By Tooth And Claw Dragons
ERUROST, Land of Life

Most prestigious in all of Lizzarkyth is the country of Erurost, located in Lizzarkyth's oldest and most established lands. Ruled by the Council of Stones, a group of lyzards who preside over the people and govern all. Peace is their motive and goal; the Council would do anything to preserve it.

Country/Area Name(s): Erurost

Ruling Species: lyzards

Native Language: Lizzarkythian

Capital(s): Alciniron

Monarch(s): Lord Fad'l (NPC) and the current Council of Stones


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: lyzards. LEADER: Kodiwhi (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lizzarkythian. ALLEGIANCE: Erurost.

APPEARANCE: The city of Alciniron is the largest settlement in Lizzarkyth, home to over ninety percent of the lyzard population. Situated upon a mile-long waterfall which feeds the Erurost River, Alciniron can be reached only by flight or via a single bridge leading across the raging waters, but the effect is well worth the inconvenience. Countless silver towers reach far into the clouds, built of a strange metal material combined with crystal and founded upon living plant life, trees, vines and flowers wrapping around their base. During a fine day rainbows dance upon the waters, reflected by the great spires to create a truly enchanting effect. Within the city itself lyzards navigate using a series of electrical lifts and hanging bridges, undaunted by the incredible heights.

CULTURE: The lyzards of Alciniron celebrate both of the yearly equinoxes and solstices, coming together in huge celebrations for each holiday. On these four days of the year none labor or serve and all are considered equal, spending the day revering nature and the peaceful life they lead. Winter solstice is a particularly important time for the lyzards for it is then when they start their year anew, casting off the burdens of months gone by and looking forwards to a new beginning.

RACE: lyzards. LEADER: Hilraldo (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lizzarkythian. ALLEGIANCE: Erurost.

APPEARANCE: Located in the southern swamps, Balinost's towers rise towards the sky in spiraling pillars, gleaming in the sun. Unlike Alciniron, this city is also enclosed within a glassy curtain wall carved with intricate dragons, and its central four towers are all the same height. It has a spacious bazaar in a courtyard to the fore, near a grouping of three arched gateways with glass gates spelled against breaking.

CULTURE: Though open to travelers and merchants of their own species, the lyzards of Balinost are exceptionally wary of outsiders and are aggressive to all who threaten their carefully held peace. Twice a year, elite members of the reptillian species that populate Lizzarkyth gather in Balinost before leaving for Draconn Point, where their ruling Council gathers to speak.

RACE: lyzards, felidae. LEADER: Niural (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Lizzarkythian. ALLEGIANCE: Erurost.

APPEARANCE: Catcall is a city surrounding two central, intertwining towers; more metal than crystal, like the other lyzard settlements, it has only an occassional clusters of quartz around its base. Sprawling over the massive island-shell of a long-dead titantoise, its size rivals that of Alciniron. In addition to the great towers and spiraling horn-buildings, there are trees built from crystal set in gardens filled with massive flowers; trees once built for their beauty for the former Lord of Catcall, when it was known as something else. Now felidaen can be found lounging about these trees, watching the lyzards and their cousins go about their daily business.

CULTURE: The city of Catcall gets its name from the vast quantities of felidaen found there, having congregated to the titantoise's back before it fell to death. Catcall's inhabitants have come to accept these felines as part of their everyday life, and many have one as a companion or pet.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Adiel Tower

Almost identical to Alciniron's Tower in appearance, Adiel Tower is significantly smaller than its cousin but far older, built at a time long before the fabled city existed. Many thousands of years ago, when the lyzards were few and lived within the wilds, they built Adiel Tower as a place of communion, somewhere to come together and celebrate their faith four times a year. Since their general migration to Alciniron the Tower sees few visitors, though a few respected magic-users still reside there and teach those who have chosen to stay within the forests.

