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Blazeh/Verridith, Fyfergrund, Skyeh/Fallenskye (xxzenithxx), Darkeh (inklaw), Twist (twistfersure), Shroommu (champmignon), Kila (deepfriedkilamari), Mikelus/King (darkprophet1629), Savage/Andromeda (sordid-justice), Hitsugaya/Achera (accenlia), HannaGray, Lypten, Entity/Soulless Entity, Aehryn, Icarusa, Raven, Valefor (dragonspiritwolf), Firefly (xxfirefly), Kyariel, Axel, and Kayla.

Miscellaneous Info: Fadeds to Saleyne; Anima and Earth-Felnova time conversion formula to Skyeh/Fallenskye (xxzenithxx); all else on the notes page to Blazeh. Faction's Founding legend to Daweia, Paramour's Curse legend to Maul (Azzaneth), others to Blazeh. Elven, draconic and drow languages to Blazeh collaborating with members. Demonic and Xaeri languages to Skyeh/Fallenskye (xxzenithxx); Lyzard language to Daweia.

Artwork: custom art, including species sketches, sprites, and maps, can be found here: [link]