By Tooth And Claw Dragons
NAKTUK TALOSH, Land of the Free

The term 'country' can only loosely describe what Naktuk Talosh is. Beyond the Mage's Tower, Naktuk Talosh is largely untouched by what one normally considers 'civilization' - with the exception of the Mage's Tower, there is no city beyond tier two. In spite of this, the people of Naktuk Talosh are arguably more civilized in terms of how the people treat one another, speaking volumes about the spirit of its citizenry.

Country/Area Name(s): Naktuk Talosh

Ruling Species: lyzards

Native Language: Lizzarkythian

Capital(s): N/A

Monarch(s): N/A


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: lyzards. LEADER: Baruji (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Lizzarkythian. ALLEGIANCE: free.

APPEARANCE: Pooktook rises from the jungle up the side of a low ridge, making use of natural caves to serve as extra space. An underground spring emerges at the base of the ridge, forming a small lake that in turn feeds part of the nearby river system. Within the caves lies a sealed chamber, inside of which is a carved record of Lizzarkyth's history, engraved into the very stone. Very few outsiders even know of the cave's existence.

CULTURE: The natives of Pooktook are an industrious lot, and they are often engaged in some activity or another. However, they have annual celebrations and ceremonies wherein they take time off from working to engage in recreational activities, or moments of silent meditation. A select few are responsible for the updating and upkeep of the underground record chamber.

RACE: lyzards, saurians. LEADER: Chaz (NPC). TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Lizzarkythian. ALLEGIANCE: free.

APPEARANCE: Nidus is little more than a collection of dwellings built upon stilts, nestled in a deep, dark swamp. Dim lantern light provides illumination, and small reed boats are anchored to various wooden walkways that surround the stilt houses and intertwine between them. Some of the walkways and dwellings are attached to the various large trees growing up out of the swamp.

CULTURE: Nidus is a very close-knit, private community. Suspicious of outsiders, although they rarely see any due to the remote location, and clans of carnivorous saurians who live nearby, they are nonetheless welcoming of any who have no other place to go. Thus, Nidus is a refuge for those without homes for some reason or another.

RACE: lyzards, saurian. LEADER: Sorcerer Kizali (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Lizzarkythian. ALLEGIANCE: free.

APPEARANCE: The original tower was constructed of white marble, with organized gardens surrounding it. Over time, the gardens grew beyond their boundaries, and began to overtake the tower itself. In several places, the tower has been damaged as vines and other plants displaced the stones. The lyzard mages decided to simply incorporate the plants into the tower, guiding the vines to strengthen, and in some places replace, the original stonework. The top-most levels of the tower are comprised of entirely plants.

CULTURE: Nothing about the Tower's culture is known, other than it is Lizzarkyth's Tower of Magic and belongs to the Order of Mages.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Daern's Ridge

A great, craggy ridge rising from the surrounding jungle. Massive stone pillars resembling antlers rise from one end of the ridge. These pillars change colors with the passing of seasons, from vivid green in spring and summer, to shades of orange and brown in fall and winter. An invigorating aura surrounds the ridge.


Beneath the vast forest overhead, Gotajk is a vast, dark swamp that receives little by way of light. Bioluminiscent mushrooms provide a dim twilight glow, and glowing swamp-wisps frequently emerge from the brackish water.

Grotto of the Crystal Skulls

While the bodies of most deceased lyzards are allowed to become one with the earth, those who have won great renown for themselves through some means or another and are recognized for their deeds by the Council of Stones are given the honor of having their skulls put on display above an epitaph commemorating their accomplishments.

These skulls are covered in a thin layer of resin, sometimes clear, sometimes tinted in various shades, that transforms the bone to crystal so that they may better endure the damp air of the grotto. Visitors will often meditate before these skulls, seek to model themselves after the honored dead. Depending on how many of the skulls visitors honor, and how long they spend before each one, it may take days or weeks to complete.

Rainy Basin

Near-constant rains fall in this deep basin, and small, mountainous ridges surround it on all sides. Within, massive trees, measuring a few miles tall, have grown into a massive forest. The branches of these trees serve as home to many creatures, and entire lakes have formed on some of the enormous branches. Waterfalls stream from branches high above, to gather in lower-lying branches, and on down to the ground far below.

Xonfi's Cave

A large cavern entered through the massive, open jaws of a great lizard skull. Eggs hatched within the cavern are believed to be blessed, and many nests can be found within as a result. A sacred place, lyzards and saurians of all kinds share the space within, where carnivore and herbivore dwell close to one another without fear.

About Lizzarkyth

Also known as the Undying Realm, Lizzarkyth boasts the greatest forests of any in the known Realms, some trees as ancient as the world itself. The vegetation here does not die naturally and all creatures hold nature in the greatest respect, taking only what is needful for them to survive. While lyzards dominate the skies with their levitating leaves, many fey animals lurk within the forests, some never seen by any eyes but their own. It is said that the lyzards welcome outsiders with a cool respect, for they are a peaceful species and not enamored of those who frequently bring trouble to their Realm. Dragons, however, are a fundamental aspect of their faith and greatly revered.

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