On the shoulder or near the waist, there is a woven symbol marking them of the shar class, an 's' coiled with dragons entwined around it. When accompanied by a shar of a higher class, they will wear average clothing. One physical characteristic is that of lightly colored irises with a split pupil reminiscent of a cat's, twin black slits in each eye.

Culture Shar are predominantly female. A male shar is unable to control their powers as well, and is thus killed at birth or cast out and banished from their society, a group within a larger civilization such as a city or village. Most often, a shar will chose a lover that she does not love or care for to breed; that way, when in the throes of passion she doesn't unleash her power on the one she loves.

However, some male shar have been rumored to have survived; either by a mother's compassion or some odd twist of fate. They are considered a threat to the shar's wellbeing, and if caught, will be executed without mercy.

Abilities These shar will often arm themselves with an assortment of throwing knives or ninja weaponry, along with hunting knives or short-bladed swords. The magical prowess of the shar is like no other; they have an ability that is rivaled by none, though its weaknesses can be crippling and deadly. If a shar comes in physical contact with another, they are able to release their power into that person like a poison that spreads through the bloodstream. It takes control of the mind forcefully, sometimes painfully, and if not released or countered can slowly eat away at the victim's very essence until there is nothing left. This person will fall under the shar's control and be utterly lost, replaced with whatever emotion the shar who now serves as their master controls.

A shar's magic mind-destroying touch is honed to specific emotions; love, hate, anger, fear, remorse, compassion, lust, sorrow, any number of these. If one is used, that emotion will run rampant in their victim, rendering all other emotions useless and unneeded. They will have lost the ability to focus these feelings on any but the shar or whomever the shar wished.

The level of control they have over the one touched by their power depends on the strength of the shar's magic. Some may have a power so strong they possess the ability to command their victim to die, and they will. If weaker, the victim may resist to such commands as this, or break away completely depending on the one touched's will.

The weaknesses to this ability is that if reflected, a shar will be rendered nearly immobile and temporarily paralyzed, their energy stolen away. Another is that the use of their power leaves them physically and mentally exhausted, and they must rest for several hours to regain the lost strength. They are also weak to light and dark magic, and only with these may a victim be cured of the shar's controlling touch.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 7439. Realm of Origin: Kurai.

Death Kingdom has always been one to experiment heavily upon its own ranks, and upon the human ‘cattle’ they keep on hand as a ready source for satisfying the curse placed upon their kind. Sometimes these experiments bear some success, though most end up with some fundamental flaw or other, even if the original goal was reached. However, few if any of these experiments ended as badly for them as did the creation of the shar.

The goal was to make some of the ‘cattle’ into capable soldiers. Since humans were so much the inferior to demons in a physical sense, Death’s mages sought to increase their magical abilities. They planned to give these slave-soldiers the power to bewitch the minds of their foes, or even serve as assassins, luring their targets into a false sense of security through their powers before killing them.

They selected several women with the most potential, and began experimenting upon them. Eventually, after a few months, the first shar came into being. Death’s mages were pleased with their work, but they failed to realize their experiment had been too successful. The first shar managed to ensnare one of the mages without any of the others knowing. As the mages crafted more shar, still using only females, the first of them quietly managed to ensnare still more.

Eventually, the mages experimented on males, but had only achieved some minor, partial successes when the shar rebelled, having turned many of Death’s demon soldiers to their control. Death’s Lord struck swiftly, and cut through many of the rebels. The survivors managed to negotiate for their survival, and were subsequently banished from Kurai, though they were forced to leave everything behind, save for the clothes they were wearing.

The flawed nature of male shar meant the females often had to seek lovers from other races to ensure the survival of their species, and over time, the males were mostly killed or banished, with any males born to the shar facing the same fate. Now, the shar mainly keep to themselves, only mingling with other species as needed to ensure theirs endures.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.