By Tooth And Claw Dragons
The Shadowbeast

General Information;

Shadowbeasts are creatures that dwell in the Dark Realm specifically, divided into four distinct classes: the mori, olath, gulza,and raelli. They are masterful in shadow magic and dark energy, and are caretakers of the balance. Light magic is devastating to them, and may prove fatal if attacked.


Name:: Shadowbeast

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: N/A

Average Weight:: N/A

Location Found:: Dark Realm.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.



Interbreeding As a rule, the variants of shadowbeast do not interbreed; such hybrids are incredibly rare, and are not kindly regarded by their various societies. However, should an inter-variant hybrid be born, it will be cared for by the parents it was born to until it is strong enough to venture forward on its own. These hybrids are sometimes infertile, and thus are only rarely capable of producing offspring.

Olath shadowbeasts are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!

Diet This is what this species, and any variants, may eat at any given time.


dark energy.


non-sapient dark creatures.


red meat, white meat, fish, plantlife, exiled shadowbeasts.

red meat, white meat, fish, plantlife; prepared food and dishes, commonly off-Realm.


Shadowbeasts survive off of pure dark energy, though some will hunt non-sapient dark creatures native to the Dark Realm. When visiting other Realms, they can eat meat and plantlife to sustain themselves for a time, and the gulza variant has the ability to cook and prepare food due to their more humanoid builds. On rare occasions, a shadowbeast will drain the dark energy from another shadowbeast who's been cast out of their society, even more rarely killing them and devouring their meat.


Species info credited to Verridith and Fyfergrund.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance Mori: Mori shadowbeasts have slender builds with long legs, a long neck, and tapered deerlike faces; feathers sprout on either side of their face, and their heads are topped with slim horns. Spikes and/or spines may be found down their back, and each has a large, fluffy tail that often hides more of these spikes within. Many may be found with manes and extra fur or feathers, as well as auxiliary spikes, frills, and an assortment of other mutations.

The most common base color is black, but can be other dark tones as well; markings of any color except white are possible, though lighter tones are very uncommon.

The fur or hide a mori wears does not reflect light, but rather absorbs it - shadows cling to them like spiderwebs, and often deepen in their midst.

Olath: Olath shadowbeasts are muscular, large, and solidly build draconian creatures with long, angular features and four feathered wings. They sport imposing, often decorative horns and spikes, feathered frills, and spines - but do not have manes or fur of any kind.

Shadows cling to them and seem to radiate outwards, often obscuring their forms. Many leave black, shadowy prints where they walk, and leave traces of curling darkness in their wake.

Gulza: Short of stature and lean, gulza shadowbeasts are humanoid in form with taloned feet and hands, large eyes, and deerlike faces. They retain feathers around their faces, and may have horns, but only rarely have manes or fluffy tails. Most clothe themselves in shifting darkness, scorning traditional clothes.

Raelli: Least of all shadowbeasts are the raelli; creatures that fall into three distinct types. Air raelli take on the shapes of aerial creatures, with batlike wings trailing shadow, covered in thick black hide or overlapping scales. Land raelli appear as earthbound creatures, quadrupedal and thin, feathered frills and emaciated builds. Water raelli appear as creatures such as fish, serpents, and animals that dwell beneath the waves, coated in dark plates and shrouded in darkness.

Culture Mori: Mori shadowbeasts are seen as fierce guardians and caretakers of balance. They have an empathic influence on others, and actively guide those to see that darkness is not evil; but they do not often force them. Despite this, they are often viewed as harbingers of darkness, bad omens, and corrupters. They are commonly driven from communities they find themselves in, though those that prove themselves as helpful guardians are sometimes allowed to stay.

Those that dwell in the Dark Realm usually live in pairs or family units, but do not employ large packs or prides as do their lightbeast cousins. They feed on darkness and shadow magic, but bad emotions and malicious intent may taste sour to them.

Some mori shadowbeasts that force others into the darkness for evil and malicious reasons are often driven from the Dark Realm; they may become servants of demons or other dark entities, and spread chaos and death wherever they walk.

Olath: Most powerful of the shadowbeasts, olath are incredibly dangerous, unpredictable and heavily nocturnal. They hunt down those using light for evil purposes without cease, and may follow their prey across many Realms until it is dead. They very, very rarely breed, and may only produce offspring a handful of times in a millennia. Olath are almost always solitary, but may choose to pairbond.

