By Tooth And Claw Dragons
ALUBRIA, Land of Wings

Home and birthplace of the gryphons, roc'a and a variety of feather-winged birdkin, Alubria is known far and wide for its population consisting entirely of those with the ability of flight. With a climate comparable to Vystriana, Alubria is bigger and more treacherous than its draconic sister. The entire northern half is covered in ice, snow and the craggy mountains that roc'a rule. Its forests are thick and wild, its deserts fierce, its swamplands fell.

Country/Area Name(s): Alubria

Ruling Species: gryphons

Native Language: Common

Capital(s): N/A

Monarch(s): N/A


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: dark elves; mixed. LEADER: Priest Sinsaid (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Drowish; Common. ALLEGIANCE: Alubria.

APPEARANCE: Scylla's temple consists of a tall spire crafted of blue stone inset with silver designs that serves as quarters for her priests, standing atop a hill and surrounded by a wide circle of stones. These stones have been especially carved so that when the wind blows past them, they seem to sing. Numerous wind chimes made of various materials are suspended to catch the wind and add to the generally unending melody.

CULTURE: The denizens of Scylla's Temple are a joyful people, despite the dark elven priests who make residence here; they are welcoming, and encourage visitors to sing to the chimes, to enjoy the wind of the goddess and the beauty of her sky. Twice a day, they feed the variety of birds that make their homes among the spire's lofty edges, and the dance of wings is a marvel to behold.

RACE: avian, drow. LEADER: Lord Gopra (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Drowish. ALLEGIANCE: Alubria.

APPEARANCE: The city of Honesty is built into the rocklands of Naveiir, encased in ice and snow. It was once a city of beautifully crafted towers made of white marble and pearl, many tipped with domes and pointed orbs, much like the Arabian buildings of the destroyed Earthrealm. As Honesty's inhabitants once all bore wings, many homes were located in upper stories of the tall towers, travel between them being flight and flight alone. The lower levels are used for the Flightless: those too young, too old, or too crippled to fly. Now, few avians live within Honesty's Old City, and tunnels that dot the ruins lead to an underground city styled much the same, though adapted to the night elves and drow that live there. These tunnels open up into a massive cavern filled with spiralling towers of black obsidian and amber stone, crystalline gryphon statues guarding every gate. A bazaar is located at the very cener of the city, and rings of buildings protect it from attack.

CULTURE: Honesty was founded by a colony of avians who survived the cataclysm that created Stroen'na far to the north. They settled in the snowy arctic mountains in hope that it would only be temporary, that their home would return once the energies of the mage-storm had finally gone away. But over the years, these avians prospered, and the city endured until a few hundred years ago. A clan of wild roc'a from the west destroyed the Old City and forced them mostly underground, where they were taken in by a gathering of dark elves.

RACE: roc'a. LEADER: Lord of Feathers (NPC). TIER: one.

APPEARANCE: Katooth is a small, rocky islet held against the frozen wastes, the last remnant of Stroen'na before it was torn away. As thus, it was once a refuge for a mixture of species that awaited the day that their homeland descended from the sky; but roc'a have long since driven the original occupants away. Now, they nest in the ruins, led by a single ancient roc named Kithk'nan. A great bonfire pit is located at the village's former center, where the elders of the clan gather to exchange news.

CULTURE: This clan of roc'a hunts primarily the icedrake of the north, as well as keht'shu and avians from Stroen'na high above. They are also fond of hunting whale and dragging them ashore, though some tend to hunt smaller prey, such as leopard seals and dolphins.

RACE: mythkin. LEADER: Lightshatter vo Dushel (NPC). TIER: two.

APPEARANCE: Lasa'an is carved from blue-gray stones in a solid but intricate design. Numerous ribbons of various shades snap and flutter in the wind, and elevated stone walkways are commonly found connecting buildings. On opposite sides of the great hall dominating the city are two shrines. One of these is dedicated to Gurthril as creator, and the other is dedicated to Leartes as god of war. Between these two shrines hangs a purple veil made of velvet, symbolically ensuring the two gods don't have to look upon one another.

CULTURE: While every citizen of Lasa'an is well versed in weaponry, many of them are skilled artisans who take great pride in their work. As the city is run by the Lightshatter Clan, its inhabitants are honorable trade partners with both Alubria and distant Vystriana, and often arrange to trade their wares for dragon blood and human bone so they may avoid having to kill to get what they need to survive.

