Terminology, Items, and Materials

This is a page for common trinkets, materials, and verbiage unique to BTACD; officially-accepted terminology and items exclusive to the forum itself. If you have any to add to this list, please PM a staff member and we'll get to it at once!


A glossary of terms and their definitions pertaining to the BTACD worlds.

Ether/Ether Spirit::

A being that holds the balance of the Realm they are tied to; in effect, the soul that holds the spirit of their Realm. More information here.

Guardian Spirit::

A spiritually-bonded animal parter, often simply called a 'Guardian'. Generally larger animals, such as a lion, wolf, dragon or horse; but can be anything. Often able to sense when their charge is in danger.


The elite class of many Realm warriors; generally sworn to serve a leader or set of leaders, each with their own rules and regulations.


A slab of stone covered in kv'naer runes that binds a Realm to the Void and allows for the travel of the worlds via portals. More information here.


A world apart from any other; a separate dimension, bound from destruction by the Void. Learn more here and here.


One's aura; their spiritual energy. More information here.

the Blue, Red, Orange, etc::

Dragons are sometimes referred to by their base color; such as 'the Gold' or 'the White' or some other such color.

the Five, the Dark Five, the Ten::

Collective names for the Greater Gods (save for Linath, who belongs to no set). The Five belong to Felnova; the Millirand Five combine with the Felnovian Five to form the Ten; and the Dark Five are the evil gods who balance them. More information located here.

Ward of the Gods::

An individual selected and chosen by the gods for a specific task or ongoing job; unique to every god, and often sacrificed if the task was temporary. Sometimes, if a Ward is honorable enough, they're allowed to live.

Official Items

Officially-released special items, many relating to the gods, gifted with great power. Rarity has to do with how common they are in-character; class has to do with how to obtain them.

Please note that these are just items created by the admins! Player-shop items are not shown here unless officially accepted and given away by the staff. If you want to make your own unique item, trinket or weapon, go right ahead!

Time's Scale::

Rarity: ultra rare
Class: store-bought
Description: Time's Scale is a jewel like no other; comprised of one of the god's multicolored scales, ever-changing in hue, and exceptionally powerful. Has the ability to bypass portals and Markers, traveling between Realms just like a god or Ether Spirit.

Horn of Neiren::

Rarity: ultra rare
Class: event only
Description: A broken horn from Neiren herself. When held, has the ability to summon spirits of the damned and dead; usually those killed by demons. Also grants the ability to control War-blood hellwolves.

Claw of Rhathor::

Rarity: ultra rare
Class: event only
Description: One of the Realms' most powerful protection charms. Grants the user the ability to summon barriers that protect against harm, utilizing the god's own reiatsu. When placed near dying plants, will bring them back to life.

Lock of Gurthril's Mane::

Rarity: rare
Class: event only
Description: A slender lock cut from the mane of Gurthril in her horse Aspect. Has the ability to cast grand illusions and glamours, usually on oneself. Also grants invisibility when paired with great power. If used too often, or too many times, the strands will begin to disappear, resulting with only the golden band that held them left.

Linath's Feather::

Rarity: rare
Class: store-bought
Description: Shed feathers from Linath's wings; they're very small, and very soft, about the size of a man's thumb. Each feather is said to protect against unholy curses and grant true sight able to penetrate any illusion; they're also said to protect against poisons, venoms and harmful gases.

Leartes' Tears::

Rarity: rare
Class: store-bought
Description: Said to be frozen god tears, they come in two varieties; Blessed and Cursed. It's said that drinking of a Tear will bestow one of the two. They are about the size of a woman's fist, completely opaque when frozen and only thaw in the presence of a desert dragon's fire. When thawed, one kind will have a faint bluish tint, the other green, but it's long been forgotten which is which.


Rarity: uncommon/rare
Class: available IC
Description: A rare gemstone formed of the solidified, hardened and complete essence of a soul. Generally, these Soulgems will be no bigger than an inch and a half in diameter, and are colored the same as their original host's aura. Condensing a living soul into a Gem is considered a forbidden, dark magic, as it often leads to the victim's death.

Scylla's Breath::

Rarity: rare
Class: event only
Description: A gemstone with wind swirling inside of its hollow, glasslike surface. Has the ability to change the weather if concentrated upon; but if used more than three times, the gemstone will shatter and will be rendered useless.

Phoenix Tear::

Rarity: uncommon
Class: store-bought
Description: The Phoenix Tears are the frozen, jewellike tears shed by a mortally wounded phoenix. Crystallized upon being shed, they're about the size of a bird's egg, though this varies phoenix to phoenix. These gems come in pairs, and are a rich, deep red once bonded to a particular pair of beings. They allow contact over long distances, even between Realms, and flare with light when one of the pair's bearers is wounded or in grave danger. Each one's light will be brighter according to the injury's severity. They lose color completely when one of a pair has died, or the jewel is destroyed.


Rarity: exceptionally rare
Class: store-bought
Description: The Fermyntia is a prism-like gemstone that focuses the holder's reiatsu into a physical manifestation of their mindbeast. As long as the bearer retains contact of the jewel, their mindbeast will be summoned to their side, able to move about as a living beast at its master's command. It's also said to grant access to the mindscape, but how, no-one knows.

Beads of Ice::

Rarity: uncommon
Class: event-only
Description: Grants limited bursts of cold-based reiatsu. Think of frozen grenades; they explode when they touch a surface warmer than themselves, with the exception being the first being to pick them up - they can then be worn safely by the bearer.