Gulza and Raelli: Gulza and raelli shadowbeasts are nocturnal, wary creatures who distrust others and stay out of the way of larger, more powerful shadowbeasts such as the mori and olath. Sometimes, an olath may capture a wayward pack and force them into servitude, usually until the entire pack's destruction. Others have been able to escape and live outside of the Dark Realm, feeding off of shadows wherever they roam.

Abilities Mori: All mori shadowbeasts have a vast control of darkness and shadow magic; though they cannot utilize the element of light to any degree, other elements are possible in limited amounts. They often find mastery of both offensive and defensive dark magic, corruption, and mental manipulation.

Mori shadowbeasts are able to inspire darkness in those around them; either the acceptance of darkness, or the taint of evil, depending on what they feel is needed. However, they can't affect or attack the mind in any way if that mind contains no light, and cannot corrupt the completely pure.

Light magic is toxic to them, and full sunlight or firelight will be uncomfortable to the point of physical pain. Being attacked with the light element can cause severe injury or death, and may inflict wounds that refuse to heal. They cannot be healed with light magic, and must use shadows to knit themselves back together.

Olath: Olath shadowbeasts have all the abilities of a mori, but are unrestricted when it comes to how pure an individual is; their mastery of shadow is also nearly unparalleled, and will always trump a mori's in a fight. They may also survive in direct light for some time, before it weakens them, though light attacks are just as fatal. An olath may be stopped in their tracks and turned aside by one who is completely evil, as they battle to remain in control of themselves if presented with the concept of being overtaken with malice themselves.

Gulza: A gulza shadowbeast is capable of teleportation through solid shadows, as well as crafting complex illusions using dark energy pulled and woven from the darkness around them. They are not powerful enough to utilize their magic for harmful offensive attacks or barriers to defend themselves, but may also have an affinity to heal other shadowbeasts and are enslaved or employed to do just that. Some gulza slaves are also utilized as spies and couriers, by either their own species or others.

Raelli: Raelli shadowbeasts do not have grand control over dark energy; they are relatively weak, and their strengths lay in stealth and an affinity for illusions. Older raelli may make themselves completely invisible, but this is quite rare.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: unknown. Realm of Origin: Dark Realm.

As he One brought order to the Light Realm, so too did he bring order to the Dark Realm. However, life was spawned upon the Dark Realm by the energies of the Void itself, and the first shadowbeasts wandered the Realm. Simple creatures, they skulked in and fed off of the shadows, knowing nothing more than their uncomplicated lives; thus, they were entirely content in that existence.

Later, when the One brought the first kalina into existence, the energies of the Void flowed once more, and brought into existence the first mori shadowbeast, much like the kalina, but bearing horns upon its head, as well as feathers. Shrewd intelligence shone in its eyes as it gazed at its dark surroundings, and it was filled with the desire to watch over its home, and bring order to its surroundings. This first mori was soon joined by, other lesser shadowbeasts, much like itself, though not so powerful and possessing of many different forms.

Time passed, after its own unique fashion within a timeless Realm, and a great tragedy occurred. A mori shadowbeast was slain, and it death disrupted the delicate order the One had instilled into the Dark Realm, and balancing Light Realm. Even as the One formed the first orthae in the heart of the Light Realm, the energies of the void swirled around one of the mori. It increased in size and power until it rivalled any dragon, becoming the first olath. The Void granted the olath the power to reign over the whole of the Dark Realm, and all who called that place of deepest shadows home, and to bring order and stability to the Realm.

As the first olath went about its work, it was joined by more of its kind, though none were its equal in power. Between the olath, and their cousins the orthae, the Light and Dark Realms were restored to balance and order. Under the watchful of lightbeast and shadowbeast, thi balance and order has endured ever since.

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Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: Dead.

This Ancient First was a shadowbeast of slender stature, colored in every shade of grey to black, with obsidian horns that curled out of the feathers on his head. Naturally confident and determined to bring the world under sensible control, he sought to rule fairly, though consequences for oath-breaking were often swift and harsh. None were so powerful in the shaping of the darkness as he.


No subspecies have been discovered for this species yet!