RACE: gryphon. LEADER: Lady Aegerii (NPC). TIER: four.

APPEARANCE: The capitol of the gryphons is a place spoken of in whispers and awe. Built hidden away inside of the Nokalo Forest, Nokalo is a place crafted entirely from precious metals and stones through many years of careful magecraft. At sunrise and sunset, it gleams with light, a shimmering point of beauty towering over the tall pine trees. Its central hub is a temple built to honor Rahirra and Zakrii, the deity of the gryphons. The leading clan is a Flight called the Sable, and they oversee all.

CULTURE: Exceptionally ritualistic and strict, the gryphons of Nokalo are ruled by a council of elder Sable priests who reside within the Temple. Any talk of them or of the gods in a dark light recieves swift, bitter punishment. The streets are almost always quiet and controled - gryphon hatchlings are sent to other clans to reach fledglinghood, when they are taken back and trained to uphold Nokalo's securty and prosperity. All who do not worship the Temple are hunted down, imprisoned, or destroyed.

RACE: roc'a. LEADER: Lord Fiehrenz (NPC). TIER: three.

APPEARANCE: A city of ruins once built to mirror Ibenia in Vystriana. Built into the mountains, it was once a home of pure elves and drow, before they were driven underground. Now, roc'a make their nests in the broken towers and battered walls, a vast clan who all other clans answer to.

CULTURE: Home is what the Zeni'iker Clan of roc call Raen - and thus, it's become a place of wisdom and intrigue. Though not much is known about Raen's culture, celebrations of weather are common, and storm-challenges are presented to any flightworthy brave enough to accept them.

RACE: atlantean. LEADER: Mijo (NPC). TIER:three.

APPEARANCE: Far beneath the waves lay a sprawling city of glittering towers and spiraling walls. Forged from white marble and guilt gold, it is rumored that the city once was home to a clan of sea dragons long abandoned. Found by atlanteans, it was repaired and enhanced, and now stands as a bastion of their entire race. Great gardens of kelp, coral, and sea anemones stretch over every uncovered surface on the city's floor.

From the center of the city, three large towers rise, topped with carved pillars that show stories of the surrounding ocean. Long walls spring from these towers in a spiral pattern, and many smaller towers and buildings lay within the coils. Thousands of gemlights sparkle from nearly every surface, giving Sinalita a glowing quality that can be seen from miles around. The doorways to the towers and main halls are large enough to admit members of Clan Cetus with ease, while other buildings are much smaller to serve as housing for smaller Clans. All doors may be opened without hands, and often open automatically upon an atlantean's approach.

CULTURE: As the pride of their race, Sinalita is a beautiful city that holds a variety of celebrations. Festivals are held on every holiday, and tournaments of both physical and magical skill are observed twice a month. Though the city has no proper police force, guards, or military, the athletes of Sinalita have risen - and will rise again - to defend their home against any threat.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Alubrian Rift

One of Felnova's more recent Rifts located in the icy north, deep within an arctic cave. This Rift is thought to have come about during the Second Demon War when Chamenos rose to power, at a similar time to its cousin - Kurai's Kidochi Rift.

The Alubrian Rift is notorious for its perpetual magestorms that swirl in the sky, and the deadly earth beneath one's feet. Marked by their glowing cores, crystals dot the terrain - crystals with the power to mimic the magic the inhabitants surrounding them possess. These crystals may be broken off and taken, for they keep their magic-sensing abilities no matter what Realm they are in; thus, they are often referred to as 'seeker stones*.

While in the Rift, these stones are considered very, very dangerous, though they lose their unfortunate effects when removed from the Rift's influence. Those residing near one for a prolonged period of time may be affected in an unfavorable way - the magic they have may be flipped while in the Rift. A mage with an affinity with fire, for instance, may then have an affinity for water. Sickness, grief, and an inability to use magic may ensue, eventually ending in death.

* seeker stones are a store bought item. please do not use one if you haven't bought it!

Sparse food sources have forced the native inhabitants to need little food or to live off the chaotic reiatsu leaking through from the Void, and most of the aforementioned reiatsu is emitted by Void pools - large tears in the Rift's fabric in which one may see directly into the Void. However, they do so at the risk of becoming enraptured by its swirling depths, rife with reiatsu that calls to their very souls. Dangerous, unpredictable Void elementals lurk deep underneath the surface of these Void pools in pseudo-aquatic forms ranging from krakens to merfolk and even to simple fish. Insane from the exposure to the Alubrian Rift's chaotic energy and drunk on the power from the Void, they seek only their next prey, too far gone to consider rehabilitating.

