Here in BTACD, we have a specific power structure that governs where various important positions lay within it. This list goes over the power of gods, Ethers, Lords and Wards in comparison with mortal species, as well as descriptions to what each of them are.


The ruling gods are those such as The One and Death; the Void hydras may also fall into this category. Ageless, all-powerful, omnipotent. These creatures outrank all.

The greater gods are those that are split from the ruling gods, and have the ability to become a ruling god by combining powers with one another. The Ten, the Dark Five, and the Spiritual Gods fall into this category. All greater gods take the form of dragons or their related kin.

Lesser gods are those who fall beneath both the greaters and the ruling class; they may take the form of any animal, and rarely leave the Realm over which they reign.

The souls of balance, called the Ethers or Ether spirits, fall beneath the lesser gods. They retain the ability to bypass the Markers much like the gods, though they are incapable of weaving life as their superiors do. Demigods fit into this category as well, weak gods that reign over a singular, specific thing.

Beneath Ethers in power are the god-chosen dragon royals; this bloodline is the ruling class of both Felnova and Millirand. The Lords of Kurai - Death, Famine, Pestilence and War - are god-chosen as well, and are comparable to the royals in power. Spirit Kings are slightly stronger than both royals and Lords, but are restricted to serving the Spiritual Planes alone.

God Wards are the servants of the gods; those of the greater spirits are much more gifted than ones of lesser gods, and are granted greater powers. Somewhat lacking in power compared to the greater god Wards, lesser Wards fall between regular immortals and their superiors. Both are bound by the god of which they serve's will.

Do note that Wards are a store-bought trait! Please buy the item if you wish to create a Ward.

Immortals include any and all races that are immortal by birth, or mortal creatures who have - in some way - gained immortality.

Mortals are any and all races who are subject to aging and dying from old age, who do not live more than five hundred years.


Immortals and mortals may achieve great power despite the general structure of power listed here. However, very few - unless god-gifted - are able to reach higher than the fifth class without some great event explained through the lore. If you wish to have a character that reaches or surpasses the fifth class, without gaining a proper position, you must get staff approval.

Likewise, some individuals in each class may become more powerful or somewhat weaker than their average kin. For example, Fang is an exceptionally powerful dragon royal - perhaps nearer to the fourth class than the fifth. Another example would be Jekt, a former Demon Lord who was much weaker than the norm.