The Dreameater

General Information;

A very specialized humanoid species, dreameaters are a race that feeds off of the negative energy created when one experiences a nightmare. They are refined into breeding fear with a power over illusions that rivals that of the kitsune, effectively bringing those fears to life.


Name:: Dreameater

Average Lifespan:: 250 years

Average Height:: 6'5.

Average Weight:: 100 pounds

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith, Icarusa, and Firefly.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; The dreameater typically looks very young, rarely exceeding the age of a teenager in appearance. All are humanoids, and can appear anywhere from human to elven in physical features, though their own traits are still readily apparent. They are unnaturally thin and have a light, faded hair color, with oddly colored eyes that are usually in shades of violet and pink. Most dreameaters dress in clothing that is dark in color or otherwise nondescript. They will never wear armor, relying instead on manipulation of others for their protection.

Tactics;; Many dreameaters are vain and cruel. When feeding on dream energy or fear, they are merciless and brutal, as well as manipulative to the extreme. Though dreameaters are sometimes uncaring or sharp of tongue, they are exceedingly loyal to those they develop a bond with. Dreameaters choose to bestow their favor on only a few people, but they will do anything to please them. Few things are more powerful than a dreameater's affection, though they share the same dedication in the pursuit of their prey. Able to charm their victims and render them helpless, they lure them with a mixture of physical charm and illusionary manipulation.

Dreameaters are mostly solitary creatures, traveling to prevent suspicion among their victims. However, some dreameaters band together, and these small tribes have a rich culture. Honor is a highly valued trait. It is a disgrace for a dreameater to wear armor, as they value the mind above the body. Wearing armor would indicate an inability to defend oneself with the mind alone. Young dreameaters are brought up as strong solitary hunters, but they celebrate their achievements with the whole of their tribe. Some tribes choose to stay in one place, which soon becomes known as haunted when people disappear to be kept as food for the dreameaters.

Dreameater victims are often highly valued, although manipulated, individuals. In tribes, victims do all the physical labor, but are also given only the best meals and housings. Dreameater victims live in lavish nightmares, given everything they want alongside everything they fear. Sometimes the prey dreameaters take in become guardians and mentors for dreameater children, protecting the fragile beings from any harm. Over time, a dreameater's victim develops the same obsession with their captor as a dreameater does with the chosen few it is close to. The bond is much like addiction, and the strength of the feeling largely depends on the person's willpower and the cruelty of the dreameater. The kinder, or more manipulative, dreameaters can amass a small army of captives, who obey their wishes at the cost of life and limb. Dreameaters care for their captives too - after all, they are their food source. Higher status dreameaters have the most captives, who they dress in finery that displays their wealth. Cloths and textiles are a particular talent of the dreameaters, who love to weave silk into complex patterns.

Abilities;;As a whole, dreameaters feed off of dream-saturated reiatsu, the memory and thought that weaves images while an individual sleeps. The taste of a dream has been linked to the amount of fear and pain inside of it - sweet, happy dreams are quite sour, while nightmares are very succulent and desirable. As well as eating away at the mind of their victims, they can see their fears and bring them to life using illusions, wielding terror as a weapon in itself. Dreameaters are also able to teleport, a strong ability that they use to protect themselves from harm. Most, if not all, dreameaters are physically weak, if mentally strong, a trait they do not share with their souleater cousins. Though this may seem trivial compared to their strong abilities, it is no small obstacle. Dreameaters often fall ill and major wounds are assured to be fatal without the assistance of a skilled healer. Their bones can be broken in a single blow from a powerful opponent.


Classification: souleater-like dreameater. Location: abroad.

These dreameaters take on traits from their souleater brethren. Huge silver wings spread from their shoulders, and sleek silver scales run down their spine. Scales can replace skin on the face, hands, shins, and feet as well, but this largely depends of the individual. Their hair comes in pale, silvery colors, and their eyes range from pink to red.

Almost exclusively fire users, they have more combat potential than a usual dreameater, but they are not nearly as skilled in illusions. They must use their skills and appearance to intimidate their victims, and because of this, they are shunned by the others of their kind. However, this does not mean the Devourers are to be pitied. True to their name, they are a bloodthirsty race. A few tame their bloodlust and become valued soldiers, but many become cruel hunters. The favored prey of a Devourer is another fire user - in eating their heart, they can gain their powers. Devourers prefer to live in groups, and, unlike dreameaters, do not shun armor. However, they will only wear armor made from the bones and hides of enemies they have defeated themselves. Dragon skins are highly coveted.