The Kitsune

General Information;

The kitsune is a dual form creature, those forms being humanoid and fox, the fox being their main form. The kitsune can have anywhere from 2 to 9 tails and their fur color is typically the same as their hair. Kitsunes are known for their use of illusions and each tail one has increases their power. Upon gaining its final tail they are granted a new ability and are seen as all knowing.


Name:: Kitsune

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 5'10"

Average Weight:: 150 pounds.

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


The Nine:Although they, as a race, are largely independent, and lack a true homeland, they are loosely governed by The Nine, nine kitsune who have earned their ninth tails. Should one of the Nine die, a prospective replacement is sought. Although they are the official leaders of the kitsune race, they spend much of their time engaged in the Great Game, an ever-shifting contest of intrigue with and against each other, primarily for their own amusement, rarely ever taking an interest or direct role in kitsune affairs. Their primary interaction with other kitsune revolves around this-for-that negotiations. As they all know each other's true names, and trust each other greatly, the Golden Threads between them are quite strong, allowing them to work as one if need be, and making their Great Game all the more interesting.

Nine's Ascension: Ascending to join The Nine is an arduous process. A willing candidate must tell a tale detailing their accomplishments, embellished just enough to remain plausible, crafted to be as entertaining as they can be. If the rest of the Nine approve, the candidate presents his or her starball to them, and reveals their true name. The Nine then proceed to question them thoroughly, forcing them to bare their very souls. If satisfied, The Nine then proceed to reveal their own starballs and true names to the candidate, who is then ordained one of The Nine. If the Nine are not satisfied, the candidate is dismissed, and ejected from the Celestial Palace.

Celestial Palace: Ancient home of The Nine, although they often travel abroad for years or decades. The palace is arranged around a nine-spoke pattern, with a gate at each spoke. A mix of strong, beautiful, and elegant architectures combine in an opulent mix. At the center of the massive structure, The Cloister of The Nine sits, adorned by nine seats, each chosen to suit the tastes of the Nine, whether it be throne, couch, mound of cushions, or whatever they desire. The halls, chambers, and gardens are filled with many beautiful works of art collected from across the realms, and exotic plants. Illusionary animals of all kinds race through the gardens and halls. The palace hangs suspended in the air, kept aloft and hidden by a myriad of spells and soulgems, and hidden behind the powerful illusions cast by The Nine. At their discretion, the palace can be made to move between Realms, usually when something going on there has drawn their attention.


Species info credited to Maul, Savage, Skyeh, and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; Kitsunes have two forms, a humanoid form and a fox form. The fox form is their main form, unable to take a humanoid form until they have one or two tails. They may gain up to nine tails and only nine tails. Traces of a foxes appearance can be seen in its humanoid form. Typically, the fox fur remains the same color as the hair color in a humanoid as well as the eye color.

Kitsunes can decided if they want to show their tails or other fox-like features as a human. Most however, choose not to give away that they are kitsunes. In their fox form, they carry their star balls in their mouth, unable to be separated from the star ball for too long.

Tactics;; Kitsunes are known for their cleverness and often times, the younger kitsunes enjoy playing tricks on weary travels with their illusions. Kitsunes can be trouble and more often, it may be best to avoid these tricksters. The kitsune may have trouble trusting others, especially when it comes to the use and knowledge of their true name. At birth, each kitsune is granted a full, secret name, usually only known by it and very rarely given to another. If a kitsune's true name is acquired, whomever knows that name holds power over the creature itself. Kitsune offspring can be born with more than one tail depending on their parents. If their parents have many tails, a kitsune can be born with two and up to four tails.

Abilities;; Kitsunes are renowned for their illusions; not many others may compare to the power of their ability. A kitsune's illusion is nearly impossible to distinguish between reality and fantasy. An illusion for a kitsune is more than a visual image, all of one's senses will feel, smell, taste, see, and hear the illusion. For some kitsunes, illusions are reality for them. For such kitsunes, it is rumored that they can lose a tail should someone see through the illusion, though the chances of that are quite slim.

Each tail increases the kitsune's' power, the more tails the more power they may have. A new tail is gained every one thousand years or by unnatural gain of power such as granting by one such as a deity. A kitsune may only gain its ninth and final tail from an Ether or higher deity, through a granting of power. When a kitsune gains its final tail, it comes with a new ability. A kitsune with nine tails is considered almost all-knowing because they might hear or see something that's happening miles away, much like a clairvoyant.

Each kitsune specializes in one element, a kitsune who specializes in more than one element is unheard of. The rarest of kitsunes would be the kitsunes who use pure reiatsu (spirit energy). These kitsunes can possess others but this is an even rarer ability amongst an already rare type of kitsune. The least amount of tails that have been heard of to use possession are seven tails. Still, not every seven-tailed reiatsu kitsune can possess others.

A kitsune's starball is its most precious possession and they keep it close to them at all times. It it is stolen, a kitsune will do almost anything to get it back. The starball is, as mentioned above, the kitsune's Soulgem. However, unlike normal Soulgems they cannot be reabsorbed. If separated for too long from its starball, a kitsune will begin to die.


Classification: kitsune frozen in time. Location: abroad.

When a kitsune reabsorbs their Soulgem as a child, time freezes them at whatever age they were; never to become an adult, these creatures are trapped as children for the rest of their immortal lives. While some may retain a child's sense of the world forevermore, some recover and gain wisdom over their long life - with the mind of an adult and the body of a kid, these foxlings are most prone to become excessively malicious and are prone to violent trickery. Those that do not recover may attach themselves to a parent figure, and may follow their protector to the end of days. It is said that a foxling is stuck with however many tails they were frozen with, though stories tell that under special circumstances, this may change. Shifting from human form to fox form and back, as well as any magical abilities, depends on the individual.