Caverns of Ruin
Home to the Kratos Flight of gryphons. The Caverns are an underground network of caves that once housed many pure elves and drow alike; their buildings still stand, obsidian and granite, broken and beaten by the talons of many enemies. Bones litter the ground here and there amid the ancient city, old and new alike. Groundrakes and veldryn can also be found here, hunted by the Kratos - though they are few and far between.

Excelsior Swamp
A dangerous swamp that hugs the southern tip of Alubria, neighboring the Goran's shielding mountains. Filled with an ever-present smog that lay low over the murky waters, once one gets lost in its depths, there is little chance of returning. Kelpie call the Excelsior home, as well as a ragged sub-type of Yorijian gryphon, large alligators, and a particularly nasty pair of sea dragons.

Ganta Lakes
Home of the Anarya Flight of gryphons. As one of the oldest Flights, rivalled only by the Sable Flight of Nokalo, they have many members and eyries located all around the great, clear lakes. The Ganta itself is a pure lake fed by snowmelt and rainwater from the mountains, split off into seasonal rivers that feed into the ocean. Beneath its placid surface is said to sleep the sealed statue of an ancient gryphon, cast into the waters by his peers for grave crimes committed against his kind.

Goran Desert
A desert wasteland filled with little more than dunes of sand. Elephants roam the borders of the desert, going from oasis to oasis, as well as feeding on the shrubs and long grass in the savannah to te west. Roc'a hunt these, as well as the few Desert Golds who have chosen the Goran to make their homes - though they, in turn, are preyed upon by leviathans who lurk beneath the sand.

Great Wastes
The northern Wastes are the remnant of Stroen'na before the Great Cataclysm; now covered in ice and scattered across the sea, these islets much resemble the Isles of Exile, their distant Vystrian cousins. Magic has saturated the ground and makes spellcasting nearly impossible. Elemental control, as well, is greatly hindered; though the casting of ice is greaty enhanced.

Naveiir Mountains
Home of the terrible Ironridge Flight of gryphons. The majority of these mountains are snowcapped and jagged; they're known for violent rockslides and large earthquakes. However, the gryphons that live here have taken advantage of the danger and make their nests in the high, rocky peaks, able to keep watch from a great distance over much of the lowlands down below. They are vicious and skillful, and prey often on lone travelars or gryphons from neighboring Flights.

Roc Point
Once an outpost for the dark elves, the Point has since been taken by a clan of roc'a and their Lord. Though the clan is one of the smallest, they are also some of the most well respected, and roc'a leaders from all over Alubria seek council with their Lord. It's used as a point of meeting for roc'a clans in times of war, and a lookout in times of peace.

Yorijian Sea
To the east of Alubria is the kingdom of Yorije; it lay between the continents of Alubria and Vystriania, home to a unique set of oceanic easterns who live beneath the waves. Its leaders are the five Yorijian families and their ruler, Calypso, a she-dragoness with absolute authority. The kingdom beneath the Yorijian Sea is one of beauty and great wonder beneath the waves. This land is also filled with many dangers, such as the terrible sea-leviathans.

About Felnova

Realm of beauty; of dragons; of the elements themselves. Felnova, Kinniokza, Adduli'in: the world that balances Kurai on the ethereal scale has many names, though the draconic and elven ones are very little used. A land of wild beauty and incomparable power, and one of the most fought-for Realms in our section of the Void today. Strangely enough, Felnova's beginning was one of chaos, and its fate is tied directly to the dragon royals of Vystriana, with great and terrible consequences to hit should they be removed from power by anything but their own volition.

The atmosphere follows the same path that many of the discovered Realms do; in it lays a potent reiatsu surrounding the planet, unseen and rarely felt. It cancels out the electricity and components of anything too technological, such as the wildly advanced machines of the destroyed Earthrealm. At its heart lay the Realm's first Ether, and her purest white reiatsu flows within, invisible but in dire need. Her magic flows through the air and earth equally; when damage is done, it is repaired very quickly, letting the Realm recover in months to the normal few years.

Realm Contributors: Verridith, Fyfergrund, Darkeh, SherniKaur, and Drifter.