Gem of Naerex::

Rarity: rare
Class: event-only
Description: Also known as the 'Skygems', these round gemstones somewhat resemble Soulgems in their color and size. However, they are not solidified spirits, but rather crystallized magic, condensed into a gemstone form. Grants the user considerable power, usually over a particular element. Often fashioned into pendants, though some are held and used in-hand.

Ruby Faction Gem::

Rarity: common
Class: available IC
Description: The rune-marked pendant held by leading members of the Ruby Faction. If a leader is found without this gem, their respective superiors will generally hunt them down and kill them for insubordination.

Onyx Faction Gem::

Rarity: common
Class: available IC
Description: The rune-marked pendant held by leading members of the Onyx Faction. If a leader is found without this gem, their respective superiors will generally hunt them down and kill them for insubordination.


Rarity: uncommon
Class: available IC
Description: A runeblade is a sword - or other weapon - endowed with specific magical runes. Most often, they have kv'naer runes set along the metal, weaving spells that are activated when the sword is used in battle. Others may use other types of runeworking, and may have much darker effects.


Rarity: uncommon
Class: available IC
Description: A very special class of weapon; these are unique swords, knives, bows or other such instruments fused with the spirit of one who's departed. May be made in a variety of ways, and power can vary depending on how strong the soul within was in life. Some are said to have two physical forms; others have a strange connection with the Realm of Xaeri...

Sword of Ganzhatu::

Rarity: only one
Class: event only
Description: An enchanted weapon from an ancient, long dead Icemarkian hero that has a handle of winterdrake bone and a blade of pure ice, filled with supercooled fluid that, in the unlikely event of a crack or break, will instantly refreeze the blade.

Helm of Ganzhatu::

Rarity: only one
Class: event only
Description: A sacred helm told of in Icemark legend, said to protect the bearer from freezing cold. Forged from a winterdrake skull and fitted into a large man-sized helm, blue and white bone.

Metals and Materials

This section will go over the various original and fantasy BTACD metals and materials, any that have specific origins, appearances, or abilities. More will be added over time; keep checking back!


Here will be a listing of all BTACD's original and fantasy metals; this includes such things as mithril and gemsteel, as well as species-specific metals like divine metal, and mythmetal.


Forged steel darkened to very dark grey or black metal. This darkened metal is highly resistant to corrosion, and sharp edges crafted from darksteel are reputed to never lose their edge, no matter how strenuously they are used. The dark look to the steel comes from a special oil infused into the metal during forging, the composition of which is known only to a select number of smiths.
Rarity:: Fairly rare due to the expense of forging it. Origin:: First produced by blacksmiths in Millirand, long ago, and only available from the greatest of smiths.

Divine Metal

A variant of mithril created by the Halgian people. It's worked at a much higher temperature, and infused with the blacksmith's spells of light. Often infused with enchantments of protection and safety, and said to be blessed by the Ethers. It has a white, pearly substance to it, is highly reflective, and seems to glow even in the darkest of places.
Rarity:: very rare. Origin:: the Halgian Empire.

Dragonsung Steel

Metal that is woven through magical means, and not crafted, by any who have control over metal. Tends to be hardened far past the norm, and can be inlaid with intricate designs and decorated, depending on the metalweaver's skill. Called 'dragonsung' for the first blacksmith who wove it - a dragon who literally sang his metal into shapes, crafting some of the strongest weapons known in this world.
Rarity:: Uncommon. Origin:: Millirand.


A variant of metal that ties steel, silver, and any sort of gemstone together - sometimes, multiple gems may be used. It's crafted through a mixture of traditional smelting and magic, and forms a strong, light metal that gleams with a tint of different colors, depending on what gem or gems were used. Often made in Kurai, in ceremonial battle-armor for War samurai.
Rarity:: Uncommon. Origin:: Kurai.


A silvery metal, harder and lighter than steel. Weapons and armor crafted from mithril are widely held to be some of the finest available due to their light weight and great durability. As hard as it is, mithril is hard to mine, and to forge, as it takes a very hot flame to soften it up for refining and forging.
Rarity:: Very rare. Origin:: Deep in some mountains, far underground.


Incredibly rare and very beautiful, mythmetal is the purest form of metal, crafted by mythkin from the purest ore within the earth. Very few of other species may attempt to create mythmetal, and the knowledge of its making is a closely-held secret. It's known to have an iridescence like oil, otherwise very light in color.
Rarity:: rarity. Origin:: location of origin.


This includes BTACD-specific materials, like original fabrics, woods, and other such things.


A rare wood found in places with high magical content. As a tree, it is small and twisted, resembling a large bonsai tree with black bark and white leaves. The wood within is dark as well, shot through with veins of cream. Sikrin has a variety of uses. Sound conducts in a unique way through it, and musical instruments such as flutes, lutes, or violins that are carved from it often have a clear, beautiful sound. Furthermore, running a current of magical energy through it will cause it to draw other materials to it and in turn pull the metal towards that material, based on the kind of magic used. For example, someone who uses fire magic can cause flames to bend towards a sikrin wand, or someone with water magic might use it as a dowsing rod to locate groundwater.
Rarity:: Relatively rare. Origin:: Any realm, but only in areas that have a high instance of natural magic.


A soft, light, very durable fabric invented by the elves. Silky and smooth to the touch, and able to be died with any shade of color imaginable, the fabric is weaved from silk harvested from a very rare plant grown in specially tended gardens, as pure vilam plants are hard to come by in the wild. The elves zealously guard the secret of the fabric from outsiders.
Rarity:: Rare. Origin:: Created by the high elves, and found in hidden gardens.