By Tooth And Claw Dragons
The Lightbeast

General Information;

Lightbeasts are unique creatures created by The One to populate and rule over the Light Realm. They come in four distinct types - the kalina, orthae, nazua, and lalith - and may rarely be found wandering outside of their home world. Masters of the light element, they balance shadowbeasts perfectly, and strive to guide those around them to the goodness within all creatures great and small.


Name:: Lightbeast

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: N/A

Average Weight:: N/A

Location Found:: Light Realm.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.



Interbreeding As a rule, the variants of lightbeast do not interbreed; such hybrids are incredibly rare, and are not kindly regarded by their various societies. However, should an inter-variant hybrid be born, it will be cared for by the group it was born in until it is strong enough to venture forward on its own. These hybrids are sometimes infertile, and thus are only rarely capable of producing offspring.

Orthae lightbeasts are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!

Diet This is what this species, and any variants, may eat at any given time.


light energy.


non-sapient creatures formed of light.


red meat, white meat, fish, plantlife.


Lightbeasts generally sustain themselves off of pure light energy found in their home Realm. However, some prefer to hunt the non-sapient light creatures that live there. When off-Realm, they can make do with meat and vegetation they can catch or find, though eventually they must find a source of light energy to sustain themselves. Some may glean energy off of sunlight itself, but they cannot live off of it alone.


Species info credited to Verridith and Fyfergrund.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance Kalina: Kalina lightbeasts are built delicately; they have slender bodies, long thin legs, and long necks with tapered, deerlike faces. Large wing arms of silken fur sprout from their shoulders, each one holding floating, separate panes of light for feathers; these panes appear to move and shimmer of their own accord, and glow with a rainbow of shimmering light. All kalina have feathers on the sides of their faces, with slim horns that angle backwards from their skull. They have a large and long, very fluffy tail that may drag behind them for many feet, rarely appearing tangled or dirty. Some may have spines, spikes, manes, more feathers, and an assortment of other mutations depending on the individual.

A kalina's base coloration is most commonly white, but can be other pastel tones; markings of any color except black is possible, and such markings are often heavily bioluminescent. They appear to have a soft, shimmering glow about them, and appear bright in the darkness of places without alternate light.

Orthae: Orthae lightbeasts are large and imposing, muscular, with long clawed paws and draconic builds. They commonly have an assortment of feathered frills, long fluffy manes and tails, as well as tendriled feathers sprouting from their shoulders. Large wings may sprout at will from the tendrils like the kalina's, shaped much the same, but their panes will glow with a degree of brightness that may be blinding to normal creatures.

All orthae fur and feathers glow brightly; they leave glowing pawprints and after-images wherever they may pass.

Nazua: The nazua are lesser lightbeasts; short creatures with humanoid shapes. They have large, glowing eyes and deerlike faces, with expressive ears and slender horns. Their feet and hands hold white claws, and their teeth are sharp, displaying some draconian influences in their anatomy. Some may display long, fluffy tails, but most do not; no nazua have wings, but some may have small panes of light that follow them where they walk. They tend to clothe themselves in colors that compliment their base hues and markings, which follow the pattern of most kalina. As with other types, nazua glow with a faint light.

Lalith: Least of all lightbeasts are the lalith; creatures that fall into three distinct types. Air lalith take on the shapes of aerial creatures, with wings made of panes of light, covered in feathers or silken fur. Land lalith appear as earthbound creatures, quadrupedal and wingless, with feathered frills and slender builds. Water lalith appear as creatures such as fish, serpents, and animals that dwell beneath the waves, coated in scales made of overlapping fragments of light.

Culture Kalina: Traditionally creatures of esteemed honor, kalina lightbeasts are considered guardians and caretakers of balance. They have an empathic influence on those around them, and actively guide others to the light - but do not often force them. Often viewed as oracles, omens of good fortune, and healers, kalina are usually welcomed in any community they make themselves known in.

In the Light Realm, kalina lightbeasts form small prides led by a single matriarch. As kalina feed on good emotions and light energy, life in such prides are easy and joyous; these prides never leave their home Realm, and those lightbeasts found outside of it are usually solitary or are in small family units. Kalina alone or in family units may travel far and wide, and often inspire those around them to better absorb good energy while negating the effects of darkness and despair.

Those that force others to the light are considered dangerous and not a part of kalina society in general, though they do form their own smaller communities usually outside of the Light Realm. They are known somewhat ironically as the Mercies, and may ally themselves with Halgians and other hunters of darkness.

