The Elemental

General Information;

A volatile species unlike most others. Created from the energies of the world, elementals are the direct personification of their elements - beasts and humanoids who are made from whatever element they embody. Some are even so unstable as to be incapable of keeping a physical form for any real length of time.


Name:: Elementals

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: N/A; depends on the individual

Average Weight:: N/A; depends on the individual

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Breeding An elemental is created when extreme magical energies of a particular element coalesce and create a sentient, living being. If a mating between an elemental and another creature happens, there is a rare chance that there will be half-elemental hybrids created. However, the elemental must be able to contain their element within a solid form. This power usually doesn't exceed more than twenty-four hours, and can only be applied to the outer surface of their bodies.

Lost elementals are more powerful than the norm, and may maintain solid, physical bodies for far longer than the norm. Aura elementals are most common, as they have the ability to hold a physical body for as long as they have the energy to do so.

Lost Types Legend tells of extinct or very rare types unknown and unseen; those known are STORM (water, wind and lightning), AURA (reiatsu-based), and CHAOS (fire, water, air and earth).

They are very rare, and exist in great number only in a place called Zinlaea, very rarely found in the distant north of Felnova. They are more powerful and more refined, than their common cousins; more information can be found in subspecies.


Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith, JPG, Thistle, and Skyeh.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance The elemental is a creature unlike any other; they are a manifestation of elemental energy, and may take any physical form to fit whatever element they possess. They are composed entirely of their element and may appear like nearly anything: dragons made entirely of fire, giants formed of earth, birds of condensed wind, the possibilities are endless.

When threatened, they may lose their physical form and become the element in its entirety, though they risk losing the ability to transform back. Very similar elements may be joined, such as fire and lightning, though a singular element will always be the focus. The secondary will appear in small amounts, and grant the elemental a very limited control.

Culture Elementals are rare creatures found in the hidden places of the world; usually places rich in magical energy. They do not breed to create life, and interspecies mating is incredibly rare. Intelligence varies between individuals, though most share the intelligence of whatever form they may take. Known elementals are fire, wind/air, water, earth, lightning, ice, light and dark. Most will gravitate towards their own element, and are fiercely against interacting with members of the opposing element. More powerful elementals may intermingle with common society, and may be great allies in times of war.

Abilities Their extreme magical potency grants elementals extensive power. Though most of the more ethereal elements - such as fire, wind, and water - aren't physically strong, their prowess in battle is greatly enhanced by their elemental abilities.

Their full power is chaotic and not easily controlled; as such, it takes an enormous amount of energy to use, and often causes the death of its wielder as well as the destruction of its target.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: unknown. Realm of Origin: First Realm.

After the One fell, Death’s first victim, the Ten fled and hid themselves. Leartes burned with righteous anger as he went out into the wilderness. He roared his rage to the heavens, and shed tears for what was lost and could never be reclaimed. But as his rage subsided, he gazed upon his surroundings, and was inspired to create.

He took air and earth, fire and water, lightning and ice, and formed them together, a perfect blending of disparate elements. The elements coalesced into one, but lacked form, and substance until Leartes coaxed it to life. The first elemental marveled at its formless shape and raw power, and reveled in its control over the natural elements.

To thee I give the steadfast earth, the flowing water, the swirling air, the rapid lightning, the furious fire, and calm ice. To thee I give the ability to become as a solid shape, or an ethereal form. To thee I give the power to destroy, and to create. To thee I give a life of perfect balance, Leartes intoned. Filled with purpose, the first elemental took the form of a dragon formed of the elements, and went out into the Realm.

As time passed, Leartes created other elementals, most comprised of but a single element. But to a few, he gave extra attention. For some, he took of the air, water, and lightning, and made of them living embodiments of fierce thunderstorms. For others, he took equal parts earth and air, fire and water, and formed chaos elementals. With a select few, he took of his own aura, and made the aura elementals, beings of great power, comprised of pure reiatsu.

Over time, the elementals spread over the Living Realms, migrating as they were drawn to fitting dwelling places, each according to their elements. The first elemental eventually found a secluded forest, and settled into a deep slumber in the very heart of the woodland, though many remain unaware of its presence.

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Name: Erosae'en Uyhest. Location: sleeps within an ancient grove in the Rynorel forest. Status: Alive.

The elemental Ancient First's form shifts constantly, but usually somewhat resembles some form of wild animal, composed of all elements in their purest states. Solid earth, liquid water, hard ice, raging fire, swirling air, shining light, concealing darkness, and crackling lightning, all in equal measure.