Cadathiel Tower

Located in the center of Alciniron itself, the Cadathiel Tower is both a place of worship and learning, a celebration of the lyzard's faith and their primary place of magical study. At least twice the size any other building in the city, a huge crystal dragon wraps around the length and breadth of the tower in recognition of the Realm's Ether, its translucent wings spread over the surrounding buildings. Those who wished to be trained in the magical arts come here for teaching and many famous magic-users reside high within its walls, the greatest respect which can be offered. It is here that most of the festivities take place during holidays and the acolytes spending many days beforehand preparing incredible feasts for Alciniron's populace.

Cavern of the Blessed Dead

A secluded cavern deep within the jungle, the cavern houses the resin-dried mummies of lyzards who served the gods personally when the divine ones still walked among their people. Some of the mummies are kneeling, some seated, and a few are reclining as if asleep, all buried with a handful of personal items. Their identities have long been lost to history, but lyzards passing by often enter the caverns to pay their respects.

Draconn Point:

The country of Erurost is led by quartet of Lords, called the Council of Stone. Meeting together twice a year, they leave Balinost for this lonely pinnacle of stone, meeting at the top where it flattens to form a natural pedestal. Here, they discuss Lizzarkyth's future, as well as problems regarding other Realms. Upon the floor of their meeting-place has been carved an engraved western dragon, encircling the place that they stand.

Erurost River:

After Lizzarkyth's creation, The founding peoples that first populated the plant came across the great river of Erurost. Using it as a water source, they founded Alciniron on its banks, spreading across the great forest from there. At its deepest point, it spans a mile across, and three fathoms deep.

Greenleaf Forest:

The great forests of Greenleaf span the length and breadth of all Lizzarkyth. Though only a small part is found in Erurost, it wraps around the entire northern half of the planet, ever-growing trees reaching thousands of feet into the sky. Due to Lizzarkyth's undying nature, these trees only bear seeds once every five hundred years unless fire or disaster forces them to repolulate early.

Lonely Ridge:

To the west of Alciniron is an old, tall mountain range known as the Lonely Ridge; this is the only real substantial mountains found in Erurost, and are thus are they named. It is said that fell lyzard cousins with wings live deep in the rocks underground, along with basilisks and other such fell beasts.

Mirasse Swamp:

Though beautiful, the Mirasse Swamp is not known for its location or natural topography but rather the exceptionally rare Mirasse flower which grows only in this location. Silver and gold, the flower is rather like a daffodil in general appearance and grows up to six feet tall with amazing remedial qualities and an exquisite taste when the extract is added to wine. It is, however, carnivorous and carries a paralytic venom, using long, sinuous vines which grow within the flower to capture its prey. For this reason few attempt to harvest its pollen and even fewer return from the venture alive. Where the flower originated from is unknown, although it is said that a very old and power magic-user was murdered here and where his body rested the flower grew, a beautiful yet deadly guard for his grave.

Serpent Lake:

Though there are many lakes and ponds found in Lizzarkyth's forests and jungles, the Lake of Serpents is most notable for its mass population of snakes. During breeding season, the lakebed is covered completely in writhing, scaled bodies, snakes of every type, species and breed.

Unicorn Fonds:

A place of great mystery and highly revered by the lyzard and fey creatures alike, it is said to be the original birth-place of unicorns, though whether or not this is case remains unknown. Three beautiful, open-sided domes of the same metal and crystal of the city - though older, even than the Adiel Tower - are assembled in a rough triangle, surrounded on all sides by a multitude of small crystalline lakes. Despite being fed only by rainfall, the pools remain clear all year round and during early spring unicorns can on occasion be spotted here with their newly born foals.

About Lizzarkyth

Also known as the Undying Realm, Lizzarkyth boasts the greatest forests of any in the known Realms, some trees as ancient as the world itself. The vegetation here does not die naturally and all creatures hold nature in the greatest respect, taking only what is needful for them to survive. While lyzards dominate the skies with their levitating leaves, many fey animals lurk within the forests, some never seen by any eyes but their own. It is said that the lyzards welcome outsiders with a cool respect, for they are a peaceful species and not enamored of those who frequently bring trouble to their Realm. Dragons, however, are a fundamental aspect of their faith and greatly revered.

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