Hello and welcome to By Tooth And Claw Dragons! This is the Newbie Guide, a quick introduction to what BTACD is for potential members, new members and those who are just curious enough to have a look. (: Below, you will find an overview of what the forum is about, what to do if you're planning on joining and after you've joined, a little on our Mentoring Program, and where to go from there.

The Forum

By Tooth And Claw Dragons (often shortened to BTACD or BTAC) is described as an engaging original high fantasy role-play site. We are a strictly player-account only site with no word count, a freeform character application, and a very simple and easy joining process for newbies. We also have a wonderful mentoring system to help new members get started - read on below!

The setting is located in a series of different in-depth worlds, called Realms, each populated by traditional and custom species alike. Each Realm has its own history and lore, as well as a set of species who call it their homeland. Most often these species migrate between Realms as well, and nearly every character may open portals to access a parallel dimension. Creativity here is highly encouraged, and nearly anything is possible; so long that it both follows the rules and fits the established lore.


How BTACD works may be a bit different than the norm; our primary role-play is split into two different sections. All main plot-based role-play - the role-play that fits with BTACD setting and follows with a main plot, all sideplots tying into this setting and/or main plot - is located on the front-page, divided by Realms (our various dimensions). In addition to this, there is a lore-based section that has no main plot, revolving around one-on-ones or group role-plays with plots you make yourself. There, you may create your own threads based in the BTACD lore and setting without having to worry about main plot events touching your subplots.

BTACD also sports an unrelated one-on-one role-play board, where two players can join up and do a role-play on whatever they wish; be it in one of the BTACDian Realms' distant past, Harry Potter, post-apocalyptic, warriors, bunnies and snails- you name it and it's possible. Some of the rules for main role-play do not apply here, and so most everything is open. Be sure to pop in and read the onexone rules before you start one, however!

The way the main plot and the sideplots in BTACD's plot-based section interact is really quite simple. There is one site-wide plot - we list them by numbers and names, so right now we're on Plot 1 Redux, dubbed 'Silver Lining'. The main plot will have events that effect one (or more) of the worlds with some giant happening, and the staff will make event threads and announcements periodically to keep the story moving. These events can be anything from unnatural weather patterns to giant battles to destroying a Realm, with an endless variety of causes. We like to keep our members guessing! Keep watch on both the sidebar and the Plot-based Announcements Forum to keep track.

Our main plots usually last for a fairly long time. They can run for about two or three months to a full year and a half; it depends what the main plot leader has in mind, and the course of the role-play itself. Sideplots are entirely up to the members involved in them, and the speed of these miniature plots can vary greatly. Role-players' minds can change, plans can be altered, and it can be taken in a direction wherever the members wish. Often, these sideplots can directly affect the way the main plot goes - it's all up to you!

Lore-based is completely free plotwise, so long that it's set in relative present day using BTACD's mythos, species and settings. You can make up a plot of your own unrelated to the main one; create your own evil characters, destroy a Realm or two, hybridize a few species, take over countries, anything you wish, set in the Realms. The events of lore-based, however, have no effect on the Realms' history; only plot-based does.

Where to go from here

Potential Members & Newbies

Once you've finished reading over this page, please go to the main page (rules) and review it; afterwards go to the joining application if you wish to join up. Follow the steps below to join:

  • Create an account; your account will immediately be put into the 'Validating' member group, until a staff member gives you full registration.
  • Validating still allows you to PM and post in a select few forums. Please go ahead and say hello in the Cbox, and send your joining application to our staff email!
  • Once your application has been approved, you may go post an introductory topic in our Welcome Center to properly say hello.
  • Next, you can begin working on your first character! Feel free to bug a mentor to get answers to all of your BTACD questions, ask character advice, or get pointed in th right direction on anything. If a mentor isn't online, ask around in the Cbox - someone will help you.

Understanding the Lore

BTACD has been around for a very, very long time. As such, we've accumulated a lot of lore! Here are some places you should begin with:

For anything else not covered by this guide, feel free to do any extra reading as needed; our mentors are always happy to answer questions relating to anything BTACD. If you need anything at all, drop them a line or ask in the Cbox!


We're happy to have you in BTACD! Welcome aboard, and we hope you have an amazing role-play experience for years to come. (;