For many millennia, far longer than Felnova and Kurai have existed, this elemental has existed in a semi-conscious state, diffusing into the very ground, almost completely becoming one with the very grove it inhabits, causing the grove to shift according to its whims. While it tolerates the presence of the local elves since they don't interfere with the forest's growth, it is less welcoming of other races. The grove might be either impossible to find, or react violently to intrusion.

As a being composed of all elements, the elemental is extremely skilled in their use, far beyond others of its kind, and many other races as well. Lacking any permanent body, it communicates entirely via mind-speech, although none now live who have ever communicated with it.


Aura Elemental
Classification: very rare elementals composed of spiritual energy alone. Location: abroad.

Strongest of all elementals. These rare elementals are comprised entirely of energy, and can take any form they will. Their eyes, however, always betray what they are - they constantly swirl with their own powerful aura. Capable of devastating reiatsu attacks.

Lost elementals are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!

Chaos Elemental
Classification: very rare elementals composed of fire, water, wind, and earth. Location: abroad.

An elemental comprised of fire, water, air and earth. Often are formed of all of these elements, and cannot hold a single physical form for very long. Thus, they often appear to be various species, rarely humanoid. Very old Chaos elementals are able to solidify their form much more easily.

Lost elementals are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!

Classification: nature elemental; tree spirit. Location: primarily Xaeri and Millirand.

The dryad is a tree spirit found in the forests of Xaeri and Millirand, very rarely abroad. Though males of this species seem to be all but non-existent, they are known to breed with earth- and nature-based elementals, elves and humans with the resulting offspring showing none of its lesser heritage. They appear as women with silvery green skin, covered in moss and bark. Their hair is formed of vines, leaves or flowers, and their hands are tipped with sharp wooden claws. Classically, they will also have a pair of short wooden horns that twist from their heads, as well as very lon, pointed ears. Their eyes are almost always white. They have an incredible control over plantlife, and can meld with the wood of nearby trees for protection. It's said that when a dryad dies, their spirit becomes a seed, and from that seed a great oak will grow.

Fire Sprite
Classification: fire-elemental fairy. Location: abroad, but rare.

The fire sprite is a small, delicate fairy consisting entirely of flame. Though some have wings and some do not, all are able to fly; they seem as flickering sparks in the air, fallen stars, and are sometimes mistaken as lunar butterflies for their fancy of leading travelers astray at night. Upon closer examination, they have slender bodies that resemble molten metal with a bright jewel-heart, usually naked but for their cloaking of flame. They are impish and cunning, and enjoy tormenting those unfortunate enough to trespass into their small territories.

Classification: sapient plant/plant humanoid. Location: abroad

Florids are intelligent plants that eventually take on a humanoid form, their appearances as diverse as there are varied types of flora. They spend the first century as non-sentient plant-life before entering a stage called "bloom," in which they suddenly become sapient and start developing a full sized humanoid body over the course of a year. Most florids are short, have green skin of varying shades, and their flower generally can be found on top of their head (though other places have been reported). Larger flowers and plants render taller florids, and their anatomy is greatly influenced by what type of plant they take after.

They thrive on sunlight and water; without these, they may survive on nectar, sap, or sugar for a time. If deprived of nutrients for long enough, a florid's flower will begin to absorb its body, shrinking in size until only the flower is left, upon which time they may re-root to the ground until able to create a body once more. Otherwise, florids are gifted with nature-based magics usually centered around what type of flower they have, as well as the ability to manipulate plantlife and summon vines around them.

Most florids do not stay with their children until they bloom, and rarely stay with each other at all, resulting in an inability to create any sort of culture to pass on to one another. Few florids can even talk, and the ones who do pick up the languages from others.

Classification: artificially-crafted elemental. Location: artificial earth elemental. Location: abroad.

The golem is an artificial creature created by gnomes upon the discovery of Soulgem creation. By fusing a Soulgem within a construct of any hard material - usually stone, wood, or metal - a golem gains the ability to move and act in accordance to its creator's will. Oftentimes, these compressed souls are taken from criminals and locked away in a golem, made to serve at some task or other until the Gem is either drained of essence, or shattered from stress. Most Soulgems don't retain their awareness of spirit for more than a few months, before the personality and thoughts of the original host fade away completely.

