The Unicorn

General Information;

Felnovian unicorns come in every natural horse color, as well as unusual and unnatural colors, with markings that may border on the extreme. The unicorn's tail is long and thin, much like a whip with a tuft at the very end. Each unicorn possesses a different horn. As a whole, they are secretive and peaceful creatures, rarely seen by other races. They are as intelligent as a human or elf and are quite gifted in magic, though prefer to fight physically.


Name:: Unicorn

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 15 hands

Average Weight:: 1000 pounds

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Gems;; At one year of age the gem of a Lizzarkythian is awoken, revealing its true color. These indicate a unicorn's true elemental alignment and are most commonly a ruby, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine or topaz. However, a variety of other types have been recorded with various degrees of rarity, all listed below. Those in italics are in order from uncommon to extremely rare while an underline indicates the gems which only appear in times leading up to a great need. These come in pairs - one of each - and only a single pair can exist at one time.

Ruby - fire
Sapphire - water
Emerald - earth
Aquamarine - wind
Topaz - lightning
Opal - light
Onyx - shadow
Turquoise - ice
Amethyst - healing
Lapis-lazuli - clear seeing
Tigers-eye - undocumented
Diamond - spiritual, powerful healing
Black Opal - all elements

History;; Lizzarkyth legend claims that all unicorns are descended from the ones of this Realm, but whether or not this is the case remains a mystery. While it does seem possible that the Felnovian unicorns, with their large variety of colours and lack of jewels, could be the progenies of their cousins, none have ever revealed their true origins and most creatures in the other Realms are ignorant of the Lizzarkythian unicorns' existence.


Species info credited to Aehryn, Blazeh/Verridith, and Daweia.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;;The unicorns of Felnova are noble beasts, gifted cousins of the horse. They come in every color; black, grey, bay, chestnut, palomino, pinto, and more unnatural bases, bordering on the extreme. A few other things that distinguish a unicorn from a common horse are the tail, and of course the horn. A unicorn's tail is long, thin and whip-like and many have a lion-like tuft at the very tip of their tail; often it used as a weapon. As for the horn, each unicorn's is different. Some are broad and long, like a sword, others the traditional spiraling point. Several have even been seen with huge, blunt horns like an axe-blade, or a single antler. A few can even change their horn to resemble any weapon they choose, though this takes quite a lot amount of magical talent and is an extremely rare ability. The horn grows in once the unicorn is around two to four years of age, and only appears as a small bump or nub when they are foals and yearlings.

Tactics;; As a whole, unicorns tend to be secretive and peaceful and are rarely seen by the other races, choosing to sequester themselves in deep, unexplored forests. The Felnovian unicorns have occasionally been known to join with the elves in wartime.

Abilities;; Unicorns, along with being every bit as intelligent as a human or elf, are creatures of magic and often quite gifted at using it. Many, however, prefer to fight physically, using their lethally sharp horns and hooves. The unicorn is often depicted as a defenseless creature due to their peaceful nature, but in actuality their personalities vary as much as true horses do and most are unafraid to defend themselves when required.


Anquil Unicorn-
Classification: Twisted, demonic unicorn. Location: Anquil, Evylon.

A scaled unicorn with large fangs and claws for hooves. Their horns are large and jagged, usually venomous, and their manes are thin and oily. Highly intelligent pack hunters, with strong magic of all kinds.

Classification: Hornless unicorn; sentient, varied horse. Location: Abroad.

An offshoot of the unicorn, the equus is a growing subspecies of unicorn without their traditional horn. Gifted with an extravagant range of physical appearance in colors, markings, and mutations, these creatures may range from the most normal-looking of traditional equine to a horse as brightly colored as any dragon, covered in feathers, horns, extra limbs, spikes, eyes, or a variety of extra features. Equus are very intelligent and often are quite gifted in magic, and live in intricate, complex herds or as individuals among other species. Herds of these equus have been found in nearly every Realm, and are fully capable of breeding with other equine breeds and races, including the traditional horses commonly found as mounts for humanoid riders.

The equus began as a mutation of unicorn without their horn, and - cast out from unicorn society as a whole - took to finding others like to them, until herds led by strong and capable stallions began popping up all over the Realms. Now, they have become more common in the last thousand years of their existence, and the rest of the Realms has begun to take notice of them.

Nightmares and Hellhorses-
Classification: hellish undead unicorns. Location: Hell.

The nightmare and hellhorse are one and the same; they are separated simply by general temperament, and, of course, gender. They are created when a unicorn dies and is brought back to life; the spirit is corrupted, and the resurrection seems to fail. Instead, they are reborn in Hell as a dark-coated beast with longer, more jagged horns, sharpened, almost bladed hooves - be it cloven or single-toed - and their trademark feature, fiery hooves, manes and tails. The fire, as well as the color of their glowing eyes, reflects their inner aura and may be whatever hue their reiatsu is. When using whatever magic they may have had in life, it seems corrupted - light will be tainted with darkness, earth will be plagued with death, water will become poisoned and foul. Nightmares, the females, will be the less aggressive of the pair; hellhorses, though intelligent, have a tendency to make their attacks random and brutal. They can be tamed by very few and rarely escape their homeland, and few ever return to their previous ways.

Lizzarkythian Unicorn-
Classification: gemmed unicorn. Location: Lizzarkyth.

While similar to their Felnovian cousins in general appearance, the unicorns of Lizzarkyth nonetheless have a few distinct differences. They come only in shades of white and cream, ivory being the most common, and are often arabian-like in statue with cloven hooves and light feathering around their ankles. More peaceable than the Felnovian unicorns due to their sheltered existence in a Realm that sees no war, their horns rarely deviate from the traditional spiral, though the length and color varies with each individual. Perhaps the greatest difference is that each unicorn born of Lizzarkyth possesses a gem at the base of its horn, granted at birth but not woken until one year of age when the color is revealed. These gems serve to focus their magical abilities, often granting them far greater powers than those of Felnova; while they are able to perform magic without them, their aptitude is greatly reduced.

Mel'au Unicorn
Classification small, delicate unicorn. Location: primarily Xaeri and Evylon.

Rarest of the unicorn subtypes is the mel'au, a delicate and beautiful ancestor of both the Felnovian and Lizzarkythian breeds. Small, only able to grow to the height of a large dog, these unicorns live in the depths of old forests where few ever wander. They're noted primarily for their graceful, endearing looks. With thin spiral horns much longer than their cousins, they have cloven hooves tufted with thick fluff at each fetlock, and leonine tails tufted much the same. They also have longer ears and are built more like a deer than a horse, with soft, large eyes. Their coloration varies with each individual, though most are white; some have pale markings, a and a dark variant has been recorded. Males have tufts at their chins, beards that grow with age.

Many may make themselves invisible, and use a form of magic very close to alchemy; the ability to transform one substance into another. These unicorns also make excellent guides, an are a friend to elves and centaurs.