Orthae: Known to be solitary guardians of the light, orthae can see darkness in one's heart and are bound to drive it out in whatever way they are able to. They are hunters of all things evil, and may chase prey across the Realms until it is dead, before returning to the Light Realm. Rarely do orthae settle and have children, and such families are small and do not often have more than one or two chicks. These bonded orthae are often those who choose specific places in the Light Realm to live and guard, and many of these become Keeper Wardens in order to keep their mate and chicks safe.

Nazua: Clans of nazua are found dotted over the Light Realm, small, but functional; some of these Clans may fall under the leadership of a single orthae, and become its servants. Otherwise, they provide trading and crafting services for the Realm, and may send runners between prides of kalina, individual orthae, and groups of lalith to spread news and initiate trade across great distances. They may also travel away from their Clans and heal those that have been corrupted or tainted by darkness to the best extent of their abilities.

Lalith: Little is known about lalith society in general; it varies greatly, and can differ between groups even in the same class. However, lalith have been known to show little care for the balance their brethren uphold, instead focusing on their own lives and that of their loved ones. They are said to embody freedom in a structured world, and can be mischievous and unpredictable - as cruel as they can be kind.

Abilities Kalina: Kalina lightbeasts have a vast affinity for light magic; they cannot utilize darkness of any degree, though other elements in limited amounts are possible. A kalina often masters use of both offensive and defensive magics, healing, and the Sight.

Many kalina are capable of teleportation, often soundless, and transporting others via touch briefly and over short distances. They may also read thoughts and memories, but cannot do so without permission; furthermore, they can't affect or attack the mind in any way if that mind contains no darkness, unless they are allowed.

Dark magic is toxic to them, and being without light - such as an enclosed room or on a starless, moonless night - will be uncomfortable to the point of physical pain. Being attacked with dark magic can prove fatal, and injuries infected with dark magic are difficult to heal.

Orthae: Orthae lightbeasts have all the abilities of a kalina, but are unrestricted when it comes to the mind; their mastery of light is also nearly unparalleled, and will always trump a kalina's in a fight. They may also survive in darkness for some time, before it weakens them, though dark attacks are just as fatal. An orthae may be dissuaded from a hunt by one who is completely pure of heart, but cannot be by any who hold darkness within their souls.

Nazua: Nazua lightbeasts are very skilled in crafting, smithing, and enchanting various objects and weapons; they have an affinity for imbuing light into various metals, and utilize this in their everyday lives. While they cannot use the light element in offensive or defensive ways, they may learn healing and purifying magic very easily.

Lalith: Lalith lightbeasts do not have great control over their inherent abilities; they cannot heal or enchant as the nazua can, but do have a limited degree of control over both offensive and defensive light magic.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: unknown. Realm of Origin: Light Realm.

Long ago, the One ventured into the chaotic formlessness that was the Light Realm and the Dark Realm that served as its balance, and set about bringing order to the Realm, dividing sky from ground, and bringing solid existence out of ethereal reiatsu. When he was satisfied with the Realm’s stability, he decided to bring about life to bask in the ever-present light.

He gathered pure light, and mixed it with his own aura to create the first lightbeasts. These first lightbeasts were little more than living motes of formless light, simple and without thought, existing to drift through the Realm, feeding off the light and content with their simple lives.The One was satisfied, for the moment, and departed the timeless Realm.

At a later time, the One returned, and gather unto him several of the lightbeasts. He selected one from among their ranks and refined it, giving it a physical form. He drew inspiration from the canine, equine, cervine, avian, and dragon, making it long and slender of body, and giving it gleaming wings made of panes of light. He named it the kalina, and entrusted it with overseeing the order of the Realm. Then he refined more of the lightbeasts, making them kalina, and leaving them under the authority of the first. Then he departed the Realm once again.

The Light Realm would play host to the One once again when, after the death of a shadowbeast, waves of chaos swept over both Light and Dark Realms, threatening to destroy both, and undo everything the One had labored for so long to create. He decided the Light Realm needed more powerful protectors, and made the first orthae. It was similar to a kalina, but much larger, rivaling even the dragons for size, and bore a feathered frill upon its head, as well as a strong and formidable body.

To this first orthae, the One gave authority over all the Light Realm and its denizens, and gave it the power to bring order to the chaos threatening to overwhelm the Realm. As it went out into the Realm to stabilize it, the One created more orthae to serve the first. Then, satisfied, the One departed the Light Realm for the last time, destined never to return to its timeless splendor.

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Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: Dead.

This Ancient First was a lightbeast of palest gold with enormous feathered-and-light wings that dwarfed his slender, draconic body. Graceful and swift, he fed off of sunlight and was a creature of whims, acting as his mood dictated. Supreme lord over light, he would craft elaborate illusions to trick even the gods, and was sincere even as he was capricious.


No subspecies have been discovered for this species yet!