Golems are often crafted with earth magic into vague, rough humanoid shapes, though they can be crafted by hand into more artistic renditions with a great amount of time. Rarely, a Soulgem can be fused into an animalistic shape - though the strength of the Soulgem cannot hold large beasts for very long without breaking, unless the soul within is exceptionally strong. The Soulgems are usually located at the very heart of the golem's chest, so that they cannot be easily destroyed. When powered by a Gem, their eyes will glow with whatever color the spirit's reiatsu was in life.

Storm Elemental
Classification: very rare elementals composed of lightning, wind, and water. Location: abroad.

An elemental comprised of water, wind and lightning. Though less chaotic in form-changing than the Chaos, a Storm elemental is less able to hold a physical form for very long than a normal elemental. Most will choose humanoid forms, though some are more partial to the bestial.

Lost elementals are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!

Classification: air-elemental spirit. Location: abroad, but rare.

Like the fire sprite, the sylph most resembles a fairy, though they have corporeal bodies; somewhat larger than their fiery cousins, these creatures are completely translucent, their internal organs invisible. Their wings are large and comprised of condensed wind and mist, and a current of air surrounds them constantly. They hold a disdain for humans that goes beyond the petty ways of their brethren, and they actively seek to drive away any intruders far from where they make their homes. Sometimes, they will even lead a hapless traveler to their death over a cliff, into quicksand, or into deep water.

Classification: elemental-infused tortoise. Location: almost exclusively Lizzarkyth.

The great titantoise are gigantic, ancient tortoises joined with the spirit of an earth elemental at birth. Growing to titanic proportions, these creatures appear to be mountainous tortoises with great forests growing upon their rocky shells; others may have mountains and craggy rocks, and still more may appear to have a shell encased completely in solid crystal. Very rarely, there may be one born with a metallic shell that attracts iron ore - over time, this thins and shines into a solid metal surface polished like to that of a mirror. Though the young look like an average tortoise, if a little larger, they can be easily spotted by unique, brightly-colored and iridescent eyes. Sometimes, titantoise will have a large set of forward-facing horns.

Some aquatic variants of the titantoise have been noted in the oceans of various Realms; much more like sea turtles than tortoises, these are called simply 'titanturtles', and appear as floating islands that move amid the sea.

Water Nymph
Classification: water-elemental women. Location: anywhere near calm water sources; ponds, lakes, creeks and slow rivers.

Nymphai are said to have once been a race of human females, ones who fell in love with their own reflection, and who were cursed by Balion to forever be beholden to the water that they looked into. Though the curse has long since faded, water nymphs live on, beautiful females who cannot leave the water's touch. As their are no males, much like the dryad, they lure men into the waters of their homes, spinning a spell on anyone unfortunate enough to drink there. From here, they can control the thoughts and emotions of the one they've snared, able to force them to do anything from procreation to fetching things from inland they may want but cannot have. When it rains, only then may a nymph travel abroad - unlike their cousins, the siren, who can move about free as they will.

Void Elemental
Classification: dangerous elemental formed of Void energy. Location: rarely abroad.

Very, very rare creatures who are not only formed of the energy of the Void, but appear to hold several of the Void hydra's own abilities within their chaotic forms. They are incredibly rare and cannot reproduce, created in the confines of the Void hydras themselves. They appear in the Living Realms only when a Realm is about to die - however, once they are able to manifest outside of the Void through a world's imbalance, they may freely traverse the Realms, and may pose a danger to anything and everything within them.

Void elementals may appear in any shape that they wish, from animalistic to humanoid, and always are consisted of black energy that devours light, save for minute specks like minuscule stars. Sometimes, these stars are brighter than others, and may appear in multiple colors; their forms are insubstantial, and can never be fully physical. All Void elementals have eyes that shift and change in hue, and glow with a brightness that cannot be quenched. Their energy may be seen radiating from them like smoke, burning like black fire, or bleeding from them like water. The space around them appears distorted, twisted, as if they are not supposed to exist.

All Void elementals - once having escaped the Void into the Living Realms - are able to pass from one Realm to another without the use of portals or Markers. They are masters of dark magical energy, and are impervious to the dark element and any physical attack. Certain elements (light, fire, and lightning), pure energy and reiatsu assaults can be deadly to them, and may eradicate them completely or send them back to the Void, breaking their connection with the physical world. Enchanted weapons may also harm them, but unenchanted things have no effect.

Many Void elementals do not have stable personalities. They are unpredictable, chaotic, and uncontrollable; they often inspire fear where they go, and are regarded as terrible omens of death, seen most often when a Realm is on the brink.

Void elementals are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!